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  1. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Not Showing CD Offer?

    I had that too. Just keep trying and eventually you'll get through. I love how all the zelda fans crashed nintendos site. haha, epic :)
  2. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Everyone Will Recieve a Copy of the OoT CD

    I dont know if I will. I registered mine a couple hours ago and I cant get. I dont know why either. I might try calling them.
  3. Shadow Link

    General Classic How Many

    Holy crap, 60 times?! wow I've played it like, I think around 6-7 times and Majoras Mask like, 5 times
  4. Shadow Link

    Twilight Princess Game Guide?

    Is this Prima guide for gamecube or WII? http://www.primagames.com/guides/display.php?isbn=9780761557852
  5. Shadow Link

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    sacred grove and the lost woods. Love it
  6. Shadow Link

    "Dark Sage"

    I love these vids, there so awesome
  7. Shadow Link

    Was Link Your Imaginary Friend when You Were Little?

    I think.........you need to see a psychiatrist
  8. Shadow Link

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link: Do You Recommend It?

    Short answer - No Long answer - Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. Shadow Link

    Triforce Hole

    the OoT hylian shield has the fourth piece on it, but TP's doesn't
  10. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Is This Rare?

    Okay, Majoras Mask was only in gold carts, no grays. And the holo cart isn't rare, I've actuelly only came across a 1 sticker one before, but lots of holos. I myself own 2 holos and 1 sticker
  11. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Proof of Zelda MM 3DS

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34mdzza0QpU About 20 secs in, When it has a zelda themed thing, It has the razor sword from majoras mask! And this is a real 3DS video
  12. Shadow Link

    How Did You Get to Know About the Zelda Series?

    My uncle gave me his old N64 (with OoT and MM) and I would roll around Termina as a goron for hours =)
  13. Shadow Link

    Zelda Symbols in Real Life

    I've seen tonnes of triforce symboles around. Like on company logos, in math class and, of course Zelda
  14. Shadow Link

    Earliest Zelda Memories

    My earliest memory was probably back when I was 4, I would play MM and roll around as a goron for hours. Still do :)
  15. Shadow Link

    The Legend of Zelda Gannon or Ganon

    It's Ganon. Gannon is a mis-translation
  16. Shadow Link

    Turtle Rock

    I loved Turtle Rock in LA because to get in, you have to kill the dungeon itself! (The turtle head that comes out) And because it was very hard.
  17. Shadow Link

    Item Ideas Here!

    Haha, thats funny. There was supposed to be a Light Tunic on Zelda 64DD (Later changed in to OoT) Anyway, my item idea is, a Shadow Tunic. When Link puts it on, he becomes invisable to enimies. But can still hurt them =P
  18. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Lens of Truth Help

    It's like you press a button (usually L) link can float in the air and pretty much go where ever you want.
  19. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Lens of Truth Help

    You could, just this once, use the moon jump.......please dont hate me...
  20. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3DS is Ocarina of Time DD?

    @zeypherlink Ok,Zelda 64DD is not OoT. Oot is like a trimed version of Zelda 64DD. Since they never released the N64DD in north america, they could not release Zelda 64DD to north america. So then, they modded their Zelda 64DD so it could go on a N64 cartiridge. And by modding it, they took...
  21. Shadow Link

    Epona Name Fun

    I named my horse Epona !! Can you beleive how crazy that sounds? I laughed so hard when I did that! (sarcasam)
  22. Shadow Link

    Is the Happy Mask Salesman in MM the Same...

    Has everybody forgot about the Happy Mask Salesmen in OoA? What about him?
  23. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3DS is Ocarina of Time DD?

    http://www.unseen64.net/articles/zelda64-project-development/ Read this. It will answers all of your questions.
  24. Shadow Link

    Link Through the Years.

    MM Link with mirror shield and gilded sword. awesome
  25. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Tatl is a Meanie

    Tatl was so mean to Link at the end of MM. I mean, Link comes to Termina and saves everbody from an inpending doom, and Tatl tells Link to beat it right before the festival. I think Link should have said screw you to Tatl, and stayed for the celebration. Share your thoughts.
  26. Shadow Link

    Ganondorf Is, Fat?

    Has anybody noticed how fat Ganondorf is in WW? I mean, look at him compared to OoT Ganondorf Like, WOW I cant believe I had a hard time killing him Share your thoughts
  27. Shadow Link

    Stone Tower or Water Temple

    Haha, thats funny. The Stone Tower Temple and the Water Temple are my favorite temples :)
  28. Shadow Link

    Twilight Princess Times Taken to Fully Complete Twilight Princess

    I forget how long my first run was, but my second run was 17 hours. And to prove it, right after I beat it, I never played on that file again so the time wouldnt change. But I still have the file
  29. Shadow Link

    Favorite Side Quest Mask

    The bunny hood :) (self explanitory)
  30. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Why Doesn't the Guard...

    He doesnt even have a sword or shield either . :) (thats why he stops Link)
  31. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    Bongo Bongo ......aghhhhhh.. the pain
  32. Shadow Link

    Play As Orange Dark Link

    Today I was playing MC and I went in the cafe in the town and I used Nayrus Charm and Links tunic turned orange!! His skin was grey and his eyes were orange. It was a really wierd glitch. Has this happened to anybody else?
  33. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Storyline

    I dont find it that dark, only the last 6 minutes of the game (midnight of the final day). but then after you kill majora, the darkness instantly goes. theres a rainbow, a wedding and lots of people being very happy.But it was kind of mean for tatl to tell link to beat it it when the festival...
  34. Shadow Link

    General Classic Which Should I Download?

    I think you should download MM because it my fav game :) and also you can get ALttP for GBA at almost any used game store for like 10$
  35. Shadow Link

    A Link to the Past 's Dungeons?

    I love the Ice Palace for some reason. I dunno why :)
  36. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask The Names of the Giants...

    After you defeat Odolwa, Tatl says that the giant was the spirit trapped inside the evil mask ( Odolwas remains ), so does that mean that the four giants names are Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twinmold? Share your thoughts.....
  37. Shadow Link

    Who is Better, Link or Dark Link?

    I like dark link over green link
  38. Shadow Link

    Graphic Requests

    I need a picture of midna wearing the completed fused shadow thingy at the end of the game ( you know when she has all those arms in the air). Her with that spear or her going up with all the arms down is good) If you wish to flourish it you'd save me alot of work but note that ill probly use...
  39. Shadow Link

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    I didn't see anyone post this and i don't really know if its an easter egg but in OoT when you put a bomb next to those boing-oing statues they fly up. I never really stayed long enough to see if they come down though.
  40. Shadow Link

    Favorite Instrument

    My favorite is the Ocorina or the Zora Guitar.
  41. Shadow Link

    Zelda MMORPG?

    Yeah, that would make sense. I would definately give it a shot, but i would probably take a long time to DL.
  42. Shadow Link

    I can't get to use the Powder Keg.

    maybe try beating the race? Just a thought.
  43. Shadow Link

    Is it really a timeline anyway?

    Yeah, and OoT connects with MM. Then you have Wind Waker which connects with PH. And then, you just get TP thrown in there randomly, becuase it is in the future of OoT and MM.
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