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  1. Isaac

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I'm now watching Tokyo Ghoul. I started yesterday and I already finished the first season.
  2. Isaac

    OoT mod: Project 3rd Quest (demo to be released soon!)

    If you're going for a graphical update you may be better off making a texture pack. Plenty have been made in the past, and instead of patching the rom you'd run the emulator using a plugin that supports custom texturing. You also need this plugin to dump the original textures. Unfortunately...
  3. Isaac

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Spice and wolf... Again... It's good, go away.
  4. Isaac

    Tri Force Heroes The costume mechanic and Ravio's rental system

    I think the costumes give bonuses. Like the big bomb costume grants bigger bombs. So everyone could have bombs, but this guy has bigger bombs. I could be wrong though. Anyway, we can wear Zelda's dress, so that's a plus.
  5. Isaac

    What are you doing for Valentine's Day? What are you giving your SO?

    I'm going to sit here and enjoy my pizza rolls.
  6. Isaac

    What Annoyed You Today?

  7. Isaac

    [TUTORIAL] How To Inject Games Into GBC/GB Virtual Console Titles

    Are you making sur eto rename the file to "code.bin" and rom.nes? AMke sure you change the actual file extension.
  8. Isaac

    [TUTORIAL] How To Inject Games Into GBC/GB Virtual Console Titles

    I asked Seth. He said as long as I don't post ROMs or Torrents I'm good.
  9. Isaac

    [TUTORIAL] How To Inject Games Into GBC/GB Virtual Console Titles

    A new exploit for the 3DS has been released that allows you to use the Game Boy and Game Boy Color virtual consoles for other games. For this to work you must be on firmware 9.0-9.4. What the exploit does exactly is when the rom is loaded into ram, it replaces it with another. Before we start...
  10. Isaac

    3DS game suggestions

    While I haven't played fantasy life, it does look good. I would recommend Rune Factory 4 though. It's my favorite game I've played on the console so far.
  11. Isaac

    Hair length

    I prefer to have my hair long, It's probably about 5 inches right now. I was going to get a haircut, but then my grandpa suggested I grow it out and donate it to locks for love (I spelled that wrong I think). So I'm going to do that.
  12. Isaac

    Let's try this: Metroid Section

    Woo! MEtroid! I vote yes.
  13. Isaac

    Who and why.

    Maybe Zelda herself? I think that'd be cool. Maybe tie in sheik.
  14. Isaac

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  15. Isaac

    Delaying a game to have a higher quality final product.

    Sonic 06... Delays suck, but are sometimes neccesary. I don't think that Majoras Mask will be delayed though because it is going to be preinstalled on a limited edition console.
  16. Isaac

    What do you think about Wii games now native on the WiiU?

    I don't own a WiiU Myself, but I think it's pretty cool. It would allow people to play games they skipped last gen without having to hunt down a disc (I'm a big fan of digital downloads). At one point I had hacked my Wii so I could play backups. I didn't have internet at the time, so yes, they...
  17. Isaac

    MM-3DS MM3D Releases on February 13, 2015

    Can't wait! I played OoT as a kid, but not This one. Should be fun, replaying OoT3D Now.
  18. Isaac

    Is the 3DS XL like the DSi XL? Is the screen bigger because the pixels are bigger?

    I'm not sure if it's actually worse, but I can say that I much prefer the XL. Screen is larger, so less strain on the eyes when playing for large periods of time. That, and the console feels better in my hands, so even if the graphics are worse, I think the pros vastly outweigh the cons.
  19. Isaac

    Petition to Remove Stupid Emotes

    Wait.... There were doctor who emotes? WHY WERE THEY REMOVED?!?
  20. Isaac

    What is your favorite fruit?

    Souls. What? I'm being told those are not actually a fruit. I guess I'll have to go with pears. Nom nom nom
  21. Isaac

    Petition to Remove Stupid Emotes

    Though they bother me, I don't see the purpose of complete removal. I agree with this. So maybe if they weren't allowed in the shoutbox. They don't cause any problems elsewhere I don't think. If not, cutting out may be better than re-sizing because the larger emotes might not be recognizable...
  22. Isaac

    Links Awakening remake

    It is on the virtual console, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a remake. I mean, Ocarina is getting a remake and it was on the Wii Virtual console.
  23. Isaac

    Would you buy scented Nintendo 3ds custom plates?

    Interesting idea... But... No. Never. Not at all. Scented things give me headaches.
  24. Isaac

    Your Opinion on the Platforming Genre

    I've never been a fan of platformers. It might be that I'm just not very good at them, but I just prefer adventure games, and sidescrolling really doesn't do it for me on a gameplay level.
  25. Isaac

    Current Games Collection

    I guess it's time to take an inventory... Bold are the beaten ones. 3DS Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire Legend of Zelda: A link Between Worlds Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 - 7 Rune Factory 4 (Digital Download) "New" Super Mario Bros. 2 - Gold Edition (Digital Download) Tetris (Virtual Console) Legend of...
  26. Isaac

    MM-3DS North America Special Edition

    Though I enjoy Zelda, and figurines, I don't think he'd get along with my Jace and Chandra figurines. They don't even get along!
  27. Isaac

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I made some chicken nuggets. They were okay. I listened to music which made me smile, and am reading a book that makes me cry.
  28. Isaac

    The Highlight of Your Year?

    Probably the homecoming dance. I danced with my girlfriend for the first time. She broke up with me a few days later, but I still think it was memorable enough to say it was the highlight of my year.
  29. Isaac

    Which Games Do You Have Intentions on Completing, but Never Do?

    Most of my 360 games actually... I always stop playing to switch to something else.
  30. Isaac

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    http://puu.sh/e9I3j/902fb7a5fa.jpg Was going to post the original, but can't remember where I put it.
  31. Isaac

    Missing Features and Usergroups - Suggestions?

    If you visit your profile page (at least, my profile page) the followers and followed sections have a small bug. The amount of followers and followed people you have is one higher than the actual number.
  32. Isaac

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    ...Ouran High School Host Club
  33. Isaac

    Missing Features and Usergroups - Suggestions?

    When you post in a thread, it posts it in the shoutbox. You can edit the " _____ replied to thread ______" Box the same way you can edit a normal chat message. Not sure if this is an error, or by design but thought I'd mention it.
  34. Isaac

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I just bought Rune Factory 4 last week. That and Virtual console tetris. Love tetris.
  35. Isaac

    New Technology and Sciences

    I think this would fit... Recent developments in 3ds emulation! They recently were able to load a commercial rom! Seen here. That video is sped up 10x. It's still in beta, so don't expect anything playable soon, but it may be worthwhile in a year or two. Source
  36. Isaac

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Would it be possible to implement a hide signature option? Sometimes peoples signatures can get too big, or on a slow connection images can take a while to load, causing the entire page to take longer to load.
  37. Isaac

    Why is the Person Above You Named That/How Does the Name Apply to Them?

    I'm assuming that in real life, "Blue Canary" Is in fact a flying creature called a canary, who happens to be blue.
  38. Isaac

    Who is your favorite wizard/mage?

    I'm going to have to say Morrigan from Dragon age.
  39. Isaac

    Thoughts on Gaming in 2014

    Over the past 2 years my gamings been slowing down. It began getting really slow this summer, and I hardly play at all now. It used to be I plkay all the time. My ds at school and my xbox at home. I think it's lack of hype. Luckily for me, I am 89% sure that I'm getting a 3ds for christmas, and...
  40. Isaac

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Pepsi for me please!
  41. Isaac

    The OFFICIAL "What is Your Favorite Colour" Thread

    Royal Purple. It's a great color. Everyone should love it.
  42. Isaac

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Saturday marks 41 days since my girlfriend broke up with me. The significance in that is that that's how long we dated. I feel like that it should be a mile stone, and I should be over her by now but I'm not. I just keep thinking that the time we've dated is going to stay at 41 and the time that...
  43. Isaac

    First Game You Ever Played

    My first game was Ape Escape, but what really got me into gaming was Oblivion and Fable. Those were the first two games that I sat down and played for days on end.
  44. Isaac

    Game Help Dreamcast Emulation

    Alright, my internet connection right now is fuzzy, but I'll try to get you all the info needed. I'll try to help you get NullDC work for you because I could find more info on it. First of all, you may need a BIOS if your copy of the emulator didn't bundle one. This is like a rom in that it I...
  45. Isaac

    Game Help Dreamcast Emulation

    Ah, okay. I'll download it tomorrow when I have access to reliable internet. I'll get back to you then. Until then, is there a specific error message that pops up?
  46. Isaac

    Game Help Dreamcast Emulation

    It's easy. If you can't run in admin at least try compatibility mode. Just right click, hit properties and hit the "Compatibility" Tab. You should see a button to run it on compatibility mode and a drop down menu. Try Windows 7, and if that doesn't work do XP.
  47. Isaac

    Game Help Dreamcast Emulation

    I'll look into this a bit tomorrow. Until then, cry running it in compatibility mode, and as admin. What game are you trying to run?
  48. Isaac

    Rune Factory 4

    I thought I may have read something about it not being available in the U.S. though I was probably mistaken.
  49. Isaac

    Rune Factory 4

    I'm looking forward to getting it once I get a 3ds. I've been waiting since I heard it was released, but I haven't had the money. Though I have played the original 3 for The DS, and they were great. Does anyone know off the top of their head if it's available on the U.S. Eshop?
  50. Isaac

    Favorite Music Bands/Artists

    I've never been one for liking a band until recently. I used to just enjoy a song or two from an album, then make playlists full of different songs from different artists, but lately I've been listening to albums straight through and have been enjoying it. My favorites being Blink-182, The All...
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