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  1. JoeDeLait

    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 - Love the maze :)
  2. JoeDeLait

    What's the Coolest Website You Know Of?

    BIG-ASS MESSAGE - This has proved extremely useful...
  3. JoeDeLait

    Breath of the Wild Types of Dungeons

    Ahh ok sorry, I haven't played The Wind Waker. And yeah I suppose. :)
  4. JoeDeLait

    Skyward Sword SS. Why So Much Hate?

    It doesn't matter how much hate it gets it's your own personal opinion that counts to you, my personal opinion of it is extremely annoying, Fi is terrible, I didn't want to catch bugs or get treasure because of how it told me each time I turned the Wii on what it was, but, great music, stunning...
  5. JoeDeLait

    Breath of the Wild Types of Dungeons

    How about a dungeon that's like a prison? So Link gets locked up and has to escape, all the enemies are guards or pets of guards(?) and there are no normal enemies like bokoblins and keese. Or possibly a deserted village, a ghost town. If the Hidden Village from TP was a dungeon and a bit bigger...
  6. JoeDeLait

    If You Had to Remove One Pokemon, What Would It Be?

    Lickitung....nyyeeaaarraah also... In MD their arch enemies are Gravelerocks
  7. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Soundtrack?

    I actually think The Minish Cap has the best soundtrack due to the capabilities of the GBA. I really don't think they could have done much better at all. Also it is so epic, even the Minish Settlements, which could have been something peaceful like Kokiri Forest, are intense and adventureeeying...
  8. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda The Future

    Link's Awakening possibly? How Link finds Hyrule after being away in Holodrum, Labrynna and recently Kolohint
  9. JoeDeLait

    The Julius Game - Pokémon

  10. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Dark World/Twilight Forms for Other Characters

    Character Name: The Happy Mask Salesman Form Species: Fox Form Appearance: Like a regular urban fox but with narrower eyes and a slightly arched back Reasoning: Sly, cunning, quick mood changes, mischievous, works alone (by work for a fox I mean hunting), ginger hair
  11. JoeDeLait

    Do You Use HM Slaves?

    In Crystal I had a Gyarados with Waterfall, Strength and Whirlpool. Surf was given to my best pokémon Golduck as it actually does some good in battle :)
  12. JoeDeLait

    Favorite Video Game Villian Quote

    He is sort of the series' main antagonist, though there is still much to be found out. C'mooooon Half-Life 3...
  13. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda What is YOUR Favorite Zelda Quote?

    '!? The light force! Man. That sounded impressive. If I find it, I'm gonna shout that so loudly!' - Hylian Soldier in The Minish Cap 'Link... Hurry up and return to your true self...' - Epona in Twilight Princess. Your horse finally has a chance to communicate with you and this is all she...
  14. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda How Do You Rank Zelda Amongst Other Series'?

    Portal = Half-Life > Zelda > Pokémon > Spyro = Crash Bandicoot > Metroid > Mario > Everything else Nintendo > Everything else.
  15. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Most Overrated Zelda Game?

    For me it is definitely Squidward Sword, I was so looking forward to playing it when I ordered it because of everyone saying how good it was, and then...GODAMMIT FI I KNOW THE BATTERIES ARE LOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCREAM AT ME BLALALLAALAALALRKGAAHRGRHAHAHAHAHAHHHH. Also, although I haven't...
  16. JoeDeLait

    Choose an in Game Friend

    Link, if he had a quarrel with me , he wouldn't say. If he disliked me, he would signal by throwing a boomerang at me. If he really hated me, he'd chop my head off.
  17. JoeDeLait

    What Exactly is the Sailcloth?

    Not the best Goddess was she.....'You are the chosen hero, you will banish all evil and darkness from the world! Here! Take this tea towel to aid you on your quest!' It could have been a sword, or a giant hammer, or a pet tiger, but no it's a bit of linen.
  18. JoeDeLait

    The Legend of Zelda Favorite Zelda Song

    Wahahaah why no multiple choice-ness? Nah jus' kidding, for me from that list the New Wave Bossa Nova is the best, for a song needed to progress its just so funkaay. Also it, coupled with the Great Bay as a whole make the Temple not look bad at all. Otherwise it has to be either Mt Crenel...
  19. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda The FIRST Link

    Oh it's a shame that it is non-cannon as it looks so epic! Nintendo obviously thought so too
  20. JoeDeLait

    Who Here Collects Stuff?

    I keep concert tickets but that's really it. With monnaay I'd like a fantasy weapons collection, Master Sword, Portal Gun, Wado Ichimonji and Sting of the top of my head. Also, YOU SUCCEED IN LIVING MORE THAN ANY OTHER.
  21. JoeDeLait

    Nintendo Trademarks 'Fish with a Human Face' Game

    Well....that's a tad odd... To be honest, I doubt it's gonna help the Wii U but it could be a fun cameo in Zelda/Mario games, the pics from it on the Dreamcast are hilarious :)
  22. JoeDeLait

    Crash Bandicoot

    Crash Bandicoot.....neurgghhhhh NOSTALGIA ATTACK. I loved - no wait - still love Crash Bandicoot I've spent years of my childhood getting every single crystal, gem, relic etc. Strangely enough I never had the first game or CTR, but I did have 2-Cortex Strikes Back, 3-Warped, Crash Bash...
  23. JoeDeLait

    Favorite Video Game Character Theme?

    yeaaaah.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwxDW7-YV_c Other than that from Zelda its probably Ghirahim, Vaati or Byrne.
  24. JoeDeLait

    Breath of the Wild Aonuma Wants to Change Zelda Formula with Zelda U!!

    This is good news but I didn't want good news because now I will have to spend the money that I will never have on a Wii U......Debt tiiime. (yay(!))
  25. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Strange Happenings in Hyrule?

    'But if a man and Zora get married, where do we draw the line?' Oh Hyrule, you never cease to amaze me, I think the fact that every incarnation of the Postman can teleport is quite odd, especially in TP as he can even tell who you are when you are a wolf with an imp-thing on your back.
  26. JoeDeLait

    Majora's Mask Favorite Region in MM

    Great Bay, swimming as a Zora is awesome, the Pirate's Fortress is the most fun I've had in a Zelda Game, the Deep Pythons were...odd....but cool and the Indigo-Go's are my favorite band of all time. Also the New Wave Bossa Nova is my favorite of the required songs in an area.
  27. JoeDeLait

    Why Isn't Palindrome a Palindrome.

    Even so, we need change.
  28. JoeDeLait

    Get into Dutch Themepark Free if Dressed As Mario

    Oh awesome. I would probably go as Toad and stand at the entrance stopping all Marios from entering saying: 'Thank you Mario! But Our princess is in another theme park!' Surely this should spark Nintendo into creating their own theme park. That would work. The Spinner from TP would be a good...
  29. JoeDeLait

    Why Isn't Palindrome a Palindrome.

    Indeed, I'd rather Harald Hardrada became king of England in 1066 rather than William the Conquerer, and now we all speak Norwegian. Or we can convert the whole world into writing in Hylian....yes...HYLIAN MASTER RACE.
  30. JoeDeLait

    Why Isn't Palindrome a Palindrome.

    Also: -You can't say Lisp with a Lisp -Dyslexia is hard to spell -hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words -The English language is cruel
  31. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Do Final Bosses Need to Stop Being Slow?

    I prefer fast-paced bosses like Goht or Stallord, however I don't think that these would be so good as a final boss, they're meant to be an intense one on one showdown. Though I do get your point, I haven't played TWW, but from what I've seen the Ganondorf battle is similar to both the Ganondorf...
  32. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Hardest Zelda Dungeon in Opinian

    Everyone has already said the Great Palace so....... -The last few dungeons of ALttP, Ice Palace, Misery Mire and Turtle Rock. - Ganon's tower wasn't as hard IMO. -Although I love it, the Palace of Winds from TMC, I swear none of the enemies drop hearts or any of the pots contain hearts and...
  33. JoeDeLait

    What is The Best Worst Movie You Have Ever Watched.

    Definitely The Room or... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyophYBP_w4
  34. JoeDeLait

    Phantom Hourglass Why Do So Many Fans of Zelda Hate Phantom Hourglass?

    I don't think there is anything to hate about it, it just isn't quite as good as the others, but you can expect that from the first game on an entirely new console. I actually thought the touch controls worked very well. Also, though it wasn't my first, it was the Zelda game that got me hooked...
  35. JoeDeLait

    Twilight Princess Resistance - Agains What?

    I don't think he chose to not reveal himself...he was just having a nap under his helmet....zzzzzzzzz.....
  36. JoeDeLait

    Twilight Princess Resistance - Agains What?

    They were possibly added in at the end, but I really liked them. Although, Rusl, Shad and Ashei's appearance at the end was pointless as it was Auru's cannon that dealt with the bulblin archers. And also I thought that Rusl not revealing himself and his golden cuccoo were awesome :)
  37. JoeDeLait

    If You Could Go into Any Zelda Game Which One and What Would You Do?

    Oracle of Seasons. With the Rod of Seasons at my disposal, I WILL be worshiped as a god. Also Holodrum is pretty cool.
  38. JoeDeLait

    Funniest Video Game Quote

    1. In my signature 2. 'Those of you helping us test the repulsion gel today, just follow the blue line on the floor. Those of you who volunteered to be injected with praying mantis DNA, I've got some good news and some bad news: bad news is we're postponing those tests indefinitely. Good news...
  39. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Longest Zelda Game?

    I was looking here: ZeldaSpeedRuns Leaderboards - where you can filter them if they're glitched or not or 100% or for specific games like the 'All Masks' times for Majora's Mask. :) They are what I was looking at, and I'm guessing that you're asking for Oot, in which case it is 4:08:59...
  40. JoeDeLait

    What Is The Greatest Line in Cartoon History?

    Zoidberg: "A buffet! Aw, if only I had my wallet with me!" Man: "Uhm. It's free." Zoidberg: *squeeel* or *WWEEeehahhaahhahahahhwehdsiwaoaoaahahhaohahiaaoahaohahaohohaahhoahoaho* General: "Get me the president." Or 'If I don't make it....tell my wife...hello'
  41. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda Longest Zelda Game?

    Well judging by the speedrun records its Skyward Sword, probably due to the cutscenes. And the cutscenes. And the cutscenes. And Groose.
  42. JoeDeLait

    Breath of the Wild How About a Steampunk Zelda?

    I have never thought of this but it sounds like a great idea! I love steampunk, films like Laputa and Howl's Moving Castle (yes both studio ghibli), and I think it will be very different and could work. However, it won't appeal to that many people and so to please everyone it probably won't happen.
  43. JoeDeLait

    Post a Weird YouTube Video

    This makes no sense at all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUpggXGHYjk
  44. JoeDeLait

    Breath of the Wild Do You Think Zelda Could Be an Adventure Partner?

    She sort of does in Spirit Tracks when she is in the phantom's body in the Tower of Spirits. But throughout a whole game I think it could work, and would definitely work with breaking the convention of 'Play by yourself'. It would create a very different story and gameplay mechanic also :)
  45. JoeDeLait

    General Zelda In One Sentence

    You know you want to be as cool as these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmFinopAcE4
  46. JoeDeLait

    If You Could Live In Any Video Game World...

    The world of Half-Life and Portal. Preferably after Hl1 because then my best friend could be a Vortigaunt - 'The extraaact yess! The eeeexxttrrraacctttt!' Even though the combine are invading, science is advanced, turrets and portal guns can be bought for your home and Cave Johnson actually existed.
  47. JoeDeLait

    Twilight Princess Favourite Resistance Member?

    Ashei's design was awesome, and her background with the snowpeak was awesome too. So...her... Awww, poor Auru no votes......is that ageism?
  48. JoeDeLait

    Continue the Story....

    'Oh bother!' Jimmy said, in a much calmer way than one might expect from someone about to skip dimensions.
  49. JoeDeLait

    What Do You Do Most Often?

    It was trawling about the Internet with no purpose and not accomplishing anything at all. But now that I don't have to English at school anymore with that Ganon of a teacher - I CAN READ AGAIN :D No more pointlessly long 19th century literature about absolutely nothing, yipee! I am currently...
  50. JoeDeLait

    Continue the Story....

    Bob said, pessimistically, 'Oh great, only bad things ever happen to a duo made up of a kid with no legs rolling about the floor and his best friend and companion fried to the bone by the great and mighty Thor.'
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