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  1. Z-Gamer

    Most Hated Enemy in Zelda

    ...Fire Keese and Regular Keese, just because they're annoying
  2. Z-Gamer

    When Did You Awaken Your Skills In Zelda?

    When i was about 4, but it was ocarina of time and of course i sucked...i would say i just recently got real good at the games when i was 12, and im 14 now, but i have beaten a fair share of zelda games...but sadly most of them were virtual consoles:(
  3. Z-Gamer

    Which is the Best Transportation?

    I can feel the hate about to come in, but my favorite is The King of Red Lions (the boat) from Wind Waker... because of all the things u can use on it, Boomerang, Arrows, A Cannon, A Crane, The Sail, and the telescope.
  4. Z-Gamer

    Who is Your Favorite Link?

    I would say the original link, because he didn't really need any help from people...he just popped up, was given a sword and was basically told "figure it out yourself" other than the ocassional old man or friendly pig.
  5. Z-Gamer

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I don't dislike any zelda game that i've played, but my least favorite is easily links awakening. I did not like the items or the game play, i thought they were a little lacking.
  6. Z-Gamer

    Spoiler Hardest Final Boss????

    ummm... i have to say that i think that ganon from the original zelda was hard, but the hardest was probably by far majoras mask
  7. Z-Gamer

    OoT-3DS Yes :))))

    Ummmm... I actually had an easy time with the OoT 3Ds version, because id beaten it multiple times on the N64, and i guess that there are 8 keys and 9 doors to open which i didnt know, my friend told me tht, but i honestly think that the water temple in OoT isnt too difficult as long as you have...
  8. Z-Gamer

    Favorite Generation

    Definately first gen. all the way, all my favorite pokemon are in the first gen. also my favorite game is yellow, but i also like the second gen. because it has most of the original pokemon in the game and new ones that are great too, but id stick with gen. 1
  9. Z-Gamer

    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    I think Majoras Mask because of the dark and eairy feeling...also because majoras mask you dont just play as a hyrulian child, you also get to play as a deku shrub, a goron, a zora, a giant, and a diety.
  10. Z-Gamer

    The Legend of Zelda Whats Your Favorite Item Out of All the Zelda Games?

    Yeah the swords good obviously because its the most important weapon in all the games, and i havent gotten the beatle yet, because Skyward Sword really isnt the game for me, im not a big fan of the motion controls, but it seems to be good and cool. :D
  11. Z-Gamer

    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    Yeah but i feel like that if he did turn into skull kid, he could have just used his ocarina to warp out of there (supposing he still has his songs) now im not saying this is a bad theory, i actually like it, it just doesnt seem highly possible to me, but i still like it a lot
  12. Z-Gamer

    The Legend of Zelda Whats Your Favorite Item Out of All the Zelda Games?

    Ok so i was wondering what other peoples favorite weapons/items were... my favorite weapon is definately the bow and arrow because you have the regular arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, and light arrows. Also in the original you have the silver arrow which you use to finish off the last boss. I...
  13. Z-Gamer

    Spoiler Has Anyone Ever Considered This?

    The only thing about the Hero of Time being the skull kid in TP because he got lost in the Lost Woods, is that "Link" is not a Kokiri, he was Hylian, so if he was Lost in the Lost Woods (what im about to say is from what i understand under the biggorons sword trading sequence) he would turn into...
  14. Z-Gamer

    From Aquamentus to ... -Who is the Best and Worst Boss in Zelda?

    Best: Majora Mask, Majoras Incarnation, Majoras Mask...MM Worst: Big Green ChuChu, Big Blue ChuChu...MC
  15. Z-Gamer

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    The hardest dungeon for me would definately have to be spirit temple MAINLY because of the two iron knuckles you have to fight, but its a fairly easy game.:):yes:
  16. Z-Gamer

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    So ive gotta say that the hardest dungeon i have ever played was the Great Bay Temple, or Eagle Tower, Great Bay Temple is dificult because of all the pipes you have to turn on, plus the boss Gyorg was probably harder than ganon from ocarina of time because you have to fight him UNDERWATER, and...
  17. Z-Gamer

    Ocarina of Time Best Boss: Who Did You Enjoy Tearing to Pieces the Most?

    Kotake and Koume, Twinrova, because i thought that the way you beat them was ingenious using their sisters ability against them by storing the power in a shield and then shooting it back at them. And then Twinrova shooting her with them again and then slashing away at her... Plus at the end when...
  18. Z-Gamer

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    There is no horrible zelda game... except the CD-i ones, but i really dont even count those as zelda games, id say the worst in my opinion would have to be 4 swords adventures, i just thought it was awful
  19. Z-Gamer

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    So it was 2001 and my sisters were probably 12 and 14, so they were hooked on ocarina of time...being sisters they wouldn't let me play, so i watched and i was fascinated. when i was about 4 my sisters started letting me play, but they had just gotten majoras mask so i started playing that, but...
  20. Z-Gamer

    Do You Play Zelda to Beat the Game or to 100% Complete It?

    I dont think that ive ever 100% a zelda game, but i plan to with ocarina of time, minish cap, and links awakening...i just dont have the pationce to go through a game to 100% it
  21. Z-Gamer

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Definately Majoras Mask and The Minish Cap, Both are great, have good dungeons and they're both unique in there own ways... MM your sent to a different dimension to become a hero of that universe and Minish Cap has you shrink to find out that theres a world that lives among yours but just smaller.
  22. Z-Gamer

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    If there was voice acting, If it was like CoD, BF, HomeFront, If it had annoying one liners
  23. Z-Gamer

    I Support Operation Moonfall

    I would love to get MM 3DS, MM is my favorite zelda game because its dark and fun, and the dungeons are great... but i feel like a remake would be better after a new original game, because we just got a remake, and then a prequel, so that would just make it seem better.
  24. Z-Gamer

    What Zelda Titles Have You Beaten

    I have beaten Zelda 1, Links Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask (personal favorite), Wind Waker, 4 Swords, The Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and for anyone who counts it as a seperate game (i do not) Ocarina of time 3DS
  25. Z-Gamer

    Ocarina of Time Completing the Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well Without the Lens of Truth?

    Thats true but, still you didnt have any problem, i think thats pretty impressive.
  26. Z-Gamer

    Ocarina of Time Completing the Shadow Temple and Bottom of the Well Without the Lens of Truth?

    The first time i ever played i had no idea that i was suppose to get the lens, so i beat the game without it, and i suppose that was why it was so hard to me back then... especially bongo bongo, my sisters couldnt even beat him and they knew about the lens. but that made it more difficult than...
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