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  1. wedge47

    How Many People Are Going to Do This?

    Why didn't I think of that.... That would be amazing. Well... either that, or the water level theme from Super Mario 64...
  2. wedge47

    Favorite Racing Race in Zelda

    I was a big fan of the Snow Peak ruins race in TP. It was totally different than any of the other "races" in the Zelda games. There were multiple ways to go, and it was challenging. It's got my vote.
  3. wedge47

    Stupid Things You Did? (in Zelda Games)

    I always make farting noises when watching King Zora scoot himself over.
  4. wedge47

    Majora's Mask If You Could Add a Transformation Mask...

    I would make a Skull Kid mask that you could use to never get lost in the lost woods. I would also make a four swords mask, for Majoras Mask multiplayer action.
  5. wedge47

    A Zelda Crossover Spanding Time and Space....

    Super.... Zelda..... Galaxy..... Oh yeah!
  6. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Circus Leaders Mask

    Is there any possible way to get this before getting the Romani's Mask?
  7. wedge47

    Does Anyone Want to Play EVERY Legend of Zelda Game?

    I honestly don't care much to play the handheld ones. Links Awakening was good, and I did beat the Minish Cap. But Phantom Hourglass was a giant pile of suckage, and I imagine Spirit tracks is just as bad. Never played the Oracle games... I just find it too difficult to get into the hand held...
  8. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Collector's Edition Majora's Mask Tips

    Mine only froze on me once (so far)... I had just gone through the Woodfall temple, and did the butler race, when it froze up right at the end. I had to do all of that over again.
  9. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Why I Think Majora's Mask Will Be on the 3DS

    That MM trailer was freaking awesome. Just saying...
  10. wedge47

    Favorite Starting Sword?

    I would also go with the sword from ALTTP. What trumps a family heirloom? :)
  11. wedge47

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Looks like the majority wins here. Ancient Cistern for me as well. I especially loved the "dark" section at in the basement of it. Never saw that coming in a "water" temple.
  12. wedge47

    WW-Wii U Video Walkthrough

    ChuggaaConroy and NintendoCapriSun both have pretty good LP's of the WindWaker. Actually AngryPoncho is doing one now that's only 7 or 8 episodes in, and it's pretty good too so far. Of course... their LP's are more playthroughs than walkthroughs. It would be nice if ZD could get more...
  13. wedge47

    Favorite Zelda Soundtracks

    For this, I'll go with: 1. WindWaker 2. Ocarina of Time 3. Link to the Past 4. Skyward Sword 5. Twilight Princess
  14. wedge47

    A Possible Missed Opportunity with the Graveyard?

    A cave of ordeals type dungeon in the graveyard would have been great. But I too, noticed that there literally was no point to the graveyard other than getting to Batreaux's house. At least they put a light tear there that you needed to collect in that last trial.
  15. wedge47

    Favorite Creature

    Give me the Zoras any day. I love the zora areas in all of the Zelda games. Probably Twilight Princess the most though.
  16. wedge47

    Twilight Princess Magic Armor Related to Heros Shade?

    Yeah.... I don't see it either.
  17. wedge47


    If the kokiri don't age... then how do they get to the age that they are at the beginning of OOT? Were they just born that size?
  18. wedge47

    How Many Pieces in a Heart Container?

    I would rather stick with 4. I mean... there was a reason SS went back to just 4 after TP came out. 5 was just too many.
  19. wedge47

    Zelda's Ruby?

    My sentiments exactly. This wasn't meant to be a serious theory thread. Just something that we could use our imaginations on... lol
  20. wedge47

    Which 2D Zelda Game Do You Wish Had Been 3D?

    How about the original? I would love to explore the original Hyrule in 3D. Of course it would be more difficult to find exactly where to bomb all of those walls though....
  21. wedge47

    Funniest Zelda Game?

    I think WW easily takes the cake here. The shot of Link slamming into the Tower of the Gods, or getting flung out of the cannon a the Forsaken Fortress was hilarious.
  22. wedge47

    Spoiler Darkest Zelda Game?

    Sure MM has a happy ending... but the whole game has a dark, depressing feel to it. Everyone knows of their impending doom, and it shows throughout the game. Especially the scene on the final night where Cremia asks Romani to sleep in her bed with her. It doesn't get any darker than that...
  23. wedge47

    General Modern Majora's Mask? Link to the Past?

    If I had to choose one, I would say Majoras Mask. Simply because I think it would work better in a 3D remake. I can't imagine ALTTP being much different as a 3D game.....
  24. wedge47

    Thoroughly Impressed with Link's Awakening

    It's difficult for me to get into the handheld Zelda games. The only one I've beaten was The Minish Cap. I've barely played the Oracle games, and Phantom Hourglass was extremely boring of what I played of it. Never bothered with Spirit Tracks. Links Awakening, I did finally download on my...
  25. wedge47

    Zelda's Ruby?

    Ever notice how in Ocarina of Time, when you're in the castle courtyard speaking to Zelda towards the beginning of the game, that she's wearing a ruby pendant or broach. It's the exact same (but much smaller) ruby symbol that you have to shoot in the Stone Tower Temple in Majoras Mask to flip...
  26. wedge47

    A Link to the Past How is a Link to the Past?

    A Link To The Past might be one of the best Zelda games. "Very Good" doesn't begin to describe how awesome this game is. If you're on the fence about this game, just get it and jump right into it. Might be the best game you'll play this year.
  27. wedge47

    Zoras Evolving Into Rito: Explain It to Me!

    Perhaps when the Postman left Termina at the end of Majoras Mask, he found a nice Zora girl and got busy. He then taught their children the importance of delivering the mail. The Zora then grew accustomed to mail delivery, and after Hyrule was flooded, they had no way of delivering from island...
  28. wedge47

    Your Potion Usage

    Very rarely do I use potions in Zelda games. Maybe ALTTP. I use a lot of potions in that game. But in the 3D Zelda games, I hardly use them at all. However, that changed with SS. I actually found the potions in this game to be quite useful once you upgraded them.
  29. wedge47

    Tunic Expansion

    How about a winged tunic that would allow Link to fly for a short period of time.
  30. wedge47

    Favorite Dungeon Theme?

    I like the dark style dungeons the best. The spirit temple in OOT was by far my favorite one. And I still get creeped out watching those floating hands come towards me in the twilit palace in TP. It was almost resident evil-ish.
  31. wedge47

    WW-Wii U Does Anybody Miss These?

    I honestly thought they were too much. I know that Wind Waker had to give you a ton of rupees for all the endgame stuff, but getting all of these orbs all the time seemed like overkill to me. Especially once you got the bomb and arrow upgrades. Did you really ever need to replenish that much...
  32. wedge47

    Skyloft in Brawl?

    Does make you wonder what (if any) Skyward Sword locations will be in the next SSB game...
  33. wedge47

    Are You Stingy With Your Rupees?

    I thought that SS did a good job of having you spend your rupees. With all the upgrades, and potions, and the stuff at Beedles shop, it seemed like my wallet was never full. In past games, my wallet is almost always full... even after I buy everything I need. But then again, I'm one of those...
  34. wedge47

    Worst Moment in Zelda

    How about Phantom Hourglass.... Having loved playing Wind Waker so much, I expected to really enjoy this game. The whole thing was a big pile of suckage... and I quit halfway through.
  35. wedge47

    Zelda and Impeding Travel Systems

    Give me back Epona anytime. Flying on the loftwing would have been awesome, had they actually done something with the sky. It was empty, and barely anything to do. With the Wii U, I would expect for the next Zelda game to have a much larger overworld, especially over SS, which was rather...
  36. wedge47

    Favourite Credits

    Majoras Mask. It's cool getting to watch all of the people you helped in the sidequests, and seeing them live to the next day.
  37. wedge47

    Top 3 Most Epic Zelda Moments

    3. Twilight Princess - Link posing on the Eldin Bridge with Epona after defeating King Baublin 2. Majoras Mask - The scene where the moon actually crashes and everyone dies. 1. Wind Waker - The way that Link defeats Ganon.... Nothing will ever top that for epicness
  38. wedge47

    Super Mario Galaxy 3 For Wii U

    I would like to see a new 3D Mario game, but not necessarily in the "Galaxy" format. I think they can come up with something new for the new console.
  39. wedge47

    Which Seemingly Easy LoZ Boss Do You Think is Actually Quite Difficult?

    I ALWAYS have trouble with Odalwa from Majoras Mask. Always, always, always... I end up having to come back at the end of the game to just decimate him with the Giants mask a few times to make up for the trouble he causes me at the beginning of the game.
  40. wedge47

    Who's Your Favorite Weirdo from the Legend of Zelda Series?

    It's a tossup between Tingle and the Happy Mask Salesman. Both of those guys gave me the creeps....
  41. wedge47

    In Which 3D Title Did the Enemies Look the Best? Favourite Designs?

    Personally, I like the Wind Waker enemy designs. Especially the stalfos, moblins, and the darknuts.
  42. wedge47

    Temple of Time Prophecy

    Personally, I like it. Nice work.
  43. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Back to the Future Zelda?

    I was reading another thread on here about the next Zelda game taking place between MM and TP, and taking place in Termina. It got me thinking... I'm a big fan of the Back to the Future movies. Especially the second one where he goes back in time and basically ends up helping his original...
  44. wedge47

    Favorite MM Song

    I like the music that plays when you dance with the Kamaro mask.
  45. wedge47

    Skyward Sword: Awesome Game Expect for Over Use of Fi?

    Fi is worse than Navi. Simply because you could choose to talk to Navi when you wanted to, and Fi just jumps out and says "Megaman Megaman... blah blah blah". I feel like she interrupted too much game play with her forced tutorials. I wish there was a way to turn her off.
  46. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Time Traveling: Annoying or Pleasing

    Loved the time travel. It really fit the tone of the game perfectly. I was hoping it would be incorporated into a future game as well.
  47. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Have You Done It In 3 Days?

    Once you get your walkthrough put together, I would love to try it out. You should definitely post it on here somewhere if you can.
  48. wedge47


    100% generally means: getting all heart containers, all items/weapons/bottles, getting all treasures (maps, compasses), completing all side quests, and then beating the game. Basically get everything there is to get, and do everything there is possible to do. In WW, that includes the...
  49. wedge47

    Majora's Mask Have You Done It In 3 Days?

    I have watched a 3-day run of this game before. That's a lot of different events to keep track of. My hats off to you for achieving it!
  50. wedge47

    Interesting Picture I Found

    Can you repost that picture here, for those of us who don't have a facebook account?
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