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  1. Nerion

    Breath of the Wild Aonuma: New Zelda NOT Inspired by Skyrim

    Come on, Nintendo! Decide already!! It would be cool to see a Zelda game take inspiration from a game like Skyrim!
  2. Nerion

    How Do I Become a Part of the GenGame Twitch Team?

    Is there a way to become a part of the GenGame Twitch team without being part of the staff?
  3. Nerion

    Will PlayStation 4 Suck?

    Greetings, fellow gamers! As PlayStation 4 will launch next year, I've been thinking about buing it. But I've heard that the PS4 will suck. No new features, you can not play PS1, 2 or 3 games on it. And the game you have can't be borrowed or used on other systems. Is this true? (If there...
  4. Nerion

    Who is This "friend" in Skyrim?

    I thought it was Delphine as well, but a mailman told me "he" didn't say who "he" was, so I'm assuming there may be more "friends".
  5. Nerion

    EBay Question. Please HELP!!!

    I have 2 questions about eBay that I hope you can answer as soon as possible. 1. If I bid $50 on something with the starting bid at $400, will it count? (The second question is more like a follow-up question.) 2. If someone bids $500 on the item, and withdraw his/her bid right before the...
  6. Nerion

    Who is This "friend" in Skyrim?

    So I just bought Skyrim, and I've gotten two letters from a anonymous person adressing him/herself as "a friend." At first I thought it could be Raylaf since he was like the first friendly person the Dragonborn meets. And later Delphine calls herself a friend of the Dragonborn. But who do you...
  7. Nerion

    Recurring Characters

    There is one person I really want to return: The Happy Mask Salesman!!!!
  8. Nerion

    Which is the Scariest?

    I hate ReDeads!!!
  9. Nerion

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your head is too heavy, so your body gets crushed. I wish I was a babe magnet.
  10. Nerion

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    Luigi's Mansion 2 deffinetly! I'm also looking forward to Super Smash Bros. 4
  11. Nerion

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    Yeah, I agree with you on that point.
  12. Nerion

    Word For Word

  13. Nerion

    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    No, but for realz, I think she was about to either confess to Link or tell him about the voice she heared.
  14. Nerion

    Did You Think Link's Name Was Zelda?

    VERY early. But I also though the game was called Link, so when I and my best friends were younger, we said; "do you wanna play Link?"
  15. Nerion

    Should I Get Skyrim or Kid Icarus: Uprising First?

    So basically, what I'm asking is what game I should buy first: Skyrim or Kid Icarus: Uprising? I will deffietly get both, but what should I get first?
  16. Nerion

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Remakes on DS or 3DS?

    Probably on the DS, but I kinda hope they will do a Crystal remake to match up with HG and SS.
  17. Nerion

    What is Your Dream.

    I've got several dreams, and some are basically ambitions. My ambitions/goals, are secret for now. A dream of mine is to travel to america and become an actor in a certain show, and spend the rest of my life with a certain girl there<3 I will not tell more than that, 'cause orelse you'll all...
  18. Nerion

    Do You Look Like Any Characters?

    I look like an uglyer version of Kiba from Naruto :/
  19. Nerion

    The Next Link's Hair Color

    Purple! Like A Link to the Past!
  20. Nerion

    Twilight Princess Best Dungeon In Twilight Princess

    I like Abiter's Grounds and Goron Mines best. And Palace of Twilight, just because Zant is awesome!
  21. Nerion

    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    Of course it is good!
  22. Nerion

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    1 All these restarts makes me furious! Outraged! Sick with anger!
  23. Nerion

    Links Age in Ocarina of Time

    I think young Link is 10 and adult Link is 17.
  24. Nerion

    Ask Ganon a Question

    The last time Link stabbed me in my forhead. Since I'm being sealed away all the time, I really don't have time to go potty. Ganon, why didn't you change your armour after you escaped the Twilight Realm? If you did, Link wouldn't have defeated you!
  25. Nerion

    What Was Your First Video Game?

    My older brothers started before me, so I don't know about them, but the first one I purchased, was Mario Kart - Double Dash!!
  26. Nerion

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    Yep, but it depends on the prize it will have.
  27. Nerion

    What Was the Creepiest Moment in Any Zelda Game?

    In Romani Ranch while protecting Romani and Cremia from Them.
  28. Nerion

    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    Perhaps it was: "Link...I'm pregnant. And the father is Groose." And Link would be mad, push Zelda down to the surface, and shout: "How do you like to be pushed off of something?!" and then Impa would find her seconds before Ghirahim, and Link would have to go down and apologize, but must battle...
  29. Nerion

    Who Would Win?

    I find this thread really silly :P No offense...
  30. Nerion

    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    Midna, Malon, Zelda (TP), (Attractive/cute: Zelda (SS))
  31. Nerion

    Ask Ganon a Question

    If it doesn't get as bad critics as the beard, then, maybe... How is it possible that a man is bor every 100 years? Ain't there gotta be a father?
  32. Nerion

    I Just Got a Zelda Tattoo

    Like everybody else have said, could you post a picture of it? And I think this belongs in your blog section.
  33. Nerion

    Favorite Ocarina of Time Dungeon

    I loved the Spirit Temple!
  34. Nerion

    Spoiler The Most Emotional Moment from Skyward Sword.

    I think the moment when Zelda seals herself and when Fi seals herself are the two saddest moments. Sealings can be really sad, ya' know....
  35. Nerion

    Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Fi or Ghirahim?

    Ghirahim is a dancing machine! Or.. sword, rather...
  36. Nerion

    Best Mini-Dungeon

    I loved Ikana Castle and Pirate's Fortress.
  37. Nerion

    Cartoon / Anime / Video Game Crushes

    There are a lot of cute fictional girls, but as for a crush, hmmmm.... I would have to go with Haruno Sakura from Naruto, and Narusegawa Naru from Love Hina.
  38. Nerion

    What is You Favorite Quote from Any Video Game?

    "The wind....it is...blowing..." ~Ganondorf from The Wind Waker "Hold tight, little enemy! You have something stolen from me and I AM STRONG!!" ~The Red Knight from Zelda's Adventure A lot of lines from Saints Row.
  39. Nerion

    Best Powerful Zelda Sword

    Fierce Deity's and Great Fairy Sword. Nuff said..
  40. Nerion

    Favorite Ocarina Songs?

    Requiem of Spirits & Serenade of Water.
  41. Nerion

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    Zelda's Adventure. There shouldn't really be a reason to explain why...
  42. Nerion

    Favorite Video Game Company.

    Nintendo, duh!
  43. Nerion

    Favourite Game

    My favorite game of all time would have to be Ocarina of Time or A Link to the Past.
  44. Nerion

    Movies Vs Video Games

    Video games FTW!!!
  45. Nerion

    How Old Are You?

    Ya' sure would like to know, huh?
  46. Nerion

    Blond Link Or Dark Haired Link?

    I prefer Ocarina of Time Link. But anyone who has folloed the series from the beginning, I don't understand why most of them thinks that blonde Link is the one everybody knows. Link was originally dark haired in Zelda I & II...
  47. Nerion

    Your Favorite Villains of All Time

    Oh, I forgot Darth Vader, the Emperor, Scar, Jafar, Hades, and generally every villan in history.
  48. Nerion

    Favorite Band?

    Iron Maiden, E-Type and Guthrie Govan.
  49. Nerion

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Ghirahim, Ganondorf, Byrne/Staven, Agahnim. You caan say I like villains. And that doesn't only go for the Zelda series.
  50. Nerion

    Harry Potter Fans: What Would Your Animagus Be?

    Giant demonic pig!!!!! >:3 No, but for realz, a hawk, a huge @$$ snake or something.
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