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  1. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Should I Buy Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3ds?

    Absolutely. I own a 3DS and Ocarina Of Time 3D. They were well worth it, and kept one of my favorite titles with me. Ocarina Of Time on a handheld? Absolutely yes. Power to Operation Moonfall for Majora's Mask 3D!!!! :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :mastersword:
  2. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3D Review Pt. 1 and Bonus Pronunciations

    There's a few threads in this section with the same exact title basically, however I still like a different opinion, very intriguing pronunciation portion. :ocarina: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  3. Hierarch7

    Spoiler I'll Try to Make This Unbiased - Pro's and Con's That I Already Notice

    Hello Zelda Dungeon, The release of Skyward Sword is greatly anticipated by many gamers who are Zelda Fans. I'm trying my best to give it a chance for when I do buy the game, however there are some things that still give me a sinking feeling. Pros for Skyward Sword: -Its fresh -There is a...
  4. Hierarch7

    Reputation System -NO LONGER IN USE-

    Hopefully I didn't overlook this in the sections above, but are there any ways you can remind forum users in your post about reputation points? The reputation star at the bottom left of the box is relatively small, and if you've felt like you have done a good job - and others may read your post...
  5. Hierarch7

    General Classic The Zelda That Started Your Journey, Secrets I've Kept from Zelda

    Hello Zelda Dungeon! I've been a Zelda fan for over a decade.So with such a passion for the series presumably I started from the beginning with the 1986 release of "The Legend Of Zelda"? Actually, no - As much as I've mastered the series over the years, it wasn't until 2000 when the adventure...
  6. Hierarch7

    Tradition vs. Innovation

    Oh boy, I've seen this one pop up on the forums a few times through the years I've been here (two). Muted Zelda games keep the mystery alive. It allows your mind to wander into its own world - that which is advocated by the wonderful Zelda series. Could you imagine if Link had a voice actor...
  7. Hierarch7

    Your Favorite Link Transformations?

    Its a difficult choice, but for Majora's Mask I'm going to say Fierce Deity Link. Twilight Princess Wolf Link - I couldn't choose between Deity and Wolf Link, sorry guys. :ocarina: The Seventh Hierarch :ocarina:
  8. Hierarch7

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    One of the most important reasons behind me buying a 3DS was the release of Ocarina Of Time 3D. Even though I don't really care for the 3D effects, the most iconic game of my childhood is now traveling with me on the go. Majora's Mask must follow! Regardless of anyone's feelings on "remakes", it...
  9. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Favorite/Worst Dungeon/Weapons In This Game?

    I'm not going to count Epona as an item, so I'll include actual items instead: #1 Ocarina Of Time Item: Din's Fire Favorite Temple: Forest Temple Favorite Item #2: Mirror Shield Although these aren't all of my favorites, they are definitely the essence of what Zelda combat is all about for...
  10. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time N64 Cover?

    We must remember when this game came out. The gold cartridge was of the few colored Nintendo 64 games. The art on the front looks great also. The cover more then suffices for even today's games. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  11. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time What Happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu?

    Theres a massive chunk of ice where Lord Jabu- Jabu once was. He's most likely also frozen. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  12. Hierarch7

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    I want Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess for hand held! Its a must! If They've already done Ocarina Of Time, regardless of what you think of the "re-release" not a remake, Majora's Mask has to follow. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  13. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time 3DS Ocarina Of Time Overview - Exitement? Dissappointment?

    Well, the joystick is a little difficult to use, however the motion movement is excellent! The demo 3DS may not have been free enough from the advertisement stand to enjoy it to its full potential. With that being said, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch...
  14. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time 3DS Ocarina Of Time Overview - Exitement? Dissappointment?

    Hello Forum! I recently made the choice to return to nintendo after a Microsoft coma. This includes my re- purchasing of some type of handheld, which ultimately ended up being the 3DS. This was largely a choice made because of Ocarina Of Time 3D. I remember the N64 Ocarina Of Time, and how much...
  15. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Worst Enemy Ever.

    Keese or wallmasters without a doubt. :ocarina: The Seventh Hierarch :ocarina:
  16. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Theory of Bongo Bongo

    An interesting take on a backstory. We must wonder what other thoughts are to be pondered. :ocarina: The Seventh Hierarch :ocarina:
  17. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time What Locations Would You Visit in OoT?

    Oh, how many Zelda loves most likely ponder this question. Our favorite games are a gateway to a world we would wish to live through, or at least get to partake in. With these wise words, my answer would be the Lost Woods. Such a fascinating prospect of being able to be lost on purpose...
  18. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Song of Storms

    I enjoy thoughts and retrospectives like this, keep thinking philosophically. :ocarina: The Seventh Hierarch :ocarina:
  19. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Getting Boring & Disappointing :(

    You can't change a classic like Ocarina Of Time. The game and all of its petina would be destroyed if they so much as touched it. The edits done to graphics was a great tribute to Zelda's legendary presence in the gaming world, and would only benefit from such graphic updates. Any changes to...
  20. Hierarch7

    Theory of Majora's Mask with the Moon Scene from the Game, Alternate Dimension Theory

    Hello forum, the Seventh Hierarch once again, I had a thought on the whole part of Majora's Mask when link is consumed by the moon into a grassy area with somewhat eerie children and what appears to be an oak tree. I suppose in correlation to the powers that be with the mask of Majora, that the...
  21. Hierarch7

    Sealed in a Mask

    I agree, it seems more logical that the person's "aura" if you will, resides in such an object. With aura being the essence of the being of a person's self. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  22. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Advanced Technology in Forest Temple

    Well, keeping in mind most of the Zelda games, if not all, are based off of magic and lore. Technology, Magic? Not much difference in games like these. Its best to enjoy the game's well developed plot, and use of myth, magic, and lore and not worry about technicality, just like movies with over...
  23. Hierarch7

    What Would You Name a Zelda Game?

    The last Sheik, mainly because the story plot could be elaborated very well, it would be very interesting to see more of the sheik type myth. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  24. Hierarch7

    Favorite Zelda Quote

    As listed above, "The flow of time is always cruel... its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it... A thing that does not change with time is a memory of younger days..." from shiek in Oot :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  25. Hierarch7

    Spoiler The Seal War: Link to the Past Vs. Ocarina of Time

    The series was meant for things like parallel dimentions like the comparison of characters in Oot and MM. The seals obviously represents different elements, and the same basic concept in each game, so in conclusion, yes just simply the best way to grasp this concept is parallel universes...
  26. Hierarch7

    Ocarina of Time Losing Its Popularity and Past Its Prime?

    The game absolutely deserves the top, being the first 3D, and definatly not past its prime, just its time. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are extremely old games technology wise and age wise in gaming, however they definatly havent lost their petina or nostalgia, they are legends and...
  27. Hierarch7

    Where Link Keeps His Items?

    definately in a mary poppins pocket. :o :goron: The Seventh Hierarch :goron:
  28. Hierarch7

    Spoiler What The Skull Kid, Mask Salesman, And Link Have In Common

    Hello forums, in answer to this, I agree with the comment listed above, I always believed that the skull kid is the same one seen in ocarina of time, dancing in the middle of the forest, whom link finds a friend in. As for the salesman, he does seem to have an interesting story I wish they would...
  29. Hierarch7

    How is Ilia Link's Love?

    If only we could ask link... but we can't. =] So I'd say maybe in TP yes. In other games such as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, I bet its zelda he's in love with. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  30. Hierarch7

    Which Song Do You Like the Best from the Series?

    Definatly the ones that Sheik teach you are also great, I think I forgot to mention those, :ocarina: Thanks for commenting! :ocarina:
  31. Hierarch7

    Should Cutscenes Be Skippable?

    I say yes, but only after you've seen them at least once before. If you can't because of how the story goes, then no. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  32. Hierarch7

    Fierce Diety Technically Cheating?

    Considering the amount of work leading up to the mask, definatly not. I didn't have the mask when I first had to beat Majora, making it so much more worth it when I pwned him the second time. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  33. Hierarch7

    Who's the Fierce Deity?

    Hello forum, by far, my favorite mask is probably the Fierce Deity mask. It super pwns bosses and just makes Link an even bigger beast. Where do you think the Fierce Deity came from, who is it really? Some long lost form of Hylian? ~I'm hoping this thread isn't off topic to any forum Mods, I...
  34. Hierarch7

    Theory on How the Zoras from Oot Came to Be in MM

    Hello forum, After link becomes an adult in Oot, the Zora's domain was permanently frozen over. Maybe the living Zora's had to move to the great bay after that? Tell me what you think. :zora: Don't forget to comment! :P :zora:
  35. Hierarch7

    Orchestrated Music in SS Confirmed?

    I've heard rumors about that, but I agree, If so, SS being a fully orchestrated game will be brilliant! :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  36. Hierarch7

    Whats Missing from Majora's Mask? Ocarina of Time?

    I definatly agree, on too few dungeons, however, link being turned into a Deku, I think was pure cool. :triforce: The Seventh Hierach :triforce:
  37. Hierarch7

    Links Good with the Ladies

    Hmm, Ruto, Malon, Zelda, Saria...Seems pretty beast. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  38. Hierarch7

    What I LIKE and What I Don't Like About Skyward Sword

    I like the new feel for the game, but i'm not entirely sure about the graphics yet. I'm definatly interested in those new bosses, the scorpion one looks great. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  39. Hierarch7

    So What Are Your Initial Reactions Now?

    New game, new adventure. I'll buy in. I'm not convinced as of yet if i like or dislike the graphics yet, but i'm sure i'll love the story plot. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  40. Hierarch7

    Vending Machine

    Out comes a HORRIBLE game. I put in angry bees.
  41. Hierarch7

    Do Zelda Games Ever Get Old for You?

    Hello forum, Seventh Hierarch here, Pretty simply one this time around. Do you get tired of your Zelda games? To anser my own question, yes and no. If I play non stop, yes, but I will always get interested and re-play. ~don't forget to rate reputation points if you think this thread deserves...
  42. Hierarch7

    Release Date?

    They'll probably release it around a holiday. It just seems business smart. 2011 seems so far away to wait for a game with this much suspense. :mastersword: The Seventh Hierarch :mastersword:
  43. Hierarch7

    Will SS Be Better the TP?

    Hello forum, Hierarch 7 here, The title sais it all. Do you think the new game will be better then twilight princess? -forgive me if there was a thread like this before, I didn't see one. :triforce: Don't forget to comment! :P :triforce:
  44. Hierarch7

    Skyward Sword's Story

    I still firmly believe the game takes place as many have said "hundreds of years before Ocarina of Time". There isn't a game of Zelda withought characters like them, however like said above, different generations of them. I don't think any of the characters could possibly be the same. Zelda...
  45. Hierarch7

    Locations From Past Games That You Think Should Return in Zelda Wii

    I don't think exact places should turn up like Clock Town or Termina ect. If they do, it should be a different version, or even better, how each of the places started out! The Temple of Time seems so old, It probably wouldn't be out of place, depending on how much time ago in the series they...
  46. Hierarch7

    SS Scenery?

    I'm definatly interested. I can't say for sure yet if I like or dislike the graphics yet. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  47. Hierarch7

    Is This a New Link?

    Oh definatly, if this really is supposed to take place hundreds of years before Oot. It couldn't possibly be the same one we know from the other games. Too much time difference. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  48. Hierarch7

    Why Zelda Wii Should Incorporate GCN/Classic Controller Option!

    I definatly agree. I like some aspects of the Wii remote, however I do find it shocking and irritating that they haven't made the new game compatable with the other controller setup. I won't always feel like using a Wii remote. After all, Its not my favorite gaming tool. I personally like old...
  49. Hierarch7

    Why Didn't Nintendo Show the Other 3 Items

    Maybe they're still working on them. The release date is estimated some time within 2011. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
  50. Hierarch7

    Triforce in SS?

    Oh definatly not. I think its better that the triforce stays as it is. A symbol of the three pieces like the people who held them in Oot. Making it an item would be pointless and tasteless. :triforce: The Seventh Hierarch :triforce:
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