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  1. onidarklink2

    What Operating System Do You Use?

    I use Windows XP on my desktop, probably gonna end up with Windows 7 once I get myself a laptop sometime in the next year or so. It works alright for me but it'd be nice to not have to worry about glitches and viruses all the time. :( For all the Ubuntu users on here- is it hard to install...
  2. onidarklink2

    Last Watched

    First Sequence or Full Sequence? :right:
  3. onidarklink2

    Your Browser Addons ?

    The only addon I use is Adblock. It stops annoying ads from showing up, speeds up page loading, and stops any malware that can infect my computer through the adspace. It's the only addon I really need for internet browsing, though I've been thinking about getting flashblock/ non script at some...
  4. onidarklink2

    Public School or Private School?

    I guess that online schooling would be one of the better choices then. You don't have to put up with parents, schoolmates, or teachers. I've heard that it's not the best though.
  5. onidarklink2

    Public School or Private School?

    Public school can still be pretty bad in its own right. You have to put up with some pretty horrible people in school, plus some downright ridiculous teachers. Not to mention the electives and phys. ed. Do you still have to take electives while being homeschooled?
  6. onidarklink2

    Public School or Private School?

    Yeah. Honestly I can't imagine either of my parents being particularly good teachers. How does it take away from your free time? I always imagined you'd have more free time being homeschooled...
  7. onidarklink2

    Public School or Private School?

    I go to public school. I've never gone to private school because it's too expensive and religious. I guess it's good that I don't go to private school so I don't have to put up with any religious bullcrap or having to wear a uniform. For the people here who are in homeschooling/ online school...
  8. onidarklink2

    Favorite/Least Favorite School Subjects

    I don't really have a favorite class since all I do is daydream in all my classes anyway and I'm not interested in anything I learn or do in any of them. They're all the same for me: go to a class and sit back as the teacher lectures, then go home to maybe do some work or studying in the...
  9. onidarklink2

    Does Your School Ever Assign Summer Homework?

    I've had summer assignments every year I've been in school and I've done it basically all of the time. I think having to read a book for English and maybe take some notes on it is okay, but practically everything else, especially the worksheets you get in math, are pretty much useless. What...
  10. onidarklink2

    Google Searches That Make You Look Like a Madman

    I use incognito mode for this exact reason. :lol: I'm sure I've looked up some pretty weird stuff though. I just don't know specifically what and thanks to my practices of not saving my history, no one else will either. :)
  11. onidarklink2

    Favorite Song Lyrics

    Phew, for a minuuu-ute, I lost myself, I lost myse-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-eeeeeeeeeelllllllf! My favorite would probably be something from either of those bands as well. Freakin' geniuses when it comes to lyrics.
  12. onidarklink2

    What's Your Job?

    I don't have one, I'm still in high school though so there's not much pressure to get one and school keeps me plenty occupied. I've tried to get some jobs to no avail and although having a job of some sort would have its benefits, namely getting some of my own income and having something to put...
  13. onidarklink2

    Forever Alone in School

    I usually just keep to myself anyway so it doesn't matter to me whether the people in a class are familiar to me or if the're complete strangers; it doesn't affect me either way. That being said, it can be kind of annoying to me when people I don't know and have no interest in getting to know...
  14. onidarklink2

    The First Game You Ever Completed

    Pretty sure it was Super Mario Bros. 3 on the GBA. Me and my neighbor played through the game together and I ended up playing through it 3 times...good memories.
  15. onidarklink2

    Zelda Art Ura Zelda Project (Fan Video Game, Ignore Prefix)

    You see the new video that came out today?
  16. onidarklink2

    Zelda Art Ura Zelda Project (Fan Video Game, Ignore Prefix)

    Bump. Trailer 3 is gonna be up in 3 days. ****'s gonna be intense.
  17. onidarklink2

    2 Crazy Happy Mask Salesman Theories

    One theory I've come up with just yesterday, and I'm not even taking this with a grain of salt, is that the HMS in Termina is that realm's duplicate of Hyrule's HMS, like how a lot of the other NPCs from OoT's Hyrule have duplicates in Termina. As to how he is so knowledgeable about Link and the...
  18. onidarklink2

    Do You Like Icing?

    I think icing is okay but I prefer the cake that it typically goes on much better. I usually just lick all the icing off of the cake and eat the cake by itself because I don't like the way cake tastes with the icing on it, it just doesn't go together well. I especially hate when they put tons of...
  19. onidarklink2

    If You Could Meet Your Fav Character...

    If I met the Happy Mask Salesman.....oh boy. That would be an interesting encounter. :P I think I'd be kind of creeped out a bit but I'd also be excited to meet him. I'd ask if I could try on some of his masks and I'd try to learn about his secret dimension-traveling powers.
  20. onidarklink2

    Curly OR Straight Hair - Preference on Others?

    I personally don't care what kind of hair somebody has. Straight and curly look okay to me, and in-between looks good too with females. Just as long as it isn't greasy and oily and it's natural there isn't anything wrong with it. I think curly hair is definitely better when it's darker though...
  21. onidarklink2

    Overused Words

    The top 2 most overused and abused words nowadays are "epic" and "awesome". These words are used far too often and are used to describe practically anything and everything that is considered to be very good. I feel like peoples' vocab is becoming really dumbed down when they constantly use...
  22. onidarklink2

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  23. onidarklink2

    Zelda Art Ura Zelda Project (Fan Video Game, Ignore Prefix)

    Nice to know there are other people here who know about this and are as excited about it as I am. :) I've been following the project for over a year now and I can't wait for the new trailer, let alone the game coming out. The whole thing is looking amazing so far. Btw, just out of curiosity...
  24. onidarklink2

    Last Watched

    I last watched God Bless America, quite an entertaining movie for those who realize how horrid American pop-culture is.
  25. onidarklink2

    Breaking Bad

    I watch Dexter too. That's also a great show; I've only seen about half the episodes so far though. :P Only on the fourth season.
  26. onidarklink2

    Breaking Bad

    I watch the show too. I was gonna start a thread for it myself but you beat me to it. All around great show. Gotta love Heisenberg's laugh in the third to last episode of the fourth season. :P
  27. onidarklink2

    Paperclips Banned in Manchester Because of Risk of Injury

    I accidentally poked my hand with a pencil in school once, might as well ban those too. How about scissors? They're a sharp object, may as well add them to the list. People hurt themselves in car accidents all the time, why not ban cars as well? This is just..........who the hell puts these...
  28. onidarklink2

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIPgMkFDwng Cause this place could use some moar Radiohead.
  29. onidarklink2

    Favorite Type of Cheese?

    My favorites would have to be Swiss(best with sandwiches and subs) and mozzarella cheese. I've never tried colby jack; I guess I'll have to give it a shot some time. :P
  30. onidarklink2

    Do You Like Pineapple?

    I like pineapples a lot, I think I might have a mild allergy to them though. =\ I can't stand when they're on pizza or other things though. It tastes disgusting to me, fruit of any kind just doesn't belong on pizza.
  31. onidarklink2

    What is Links Most Iconic Item? (besides His Sword and Shield)

    I'd say it's the hookshot. It's been in use in most of the major Zelda titles and has always been a very significant weapon in the games it's in. Unlike with most of the other major weapons like the bow, boomerang, bombs, slingshot, etc., the weapon is also unique to the Zelda series, this...
  32. onidarklink2

    Pony General Thread

    Slugbox comes to mind....he's still damn good though. One of my favorites.
  33. onidarklink2

    OoT-N64 "L is Real!" What Does It Mean?

    Well in Super Mario 64, where the same thing was said on a stone tablet, it was supposed to be a reference to the upcoming game Luigi's Mansion. I guess it's the same case here.
  34. onidarklink2

    What Do You Want from a Majora's Mask Remake?

    Not much to say that hasn't already been said. Updated graphics, preferably like the graphics seen in the recent fan-made trailer, an up-to-date combat system with a larger variety of techniques and maneuvers, some more side-quests and maybe a few new NPCs and enemies added in, and all of the...
  35. onidarklink2

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    I kind of get both. If I'm out in the sun for a really long time with no sun screen one day then i get burnt. If I'm out for a few hours or so over the course of many days then I tend to tan. Not that I go outside long enough to get either anymore anyway.
  36. onidarklink2

    Pony General Thread

    From what I've seen it's the former. So, anyone here like humanized pony art?
  37. onidarklink2

    What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

    My personal favorites are blue-gray and blue-green; I also like aqua-colored eyes. For some reason full-on blue/green/brown just looks kind of plain to me, I prefer a mixture of colors.
  38. onidarklink2

    Pop "Music"

    No, pop is generally generic-sounding garbage designed to appeal to the masses. It's not all bad though, Although I barely listen to any of it myself I'm sure there are at least a few halfway decent pop artists out there. Unfortunately, even those artists are mostly only listened to for their...
  39. onidarklink2

    Pony General Thread

    Not for over 12 hours we haven't been. Let's discuss something completely different; Screw Loose. How and why did she get the cutie mark she got and how did she end up so far out there?
  40. onidarklink2

    Pony General Thread

    Hey guise. So who wants to discuss some ponies?
  41. onidarklink2

    Your Quirks ? The Thrilling Conclusion

    I pace around when I'm thinking about something, that seems to be pretty common though. I also ring my hand up and down when I'm nervous or when I need to think up something. Also, I sometimes sit in a fetal position, and before you start to think I'm a weaboo or a fanboy, it actually *does*...
  42. onidarklink2

    Favorite Type of Soda?

    My favorite is root beer, no brand in particular. Nothing else compares to it for me. One type of soda I can't stand is cola, they all taste gross to me.
  43. onidarklink2

    What Makes You Stand Out?

    Oh hai rule 63'd version of me. Other than this the only thing that makes me stand out is there isn't anything that makes me stand out. I have no talents, not many positive qualities, not many serious interests/ hobbies other than the internet/ gaming/ TV/ movies/ etc.
  44. onidarklink2

    Zelda on PC?

    I agree that canon Zelda titles should, and inevitably will, stay on Nintendo consoles. Designing a game for the PC would be completely alien for Nintendo to do and it would probably hurt them more than it would help them and like many of you have said, gaming PCs are much too expensive. I think...
  45. onidarklink2

    Does Zelda Really Need Music?

    I think that everything should just stay as it is and there should be music almost all of the time. I understand how not implementing music and just letting the player listen to the background sounds could add to the atmosphere, but music sets the mood and the tone for the various different...
  46. onidarklink2

    Have You Ever Seen a Movie at the Theatre More Than Once?

    Same here buddy. :) Other than that I haven't been to the theater more than once for the same movie. I don't even like going to the theater; I prefer watching movies at home.
  47. onidarklink2

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Dat song title.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_W8wUBq81w&feature=related
  48. onidarklink2

    When You Die, What Game Would You Choose to Live In?

    I'd probably choose to live in Lake Hylia in OoT. It's a wide open space with nobody there except for the scientist living in his house and the fisherman living in his cabin at the edge of the lake. There's also freshwater right nearby so I'd have easy and unlimited access to all the water I'd...
  49. onidarklink2

    What is Your Career Going to Be?

    I'd like to be a writer of some sorts; maybe I'd write books or write the scripts for a movie, or write books that get made into movies. I like reading and watching others' works so I figure it'd be kind of neat if I could write my own. I know that this won't happen though because I have little...
  50. onidarklink2


    I couldn't really tell you accurately what my personality is like; my view of myself seems to always be conflicted, I suppose you'd have to see for yourself to figure that out, but I'll tell what I can anyway. Like most people on here, I am more of the reserved and mysterious type. I generally...
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