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  1. YoshiFlame

    Rate the Avatar!

    7/10 Simple, but interesting.
  2. YoshiFlame

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    Do I even have to say it, it should be obvious. Yes, I know that SpongeBob has gone down in quality since season 4, but they have been getting better lately.
  3. YoshiFlame

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Super Mario World, but A Link to the Past isn't too far behind.
  4. YoshiFlame

    WW-Wii U How Did You React when You Heard Wind Waker Link Say "Come On"?

    It never really mattered to me. I remember thinking "oh, he said something", and never really thought about it again.
  5. YoshiFlame

    Favorite Mario Platformer

    Super Mario 64 pretty much sums up my childhood, I played it so much. But as much as I love that game, my favorite is probably Super Mario World. It's classic Mario platforming at it's best.
  6. YoshiFlame


    Yes, your best bet is to level grind early in the game. I'm currently on the third palace with all my stats level 6. Even with those upgrades, the odds are against me. But keep trying, and once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad.
  7. YoshiFlame

    General Modern Best Dungeon of All Time?

    Ganon's Tower from The Win Waker. First, you had to fight four bosses again, then you had to navigate a maze while fighting Phantom Ganon, until you found the Light Arrows, with which you finish him off. Of course, who could forget Puppet Ganon, with his three forms, and it finally ended with...
  8. YoshiFlame

    Favorite NPC

    Mine is probably the Happy Mask Salesman. He is so creepy, yet so awesome at the same time. His mood changes in the blink of an eye. Besides him, Groose.
  9. YoshiFlame

    What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

    Exploring all the different islands in The Wind Waker was tedious, but also fun. I was quite surprised by the appearance of Gorons, as had no idea that they were even in this game, and they played a big part in the trading side quest. Aside from that, there were many hidden treasures under the sea.
  10. YoshiFlame

    Will We Ever See Horse Head Again?

    Yes, Horsehead in 3D would be... interesting. I'm all for the idea.
  11. YoshiFlame

    Majora's Mask Favorite Character?

    The Happy Mask Salesman. He was just part of a side mission in OoT, but he plays a big role here. He is one of the creepiest characters in the series, and also one of the most interesting. Just how did he manage to get a hold of Majora's Mask in the first place?
  12. YoshiFlame

    Quick Question About the Actual Legend...

    The game takes takes place after LoZ, placing it in that timeline, but the Zelda you are saving has been asleep for many years before the game takes place, due to a curse place on her.
  13. YoshiFlame

    Master Sword Over the Years

    I chose ALttP, because it could be upgraded to the Tempered Sword, and later, the mighty Golden Sword.
  14. YoshiFlame

    The Legend of Zelda Why Do You Love The Legend of Zelda So Much More Than Other Games?

    I like LoZ about the same as I like the Mario series, which is saying a lot. Although I played OoT first, The Wind Waker is what got me into the series, and since then, I love every game.
  15. YoshiFlame

    What Zelda Town Would You Live In?

    I'd probably choose Windfall Island from The Wind Waker, it was a nice, peaceful town.
  16. YoshiFlame

    General Modern Least Favorite Dungeon Out of All 3D Zelda Games

    The only one I really dislike at this point is the Great Deku Tree from OoT. The only reason being is that I've played through it so many times, that I just want to get on with the real adventure.
  17. YoshiFlame

    OoT-3DS Is 00T Too Easy?

    Yeah, what everyone else has said. Pretty much what it boils down to is this, if you've played the game before, you'll finish it quicker than someone who hasn't. I went through the game pretty quickly as well, so much so that I had to limit myself to one temple a day, just so I could make it...
  18. YoshiFlame

    Ocarina of Time Which Enemy is More Intimidating?

    I voted Dead Hand, but only when you fight him as a child. When you fight him later, you can use the Lens of Truth to throw bombs at him, so you don't have to let yourself be captured. The other enemies can easily be taken care of, and Cuccos won't hurt you if you don't hurt them first.
  19. YoshiFlame

    Clawshots or Hookshot?

    Hookshots are classic, and they have other uses besides latching onto things. Clawshots are cool, but they don't measure up to the Hookshot.
  20. YoshiFlame

    Twilight Princess What Was Your Favorite Music from TP?

    My favorite is Hidden Village, but that isn't on the list. I just loved that "western movie" feel that it had to it.
  21. YoshiFlame

    Funniest Zelda Games

    The Wind Waker was definitely one of the more humorous Zelda games. One scene I fondly remember was entering Forsaken Fortress for the first time. Link didn't even realize what was happening until it was too late.
  22. YoshiFlame

    Should I Rebuy N64?

    I still have my N64, and play it every once in a while. But it all depends on if you want to truly have that classic feel. If you simply want to play MM, Collector's Edition is your best bet, since you won't need to purchase an expansion pak.
  23. YoshiFlame

    Four Swords Is This Game Good or Bad?

    It can be fun with friends, but alone, it's mediocre at best.
  24. YoshiFlame

    Ocarina of Time How Many of You Got All the Gold Skulltulas and Big Poe Souls?

    I completed everything but the Gold Skulltulas. I made it to fifty, but since the final prize is not worth it, I didn't even bother.
  25. YoshiFlame

    The Legend of Zelda Whats Your Favorite Item Out of All the Zelda Games?

    The sword, plain and simple. It's reliable and gets the job done.
  26. YoshiFlame

    WW-Wii U Island Themes

    Dragon Roost Island not only had the best island theme, but it was one of the best songs in the game.
  27. YoshiFlame

    Ocarina of Time What Sage Was Your Favorite from Ocarina of Time?

    Darunia is just plain awesome. He tries to save his fellow Gorons by himself, probably knowing he won't come back from it. Plus, he named his son after you, which is pretty cool.
  28. YoshiFlame

    Would It Be Cool to Have Superbosses in Zelda?

    I think that would be a great idea. Every Mario RPG so far has had optional bosses, and I'd love to see something similar in a Zelda game.
  29. YoshiFlame

    Which Zelda Game Had the Best Soundtrack?

    In my opinion, The Wind Waker had an amazing soundtrack. Everything from the title screen to the credits is nothing short of amazing. However, I have always loved the song from LoZ. The dungeon theme needs to make a return, as it was haunting and catchy at the same time.
  30. YoshiFlame

    Hardest Mario Kart

    For me, it's either Super Mario Kart or Double Dash, but I'm going to go with Super, because it didn't have these newer items that can save you if you're behind.
  31. YoshiFlame

    OoT-3DS How Do I Use Light Arrows?

    Did you set your arrows to Light Arrows on the item screen? When you go to the item screen, tap the arrow icon twice, and then the Light Arrow icon. If it still doesn't work, you're probably out of magic. Also, this should be in the Zelda Game Help section.
  32. YoshiFlame

    How Many Siblings Do You Have?

    I have one younger brother, but he seriously gets on my nerves.
  33. YoshiFlame

    WW-Wii U How Do I Get Arrows?!

    You receive the bow and arrows when you are going through the trials in the Tower of the Gods, I hope that helps.
  34. YoshiFlame

    General Modern Favorite Song from The Legend of Zelda?

    For me, it is definitely Dark World from ALttP. It really gives you the sense that you've got a long journey ahead of you, and it won't be easy.
  35. YoshiFlame

    A Link to the Past Interesting A Link to the Past Box Art

    Unfortunately, that is not real. Believe me, I would have killed to have a gold cartridge of ALttP.
  36. YoshiFlame

    Ocarina of Time What Would Make You Swear?

    Turning off the game before realizing that I never saved.
  37. YoshiFlame

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    So you're saying that if your favorite game is AoL, then you are not a true Zelda fan? Why is that? Even though it didn't seem like a Zelda game to you, it left a lasting impact on the series. Where would we be if it hadn't introduced the magic system, Dark Link, or the Triforce of Courage. My...
  38. YoshiFlame

    Would You Want Vaati to Return to a New Zelda Game?

    Maybe, but if FSA is to be believed, he was being manipulated by Ganon the entire time, similar to Zant. Because of, this I do have my doubts.
  39. YoshiFlame

    The Legend of Zelda Do You Think the Original LoZ is Hard?

    It used to be hard for me, but once I became familiar with everything, it wasn't that bad. I haven't played the second quest yet, but I'll be sure to do so.
  40. YoshiFlame

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    Although there isn't a Zelda game that I don't like, the one on the bottom of my list would have to be Four Swords. I just found it pretty boring, and sometimes, the randomly spawning enemies got on my nerves. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Four Swords Adventures.
  41. YoshiFlame

    Favorite One of Links' Swords

    Aside from the Master Sword from WW, I have to go with the Golden Sword from ALttP. Not only did it look cool, but it dealt a decent amount of damage.
  42. YoshiFlame

    Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

    Definitely Ganon. He is the villain of the entire series, and just when when you think he's gone for good, he finds some way to keep coming back.
  43. YoshiFlame

    The Legend of Zelda How Many of You Guys Named Link "Zelda" First Time Playing

    I already knew his name was Link, because I played SSB before OoT. Even so, I always name him after myself, as it connects me more to the story.
  44. YoshiFlame

    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Fav Version of Ocarina of Time?

    I voted for the 3DS because of it's added boss challenge feature. The only thing I didn't like about the original was that you couldn't re-fight the bosses.
  45. YoshiFlame

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Think Was the Easiest Kid Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    After you've played OoT for the first time, the Deku Tree becomes almost too easy. So much that it's pretty much just an annoyance whenever I replay from the beginning.
  46. YoshiFlame

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm actually replaying A Link to the Past, because you can't beat the classics.
  47. YoshiFlame

    What Zelda Game Have You Played First?

    My first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time. I bought it after I had heard good things about it, but I must admit that I was terrible at Zelda games back then. I didn't even get into the series until a while later.
  48. YoshiFlame

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    The title of the topic states that it could also be a level, so I'm guessing Death Mountain from Zelda 2 counts. Not only was it's maze-like design confusing, but by that point, you probably aren't properly prepared like you would be later in the game. If that does not count, than my vote goes...
  49. YoshiFlame

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link Tips

    I also used to have trouble on Ironknuckles. You should aim for their head, but don't let your guard down. Try not to get hit too much. One more tip, later on you will see blue Ironknuckles. Be more cautious around them, as they can shoot beams out of their sword.
  50. YoshiFlame

    WW-Wii U Favorite Dungeon

    The Wind Temple and Ganon's Tower. Both had good puzzles, and great bosses. I lean slightly more toward Ganon's Tower as I wasn't as frustrated on that one, plus I got to face some of the bosses again.
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