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  1. ForbiddenKatana

    A Strange Streetpass Occurance

    Thanks for the help guys :D I haven't used StreetPass in a while so I guess they just built up over time. Once again, thanks :)
  2. ForbiddenKatana

    A Strange Streetpass Occurance

    OK, so on Friday I came home after school and found 5 Nintendo Officials as Miis clad in green clothing and Luigi caps. I asked my friends and they said they only got Iwata which confuses me. After doing some internet research I found naught on the subject. Did anyone else get these Mii's on...
  3. ForbiddenKatana

    How Do You Like Your Salad Dishes?

    How do you like your raw veggies? I for one can't have lettuce (it just tastes so bitter to me for some reason) so I have loads of sweet pepper, carrots and cucumbers with a bit of meat thrown in. Also just as a "sub-question" Do you like dressing? and if so What one do you like most?
  4. ForbiddenKatana

    Favorite Sandwich

    Mine has to be Chicken and Bacon with Mayonnaise in a baguette.
  5. ForbiddenKatana

    Your Gaming Party?

    You have to choose 3 video game characters to be part of your team on a quest. They can be from any time era or game series The party must include a character that can be used as transport. -My Party- Yoshi (Transport) Link (Swordsman) White Mage [Final Fantasy] (Healing and...
  6. ForbiddenKatana

    Your Favorite Childhood Games?

    Final Fantasy VII (PS1) Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PS1) Mickey's Wild Adventure
  7. ForbiddenKatana

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Just went through a Wii VC shopping spree. Yoshi's Story [N64] Secret of Mana [SNES] Super Mario World [SNES] Kirby Super Star [SNES]
  8. ForbiddenKatana

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Assassins Creed III - progressing through the story Wind Waker - It's an LP so I gotta keep going Majora's Mask - Starting a 2nd play-through
  9. ForbiddenKatana

    What Do You Eat for Lunch?

    A sandwich followed by some fruit. The food my school serves isn't that great.
  10. ForbiddenKatana

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I love this Wallpaper to death!
  11. ForbiddenKatana

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Twilight Princess on Wii and Pokemon Heart Gold on DS without a Manual or Poke-walker :( I got 'em cheap from my local Gamestation so I'm not that fussed, but the Twilight Princess cover was all coffee-stained so I had to print out a new one.
  12. ForbiddenKatana

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    For me it's cereal most of the time, if I sleep in I just grab a snack on the way out.
  13. ForbiddenKatana

    Who's Looking Forward to Fireworks Night? and How Does Winter Affect Your Passtimes?

    I wondered if Americans celebrated it. Thanks for the heads up :D I guess you could call it our alternative to Thanksgiving.
  14. ForbiddenKatana

    Who's Looking Forward to Fireworks Night? and How Does Winter Affect Your Passtimes?

    Anybody excited for the 5th of November with all the fireworks and sparkles and whatnot? It always perplexed me why it's celebrated. The day Guy Fawkes and his band of merry men tried to blow up the king of England with several barrels of gunpowder. I guess we celebrate the happy fact that...
  15. ForbiddenKatana

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    I beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 this morning. It took me forever but I finally got all 120 Stars. Currently working my way through the next 122 Green Stars. It's gonna be a blast!
  16. ForbiddenKatana

    Your Favourite Candies?

    Peanut M&Ms are just SOOOOO good. I agree with Azure Sage, peanut based candy just tastes so nice! I also like Snickers but I have never tired Reese's. Are they good?
  17. ForbiddenKatana

    Your Favorite Fruit?

    I really like exotic fruits like watermelon, pineapple, mango, lychee and nectarine. I'm not really a fan of apples or oranges unless they're in juice.
  18. ForbiddenKatana

    Your Favourite Boss Fights?

    Boss fights are often considered a key component in video games today. Some bosses are way too easy and others stupidly difficult but sometimes there is one that manages to create a feeling that remains in our hearts. Some bosses create a feeling that really adds to the games atmosphere...
  19. ForbiddenKatana

    The Worst Thing About Your Favorite Season

    My favourite season has to be Winter because we get so much rain in England it's nice to be out in the tranquil snow.....not to mention my birthday takes place in winter :3 A problem is since we live quite far from school the snow makes the journey incredibly difficult and slippery which...
  20. ForbiddenKatana

    Favourite "Fourth Wall Breaking" Moment?

    Basically what I'm referring to is the time when a Video Game character breaks the barrier between Themselves and the Player. It's pretty impressive seeing a character interact with the actual player and not their character. My question is what is your favourite one of these rare moments? I...
  21. ForbiddenKatana

    What is the Boss You've Hated the MOST in a Zelda Game?

    I have to say.........Puppet Ganon (WW) It was Dark, It was Difficult and it was so enraging I hated this boss so much and even to this day it when I pick up Wind Waker I think ahead to that boss and it makes angry without even turn on the Wii.
  22. ForbiddenKatana

    Favourite GameBoy?

    Ahh the awesome feeling that it nostalgia. It so cool listening to what other people say about these consoles I'm not sure why but I think there is a certain charm and appeal to older games.
  23. ForbiddenKatana

    Favourite GameBoy?

    Which of these GameBoys is your favourite? GameBoy GameBoy Pocket GameBoy Light GameBoy Colour GameBoy Advanced GameBoy Advanced SP GameBoy Micro
  24. ForbiddenKatana

    Please Recommend Which Zelda Game to Play First ?

    I have to say Wind Waker I would say Ocarina of Time but he's 6 and the Dead Hand's and ReDead's might scare him I would say Majora's Mask but Im 14 and that games still scares me. Wind Waker is an amazing game filled with secrets and cool stuff you and your son can enjoy finding, also the...
  25. ForbiddenKatana

    Favourite Sword Phase in SS

    Which of These is your favourite? Just to add I really like this style of drawing used in the sword. Sorry for posting this in the wrong place but I forgot how to delete posts. :(
  26. ForbiddenKatana

    OoT-3DS An Interesting Discovery

    LOL thanks guys :)
  27. ForbiddenKatana

    OoT-3DS An Interesting Discovery

    Alot of you probably already know this fact but I just found out and thought I should share it with anyone who hasn't found out yet. In Ocarina of Time 3D I never slept in my bed in Kokiri forest I never really thought to. Today I thought I would refill on health and magic. In Ocarina of Time...
  28. ForbiddenKatana

    Majora's Mask The Experience

    The Video is ready my friends :):):):):):):) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTD_Rs6mRw4 Not my best work but it works for me.
  29. ForbiddenKatana

    My Idea for a Zelda Game.

    The main villain wasn't something I thought of Immediately and I only got the main chunk of story down. Thanks for you help and advice guys :)
  30. ForbiddenKatana

    Majora's Mask The Experience

    Thanks you All so much for your responses, these are amazing replies and thoughts. I just finished recording the Majora's Mask footage and hope fully I'll get the voice over and editing done by tomorrow. Ill put a Link in a new thread for you guys to it tomorrow.
  31. ForbiddenKatana

    My Idea for a Zelda Game.

    I was playing away on Ocarina of Time 3D and I had sudden idea for a Zelda game. Later that day I doodled some of the story down and this is what I came up with. The Legend of Zelda - The Sword of Albion This is the Link we know from Majoras Mask but after the seven years he relived The...
  32. ForbiddenKatana

    Majora's Mask The Experience

    I agree with you After Majora's Mask a persons outlook can shift slightly. I think it's the depth in each character that makes it different, it made you want to converse and learn about every individual in Termina.
  33. ForbiddenKatana

    Majora's Mask The Experience

    Hey Guys Just like everyone else on this forum I love the Zelda franchise, in fact it's by far my favourite. I recently beat a playthrough of Majora's Mask and it got me thinking..........That was an awesome experience!:):) I made this thread becuase I wanted to find out what other...
  34. ForbiddenKatana

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    My first time on a Silent Realm was terrifying. The ever-looming fear of being noticed, the evil faces of the gaurdians, the frantic searching and the watchers all added to the constant feeling of fear. Despite these reasons it was so rewarding finishing the trials and getting the new items and...
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