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  1. dustinb12

    Game Help OOT (3DS)

    In Hyrule field, coming from Kokiri Forest, in the river near where it starts (or ends) Navi turns green and goes out over the water. I tried song of storms and lullaby, nothing happened. Im curious as to what she is showing me here. I'm nearly done in this game and would love to see what this...
  2. dustinb12

    General Zelda Guide or No Guide?

    i tried MM with no guide. i quit, ordered one off amazon, and resumed. between that guide and this site, my most hated game became nearly my favorite. i say guide
  3. dustinb12

    Phantom Hourglass Why Does No One Ever Talk About Phantom Hourglass?

    you kind of read my mind. im planning on replaying at least PH after the WW remake. i liked it very much, just the control scheme killed my hands. maybe on a bigger ds or 3ds i'll enjoy it more. it was more WW basically, what's not to love? ST was a blast for me. i found myself just riding...
  4. dustinb12

    Twilight Princess What Would Have Made the Game Live Up to It's Potential?

    i just would have liked to know what happened longterm to Ilia and Colin and the gang? i really felt emotionally attached to these folks. Did Colin join the Hylian Knights? Is it possible for Ilia and Link to get together? Did Malo combine all the villages through evil corporate conglomerates...
  5. dustinb12

    General Zelda Aonuma Considering Zelda As Main Protagonist?

    thats what i was thinking as I'm doing oot3ds now. where does she go?what does she do? i was reminded of this forum yesterday at best buy when a female employee came up to me and said "Love your shirt!"(black t with shiny gold triforce)and she showed me her arm(triforce tattoo on forearm) so i...
  6. dustinb12

    Game Help OoT (3DS)

    thanks i'll work on that
  7. dustinb12

    Game Help OoT (3DS)

    my shard of agony is going off near the circle of stones in front of the entrance to Goron City. bombs aren't working, how do I get in there? i'm still early in the game and have not went into the future yet. thanks
  8. dustinb12

    General Zelda I Need Your Help, Zelda Duneoners!

    cosplay. trust me, you can always backtrack if you miss a title. i've been doing it for over 20 years(wish i had the guts to cosplay)
  9. dustinb12

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Jabu Jabu's belly OOT3DS. game is awesome
  10. dustinb12

    Link's Awakening Link's Awakening or The Minish Cap?

    both are wonderful but i have a lot more fond memories of MC. LA i remember just wanting to finish, but i would play MC again. i may get LA on 3ds and try again because my old gameboy wasnt in the best shape when i first played it.
  11. dustinb12

    General Zelda Something You Used to Dislike Yet Have Grown to Like Now.

    yep Majora's Mask. i had to stop, take a break, (order a strategy guide) then i finished it and really appreciated the insanity and darkness of the story. its not my favorite, but i do love it
  12. dustinb12

    Spoiler What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Least Favorite Zelda Game?

    Zelda II: Upon completion of the game, my favorite part was taking the game out of the console and putting it away (perhaps this is the title they need to remake)
  13. dustinb12

    General Zelda Does Size Matter?

    i just finished my second play of TP and i guess it did feel a little empty compared to WW. i actually didnt realize how big WW is until seeing this thread, because there is so much to do and explore which is why i enjoy zelda games. i must admit i dont know how big SS is compared to the others...
  14. dustinb12

    Game Help Twilight Princess

    thanks now i got work to do
  15. dustinb12

    Game Help Twilight Princess

    im on my 2nd play through trying to do all the things i missed on my first round and im stumped on how to get the treasure chests in Lake Hylia on top of the snake statues by the dock. a lil pointer would be greatly appreciated. also can i do the cave of ordeals after the Palace of Twilight? i...
  16. dustinb12

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    posters, cds, mints in the sheild, hat, shirts, pez dispensor,wii remote, are we counting tattoos?
  17. dustinb12

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    i just finished metroid other m and i cant believe i waited this long to get it. it was awesome. without showing my age too bad, this was my first metroid in about 20 years. it would have made a great movie as well
  18. dustinb12

    Why Are No Zelda Characters Ever in Mario Kart or Mario Party Games?

    all rite, although i agree after playing mario party 9 this weekend i wondered whats the big deal? why no Link or Zelda? everyone has made their point but can someone give a good reason why no Zelda in Fortune Street? come on folks, who wouldnt want to ride Epona throwing bananas while crossing...
  19. dustinb12

    Favorite Zelda Song?

    in another post elsewhere i said how artistically beautiful SS was, and this is a fine example of what i meant. like most everyone here, i could never decide 1 song. they are all beautiful and could be interpreted in many ways. i love all the windwaker songs of course, i love Song of Storms...
  20. dustinb12

    Spoiler Hardest Level in Any Mario Platformer

    i seriously loved sunshine, but difficulty-wise both the last few levels in both galaxies gave me fits. i seem to have a hard time with the 3d marios. call me old school
  21. dustinb12

    Fortune Street

    its like monopoly on streroids, super deep with strategy. the nods to mario and quest are an awesome touch. dont think mario party when checking it out. its way more deep
  22. dustinb12

    Fortune Street

    Is anyone else here absolutely obsessed with Fortune Street? finally a game the wife and i enjoy equally
  23. dustinb12

    Not Even Gonna Lie

    on and off i fussed about the motion controls, how in some areas they felt forced untillll, this fight made it all worth. i admit i had to stand up for this one. i agree i wish more time would have been spent on his character. kinda reminds me of darth maul in a way. the coolest bad guy who...
  24. dustinb12

    Spoiler The Under Loved Zelda Games

    LA definately has great charm but go get MC. Like right now
  25. dustinb12

    Spoiler Just Finished!

    yes you're very welcome. it's just nice to find other folks with open minds
  26. dustinb12

    Spoiler Just Finished!

    i see MW7s point. there was a few times when Fi would start to talk i wanted to skip through, and the beginning really drug me down as well, but i knew it would eventually deliver the beautiful story i've come to expect. i was joking about the mario movie btw.
  27. dustinb12

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    hooked on fortune street
  28. dustinb12

    Spoiler Just Finished!

    allrite fair enough. i may be showing my age here but back in the day we were treated to a decent super mario movie, then we got the wizard. with todays technology i think now is the time. after seeing lord of the rings, i think a great movie could be made that looks real. maybe they could use...
  29. dustinb12

    Spoiler Just Finished!

    What an artistically beautiful game.(Im not just talking graphics)So what's Link gonna do next? Buy a 3ds and play ocarina of time again! After playing through this one i think it's definitely time for a Zelda movie
  30. dustinb12

    General Modern PH and ST Opinions

    I just finished ST yesterday and i must say it was a little more fun overall than PH. I loved WW so when PH came out i was excited to be able to sail and explore islands again. ST is a blast in its own right because it does keep up the thrill of exploration and innovation. The only problem i...
  31. dustinb12

    How Triforce Shards Could Have Been Better

    i just finished my second time through WW and it is still by far my favorite game overall period. this time i made it a point to get all the items, explore all the islands and not just blow through the game. i explored all my remaining islands during the shard hunt and this took the monotony out...
  32. dustinb12

    Best Hook in a Zelda Game

    this is a great thread, i loved fusing kinstones in MC. the thrill of exploration, finding the next treasure was really cool
  33. dustinb12


    because i didn't have the strategy guide yet, and i had to keep getting up to come see this website. the more annoying a temple the more rewarding when you finish
  34. dustinb12

    The Moments in Zelda That Inspired Fear or High Anxiety

    The goron dancing game in the oracle series! (kidding) the spider houses were freakout, but ikana canyon just gives you a feeling of dread. the stories, music, temple. high anxiety
  35. dustinb12

    General Classic So I Have Just Finished MM and Finally Beat Every Single Zelda Game.

    Serious congrats! I've been on this mission for a while myself, all i have left is ST. AoL was a frustrating pain yes, but MM was for me the most rewarding. Isn't it fun to look back and choose which favorite to play again?(Mine is WW!)
  36. dustinb12


    Call me a rookie, but where are you guys getting zelda music? I'd love to jam "Song of Storms" on the way to work in the morning!
  37. dustinb12

    Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?

    my favorite is the song of storms, but how about the song from minish woods?
  38. dustinb12

    Zelda Movie In Hollywood

    after lord of the rings and harry potter we do have the technology for it. game sales aside, they owe us who have zelda tattoos!
  39. dustinb12

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    i must say MM really surprised me! an awesome game but we all have our own zelda title that "Got Me" and mine was the Wind Waker. it got me back into the series and i haven't turned back since. it will be the first zelda title that i do twice
  40. dustinb12

    Minish Cap or Spirit Tracks?

    thanks! of course im gonna get it regardless!
  41. dustinb12

    Minish Cap or Spirit Tracks?

    i just wrapped up mc after playing the oracle series and was blown away by mc. i couldnt get enough, but this goes hand in hand with the fact that wind waker is (so far) my all time favorite title. my next project is spirit tracks. i've never tried it and i'm wondering how it holds up against MC
  42. dustinb12

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages OOA

    Thanks all! I was playing a nonlinked game so i went on to beat veran with no sweat. now that i'm working the minish cap i've all but forgotten the oracle series
  43. dustinb12

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages OOA

    im nearly ready to blow veran out of the sky, but i have one area on the map i can't reach(in the present). smack in the middle of the sea of storms there is an underwater cave. what is in there and how do i get it?
  44. dustinb12

    General Classic Help Needed with OoA Goron Dance Club

    i recently did this myself and pulled hair out. my trick was go somewhere very quiet, and don't look at the screen. try to use only the sounds. it took me forty-something tries so just keep at it.
  45. dustinb12

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Oracle Passwords...

    a word of caution: i went this same route(beat seasons first, used password to link ot OOA) and went through some kinda glitch midway through. come time to have my animal friend who i was supposed to have already from seasons, didn't happen. i exhausted all options from the strategy guide, sites...
  46. dustinb12

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Ooa

    i'm trying to get my animal flute. i've just finished the moonlit grotto, and the shop in lynna city has no flute for sale, i've scored over 500 points in the target practice game, and i've been to nuun highlands to explore repeatedly. there is no man at the bridge. i did finish oos first and...
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