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  1. MalonMaverick11

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played?

    I am excited to say that as of today, I can add ALttP to my list of games i've beaten! Yay!
  2. MalonMaverick11

    Mothula: Evil or Good

    I just gave it another try, and i was successful! Thanks to 3 bottles of blue potion! In your face, mothula!
  3. MalonMaverick11

    Mothula: Evil or Good

    He's evil! I'm working on ALttP for the first time, and i am stuck on this stupid moth! I hit him like 2x with the fire rod and the spikes/moth owned me in like 30 seconds. I didn't have any fairys tho. I'm gonna have to fill up on fairys and blue potion before i try again :(
  4. MalonMaverick11

    Link's House (ALTTP)

    In midevil times, link the Legend of Zelda series depicts, people did sleep together. There was no heat in their homes except for the fire place, so people tended to sleep together for warmth. That's just my historic interpretation of this situation.
  5. MalonMaverick11

    2D Games Harder?

    Im not sure if the whole game is harder when it's 2D, but i am positive that the bosses in some 2D games are harder than the bosses in 3D games. The bosses in ALttP and AoL are so hard, I have never beaten a boss in either of these games on the first try. I think that this may be because in...
  6. MalonMaverick11

    Which is Your Favorite Item from Alttp?

    I am a big fan of the bomos medallion. It's kinda like Link's ace up his sleeve. I like the magic cape also mainly because it's a unique item. It hasn't really appeared in any of the other Zelda games. The book of Modora is also a great concept. It makes sense that Link shouldn't be able to...
  7. MalonMaverick11

    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    I really hadnt thought about doing the spirit/shadow temple in the oposite order...I should give it a try. and i think that the only time in the fire temple when you need arrows is to shoot the eye to get the compass...but its been a while since ive played thru.
  8. MalonMaverick11

    Poe's Souls Locations. (TP)

    I am looking for Poe Souls as well. Does Zeldadungeon.net have a poe soul guide? I try to only use Zeldadungeon.net because i am a fan of the site, is a member working on adding a poe soul guide?
  9. MalonMaverick11

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played?

    Games I've Beaten: LoZ, OoT, OoT Master Quest, MM, WW Games I've Played, but haven't finished: AoL, ALttP (Currently Playing), OoS, OoA, TP (Currently Playing)
  10. MalonMaverick11

    What Would You Say is the Funniest Moment in LoZ?

    I don't know about the funniest moment, but i definitely know that the funniest game is WW. I think that the funniest moment is in WW. All of Link's facial expressions in WW are so funny!
  11. MalonMaverick11

    Most Annoying Battles

    LoZ: They were all really easy other than ganon ALttP: Moldorm. I hate this guy! It's so hard to stay on the platform! OoT: Dark Link. I just use Din's Fire like 10x. It's a lame way to beat him, but he just mirrors all of my attacks (that's kinda his gig, tho. lol) MM: I really hated...
  12. MalonMaverick11

    Favorite Side Quest Mask

    The Bunny Hood! I like the increased running speed and jump distance. It really comes in handy
  13. MalonMaverick11

    Most Beaten Game

    That would definitely be OoT. Ive beaten it 15+ times, and i have beaten OoT Master Quest too. It was the first one that i beat, and i guess i really liked it! Second would be MM. I liked the 64 bit games.
  14. MalonMaverick11

    Did You Like AOL?

    I just didn't like it because of it's difficulty level. I wanna enjoy playing video games, not have a stroke and constantly throw the controller! I also thought it was dry. It lacked emotion. The characters kinda sucked. Ur only friend was the old guy that gave you magic. The original LoZ...
  15. MalonMaverick11

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    I'm going to have to say the Adventure of Link. It's just too hard. Beating the bad guys takes forever, I die 10x before i can kill anything. There is no way to beat the game without dying 30x...I just don't know why they made killing the enemies so hard. I like it when the games emphasize...
  16. MalonMaverick11

    What Was the Most Frusterating Mini Game and Why?

    I would have to say that all of the steps to reunite Kafei and Anju in Majora's Mask is the most frustrating mini game ever! If u miss one appointment, u have to start over! I hate trying to get the sun mask in Sakon's cave, and if he sees u outside, u have to start over too. it sucks!
  17. MalonMaverick11

    The Funniest/Most Embarrassing Thing You Did While Playing Zelda

    Well, 10 years ago I started to play OoT. I got to the water temple and got extreemly frustrated. so i turned to game genie (or some equivalent) to help me thru the dungeon. Too bad i didn't know how to work the game genie either. Somehow, Link gained the power to levitate...and he wouldn't...
  18. MalonMaverick11

    Which Link Are You Most Like?

    I picked OOT/MM Link. Mainly because i tend to just shut my mouth and get stuff done. I am efficient and dont let emotion rule what i am trying to accomplish. I also tend to take a lot of crap, and deal with it in stride.
  19. MalonMaverick11

    Which Character Would You Be?

    I think i would be Ruto from OOT. She's sassy, passionate, and uses her heart to make decisions. i mean, she proposed to link when she was like 10!
  20. MalonMaverick11

    Favorite Zelda Title Logo

    Favorite title: A Link to the Past. This is because of the word play. Link applies to the character and the literal definition of 'link'. Favorite Logo: Majora's Mask. I really like how the mask looks, and for once there is no sword, sheild, or triforce in the logo. its a refreshing change...
  21. MalonMaverick11

    What Game Had THE BEST !!! Soundtrack

    Majora's mask soundtrack is the best! I like it because its dark and brooding, but it also includes some classic zelda tunes with a dark twist. the song of healing is awesome. and the theme in ikana canyon is cool. I also like the stone tower temple theme.
  22. MalonMaverick11

    Link's Lighter

    I just think that it would be kinda cool if they gave link flint so he could light the bombs. it would just be another item that he could get, and once he learned how to light the bombs, they would light automatically after that.
  23. MalonMaverick11

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    Its just me, but i was sad in OoT right after Link saves Saria from the Forest Temple and she says that its destiny for her and Link to not live in the same world (That was paraphrased). There were a lot of parts in MM that i thought were sad. Including: Anju and Kafei's quest, the butler's...
  24. MalonMaverick11

    Hardest puzzle

    I have 2: -the ice block moving in OoT ice cavern took me a while. -Lighting the 3 torches in the big room in the spirit temple in OoT master quest. The timing is just nuts. it took me FOREVER to get it!
  25. MalonMaverick11

    Favorite Dungeon

    I've always liked the forest temple in OoT! I like collecting the poe sisters. I like beating phantom ganon. I also like the details in this dungeon, from moss on the walls to the beautiful exterior, this dungeon is beautiful in a creepy way. This dungeon gives me the chills but it also...
  26. MalonMaverick11

    Which is Your Favorite Race?

    I love the gorons! They are true, honest, loyal, and proud! They are always nice to link and I just always like to help the gorons :goron:
  27. MalonMaverick11

    What Part of the Triforce Do You Correspond To?

    I think that for me it's courage. I recently moved away from everyone that i know to a state that i had never been to. I told myself that it would be no big deal, and that if i just press on, everything would be ok. That has always been my lease on life: "ever forward. Even thru the rough...
  28. MalonMaverick11

    OoA Dungeon Railways

    I tried to search for this thread and didnt come up with anything. How did u guys feel about the railway systems in some of the dungeons in OoA? I thought that they were cool. I also really thought that they would be awesome in a 3D game! It would be like a roller coaster kinda. I hope...
  29. MalonMaverick11

    Goron Mines Enjoyable?

    I'm pretty sure that we have always been able to kill ARMOS statues, not BEAMOS statues
  30. MalonMaverick11

    Ocarina of Time Favorite OOT tunic.

    I like the kokiri tunic best. its the classic link green, thats why its awesome. i just wish that it gave link a power like the zora tunic or the fire tunic
  31. MalonMaverick11

    Ocarina of Time Has anyone here ever beat the Water Temple without the Zora Tunic?

    That's a cool idea! now i wanna try! I would prolly need a lot of fairies tho
  32. MalonMaverick11

    Favorite Area in Majora's Mask

    I like the gorons that's why i always pick snowhead. The baby goron is especially cute too. The concept with darunia as a ghost is cool too. I like snowhead the best when it thaws tho.
  33. MalonMaverick11

    Goron Mines Enjoyable?

    Did anyone find the goron mines oddly non-frustrating? I thought that the Goron Mines was a very calm enjoyable dungeon. I entered prepared for a huge challenge, and i never died (and i didnt even have a fairy with me!). I just finished the goron mines, so i cant say that its my favorite...
  34. MalonMaverick11


    I am so excited for Ponyo! I love Miyazaki, he is the master of animated movies. I love spirited away, kiki's delivery service, howl's moving castle, and castle in the sky, so i bet Ponyo is gonna be awesome too. i just enjoy the animation so much, it is beautiful.
  35. MalonMaverick11


    Yes! I love queen my favorite album is Sheer Heart Attack! My favorite songs on that album are: Killer Queen, Lily of the valley, in the lap of the gods, and dear friends. But i also like many tracks on their greatest hits album such as too much love will kill u, the show must go on, and we...
  36. MalonMaverick11

    Harry Potter

    The books are awesome. I always try to read a book that corresponds to movies that see. The books are always better. I love to read tho. I read the first harry potter book 12 times, and the second 7 times. I started to know what words were coming before i turned a page! They just leave so...
  37. MalonMaverick11

    Worst Nes Game.

    Jeopardy. I had my NES when i was 6 and someone bought me jeopardy expecting me to actually be able to answer the questions. it sucked, it wasn't even multiple choice. the most fun part for me was choosing the avatar that i would lose as.
  38. MalonMaverick11

    What Language(s) Do You Know?

    English. I took spanish for 5 years and i know what 'hola' means. that's it.
  39. MalonMaverick11

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    yes!!! I would love it if i didn't have to read all of the text!! it could be like kingdom hearts where some text is read and some is spoken. i have always thought that it would be a great idea to have voice actors in LoZ games. The hard part would be putting voices to characters. by now...
  40. MalonMaverick11

    The Deku Mask

    I thought that the sad deku tree in the lost woods looked like the butler (you can only see this tree at the very beginning of the game). I thought that the mask might come from this guy: (the guy on the right)
  41. MalonMaverick11


    I wonder why they chose the curency of India? I bet its because it sounds like 'ruby'
  42. MalonMaverick11

    Koume's Potion

    it's because in MM you are prompted to push start and assign the potion to a c-button, then give it. if u push c without being prompted, you drink her potion! I did it, and was mad.
  43. MalonMaverick11


    If you think that's weird, u need to play OoT: Master Quest! In jabu-jabu's belly there are cow heads on the walls. They are used as switched that you shoot, amoung other things. check it out, u'll be weirded out.
  44. MalonMaverick11

    Ocarina of Time Poll: Who is Better Adult Link or Young Link?

    In OoT i like adult link. just because the weapons that he gets to use are better. And the dungeons that he gets to beat are cooler than the ones that young link beats. I don't like adult links spandex tho
  45. MalonMaverick11

    Games or Books to Movie and Vice Versa

    Well, first of all the books are always better. I like movies and games that come from books. It's a good way for people who are too busy to read to share awesome literature thru movies.
  46. MalonMaverick11

    Favorite Comedian

    dave chappelle, jeff foxworthy, bill engval, dane cook, chris rock
  47. MalonMaverick11

    What instrument do you play?

    Haha! I have no musical talent what so ever, so i would have to say that i play the ocarina.:ocarina::D
  48. MalonMaverick11

    Your Top 3 Artists and Songs

    PINK FLOYD-EVERYTHING (but the whole elbum The Wall is Awesome) Bon Jovi-Living on a prayer Journey-Don't stop believin' everybody needs to check out these songs!
  49. MalonMaverick11

    New Music or Old Music

    I like '60s, '70s and '80s rock and classic rock. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Chicago, Boston, Bon Jovi, Journey, Lynard Skynard, Sweet, Bob Segar, ect. I've always liked to listen to the stuff that my parents like. I grew up with it and i really like the older...
  50. MalonMaverick11


    i want transformations to come back! i think its awesome in MM. I think that Link should be able to transform inti different animals kinda like in TP. I would like Link to be able to fly. maybe he should be able to change into a hawk, or maybe an otter to swim, or a horse to run. Using the...
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