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  1. Batman

    "Ugly" or "Gross-Sounding" Words

    Right. I definitely don't think there's anything "wrong" with finding a word ugly, whatsoever. Feeling otherwise would be quite silly. It'd be like someone saying that there's something "wrong" with finding the note C# being played on a saxophone ugly. I'm just saying that if you learn to...
  2. Batman

    "Ugly" or "Gross-Sounding" Words

    I didn't say or imply it's not okay to find a word ugly - on the contrary, I think it's perfectly natural and okay. I mean that my understanding of linguistics has changed how I think about the phonetic properties of words, changing how I aesthetically evaluate words. It so happens that words...
  3. Batman

    "Ugly" or "Gross-Sounding" Words

    Since getting interested in linguistics and becoming Linguistically Enlightened™, my attitude about making aesthetic judgments on how certain languages or words sound has changed considerably. That said, "snogging", a British English term referring to making out/amorous kissing might be the...
  4. Batman

    Victim Blaming

    My two cents on all of this. I think an important distinction here that needs to be made is that of “blame” and what we mean by it, which I think would get rid of a lot of the ambiguous semantics and possibly the disagreements in this thread as a result. Let’s make this into a syllogism so we...
  5. Batman

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    What do you call an alligator in a vest?
  6. Batman

    The Official ZD Jokes Thread

    The mental image this generates before you reach the punch line is quite disturbing.
  7. Batman

    Double theory: The Twili Theory & The Happy Mask Salesman Theory

    Please be civil in this debate. You don't have to agree with the other side, you may even find the other side's ideas ridiculous, but do not flame and insult each other. Argue with integrity and let the strength of your points win the debate, not insulting or being unnecessarily harsh to the...
  8. Batman

    Someone drops 50 dollars.

    Get out.
  9. Batman

    Someone drops 50 dollars.

    This changes the entire nature of this whole conversation (depending on what you mean by homeless, that is, and considering you spend time on a Zelda forum with internet I'm wondering what you mean by homeless). Having no access to shelter, a basic human necessity, is a big piece of information...
  10. Batman

    Someone drops 50 dollars.

    So in other words you’re an enemy of the working class. I assume you consider yourself a socialist/communist of some sort considering your previous comment about dismantling capitalism and considering your user title. But you make it clear that your goal is to pursue your selfish desires at...
  11. Batman

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    The universe hates you.
  12. Batman

    Chomsky is my favorite living political philosopher. He's being telling it like it is and...

    Chomsky is my favorite living political philosopher. He's being telling it like it is and dispelling bull**** since the 50s.
  13. Batman

    Someone drops 50 dollars.

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. You're using capitalism as an excuse to relieve yourself of personal responsibility. Yes, if we lived in a better society $50 wouldn't matter, but guess what...we don't live in that society. We happen to live in a society where $50...
  14. Batman

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    "The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind", by Michio Kaku. I'm finally at the end of Kaku's books. This is his latest book, and after this I plan to probably read some of Ray Kurzweil's books on futurism. This one is very similar in spirit...
  15. Batman

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I really love stuff like this. Melodic cosmic electronic stuff. I've been listening to this guy's music while reading lately; it's perfect for science fiction.
  16. Batman

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    "Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100", by Michio Kaku. Very similar to his previous book Visions, but it's far more up-to-date and tackles the deeper future in much more detail. From artificial intelligence and transhumanism to the...
  17. Batman

    God I love linguistics.

    God I love linguistics.
  18. Batman

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I can solve them in about 45 seconds these days. That kid who could do it blindfolded can go straight to hell though.
  19. Batman

    Favorite Lyrics in Songs

    Song: ***** Niggaz Performed by: Dr. Dre, featuring Hittman, Six-Two, and Snoop Dogg Written by: Hittman, Six-Two, Mel-Man, and Snoop Dogg Album: (The Chronic) 2001 ------------------------------------------------------- Truly some of the most inspirational lyrics of all time. They touch...
  20. Batman

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    You can go straight to hell with your Tamil lies. Sanskrit is the alpha and the omega, agreed. Tamil is descended from Sanskrit, as is Korean agreed. Sanskrit is literally the language of the cosmos, of all existence. So why would you bring up Tamil? Ok, thanks.
  21. Batman

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm not worthy to study Sanskrit. None of us are.
  22. Batman

    @Repentance Your mom.

    @Repentance Your mom.
  23. Batman

    Nice job. That's a perfect song for this scene.

    Nice job. That's a perfect song for this scene.
  24. Batman

    Is Disqus the best platform ever?

    KEK, but is it on of the most beat stick hevy Weiss Schwarz decks? Does it derive Latin from French through Celtic English??? :hum: :hum: :sanskritagreed:
  25. Batman

    Awesome. Thanks. :)

    Awesome. Thanks. :)
  26. Batman

    Which game genres do you not like?

    Turn-based RPGs. Just can't get into them. They may have amazing stories, but nothing is as boring to me as turn-based battles and grinding and all that. What's weird is that I love tabletop turn-based RPGs. Stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulu, RuneQuest, etc. A group...
  27. Batman

    Is Disqus the best platform ever?

    Perhaps it's just me, but I'm sensing an ideological disconnect here. I mean, after all, which way does Disqus point?
  28. Batman

    Which way does gravity point?

    If I drop something, it falls to the ground. Gravity points down. You can't explain that.
  29. Batman

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    "Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel", by Michio Kaku. One of my all time favorite books. This one basically looks at some of the most interesting science fiction technologies as they've been presented in...
  30. Batman

    Can we send "PM"s here?

    I'd rather not, in case other new members have the same question. They may find the answer here and not have to ask themselves. And your question is not stupid. Xenforo boards are a little different from other popular kinds of forums, so it's understandable if you find it confusing at first.
  31. Batman

    Can we send "PM"s here?

    Yes. Click on a member's username and click "start a conversation" on the pop-up box.
  32. Batman

    Medicine that tastes good

  33. Batman

    D&D Redux

    Name: Elric Moonflame Gender: Male Race: Elf Class: Wizard Deity: None Alignment: Chaotic Good Backstory: Born and raised in the Forest-Lands, part of the Moonflame clan of idealists. At the young age of 119, I'm showing innate prowess with magic that's beyond my years. Many in my clan...
  34. Batman

    Get out.

    Get out.
  35. Batman

    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    In order: 1.) Deep Sun Chronicles 2.) Karasu No Koya 3.) Battle Mecha Traigon 4.) Solitary Sanction (both regular and DX version) 5.) Gale Lake (Moontide series) 6.) Seasons Flame 7.) Kita Kita Destiny/Gaia Wars 8.) Machete Valentine 9.) Onara Ushi 10.) Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z
  36. Batman

    D&D Redux

    I'm up for it. My vote goes for "normal", which I would consider generally serious but with a healthy dose of goofy fun as well. I'm definitely not down for a totally goofy campaign though. I want a legit game.
  37. Batman

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    "Parallel Worlds: A Journey through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos", by Michio Kaku. This book is similar to Hyperspace in scope and content, but it more heavily focuses on cosmology in conjunction with theoretical physics and even quite a bit of futurism. Obviously...
  38. Batman

    What Nationality are you?

    I actually think it's pretty cute lol. I like the sound of Norwegian in general; it has a pretty different phonology compared to English in many respects. From the point of view of an English speaker Norwegian can sound pretty "exotic" for lack of a better word. But when Norwegians speak...
  39. Batman

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer too.
  40. Batman

    I don't see the join button either. I think the creator of that group might have accidentally...

    I don't see the join button either. I think the creator of that group might have accidentally set the group settings so that people can't join it anymore. They should be able to fix it by going to social forum tools and selecting "edit social forum".
  41. Batman

    If You Could Have ONE Weapon From Any Video Game, What Would You Choose?

    I'm going to go with the Mournbringer. It's pretty much the ultimate weapon in Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, which is a seriously underrated epic fantasy game from the early PS2 days. It's the sword of swords, with 30AP damage and 500 db in the game, which anyone who's played that game will...
  42. Batman

    Someone actually thinks LoZ is racist

    It's true. I hate NASCAR.
  43. Batman

    Literal Wish Upon a Star

    Too far bro. Too far.
  44. Batman

    Literal Wish Upon a Star

    No, I didn't start playing chess until a few years ago. And I became interested in linguistics after your mom told me I was good with my tongue. You have my permission to delete this post and reprimand me fellow mods. Just couldn't resist.
  45. Batman

    Literal Wish Upon a Star

    I was interested in astronomy from an early age, so I knew what shooting stars were and found them fascinating. I was too impressed that asteroids were colliding with the atmosphere at supersonic speeds and disintegrating at enormous temperatures to worry about making wishes like after blowing...
  46. Batman

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    "Einstein's Cosmos: How Albert Einstein's Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time", by Michio Kaku. It's a biography of Albert Einstein, with a strong focus on his work, its implications, and his scientific legacy more so than his personal life (although it tackles that in good...
  47. Batman

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Yeah, something that sometimes takes a minute to click when you first read UT is that the title is not just a kind of mysterious fantasy title. The book is literally a collection of stories Tolkien wrote about Arda that didn't get finished lol. They're incomplete manuscripts, but they give...
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