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  1. GoldenGengle64

    Best Nintendo DS Games? (Need Recommendations)

    Actually, I've got most of those already... Minish Cap and Mario Kart through the ambassador program, Pokemon Ruby on loan from my friend, and I have a LTTP on VC :P
  2. GoldenGengle64

    Nintendo Virtual Boy

    Yes I've heard of the Virtual Boy... quite a bit! It was a commercial failure because of it's awkward controls/positioning, lack of portability (for something not advertised as a "home console"), and the graphics were just bad... there's not much more headache-inducing than a moving, 3D, black...
  3. GoldenGengle64

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Dang this thread is a great idea! I managed to get my grade back up to an A in one of my classes today :)
  4. GoldenGengle64

    Top 3 Games You Would Wanna Be In.

    Xenoblade Chronicles: Xenoblade Chronicles is probably the only game where I really wish I could live in the world within. You don't need HD to observe how beautiful the landscapes are. When I first walked out onto the Bionis' Leg plain... I think my mouth dropped at the vastness of the world-...
  5. GoldenGengle64

    Best Nintendo DS Games? (Need Recommendations)

    Heard Phoenix Wright was really good, might have to check that one out! Also heard of The World Ends With You... how are the controls for that? From what I've read you're controlling characters on each screen? I thought about getting Golden Sun, but many of the review I read said it was...
  6. GoldenGengle64

    Best Nintendo DS Games? (Need Recommendations)

    Hey all, With the 3DS being out for some time now, I've noticed that many of the regular DS games have been marked down by $10+ dollars. I want to expand my DS library since it's rather small (and bleak)... and I need recommendations. In your opinion, what are the best/essential DS games...
  7. GoldenGengle64

    Super Smash Brothers Universe Wishlist

    GROOSE. He could use the Groosenator as his final smash to throw characters off the screen :D
  8. GoldenGengle64

    WW-Wii U How Old Was Link when He Got the Hero's Clothes?

    He always seemed 12 to me...
  9. GoldenGengle64

    Majora's Mask What Does 'alternative Dimension' Mean to YOU in Majora's Mask?

    I don't care what the timeline says, to me, Majora's Mask is a dream Link has shortly after his OoT adventures. I know its not "official", but it seems like a more logical (and simple) explanation than the crazy split timeline theories.
  10. GoldenGengle64

    Least Favorite Video Game Ever

    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron for GBA. My sister and I loved that game back in grade school... but looking back, that game was total crap. Poor sound quality, incredibly glitchy, inaccurate controls, bad graphics, and ridiculously easy gameplay. To top it off, some of the tamable horses...
  11. GoldenGengle64

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    Nooooo... I'm pasty white. I'm diligent about the sunscreen because I get burnt very easily... and why would I want to up chances of getting skin cancer anyway? Its not all that bad not having a tan... pale/natural skin tones have been becoming increasingly popular lately. Plus, if you stick...
  12. GoldenGengle64

    Metroid Fusion

    Amen. This is a crazy good game. The graphics, the creepy music, the SA-X, heck everything about that game is good.
  13. GoldenGengle64

    Most Relaxing Video Game Music

    Eryth Sea music from Xenoblade Chronicles :)
  14. GoldenGengle64

    About Bronies...

    The other day, my local newspaper ran an article about Bronyism (the growing young adult [mostly male] fanbase of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"). Basically, the article discussed the phenomena, and how it is defying gender stereotypes. However, the article offered little insight from the...
  15. GoldenGengle64

    [Least] Favorite Credits/Theme?

    Wind Waker... the music was good, but the presentation was just awful. It got incredibly repetitive seeing the same images of Link and Tetra over and over.
  16. GoldenGengle64

    Favorite Movie

    "O Brother Where Art Thou" Fantastic, hilarious movie.
  17. GoldenGengle64

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Yay Vaporeon! I had that one just a month ago! Great background :)
  18. GoldenGengle64

    Kirby: Yay or Nay?

    Kirby is great! Aside from his games, he's pretty darn good in Super Smash Bros. :P
  19. GoldenGengle64

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Xenoblade Chronicles. That is one epic game.
  20. GoldenGengle64

    Any Funny Memes Out There?

    My personal fave is "annoying Facebook girl", but the hipster photo edit memes are great too. Have you checked out knowyourmeme.com? They have some great memes over there, along with information about each one.
  21. GoldenGengle64

    Twilight Princess Were You Annoyed by This?

    YES. Oh my goodness that was so annoying! I always said I would go back to those chests... and I never did. Nintendo should've cut back on the number of rupee chests :P I never, ever, was short on rupees in that game.
  22. GoldenGengle64

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    To step or not to step outside the circle...
  23. GoldenGengle64

    Answer with a Song

    Happy Pills - Norah Jones What should Navi do?
  24. GoldenGengle64

    Skyward Sword Monster Claw & Ornamental Skull

    Having the medal that increases the probability of getting a treasure is extremely helpful. Otherwise, I'd kill Keese in the Skyloft cave, or go to Faron Woods since there are plenty of bokoblins (and keese too).
  25. GoldenGengle64

    General Modern Does Anyone Know If The 3DS Ambassador Games Are Going To Be For Sale??

    The 10 NES games all will be available eventually (Super Mario Bros and Metroid are available as of now), but the 10 GBA games are never going to be available. Kinda lame for the people who got their 3DS after the price drop...
  26. GoldenGengle64

    Answer with a Song

    Tainted Love - Soft Cell What does Link like to do in his free time?
  27. GoldenGengle64

    Humor in Zelda

    Humor gives the games extra charm, and makes the plot more engaging. If there were no humor in the Zelda series, games such as Wind Waker and Skyward Sword would be kind of dull.
  28. GoldenGengle64

    How Do You Friend?

    Hey all, I'm curious about the friending dynamics of this forum. What leads you to friend requesting someone? Accepting friend requests? What about denying them? Personally, I friend/accept friend requests if I have interacted with others a couple of times on the forums. I have never...
  29. GoldenGengle64

    Fox McCloud is an Amputee?

    Yup, that was the article I read!
  30. GoldenGengle64

    Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

    Pretty much the same story for me. :P The ending was so touching.
  31. GoldenGengle64

    Fox McCloud is an Amputee?

    Yeah... I was looking at later pictures and the characters all had "complete" legs... they looked more natural. I do remember playing Star Fox 64 and wondering why their legs looked so thin. Guess that explains it. :P
  32. GoldenGengle64

    Fox McCloud is an Amputee?

    Wow. Yeah, I can't believe I never realized this until now. Nice pic :P
  33. GoldenGengle64

    Interesting Picture I Found

    Hmmm... well Skyward Sword was partially designed to celebrate 25 years of Zelda. The pictures are just so similar (and popular), so, regardless of whether they may or may not be the same place, I believe the design was intentional. I can definitely see Nintendo doing this on purpose (to give us...
  34. GoldenGengle64

    Fox McCloud is an Amputee?

    The Star Fox team are amputees in the first and second Star Fox games! Google it if you need proof. Apparently its so they could handle the G's better...? My mind is blown. Did anyone know about this already...?
  35. GoldenGengle64

    Have You Been Immortalized?

    ...in the Zelda mosaic at Nintendo World? I have, have you? :)
  36. GoldenGengle64

    What Color Are Your Hair and Eyes?

    I have grey-blue eyes and very, very, dark, brown hair.
  37. GoldenGengle64

    Favorite TV Show

    DOCTOR WHO. Love that show.
  38. GoldenGengle64

    Which is the Scariest?

    But the dead hand just wanted a hug...
  39. GoldenGengle64

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    Spamming. While trolling is incredibly annoying, its not nearly as bad as people who post things such as: posting x number of times to make their wishes come true posting x number of times so they won't get killed by the undead 6 year old posting for subscriptions posting what year they watched...
  40. GoldenGengle64

    Zelda Should Go SPACEWARD

  41. GoldenGengle64

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    You are NEVER too old for a Zelda game. I swear... someday I'll be in my nursing home, all old and pruny, just playing my Zelda games. :P
  42. GoldenGengle64

    "Duh" Moments in Zelda

    YES! I spent at least an hour trying to figure out how to reach a door in the Palace of Twilight (Twilight Princess), when I realized I was trying to get to the door that I originally came through!
  43. GoldenGengle64

    Sorry I'm Late Boss...

    Sorry I'm late boss, but I just had to slash those cuccos...
  44. GoldenGengle64

    Hardest Dungeon in Any Zelda Game.

    The Water Temple was somewhat hard the first time around, but it became so much easier when played over. I couldn't decide on just one, so here's my small list of the dungeons I find the hardest. Eagle's Tower (Link's Awakening)- So. Many. Floors. Great Bay Temple (Majora's Mask)- The...
  45. GoldenGengle64

    Spoiler What Did You Do with the Love Letter?

    Gave the letter to the hand... I couldn't resist.
  46. GoldenGengle64

    That Awkward Moment in Zelda

    When Sony makes crappy Zelda games with Nintendo... When a stranger sells your child self "magic beans"... When a couple makes out while you bomb targets from a spinning platform... When your younger sister gets carried away by bird... When Gohma wins... When the symphony plays the wrong tune at...
  47. GoldenGengle64

    How do you play Brawl?

    Wii remote. Mash random buttons and hope I win :P (I'm not very good...)
  48. GoldenGengle64

    Cartoon / Anime / Video Game Crushes

    Hahahaha true :D
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