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  1. Reignbow

    Gamecube Games on the Wii U Virtual Console

    Current word is that the U's hard drive is only 8GB, and that we'll have to use external hard drives for more space, which is disappointing. I'd prefer to be able to fit most/all my content on one drive, instead of having to buy add-ons to store games. In addition to the added cost, it also...
  2. Reignbow

    Who Do You Play As in Mario Spin-offs?

    I usually like to play as Yoshi. He's well balanced in Mario Kart, Tennis, and Golf. Not to mention he's SO happy. If I feel like switching it up, I play as Donkey Kong. I'm not sure why, but he just stands out from the other characters, to me.
  3. Reignbow

    Have You Heard of a Little Game Called SLENDER?

    I just played it for the first time. I only got four pages, though, before he got me from the back. Somehow I feel like it won't be quite as thrilling if I play it a second time.
  4. Reignbow

    Gamecube Games on the Wii U Virtual Console

    I'm hoping that the Wii U comes with a hard drive big enough to support multiple GCN titles (A typical GCN game is about 1.5 Gigabytes, I believe). I've heard speculation that it won't, and that a player will have to provide their own external hard drive to connect to the Wii U. With that...
  5. Reignbow

    How Nintendo Can Improve Metroid

    For me, at least, Metroid is all about exploration, and the best way to implement a good exploration element in a game is to create an atmosphere that a player naturally wants to explore. Super Metroid and Primes 1 and 2 are the prime (pun intended) examples of great atmosphere in a game. The...
  6. Reignbow

    Favorite Unimportant Character?

    My favorite unimportant character is probably ??? from the bathroom in Majora's Mask. I sympathize with the guy.
  7. Reignbow

    Least Favorite Majoras Mask Dungeon.

    I agree Woodfall wasn't very challenging, and didn't have much in the way of new ideas, but I view it as sort of a tutorial to how the dungeons in the game will function. Everything about it is fairly straightforward, from the first room, all the way to the boss. This dungeon did have the...
  8. Reignbow

    Poll: What Weapon Would You Like in a New Zelda Game

    Not to mention telephones (Link's Awakening) which came after all three of those. That said, though, the more advanced of technology I see Link use, the less the game feels like Zelda. A very primitive firearm may not be so bad, but even that would shift the mood in a direction I don't...
  9. Reignbow

    Shortest Zelda?

    Four Swords Adventures actually wasn't too short. In my opinion, it's about Minish Cap length. But yes Four Swords is definitely the shortest. Discounting Four Swords, though, the original Legend of Zelda, like many NES games, can be beat in just an hour or two (Speed runs can take close to...
  10. Reignbow

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    I admit I can't exactly make an informed decision, since the only pokemon games that I've beaten are Emerald, Leaf Green, and Yellow, but I voted for Fire Red/Leaf Green. This is simply because the first two generation of pokemon are my favorite. The third generation began to lose its...
  11. Reignbow

    Link's Arrows.

    My favorite would have to be the silver arrows from the original Legend of Zelda, simply because of how satisfying it is to watch one of them turn Ganon into a pile of bloody(?) dust. Even if they are one of the more annoying items to get to in that level.
  12. Reignbow

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages What Do You Think About The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages

    While the oracle games are pretty far from my favorite Zelda games, I still enjoyed them both. I tend to enjoy console Zeldas above handheld Zeldas, simply because the designers are free to do more with the game, in terms of depth, mechanics, and artistic design. With that said, these games...
  13. Reignbow

    Who's Beaten What Games?

    I've beaten the original, Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventure, Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess. So basically I've beaten all of them except for the DS games.
  14. Reignbow

    Game Recommendations for SNES/GBA

    Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country are available for both the SNES and the GBA. You also might enjoy Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for the GBA. It's an RPG with slightly more involved combat than others.
  15. Reignbow

    Spoiler Banjo Kazooie 64

    When the crab briefly pauses his attack, run up, jump, and peck at his eyes. You'll have to do this about three times. Also, there are a couple wet-dry world type areas in Banjo Kazooie. So much of that game annoys me, and yet I still enjoy playing it.
  16. Reignbow

    Delete Your Post... Zelda Style!

    This post was deleted because without a strong, righteous mind, it could not control the power of the gods
  17. Reignbow

    If Link Died?

    Kinda reminds me of the episode "The Missing Link" from the cheesy Zelda cartoon where Link dies. More like Re-Dead Redemption. Puns for the win. Anyways, a game where you play as someone else from the Zelda universe has potential, but if you were to play as someone other than Link, I...
  18. Reignbow

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    6. But the God of Salt would dissolve in the process
  19. Reignbow

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Just a little <Needs to get out more V Will break the chain of boredom
  20. Reignbow

    Ocarina of Time What Was the Worst Ever Happened Thing?

    Speaking of Ganondorf, when I went up against Phantom Ganon my first time through, I was down to one heart and close to defeating him, but sneezed and was killed by the ball of light I was supposed to hit. Other than that, nothing that terrible happens to me in Zelda games. Last night...
  21. Reignbow

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    Unlucky post number 13. D : Edit: 14
  22. Reignbow

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    And 30 They're just toying with us, waiting to strike at 49
  23. Reignbow

    Metroid Wii U and the Future for the Metroid Series

    Agreed. Not to mention Retro said at E3 '06 that Corruption would be the last of the Prime series.1 Another game in the prime style sounds great, but would you aim with the tablet controller? I haven't tried it, but it seems like it would be somewhat awkward to use. The wii remote seems so...
  24. Reignbow

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    ^ That makes this 27 then?
  25. Reignbow

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    9. We just need to get 50 people together and all post at once :p
  26. Reignbow

    General Modern What Should I Play Next?/What is Your Favourite Modern LoZ?

    Most people would say Wind Waker is easier than Ocarina, though I'd say they're about equal. The play style of the game is pretty similar. The one major difference is that you can sail between 49 islands instead of running to 8-ish locations. The game is darker than the other games, but it's...
  27. Reignbow

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for daring to oppose Sithzora
  28. Reignbow

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    The time is currently 3:15 in my location...
  29. Reignbow

    General Modern What Should I Play Next?/What is Your Favourite Modern LoZ?

    Welcome to the site! With your Wii and 3DS, there are only four official games you couldn't play: Link's Awakening (though that is going to be or may already be available for download on the 3ds), Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, and Minish Cap. After playing Ocarina of Time, I'd suggest...
  30. Reignbow

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    He did, though a print screen of course does not do much to confirm or disprove his point, since an e-mail would be pretty easily editable.
  31. Reignbow

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    The fact that the Triforce isn't not in the game, doesn't necessarily mean it will be an attainable item, does it? Mr. Dao's response was extremely vague, in typical Nintendo fashion, and could mean a variety of things about the Triforce's presence in the game. The fact that the Triforce is in...
  32. Reignbow

    Who Owns A: PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox, PS, DSi, 2 Wiis, PC, and a Gamecube

    I play NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Wii, GBC, and GBA. I had a Gamecube and an Xbox, but sold the Gamecube after I got the Wii (I miss it though) and sold the Xbox, because, frankly, the original Xbox didn't have a lot going for it. I really only use the Wii to play Gamecube games and to watch...
  33. Reignbow

    Majora's Mask Something Weird

    This is actually a somewhat known glitch, referred to, at least in this thread, as the Crazy 48 glitch: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?10419-Crazy-48-Ocarina-Glitch-Majora-s-Mask Does this still happen with your cartridge, or was it a one-time occurence?
  34. Reignbow

    Best Zelda Game, Factually.

    I'm not sure there can "factually" be a "best zelda game", since it really depends on the specific player's opinion. You say "Most of these articles become extremely opinionated, and usually end up articulating the favorite parts of the writer." This is true, and I'm not sure your analysis is...
  35. Reignbow

    General Classic Game Boy Advance~Zelda's Best Handheld Moments?

    I'm not 100% positive what the thread is asking, but I agree that it is a little early to call the Gameboy Advance a classic machine. It's just barely 10 years old. Some people don't even consider the 15 year old Nintendo 64 to be a classic console. Most people consider the original...
  36. Reignbow

    What It Will Take to Top OOT

    I think Nintendo might have thrown Ganon in Twilight Princess because they were afraid fans wouldn't accept the game unless it was like Ocarina of Time (which, at least in part, seemed to be what they were going for)*. It was like they weren't sure Zant was a strong enough character to be the...
  37. Reignbow

    Skyward Sword Pack?

    It will be available as a bundle in at the very least, some of the copies of the game, though possibly not all of them. Source: http://kotaku.com/5811330/there-will-be-no-zelda+gold-wii-nunchuk
  38. Reignbow

    Who Still Owns an N64?

    The games I still have for the 64 include Mario Golf - The only golf game I've ever liked Mario Tennis Banjo Kazooie Jet Force Gemini Donkey Kong 64 Super Smash Bros. Starfox 64 Super Mario 64 Goldeneye 007: The World is Not Enough Rugrats in Paris - actually an awesome game 1080...
  39. Reignbow

    Games With Movie Elements

    On the subject of Metal Gear, it's been said fairly widely, including by The Angry Video Game Nerd, that Snake, from the cover of the NES Metal Gear, looks a lot like Kyle Reese from The Terminator. Also, though Majoras Mask came before The Two Towers, the sequence in which Link holds onto...
  40. Reignbow


    Well, my first crush was a girl named Martha, who I eventually had a...one morning stand with on the last day of Kindergarten. As for the other questions, the full answers to those are so ridiculously long that I've literally written a 120 page book about them that I'm in the midst of...
  41. Reignbow

    Final Fantasy: Which One is the Best for a Newcomer to the Series to Start With?

    My two favorite games from the series are Final Fantasy IV (Originally Final Fantasy II on the SNES) and Final Fantasy VI (Originally Final Fantasy III on the SNES). When you talk about Final Fantasy II and III, I don't know if you're referring to their US SNES versions or their actual Japanese...
  42. Reignbow

    Reactions to SS

    My first reaction was one of skepticism, mostly because after seeing the picture from E3 '09, I wasn't expecting the graphical style we eventually got, much the way I reacted to Windwaker after expecting the graphics shown in the E3 '00 video. Recently, however, the game has been...
  43. Reignbow

    Zelda Quote and Game

    The guy in OOT who sits under the tree in Kakariko at night, (Grog?), who I believe is actually Mutoh's son.
  44. Reignbow


    Pikmin was the first game I played for the Gamecube on Christmas day, 2001. I didn't like it at first because of the time limit, but as I got older, it grew on me and it's now one of my favorite games on the system. Similar to Majoras mask, it challenges you to get as much as possible done in...
  45. Reignbow

    What Kinds of Dungeons Do You NOT Want in SS?

    I think just about all of us did. We've all just been talking about the temples we don't want anyway. I voted for water because I hate swimming in adventure games. It's sluggish and hard to control sometimes. It also has a set of gimmicks that seem to appear all over the place like changing...
  46. Reignbow

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    Honestly, unless the game is Blue's Clues or Winnie the Pooh, I don't think a game is ever too childish for an adult or semi-adult to play, and even then... I still play Rugrats in Paris for the Nintendo 64, because it actually has awesome mini games. I don't let the fact that I'm playing as a...
  47. Reignbow

    Ganondorf/Ganon or Majora Which is a Better Villain

    Well, besides the fact that Ganon/dorf is a little overused in Zelda games, I find Majora interesting because she's somewhat unique as opposed to Ganon. Ganon's goal seems to always be to get the triforce and take over the world. A pretty common objective in villains. Majora, however...
  48. Reignbow

    Who Still Owns an N64?

    Yep. Still got it. I still play it pretty frequently too. Even better than the SNES, the N64 is my favorite system, since it's the system I have the most fond memories with. Most of those memories come from Ocarina, Majora's Mask, Mario 64, Smash Bros., Banjo Kazooie, and Donkey Kong 64...
  49. Reignbow

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    I dont see it happening, but it would be awesome to play Majoras Mask on a handheld. I wouldnt play it in 3D, because I'm sick of 3d, but just a handheld MM would be great.
  50. Reignbow

    Talk About Your Self and Your Life Forum

    It really seems like it could fit in either. I'm sure it will be moved if it needs to be. I was born August 3, 1994. August 3 is the day that the jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. It's also the day Hitler became Fuhrer. My birthday is just a bad day for Judaism. Anyways, I seem...
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