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  1. Dodongobomber

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    i agree with you dude, they should give us something, even just a few screenshots of areas or even some npc's! but the fact that they are keeping quiet means one of 2 things. 1-It really is amazing, so this time the hype will please everyone when the game is released, unlike tp (although I was...
  2. Dodongobomber

    I Want Castle Town to Look Like the Beta Pictures of OOT Castle Town

    its not that the other castle towns have been to small, its just that theyre crowded, which is a good thing. the one in the oot beta was way to empty looking. so yeah, i guess id like a bigger town, but along with a bigger town should come more things to fill it up.
  3. Dodongobomber

    Do You Think This is the Plot of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword?

    thats a col theory, but miyamoto and aonuma already said and i quote "link won't be flying around like pit" so yeah, its disproved.
  4. Dodongobomber

    How Many Dungeons?

    id say more side quests, but heck, its the WII!! why not have both lol, it has enough memory! id gladly have maybe some worse graphics but have more content instead!
  5. Dodongobomber

    Why Not Ganondorf?

    I agree, I dont think ganondorf is overused, and would love to see him in skyward sword. but seeing as skyward sword is supposedly the first game in the timeline, he woudnt be in it anyway, because we first learn of him in oot, which happens after skyward sword and minish cap. however, we might...
  6. Dodongobomber

    Are There Too Many "Let's Play"s on Youtube?

    wow dude i didnt know there were gameboy dragonball games! id say one of those might be a good starting lp, id like to see it and im sure others would too!
  7. Dodongobomber

    Link's Voice.

    I think it already sounds a bit different from tp, its like a mix of oot adult link and tp link, which is epic!
  8. Dodongobomber

    Standing Up While Playing SS.

    I think it depends on the mood im in. when i first get it and start playing it, I'll probably stand, but after I get a solid 5 hours into the game, ill be sitting lol
  9. Dodongobomber

    Return of the Magic Rods!!!!

    I know about the rod of seasons, but i meant specifically projectile/offensive rods
  10. Dodongobomber

    Do We Really Need the Reminder on How to Swing the Sword?

    thats obviously just for the demo, no one is stupid enough to need a reminder!
  11. Dodongobomber

    Return of the Magic Rods!!!!

    The last time we saw magic rods was in a link to the past (im not counting the dominion rod in tp), and the last time we saw magic spells was in Ocarina of Time! I want the return of magic, what are your opinions?
  12. Dodongobomber


    it woudl be cool if there was a pegasus, but they already confirmed that if there is a horse of some sort, that it wont be a pegasus, and also miyamoto said and i quote "link wont be flying around like pit skyward sword"
  13. Dodongobomber

    Ocarina of Time OoT 3 Heart Run: Biggoron Sword?

    well if your going for not only a 3 heart but a minimalist challenge, then dont get it, only get what you need to beat the game. otherwise, for gods sake, GET THE SWORD! lol it makes things so much easier!
  14. Dodongobomber

    Sumo Wrestling

    yeah i liked it alot, it was mostly a comic releif sort of thing for me, but still, you only did it with bo and the goron elder. it would have been cool if there was a mini game with it, like you could practice with bo any time. so yeah, i hope it returns in ss
  15. Dodongobomber

    Things That Could Hurt the Game--most Likely?

    POINT WELL MADE DUDE! I agree, its gonna be amazing. If we all keep complaining over awesome games so much then well end up like sonic fans! (lol i do like sonic though)
  16. Dodongobomber

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    the thing is, that I LOVE tp for its dark art style, but zelda isnt supposed to be a dark game series. sure, all the games have dark parts like the shadow temple in oot, but i think ss is more traditional zelda feeling and therefore it tops tp, but barely (thats the mood im in now at least lol)
  17. Dodongobomber

    Majora's Mask Paper Airplane?

    lol yeah i noticed that when i played for the first time hahaha. but is it there on the gc version too? im not sure...
  18. Dodongobomber

    Double Swords

    its a cool idea, but link is sort of a sword and sheild fighter. always has been, always will be. plus, to be able to weild 2 swords at once means you have to be pretty quick and agile, and link is one of nintendos more slow and clunky characters.
  19. Dodongobomber

    Expansive Overworld Or Denser Overworld?

    well, both miyamoto and aonuma have said in interviews that the hyrule feild or watever it is could actually act as a dungeon without you noticing at first, which leads me to thinking that they will probably have a smaller but denser overworld (the "dense" thing is kind of what theyre trying to...
  20. Dodongobomber

    Hoping to See This Guy Return?!?

    Id like to see vaati in a 3d game, but i personally hope they either have ganondorf and build his character more, or have a new villian all together.
  21. Dodongobomber

    Majora's Mask Termina's Epona?

    yeah the fact that she responded to eponas sogn right away pretty much means its the same epona. but it doesnt really matter anyway.
  22. Dodongobomber

    Skyward Sword Will Be Featured at Paris Games Week

    something in the back of my mind tells me that its the same old demo, but im REEEEEEEEAAAALY hoping for a new trailer, its about time for one and nintendo has always had multiple trailers for zelda games. my favorite tp trailer was I think the last one they made.
  23. Dodongobomber

    Stylish Sword Maneuvers

    I think that the fact that theyre using wii motion plus leaves a LOT open for cool sword maneuvers! Also, we might be able to do them ourselves instead of watch them happen. it would be really cool if you could do certain swings in order that dealt more damage, like combos from street fighter...
  24. Dodongobomber

    How Many Dungeons?

    well, considering its on the wii and discs hold more memory than cartridges, then id expect it to have alot of dungeons, AND alot of sidequests. that would be sick. however, im guessing itll have less dungeons but more sidequests, which isnt bad. anouma himself said he wanted there to be less...
  25. Dodongobomber

    Have You Ever Craved Zelda Games This Much?

    well right now, im craving skyward sword! but past experiences, heres one. my brother bought wind waker back when it came out and I REAAAAAALLY wanted to play it, so finally he let me have a file. then right before i beat it, he said no, that he wanted to beat the game before me, and we wouldnt...
  26. Dodongobomber

    General Classic Best Aspects of the N64 Zelda Games

    the best aspect of both is how you feel like your in the game. im a dude, not a wimp at all, but there are several moments in both where tears come to my eyes. no matter how annoying you may think she is, when navi flies away at the end of oot and the epic music starts playing, dont deny thats...
  27. Dodongobomber

    Zelda Insults

    lol one time I got the answer wrong in class and said out loud "Son of an OCTOROK!" every one was like whaaaaaat? but my teacher laughed and said he got it (I only brought it up b/c I knew he played nintendo when he was younger)
  28. Dodongobomber

    If Link Were A Woman

    No. Link is a MAN. I am a huge fan of zelda and metroid, and i think its great that samus is a female. I especially like her character in other m. but you know what, Im not sexist for saying link should be a man. anyone who thinks that link should be a female is sexist themselves. why would you...
  29. Dodongobomber

    Do You Use Your Name or Link's?

    usually for the 3d zeldas i do my name and for the older/2d zeldas i do link. this i sbecause pretty much all of the 3d zeldas i have i split the money with my brothers, so its unfairif one of us is link, etc.
  30. Dodongobomber

    Most embarassing/Worst Game you've ever bought?

    megaman does not suck! well, the story does, and if youve played one, youve played them all, but its a great action game. nothing really. one time though i was close to being embarassed. when i bought spirit tracks, a couple kids from my school were there buying mw2. at first i was like "oh no...
  31. Dodongobomber

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    damn, i cant decide between ocarina of time or majoras mask! at the moment id say majoras mask, but now that i just typed that im thinking of a whole lot of reasons why ocarina of time is my favorite! ....i guess both lol
  32. Dodongobomber

    Live Stream on Ustream, Labor Day Weekend

    Me and my friends are going to stream live the first 2 zelda games on labor day weekend, most likley on sunday. We will begin at 10:00 am eastern standard time, and it should be alot of fun. well have live commentary as well, and may do some bonus games afterwards for fun. here is the location...
  33. Dodongobomber

    Majora's Mask How Does Link Have Epona in MM?

    well, if you remember when your first meet malon, shes all excited cause you come from the forest and have a fairy. so maybe if link told her that he had to go find navi, she would feel bad for him and let him take epona.
  34. Dodongobomber

    No Voice Acting: Happy or Dissapointed?

    EXTREMELY happy!!!! for each zelda game, i imagine what link (and other characters) sounds like for myself. if they added voice acting, then that fun factor would be gone for me. also, theres a good chance that if they added voice acting, it would be BAD voice acting! *cough* resident evil *cough*
  35. Dodongobomber

    Another Prequel? Really? Oh Boy...

    i dont mind a prequel, but they shouldnt have ended the adult side of the timeline so quickly with wind waker! now on that side since there is no master sword there really cant be another game that takes place after! also ganon cant come back either. they did the same with metroid, they ended...
  36. Dodongobomber

    No Bolded Words In SS

    I do think it makes it a bit too easy (cant you get what theyre telling you to do just by reading it?), but I think they know alot of people skip the text, so they highlight it so maybe theyll catch something about what they have to do. I like it though, its one of those funny things that makes...
  37. Dodongobomber

    Quantity of Dungeons.

    they said that there were going to be less items, but they would be used more. putting that (if its true) and the fact that there were only 8 items in the demo together, then i think that there will be at least 10 dungeons. but then u could go the other way, when they said there would be less...
  38. Dodongobomber

    Link's Occupation/life

    what i mean is like what will he be doing in his home town before he becomes the hero? in tp he was a ranch hand, in st he was a train conductor in training, so do you think he'll have a job in Skyward Sword? tell me what you guys think!
  39. Dodongobomber

    Link's Face

    to be honest i think its the other way around (i dont think he looks like a girl in ss, not at ALL, but they did round out his features a bit more. i like what they did, but i also like tp links face. not in a gay way lol
  40. Dodongobomber

    Dungeons Without Sword

    well occoo watcher eiji aounuma said that there would be parts where u might lose your sword and have to focus on surviving/escaping instead of killing baddies
  41. Dodongobomber

    Zelda Riddles

    ah s**t! I cant remember his name, but isnt it some guy thats on this island witha light house... or something?
  42. Dodongobomber

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but then all your favorite games will dissapear! I wish that I could beat Zelda II before Skyward Sword comes out!
  43. Dodongobomber

    Adventure of Link Zelda II Valley of Death

    thanks for the help, ive never thought about staying on the ledge and hitting the lizalfos. thanks. im at level 8 for all and ive tried using the fairy spell. your right, it takes up needed magic when you have to use the life spell thanks. im at level 8 for all and ive tried using the fairy...
  44. Dodongobomber

    The Legend of Zelda Rupee Shortage, Any Secrets?

    wow thats exactly what i do! but there is another hundred rupee moblin in the overworld... well i dont remember but in the guide I THINK they missed a one hundred rupee location! do you remember the heart container that you get from bombing the wall a couple screens to the right of the start...
  45. Dodongobomber

    Adventure of Link Zelda II Valley of Death

    AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! its so hard! any tips on what to do? this is my first time playing the game, and ive heard that thhis part is harder than the great palace itself!
  46. Dodongobomber

    6 Hearts?

    no, i noticed that alot of the enemies, like the new bokoblins, took one heart each hit. they probably just gave you 3 hearts so you wouldnt be overwhelmed the first time they played it.
  47. Dodongobomber

    Give It a Chance

    im not over supporting it either. i just said that well have to wait for it to come out, really. but i still do like the graphics, though not as much as previous titles.
  48. Dodongobomber

    Infinite Arrows/Bombs???

    it. is. NOT! are you kidding? its so much fun doing the sidequests and mini games to get bigger quivers and bomb bags! or are you just lazy? it adds to the fun if you have to watch your magic supply, arrow count, etc. you might as well just have infinite life if you have infinite bombs and...
  49. Dodongobomber

    Give It a Chance

    I think alot of people are complaining about the game way too much. i was talking with my brother, and he was just nitpicking about it! he complained for every single little reason! i for one like the graphics, and see alot of potential with a story. we should give the game a chance. whos with me?
  50. Dodongobomber

    Scorpion Too Easy

    to be fair, twilight princess had REALLY easy enemies. the darknuts only took one heart (i was able to do a no damage run with almost no practice)! in Oot/MM, the iron knuckles took three! i saw another playthrough of this boss, and when it hits you, it takes 2 full hearts away. also the...
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