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  1. Linkmaster30000

    Merry Christmas!

    This is my annual Holiday Banner for the Backloggery. I share it and its wishes with each of you. I shall be driving 3 hours east to spend time with my wife's family today, then this evening I drive 4 hours south to Chicago to spend the next couple of days with my mom's side of the family. On...
  2. Linkmaster30000

    Hylian Festivals and Holidays

    A piece of bread, broken into 3 parts to represent power, wisdom, and courage. Share with friends. Not sure what it would be called, but I think it sounds cool.
  3. Linkmaster30000

    What Do You Guys Think About Holiday Events In Games That Occur ON The Holiday?

    I always think it's kind of cool to have some seasonal or holiday extra stuff happen in games. Having it limited to a single day is rather disappointing, mostly because for me, I'd rather spend time with my family during the day then hide somewhere to get everything I can in a video game.
  4. Linkmaster30000

    Hyrule Warriors How much have you guys completed?

    I'm currently working on completing the original Adventure Mode map. I have: - 7 squares left to unlock (4 secrets to uncover in those) - 9 weapons left to unlock (all 3rd variation) - 11 Skulltulas left to collect - 17 A-Ranks left to get - A crapton of Heart Pieces/Containers to collect I'll...
  5. Linkmaster30000

    skyward sword would have been more interesting from Impa's side

    Not sure if it would've been more interesting, necessarily, as the story would end up the same. I do think it would've been more fun to add her in as a playable character to some parts of the game. Switching between them like you had to in WW (Medli/Makar) would have been amazing and broken some...
  6. Linkmaster30000

    Which Classic N64 Game Are You?

    Ocarina of Time. Hooray for random quizzes verifying my fandom.
  7. Linkmaster30000

    A Celebration of Link

    It's a possibility, but if that's the case, why show it at all? It just doesn't make sense to me. Oh yeah, Space World Link was cool. I had forgotten about him.
  8. Linkmaster30000

    How old are you?

  9. Linkmaster30000

    TPHD-Wii U What would be your feelings if they gave us more content?

    Obviously it kind of depends on what the content is. An extra dungeon with more puzzles that use the Spinner and Ball & Chain might be nice. Mostly, I wouldn't mind either way, but more good content would be cool.
  10. Linkmaster30000

    Silent Realms

    I'm replaying it right now, so maybe I'll change my mind when I get to them. At this moment, however, my memories cause me to greatly dislike them. I think it's a cool idea in general, but insta-kill areas are never fun for me. If it was something like "Oh, they'll keep chasing and attacking you...
  11. Linkmaster30000

    I'll be sure to make more of an attempt come January - it's going to be busy until the end of...

    I'll be sure to make more of an attempt come January - it's going to be busy until the end of the year, unfortunately. Thanks, though!
  12. Linkmaster30000

    The Force Awakens Discussion Thread.(SPOILER ZONE)

    I enjoyed the movie. My wife was extremely disappointed, but I think she got her hopes up too much. It seemed a lot like Episode 4 in terms of the overall plot. Info in droid, ends up on desert, rescued by random person who feels alone, they storm a big thing that destroys planets, old man...
  13. Linkmaster30000

    the impact of an original handheld 3d title

    It's certainly a possibility. There's been enough practice to see what works and what doesn't, and I'd definitely like to see it.
  14. Linkmaster30000

    What are your hopes/worries for Nintendo in 2016 over 2015?

    I probably don't take this stuff as seriously as other people do. I don't have allegiances to one company or another - I buy things if I like them, and don't if I don't. Nintendo will likely release things that I like, as will Sony, and I will buy them. Regardless, in terms of what I'm hoping...
  15. Linkmaster30000

    What's a dungeon you find "under-rated?"

    Goron Mines from TP. I really like all of the dungeons from TP (Temple of Time was a bit boring aesthetically, but still fun), but Goron Mines was one that I will always enjoy. Flying from one side of the room to the other, lead by some metal boots that are magnetically attracted to a WALL. Fun...
  16. Linkmaster30000

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 181!

    I've got all the games that I want, and I do have a lot of merchandise, but I may end up getting something Zelda. Not sure what. If nothing else, I'll probably get a necktie if I get gift money.
  17. Linkmaster30000

    Ocarina of Time Deathless Minimalist Run

    No fairy upgrades either, aside from Din's Fire, since you need that to get into the Shadow Temple. The thing I missed the most when I did mine was the Biggoron's Sword. I'm used to having it for my entire Adult Arc campaign, and using the Master Sword felt disappointing as a result.
  18. Linkmaster30000

    A Celebration of Link

    I just remembered - I was really digging the original look of the LBW illustrations of Link. You know, this one: He looked like a great update to the "original" Link - the one in LoZ, AoL, LttP (of course), and LA. Very cool, classic design, drawing the gamer in to say, "Remember when Link...
  19. Linkmaster30000

    A Celebration of Link

    I haven't really thought about it before. I think I like the style of the Link from Soulcalibur II the best. I know he's technically based on the OoT Link, but there's something different about him that strikes me. Both the model and the illustrations are very well-done. In terms of showing...
  20. Linkmaster30000

    Do you like snow?

    I love watching it when I am inside. That said, I'm not a fan of walking or driving in it. Of course, I live in Minnesota, so I'm kind of stuck with it for 1/3 of the year.
  21. Linkmaster30000

    Things you would improve in OoT

    I'd like to see more weapons being usable on Epona, like in TP. That would be cool. Also, using more weapons underwater would be cool. Having the masks actually do something like in MM would really spice things up. The only other thing I can think of is giving some more uses to the Goron and...
  22. Linkmaster30000

    Biggest Letdowns in Gaming

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star I love the first two Paper Mario games. The original is amazing, and Thousand-Year Door somehow improved upon it. Even Super Paper Mario, despite being very different overall, was a lot of fun in its own right. Then Sticker Star came out. It started with promise, and...
  23. Linkmaster30000

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 180!

    I don't mind opera. It's not my favorite genre by any means, but I'd probably go see it. I'd certainly want to hear the whole thing.
  24. Linkmaster30000

    Ocarina of Time Deathless Minimalist Run

    I've done it and rather enjoyed it. OoT only got scary for this on the final two boss fights, because one hit and you're basically toast. I actually made a Zeldathon out of it back in February 2010. AoL became "No Game Overs" because "Deathless" was too insane, but the others weren't too bad...
  25. Linkmaster30000

    Hyrule Warriors My Fairy

    I think it's an interesting idea - they did it with Pokemon and Sonic (with the Chao Garden), and I rather enjoyed it. I'd like to see more about what it actually does, though.
  26. Linkmaster30000

    Hyrule Warriors Favourite Characters

    I haven't gotten proficient with everyone yet, but I'll still make my tentative list. 1. Ganondorf. Great powerhouse. 2. Twili Midna. The cannon is so overpowered. 3. Volga. Haven't played much, but loved playing as him. 4. Zant. Recently found the brilliance of him, can't deny it anymore. 5...
  27. Linkmaster30000

    Ghirahim's ultimate fate

    It's an excellent question. Perhaps it's something like what happens in some fantasy stories (The Belgariad/Mallorean comes to mind) where whichever one wins essentially causes the other to cease existing. In that case, if Demise had won, Fi, and therefore the Master Sword, would no longer be...
  28. Linkmaster30000

    It's That time of the year again! What is your favorite Christmas Special?

    I grew up with the claymation Rudolph, and I think I have to go with that.
  29. Linkmaster30000

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 179!

    Whoa, I got last week's correct. Good for me! I would buy them, no question. ...Well, I say that, but it depends on money.
  30. Linkmaster30000

    Hyrule Warriors Favorite DLC Character

    Twili Midna and her cannon of death.
  31. Linkmaster30000

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Haven't gotten it yet, but I bought the Fire Emblem Fates package (physical copy of Birthright, digital of Conquest) for my wife as a Christmas gift. Sure, she still won't get it until February, but she's been obsessing over the game(s) since she heard about them.
  32. Linkmaster30000

    Show me the best beard in fiction

    Rowen J. Ilbert from Tales of Xillia is rather styling. But really, this is the beard to challenge.
  33. Linkmaster30000

    Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay trailer

    I would much rather see a VI remake. But at least the original (or the GBA remake) still has some charm with the 16-bit glory, like Link to the Past or Super Metroid. PS1 VII looks like garbage outside of the cutscenes.
  34. Linkmaster30000

    Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay trailer

    The world becomes rather open once you get the Highwind. I can understand the reasoning. If it's really because they can't afford to put it all on one disc, then it's fine. Heck, the original was on 3. I just hope they don't try to milk the fans for all they're worth (3 discs at $40 a piece...
  35. Linkmaster30000

    Yeah, my life has been really crazy lately with 10-hour work days. Hopefully I'll be able to get...

    Yeah, my life has been really crazy lately with 10-hour work days. Hopefully I'll be able to get on sometime soon. I haven't been in the habit of being on Skype that much since I stopped playing Final Fantasy XI.
  36. Linkmaster30000

    Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay trailer

    I will say that I like my turn-based combat. That said, I'm very excited to give this a try, as FFVII is my third favorite FF game (behind IX and VI). The graphics are awesome, and the voice-acting is quite good so far.
  37. Linkmaster30000

    Adventurer Starting Kit: How Starting with the Bow and Bombs Would Change the Game

    I love the idea of it. Starting with items would add more realism to a continuing story without having to re-find everything. Even if you started with EVERYTHING from a previous adventure would be cool, though definitely more difficult to put together, I'd imagine. Then again, Banjo-Tooie did...
  38. Linkmaster30000

    Den of Trials

    I'm not surprised. I didn't find it all that bad, though I did have the SMS for it.
  39. Linkmaster30000

    What Zelda games HAVEN'T you played?

    For the games released on Nintendo consoles (aka "the official ones"), I've played them all. I have not played the CD-i games, but I do own them (and a working system). I also haven't played any of the BS games, fan-made games, or Game & Watch stuff, but I'm probably not going to go out of my...
  40. Linkmaster30000

    Den of Trials

    (1) I very much disagree - it's legitimate as far as I'm concerned. You CAN do the challenges, but if you can get them another way, why not? It's like the difference between battling Dragons in Final Fantasy IV until you're Lv99 or fighting Zemus' Breath because all he does is "Scan". Why not do...
  41. Linkmaster30000

    Den of Trials

    Oh. Wow. I guess I should try it out more.
  42. Linkmaster30000

    Flying after Skyward Sword

    I didn't mind the flying in SS, even the motion controls. I just hated how empty the sky was. There were a couple of enemies on rocks that shot rocks and those rocks always missed, so there was no real adventure. TP did a really good job of having lots of overworld enemies, but you could also...
  43. Linkmaster30000

    Zelda game you hated at first but ended up loving

    Majora's Mask. I really did not like the clock at all. I didn't understand what the purpose was, especially after playing LttP, LA, and OoT. It was super frustrating. Later I tried it again and found out just how brilliant it is. Playing MM all the way through really taught me to be open to any...
  44. Linkmaster30000

    Den of Trials

    Personally, I found the FD Armor more difficult to obtain. I mean, the other two just require (1) getting someone to lose to you at least 3 times in the arena and (2) losing a mini-game 10 times. The Den of Trials gave me some issues, though admittedly it wasn't as difficult as I had envisioned...
  45. Linkmaster30000

    Poll: What is your favorite Sport?

    I love watching and reading about football. There's something about every player having his/her own role to make the larger part that appeals to me. Then again, I tend to prefer RPGs where the characters have set classes instead of the ability to learn everything and become god-clones of each...
  46. Linkmaster30000

    Den of Trials

    Just finished the Den of Trials DLC in single-player. It's a bit rough, but it's all battle-based, so that makes it easier to predict. You start with 1 Fairy. Every 4 floors you complete, you get a random (common) treasure and another Fairy. There are 40 floors in all, with 5 floors for each of...
  47. Linkmaster30000

    Which handheld Zelda title has the best difficulty curve?

    I'm going with Oracle of Seasons. It's got a very smooth difficulty curve that seems to fit well with your progress, especially if you're doing the work of getting rings along the way. Onox is definitely a beast if you're not prepared, though, which can be a bit of a jump, but none of the other...
  48. Linkmaster30000

    Hyrule Warriors How much have you guys completed?

    I've beaten story mode and completed a good portion of the initial Adventure Map, but haven't done much with the DLC aside from purchasing it. I've been dabbling in it now and again because this site makes me nostalgic for it. I really just want to level everyone up and blast through everything...
  49. Linkmaster30000

    most depressing moment in Zelda

    Joke: When Twilight Princess came out on the Wii first and ruined everything. Real: When Midna gets the life sucked out of her by Zant. Hearing her panting until I find Zelda still fills me with pain, and the music creates such a dark mood that it's difficult to not feel something during that time.
  50. Linkmaster30000

    Screw Attack's Top Ten something something

    I tend to disagree with a lot of these lists, but here are my thoughts on this one. 10. No Gimmicks - It depends on what's defined as a gimmick. Touchscreen controls were a bit much for me, but turning into a painting or a wolf or having motion controls (if they're good) don't bother me all...
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