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  1. isaix

    Favorite Underrated Games

    The Last Story
  2. isaix

    Game Help Sonic Adventure 2 - Do You Have to Get the Secret Melody for EVERY Character?

    I haven't played SA2 in a while as well,but I believe that you do need to found the melody for every character
  3. isaix

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX Announced!

    1)I never had any issue with the camera either,but its always nice to be able to control it with an analog stick 2)I believe that KHFM and REcom were running at 30fps in KH1.5 3)Maybe,but if they took the time to do it on the PSP,I'm sure they could do it on the PS3 as well.
  4. isaix

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX Announced!

    Well Birth By Sleep will have better camera control thanks to the second analog stick of the PS3,the game might run at 30fps without any framedrop when too much is happening on screen(like in the Mysterious Figure battle) and maybe a better online mode where everyone will actually get the chance...
  5. isaix

    What's a Game You Just Couldn't Get into and Why?

    I don't know why,but I can't get into Resident Evil 6
  6. isaix

    Games That Didn't Meet Your Expectations

    Metroid Other M Skyward Sword Sonic and the black knight
  7. isaix

    Games That Passed Your Expectations

    Donkey Kong country Return.I though it"d be something like New Super Mario Bros Wii(A fun game,but nothing too impressive and WAY too easy),but I was totally wrong and I had I lot of fun playing this game
  8. isaix

    What Inspired Your XBLGamertag/PSNID/NNID?

    my PSN ID is: mephilink(MEPHIles the Dark + LINK)
  9. isaix

    Games You Wish You Could Play/own

    -castlevania Lord of shadow -Mega Man X4,X5,X6,X7 and X8 -Ni No Kuni -Tales of Vesperia,of Symphonia,of Rebirth,of the Abyss -Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie -Epic Mickey 1 and 2 -Naruto Shippudden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 -Mega Man X Street Fighter(On console) -Sonic and Allstar racing transformed
  10. isaix

    Petition to Nintendo - Develop a Gamecube Controller Style Wii U Controller

    :huh: Why would I want a gamecube controller for a handheld console?
  11. isaix

    Petition to Nintendo - Develop a Gamecube Controller Style Wii U Controller

    I already signed it a while ago,I really want to play Super Smash bros U with this controller
  12. isaix

    No Story Mode in Super Smash Bros.

    It sucks,Subspace was awesome and I was expecting the Wii U game to improve it.Now I lost some of my hype for this game because of that.
  13. isaix

    Mario RPG or Paper Mario

    I prefer Paper Mario,its more unique
  14. isaix

    Games You Have Spent the Most Hours Playing

    Probably Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64
  15. isaix

    Soul Calibur 2 HD Online

    It sucks that its not coming on Wii U with Link.
  16. isaix

    Crash Bandicoot

    The PS1 games and Wrath of Cortex were awesome,I've played the GBA games a bit,but I didn't beat any of them and I never played the new games.
  17. isaix

    Favorite Video Game Character Theme?

    Alucard's theme is definitly one of my favorite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLy7J5meou0
  18. isaix

    Funniest Video Game Quote

    I find it funny,I laugh when I first hear it.It might have been because of the voice acting,but that's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of funny quotes Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjYjUdMsf00
  19. isaix

    Funniest Video Game Quote

    ''What is a man, a miserable little pile of secrets''
  20. isaix

    Does Nintendo Need New Management?

    I don't know if its Iwata or Reggie who needs to go,but there's definitly someone who has to,to stop all those casual games to come out.
  21. isaix

    Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I though they were ok,but when I'm thinking about Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts,I was thinking about the old trilogy,I don't want to see young Anakin in KH,I want Dark Vader as a boss battle,Luke as an ally,the Death Star,the Emperor and all that stuff
  22. isaix

    Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Star Wars movies are great,that's why.
  23. isaix

    Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Kingdom Hearts is not only about Master Xehanort and Organization XIII you know.Its also great to see Sora or Riku interact in a Disney World and the Disney characters,its fun to fight all the Disney villains we've known for so long.Sure at the end of the day fighting Xehanort is all that...
  24. isaix

    Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Are you really comparing Deep Space........with STAR WARS?Its like saying that we don't need ciderella because we have Beauty and the Beast,they both happening around and inside a castle,but they have completly different stories and characters.And Deep space wasn't that great
  25. isaix

    Tales of Xillia 2 Heading to NA/EU

    That great news,I don't like to play a game I can't understand too so I would have never imported the game and that's why I don't import Tales of Vesperia
  26. isaix

    What Was the Shortest Game You Payed Full Price For?

    Soni( and the bla(k knight at 60$
  27. isaix

    Reggie Points To PS2 In Defense Of Wii U Power

    The N64 and the SNES had the best games I've play and they are WAY underpowered then the PS4 and the Xbox One,so of course I don't care about power,like he said,its all about the games and I know one thing for sure,the PS4 will never have The Legend of Zelda or Super Mario.
  28. isaix

    Ho-Oh or Lugia?

    I prefer Lugia,Ho-oh looks a bit weird to me,but I like him too
  29. isaix

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Tales of Graces f 8/10
  30. isaix

    Who Do You Think Won E3 This Year?

    I was a lot better than I though it'd be.
  31. isaix

    Games You'd Rather Were More Difficult

    All Ninendo Wii games and the latest Sonic games(Colors and up)
  32. isaix

    So...FFXV and KHIII Coming to Xbox One.

    Its suprising,but its great for the Xbox One fan I guess.
  33. isaix

    Does Backwards Compatibility Matter To You?

    Yes,I care for it,if the PS3 could support PS2 game,I would have bought a lot of PS2 titles. And PS2 Classics suck,I barely saw I game that I care for.
  34. isaix

    All Sonic: Lost World News and Discussion

    It looks fun and the soundtrack is really amazing so far
  35. isaix

    Kingdom Hearts III - CGI Secret Ending or In-game Engine Secret Ending?

    I'd prefer to have a "In-game Engine Secret Ending" for Kingdom Hearts 3,because I don't thing CG graphics fits Kingdom Hearts(Except for the game intro),I didn't liked the final cutscene of Kingdom Hearts 2 it really felt out of place.As for the secret ending,it was great,but I'd rather have a...
  36. isaix

    KH Series - Favorite Secret Ending?

    I prefer the Birth by sleep secret ending,because it moved the story forward and built up Kingdom Hearts 3D and KH3. The Recoded Secret ending was interesting,but it wasn't all that great The KH 3D was better the Recoded,but still wasn't good enough,it didn't had a big impact in the story as...
  37. isaix

    Pandora's Tower

    Its a very good game and it become pretty challenging at the end of the game and the boss fight are interesting and challenging as well. There's two tips I can give you: Make sure you're well prepared(equipments and items) before entering a tower escpecially the ones near the end of the game...
  38. isaix

    Favorite/Least Favorite Sonic Games

    Favorite: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle There's not much to say,I like pretty much everything about this game,the story is nice,playing as Sonic and Shadow is so fun,the game have a lot of variety and unlike most of Sonic games each Story have their own stages,the chao garden is very addictive,the...
  39. isaix

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Which is Your Favorite Episode?

    Terra's storyline was definitly the best,because he was the main character,everything was built around him.Terra's struggles against darkness was more interesting,then Ventus whining about friendship or Aqua lecturing all the time.The Final and Secret episode were very intesting,but they are...
  40. isaix

    Spoiler Kingdom Hearts III - Multiple Playable Characters or Sora Only?

    I really hope we get to play only as Sora,I didn't liked having multiple charaters in Birth by sleep,but since it was a handheld title I didn't mind it that much.I don't like leveling up multiple characters,doing the same side quests multiple times to beat the game 100%.It should be like in...
  41. isaix

    Future of Star Ocean

    I haven't played any of the Star Ocean games,but Last Hope looks really good,I watched some gameplay on youtube and I'm definitly buying it.Was it a bad game or its just that the other games were better?
  42. isaix

    What Games Are You Excited For?

    -Kingdom Hearts 1.5 -Tales of Xillia -Tales of Xillia 2 -Tales of Symphonia:perfect edition(even though its still a rumor) -Rayman Legends -Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Edit: -Ragnarok Odyssey ace(I don't know anything about the serie at all,but I saw the trailer for this game and it look great)
  43. isaix

    The Most Disappointing Game You've Ever Played

    They we're bad games,but Metroid Other M and Sonic and The Black Knight disappointed me,Other M had so much potentiel with this awesome gameplay and I was expecting a lot more from a crossover between Sonic the hedgehog and the King Arthur's stories.
  44. isaix

    [USA] Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX Release Date Confirmed!!

    Still 4 months to go,its not THAT bad,but its still a long way to go.
  45. isaix

    Your Most Hated Boss/Secret Boss In A Game

    Dark Gaia(Sonic Unleashed HD) Time eater(Sonic Generations) Devil Doom(Shadow the hedgehog) Those 3 final bosses are the worst thing I've ever experienced on a video game.
  46. isaix

    Favourite Video Game Credits

    Sonic Generations was the best,its was the first time in my life that I enjoyed watching a credit scene
  47. isaix

    Which Company Do You Think is Best?

    Nintendo,even though their current games lacks in quality,they are the one who made awesome games such as Ocarina of Time,Super Mario World,etc.
  48. isaix

    Freakin' Awesome Video Game Covers

    Those are my favorite box art
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