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    All Sylveon speculations and news

    I think what he was implying that maybe new types could be added to the game to balance out the game, we have no idea what's in store for us in X/Y.
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    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Wouldn't it **** everyone's day up if it was Fire/Fighting. lol
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    In Soviet Hyrule

    In Soviet Hyrule, Zelda saves you.
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    What is the User Above Most Known For?

    For being the Deku Princess..?
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    Breath of the Wild Alchemy System in Zelda Wii U?

    Yeah, but the most aggravating thing about any LoZ game is having to run back and forth from place to place doing the same things over and over again, and doing that with a possibility of not finding the thing you went running after sounds pretty dumb to me. Well, that's considering we go...
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    Rumored PS4 Price?

    Oh my Arceus, that is terrible.. Luckily, when no one buys them.. They'll have to cut the price in half or at least lower it for hopefully both set ups. I don't even think I'll buy a PS4 or Xbox 720 unless something amazing comes out for it that I can't wait to play. I think once I get my WiiU...
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    Who is Your Favorite Voice Actor/Actress?

    Tara Strong, she has been in almost every cartoon/anime I know & love. She did voices for: The Rugrats, Scooby-Doo, Spirited Away, The Powerpuff Girls, Codename: KND, The Fairly Odd Parents, The Proud Family. Recess, Ben 10, Teen Titans, Lilo & Stitch, & of course My Little Pony: Friendship is...
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    Kingdom Hearts χ !!

    Which did you play, the GBA version or the remix for the PS2? I personally enjoyed both, but most don't play the GBA unless they rly like the story line because it's a bit of an acquired taste. If you haven't played the PS2 version, I suggest doin' so. Same concept, better graphics, more...
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    When Did You Get Your First Job?

    I have yet to ever have a job, but I hope to get one soon. Maybe after graduation, maybe sooner. I'm not sure. It would be smart to get my license before gettin' a job tho, unless the job is within walkin' distance.
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    Kingdom Hearts χ !!

    This game is going to be styled like Theatrhythm, not recoded. And from what I have read it will without a doubt come to North America. -- Here are some screen shots btw: In this game, you can ride solo, or w/ friends. It's your choice. -- Also: By the by, Kingdom Hearts...
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    Favorite Disney Villian

    Hades, maybe? I dunno.. After such a long time of playin' KH, this is a toughy.
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    Breath of the Wild Worst Case Scenario For Zelda Wii U

    Worst case scenario = Everything is the same as every other game, but with better graphics. No creativity, same generic items, same patterns. I wanna see some mind boggling puzzles, that would be sweet. LoZ puzzles are rly too easy to figure out and don't require a lot of brain power, just a...
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    A Link Between Worlds Dungeon Themes You Would Like To See In Zelda 3DS

    Water Dungeon's! I loved the Water Temple in OoT, and actually didn't find it hard/frustrating and honestly don't see why anyone rly does.. So ya, I'd rly like to see one of those. I would really like to see the Pegasus Boots in another LoZ game. Dunno why, I just see a lot of opportunities...
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    The Longest Time Spent Playing

    I've played 24hrs+ straight (with periodic snack/drink/poo breaks), so ya. Never actually timed it.
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    General Zelda Which Handheld LoZ is Your Favorite?

    I couldn't get into PH when I first tried it, I personally feel that the touch screen was overused in that game. The fact that I have to run around and swing the sword w/ the stylus and then use buttons for my shield, etc made everything uncomfortable. If I could walk around with my stick/pad...
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    What Kind of Games Would You Like to See for the 3DS/WiiU?

    What we really need for both the 3DS & WiiU is a Zelda title that follows a more direct story line. Maybe 1 story for the 3DS game, and another for the console games? That would be awesome. -- Also, doesn't, "Donkey Kong Returns 3D" or something come out soon?
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    The Julius Game - Zelda

    Talon -- That game is awesome, right? I just started playing it for the first time last night and it is really fun. I had just gotten to Goponga Swamp when I had gotten off.
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    General Zelda Which Handheld LoZ is Your Favorite?

    Personally, my number 1 is a tie between The Minish Cap & Link's Awakening. Both are awesome and really worth the time if you haven't played them. How about you all?
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    Super Smash Bros. 4 - Should Miis Be Playable?

    Oh for Arceus's sake if they're playable in the next SSB I'm gonna buy a puppy, raise it, love it like no one has ever loved anything before, and then unsuspectedly kick it in the nose. Cause that's how I would feel Nintendo did me. Ever since they introduced Mii's they've tried way to hard to...
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    General Zelda Yarn Zelda

    Didn't read but the first sentence of the OP, but I would just like to add that I would love to have a Yarn version of both the Legend of Zelda & Super Mario! Also, it would be pretty unique if they did a decent paper version of the Legend of Zelda. Pics of, "Yoshi's Epic Yarn" for those who...
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    The Mane 6 Will Become the Mane 7

    Thoughts? I, for one, am extremely excited! I think a new addition to the team is well overdue and that by adding one there are many more adventures in store than ever before. Meeting a new friend always results in a bunch of trials & errors, so I assume they have a lot of lessons to teach...
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    What Kind of Games Would You Like to See for the 3DS/WiiU?

    Yes! I can't wait a Kirby game to hit the 3DS! I'm also really excited about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Those games are amazing, and SSB is going to be for the 3DS as well. I wonder how that'll pan out..
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    What Kind of Games Would You Like to See for the 3DS/WiiU?

    Aside from remakes, Zelda U, or Zelda 3DS games. What would ya'll like to see for the 3DS/WiiU?
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    Zombies: Why Are They So Popular?

    I mean, you can ask yourself the same question about any topic. Why is the Legend of Zelda so popular? Why are vampires popular? What are werewolves so popular? It's whatever interests ppl, some things interest more ppl than others. Others just like to go with what all the hype is going...
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    The Julius Game - Zelda

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    The Julius Game - Pokémon

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    Post Your Desktop!

    No cleaning up, no changing your wallpaper, just post your desktop right now! Directions: Press the Print Screen Button > Open Paint > Ctrl+V > Save > Upload to Imgur > Post It -- Here's mine:
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    How Often Do You 100% Games?

    The question should really be, "When aren't you gaming?" Cause that's all I do.
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    How Do You Say That?

    Ever unsure of how to say something in a game? Ever wonder how other ppl say it compared to how you say it? Well this is the game for you! This is how the game is played: I'll ask how to say something and then the next person to post in the thread will post how to say it and then ask how to...
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    What Do You Guys Think of a Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion Remake for the 3DS?

    When I make thread, I don't care if they go off topic, as long as ppl enjoy the discussions going on. This thread went from "would you like this" to "what would you like to see" and I'm down with either or. I dunno how the mods feel about that tho.. Oh ya, and thanks for the info on the...
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    What Do You Guys Think of a Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion Remake for the 3DS?

    I haven't watched anything or read into the WiiU at all, aside from looking at the gameplay and what not. Please, tell me it's not all Motion Controlled.. Please?
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    What Do You Guys Think of a Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion Remake for the 3DS?

    I rly hope that SSBM ends up on the eShop.. <3 (Although with the WiiU SSB I highly doubt it will, but I just loved that game too death. IMO Brawl doesn't even compare, but don't get me wrong.. Brawl is still an awesome game.) -- I just figured with as well as they did with SM:3DL (My all...
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    What Do You Guys Think of a Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion Remake for the 3DS?

    I was thinking this as well, I would be okay with them being remade for either one. I plan on gettin' a WiiU as soon as I can so it wouldn't hurt me any.
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    What Do You Guys Think of a Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion Remake for the 3DS?

    Ya.. I really hated that remake. I just want the game remade the way it was in like HD. I would go out and pay like $50-60 for a disk version of that for the Wii-U when I do decide to get one. But I also enjoyed both Mario Sunshine & Luigi's Mansion and would love to relive them again with...
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    What Do You Guys Think of a Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion Remake for the 3DS?

    Well, the title says it all! I would personally love having both (if possible or even worth the time) to be brought to the 3DS. I don't think the Luigi's Masion remake would be too terrible of an idea considering we're getting the sequel to that game on the 14th of next month. And Mario...
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    A Link Between Worlds Should Nintendo Keep Making Legend of Zelda 3DS Games?

    I would prefer the MM remake (whenever they decide to release it, if they even are planning on it) to be on the same system as the OoT remake. Makes sense.
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    Princess Twilight

    Twilight Sparkle is Now a Princess! I'm so excited! That episode was amazing, and I'm so glad she's permanently an alicorn! The songs were perfect as well. All the voice actors for the mane 6 have amazing voices, and so does Princess Celestia!
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    How Do You Like Your Pizza?

    Either one for me.
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    All Sylveon speculations and news

    I didn't see it use Sky Attack, I'll double check when I get home tho. (Unfortunately, I can't view YouTube at school anymore..)
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    Princess Twilight

    I don't see how these are problems. MLP Online got shut down like MLP: Fighting is Magic and all the others for the same reason. They were infringing on a copyright, Hasbro isn't to blame. Legally, they have to take action or lose what is theirs. All the ppl who went into developing these games...
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    The Julius Game - Pokémon

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    All Sylveon speculations and news

    This isn't a direct reply to what you said in the post I'm replying to, but to something you mentioned earlier in this thread. Sylveon may actually be a Normal-Type. I mean, it looked like it used attacks that fixated on Special-Attack moves like Swift, Calm Mind, & Trump Card. Maybe this...
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    Image Posting Help

    I said you don't have to sign up, not that you couldn't. Also, why don't you just upload it and copy the BBCode url from the right side?
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    Are You Close to Your Siblings?

    I am extremely close with my siblings. Me being the oldest, I have 1 younger sister, and 3 younger brothers. My sister and I have always been really close. I like to think of her not only as my sister, but as my best friend as well. I don't particularly know how she views me considering all I...
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    Image Posting Help

    You could just use Imgur, you don't have to sign up and it's not ad infested. Quick & simple.
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    Backwards Username Game.

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    Backwards Username Game.

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    A Link Between Worlds Other Zelda Titles for 3DS?

    I would love to see Link's Awakening & ALttP redone for the 3DS with the same graphics and functions as the OoT remake. Just thinking about the possibility of those games being remade makes me drool..
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    General Art Brony's Art Thread

    Now that you mention it, her shoulders do look kinda beefy. But ya, I'm terrible at drawing boobs and without being able to draw boobs I can't really proportion a females chest very well. I'm doing my research though..
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    General Art Brony's Art Thread

    Will do!
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