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  1. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Water Temples : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Water Temples - Some are good, some are bad and some just make you want to "RAGEQUIT!" Ocarina of Time (N64) - Water Temple - The gimmick was good but some times, you go up and down lots of times and you get so annoyed. This temple can make you have to start the WHOLE GAME again if you are...
  2. AwesomeZeldaFan

    A Legend of Heroes RPG

    Yes, please invite all your friends. Once we get a few more participators, we will hopefully start.
  3. AwesomeZeldaFan

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1393- Like big buts but don't lie!
  4. AwesomeZeldaFan

    The Blame Game

    TheMasterSword banned me! (03030303)
  5. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Things You Tried to Do.......

    I tried flying my loftwing staight with me in to Faron Woods but I always jumped off. IAMTHMASTER!
  6. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Favorite Landmass

    mine was faro-the sealed tem-- i love the legend of zelda--ple becomes the te--- did i mention that zelda is the best---mple of time-n and in particular the sealed ground just because of the boss and it looks ancient What does it mean!!!
  7. AwesomeZeldaFan

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    banned for banning me who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned...
  8. AwesomeZeldaFan

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    your banned for banning someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone else who banned someone...
  9. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Between MM and TP

    I think SS link is the heros shade because he knows he shield attack and the fatal blow. and when you use the skyward strike with the spin attack or the jump attack, they look like the great spin and jump strike respectively.
  10. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    Majora! We could go everywhere smashing Moons into towers and I could be Fierce Deity!
  11. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Termina=Realm of the Ocean King

    Very cool, but what is with the Cobble Kingdom and I agree with all but Zauz. The Cobble Kingdom could've been Ikana and Zauz could be a descendant of Igos du Ikana
  12. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Christmas

    i heard about that well done! i entered all o them
  13. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Most Effective Villain

    i would of said majora but i changed to bellum because he actually achieved his goal for a long time while most of the others have either not achieved their goal or achieved it for a few hours. bellum done his oal for ages
  14. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Christmas

    I got 1700 points and i also bought majoras mask up to snowhead temple and earth temple in SS
  15. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    water temple from one of the earlier versions of Ocarina of Time because i save frequently and i put the small key in the wrong door but i already saved so i had to start the WHOLE game again!
  16. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Christmas

    I WIN! Hahaha,I rule! I also got 25th Anniversary CD
  17. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Christmas

    Its Christmas! What did you get for christmas that is related to Zelda or that you use for Zelda. Here is my list: *Zelda Skyward Sword *Wii motion Plus(separate) *Classic Controller(Virtual Console) *1000 Nintendo Points(Majora's Mask) *Laptop(Zelda Dungeon Forums(what I am using now)) *Four...
  18. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Ganondorf Pwn Game

    I told Ganondorf that he wasnt a villain anymore! ZD Users:47 Ganondorf:-20
  19. AwesomeZeldaFan

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    When I was 3,I was watching my brother play OoT,I decided to p;ay but I got scared by the boulders and Gomha.I went back a few years later and got to the Forrest Temple. I stopped playing for a few years then I played my brother's copy of TP then I got the DS Zeldas and completed both of...
  20. AwesomeZeldaFan

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for making me edit my thread called Legend of Heroes RPG! and being related to ganondorf in said RPG
  21. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Riddles

    Finally,someone ask another question.
  22. AwesomeZeldaFan

    A Legend of Heroes RPG

    I thought you were related to Ganondorf because your last name is Dragmire and so is Ganondorf's from ALttP
  23. AwesomeZeldaFan

    What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?

    I am awesome. I am a Zelda Fan I love the Fierce Deity 'cos there are so many theories about him! Oh yeah!
  24. AwesomeZeldaFan

    "^<V" For Liars

    ^ Hates Nyan Cat < Loves Microsoft \/ Belives in God
  25. AwesomeZeldaFan

    A Legend of Heroes RPG

    Yay, a new RPG. To become a character just fill out the form below. If there are no problems with your form you will be added to the character list. All the other RPGs were old so I decided to start my own.Thanks to Ember Incubus for the inspiration. Character Form Forumer Name: Hero Name: Age...
  26. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Rate the Avatar!

    0/10 'cos you killed Link (I think)
  27. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Character Nicknames

    I call Mamamu Yan "puppy lady"
  28. AwesomeZeldaFan

    The Blame Game

    Cel-Shaded Deku ate my mom and blamed it on the dog!
  29. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Trivia Forum

    Q. How many years does Link sleep from child hood to adult hood in Ocarina of Time? 7 Q. What game did Nintendo say the 3Ds Zelda will be based on/like? Wind Waker Q. Links Awakening takes place on the island of _____. Koholint Q. What is the name of the Ordon rancher in Twilight Princess...
  30. AwesomeZeldaFan

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned for having 16 posts
  31. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Zelda Riddles

    Give us a clue please? The rules say you have to change it or give us a clue!
  32. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Create Your Own Zelda Game

    Here is mine! -Plot: The Master steals the Key of all Creation. -Protagonist(s): Nathan and Steven (best friend) -Antagonist(s): ???(reffered to as The Master) and the Voice in the Sky -Side Character(s): Hobo,King Lankard and Master Tom -The Quest: Hunt down the Gems of Ancients and...
  33. AwesomeZeldaFan

    What is Your Triforce?

    All of them! 'cos I have a balanced spirit! Me too! I'm the smartest in my year for 4 years running! Maybe more...
  34. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Majora's Mask If Fierce Deity Link Played an Instrument...

    Maybe he could sing.... IN A HEAVY METAL VOICE!
  35. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    What about Saria? Or maybe Nabooru
  36. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Who is the Cutest Female Character in Skyward Sword?

    I think the girl who Cawlin likes with the hat!
  37. AwesomeZeldaFan

    What Zelda Game Did You Have Fun Exploring in the Most?

    Majoras Mask cos there is so many side-quests despite the small world and so many rupees to find! and Wind Waker the world cos the world is so big.
  38. AwesomeZeldaFan

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    I think if they went back to Zelda II or if they just scrapped the magic meter for all games to come. Im okay with TP and SS but I couldnt stand another game without a magic meter. OR if there was no form of transportation such as epona or the loftwing.
  39. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

    Majora, hands down! Everyone has a goal, he just wants destruction.
  40. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    I hate Wallmasters, floormasters, redeads/gibdos and like likes!
  41. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Goddess

    I think she was more like a guardian of the Triforce and she created Fi to help the "Hero of the Goddess"
  42. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Your Top Five Favorite Races in Zelda - READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING.

    Skull Kids should be 3 and Gerudos should be one with Gorons at 2. Here is my list! 5.Zora The princess wears no clothes. What else do you need! 4. Gorons Instead of rickrolling, its rockrolling! 3. Skull Kids Did you see the one in Sacred Grove and in MM 2. Deity They created the triforce...
  43. AwesomeZeldaFan

    From Aquamentus to ... -Who is the Best and Worst Boss in Zelda?

    Worst Boss:Gannon (LoZ) Too boring, wow, you stab it with shoot an arrow. So fun (!) Best Boss: Goht (MM) He is a goat and goats are awesome!
  44. AwesomeZeldaFan

    What Three Zelda Characters Would You Most Like to See Make a Come-back?

    1. Midna I would like to see midna but with a reasonable explanation why she came back and how because she destroyed the mirror at the end of TP 2. Mido I want to see Mido back 'cos he is awesome! 3. Link's Grandma She is funny!
  45. AwesomeZeldaFan

    General Classic Is It Possible to Beat the Running Man Please Help!!

    I thought you could... Oh well, i thought wrong (for about the millionth time)
  46. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Minor Theories

    I thought so. It was just a theory that had been bugging me for ages since I saw Zelda with the harp.
  47. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    Mothulas from the Wind Waker I like the mothula for one reason and one reason only, because they "emit" morths from behind. I think it is disgusting. I didn't know monsters could poop other monsters!
  48. AwesomeZeldaFan

    General Classic OoT Biggoron's Sword Sidequest

    I need help on the Sword Sidequest. I got the chicken fro Anju and then hatch it but when I give it back, she doesn't do anything! HELP!
  49. AwesomeZeldaFan

    WotOK RPG

    Forumer: AwesomeZeldaFan Name: Lucifer Items: Phantom Ganon Sword (rare) bow (common) boomerang (common) Home Location: Phantom Corridor Home Country: Ilse of Dead Side: Evil Age: ??? Race: Phantom Gender: Male Details: Can summon Bellum Blobs at will and can possess dead bodies
  50. AwesomeZeldaFan

    Hyrule RPG

    Forumer: AwesomeZeldaFan Name: Lucifer Items: Sword of Sages, Bow (common), Goddess Harp Home Location: Sealed Grounds Home Country: The Surface Side: Evil Age: Who knows... Race: Dark Interloper Gender: ???
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