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  1. Link2485

    Should Nintendo let a different developer have a try?

    Well I think lastime they let other developers make Zelda games they did a great job. Capcom, i'm talking to you. I say let them make another game for us, but make it a console release and not a handheld
  2. Link2485

    Spoiler Why did Zelda make Link go back to his childhood in OOT?

    Once again it isn't "stupid cold Zelda" Zelda wanted to give Link back the time that he lost, and when you see child Link show up as a kid again i take it as him warning Zelda of what was to come, thus foiling Ganondorf's plans.
  3. Link2485

    What do you name Link?

    I name Link, Link. always have, always will
  4. Link2485

    Ninjas Graphics and Requests

    Hello NinJA. I was wondering if you could make me a signature with Link and Zelda from Twilight Princess? Getting it for xmas, so making some hype
  5. Link2485

    Detective Pikachu Movie

    I think this goes up there with the dumbest things i've ever heard. it's gonna be aweful mark my words.
  6. Link2485

    The Zelda Video Thread

  7. Link2485

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm currently playing three games. Resident Evil:Revelations, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, and Oracle of Seasons.
  8. Link2485

    What do you want for Christmas this year?

    Well my Grandma usually sends me a check for whatever I want for xmas, so this year I'm wanting a copy of Twilight Princess, and the book to go with it
  9. Link2485

    Why can't I blog?

    Oh okay. That would explain why. thanks for the info!
  10. Link2485

    Why can't I blog?

    Hey ZD, I was wanting to write my first blog tonight but when i tried it would not allow me to. said something like I wasn't allowed to. Anyone know why this is? I'd appreciate any help i could get on the subject.
  11. Link2485

    Do you skip breakfast?

    I never eat breakfast and usually not lunch. and i eat alittle bit for dinner. i don't eat very much.
  12. Link2485

    Is Minish Cap close to OoT?

    After replaying through MC again after several years i can't help but feel this is a game set close to Ocarina of time. We have Lon Lon ranch, Malon and her dad Talon. later on Dampe, the gravekeeper. all characters that were in ocarina of time. so is it close in the timeline? And then another...
  13. Link2485

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  14. Link2485

    Outer Space

    Don't forget gamma ray bursts. those are pretty darn scary to. I have always loved outer space since I was a kid. Most of the stars we see in the night sky are now actually dead most likely. but they are so far away their light is just now getting to us. also outer space is just that. space...
  15. Link2485

    Any Godzilla fans?

    I think the movies are really terrible to be honest. BUT I loved the nes game "Godzilla, Monster of monsters"
  16. Link2485

    How important is box art to you?

    I like good looking box art as much as the next person. And while it has never directly influenced me to buy a game, if the art looks interesting i'm much more likely to read the back of the box. and yes, I miss video game manuals. I loved reading them to get the character bios and get excited...
  17. Link2485

    Do you like your food spicy?

    I like spicy food. I love buffalo chicken, love jalapeno poppers, love me some hot sauce on alot of things. And thai food is to die for.
  18. Link2485

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Resident Evil Revelations, and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. got em both at the same time.
  19. Link2485

    Favorite Mario Game?

    My favorite Mario is Super Mario World. While technically I like Mario world 2: Yoshi's island better idk if that counts as a mario game.
  20. Link2485

    Ninjas Graphics and Requests

    Say NinJA, could you remake me some signatures based on MC, Alttp, and TP? I thought they'd stay in my alerts forever but when i went back tonight to change my signature your reply to me was gone, vanished. I will save the codes in an email this time. thanks again
  21. Link2485

    Do you nickname your pokeymans?

    No I don't give my poke'mon nicknames. I forget who is who that way. But geez it's been waaaaay too long since I've played a poke'mon game. maybe it's time to fire up a game after i finish minish cap.
  22. Link2485

    Your favourite 2D game

    Besides 2d Zelda games (because those are my favorite) I would have to say i really enjoyed Yoshi's island. it was such a fun game that had so much to offer. the levels were fun, the boss fights all had fun mechanics, and the soundtrack was amazing.
  23. Link2485

    Edit this please

    yeah on the classic Zelda walkthrough part of castle 9 is wrong to. when i re-run it i will tell you where
  24. Link2485

    Breath of the Wild 5 enemies you would've loved to see in BotW

    sorry didn't see we had to pick 5. So to pick four more. Those kangaroo things from Zelda II palace one. Dark nuts. Moblins, and iron knuckles.
  25. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Fair enough.
  26. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    @Christmas Spirit Holy complaints Batman! Lol j/k. I really like how you explained all the negatives on the game. half of what you mentioned is all stuff I forgot. I think when i first played it i was blinded by it being a Zelda game. It seems from what you've said the game is over reliant on...
  27. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    I notice no matter the thread you always hate on Princess Zelda. why is that? I mean she's the reason the games exist.
  28. Link2485

    Is Twilight Princess Linked to Majora's Mask?

    I was always under the impression that twilight princess was young Link from OoT/MM grown up. I mean TP feels alike like OoT for one. and you might be onto something between the twili tribe and the tribe who used majora's mask in hexing rituals.
  29. Link2485

    Redeads and who created them

    In which game did they change Ganon's blood color? And change the fire temple music? was it OoT for the 3ds maybe?
  30. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Yeah mine to. I didn't get all the way through it but from what i played when it first came out i liked it. i loved loved loved the art style the most
  31. Link2485

    Redeads and who created them

    I think Re-dead are not made of clay. Simply put i think Nintendo changed the lore after OoT to be more family/kid friendly. When you learn the song in the tomb it clearly mentions undead. with re-dead being in the room. this is the simplest and best explantion.
  32. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    I seriously never remember Zelda pushing me off a cliff. I do remember she had the cooler loftwing though.
  33. Link2485

    The master sword sleeps forever.

    what do they mean by "indirect sequel" it either is or isn't lol.
  34. Link2485

    The master sword sleeps forever.

    So I just re-beat A Link to the past again after several years and in the ending it says the master sword sleeps forever. which got me to thinking. is Alttp supposed to be the final game in the series? Because i know the master sword is in many other games to.
  35. Link2485

    Wind Waker Title Screen Acapella!

    i hear acapella video game music i think Smooth Mcgroove. but nevertheless it's good!
  36. Link2485

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Adventure of Link was my first Zelda game as a kid and will always be one of my favorites.
  37. Link2485

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Yeah I meant the ocarina of time one.
  38. Link2485

    Signature rules.

    So I was wondering. when you make a signature what are the sizes allowed? My gf wants to try to make some but she doesnt know the size limitations. Any help would be appreciated
  39. Link2485

    Share Your Zelda Merch Here!

    When I was a kid I had this cool Zelda II adventure of Link shirt. now all I have is a triforce lanyard for my car keys.
  40. Link2485

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    As for my favorite dungeon forest temple comes to mind. I liked the music, i liked the mechanics in there plus the boss fight was amazing. Another one of my favorite dungeons was hyrule castle in MC. Now going to least favorite dungeons. It'd have to be turtle rock and the misery mire in...
  41. Link2485

    Looking back... The Wrong

    I first started playing Zelda in the early 90s on the nes. On the original Zelda i did pretty good and i could beat every castle except 7. I bombed every wall and did everything i could to find the boss. I didn't realize i had to kill all the wall masters in that one room to be able to move a...
  42. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    I don't recall Zelda pushing me off any cliffs but that's kind of messed up lol. It seems like ALOT of people really don't like SS Zelda. I remember my first impression on Zelda was that she was pretty. maybe I'm gonna have to google a picture of her again. I was planning on rebuying this game...
  43. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Ok I remember the shield durability thing now. yeah i thought that was dumb to.,
  44. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Well thanks to everybody who replied to my thread here. After reading all you had to say it kinda opened my eyes to afew things. I remember the one thing I didn't like was how you could only enter I think it was three zones you had to jump off your bird into. I wish the world was bigger and more...
  45. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Hey ZD, So i hear alot of people both on this site and in just talking to people say they do not like Skyward sword. some people outright hating on it. what gives? I pre-ordered it had the golden wii mote and all. I got maybe halfway through the game (or so) and while i cant really remember...
  46. Link2485

    Doc Made A Signature

    Very nice. i like it. and NinJA thanks again for my siggys. im gonna use all 3.
  47. Link2485

    thanks for the welcome. and yeah i'd love to talk zelda with you anytime. my fav game series...

    thanks for the welcome. and yeah i'd love to talk zelda with you anytime. my fav game series. final fantasy a close second
  48. Link2485

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    My favorite Zelda character besides Link is Shiek. I liked Impa to, so to see another sheikah was amazing. plus Sheik just looks awesome. My least favorite character is that Tingle guy. wanna be fairy boy.
  49. Link2485

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    It'd be really hard to pick one favorite Zelda game but if I did i'd have to say Minish Cap is my favorite. I also love Alttp which i am currently replaying. I loved skyward sword to even though i only got halfway through it. I also loved Zelda II because it's so different and the first Zelda...
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