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  1. KnowItAllBird

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    Skyward Sword Beamos. I loved these enemies because I felt like it put you in a rythym every time you went to fight one. I know many hated them, but I thought fighting was fun and the enemy design was clever. On their own, they were easy to defeat. Slice, then stab. But when more than one...
  2. KnowItAllBird

    Your Favorite Three Series

    Jeez tough choice...... 1. Zelda 2. Ico/ Shadow of the Colossus/ Last Guardian (kind of a series) 3.Pokemon
  3. KnowItAllBird

    6 Hearts?

    I dont know if there has been an official explanation. Most likely they were either trying to make it a bit easier for new players, or just trying to shake it up a little bit. Either way, I personally didn't mind 6 hearts to start with.
  4. KnowItAllBird

    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    When I think of Link, I think of blonde hair.
  5. KnowItAllBird

    New Zelda Vs Twilight Princess Zelda

    THis is such a hard choice! These are in my opinion the two best Zeldas. However, I too must go with SS Zelda because you can really feel a connection with her in that game.
  6. KnowItAllBird

    Some Ideas For a Zelda Game

    It's definately an interesting idea, but I don't think that I could play a Zelda game where Link dies :/
  7. KnowItAllBird

    Zelda Games That You Don't Like As Much As Everyone else

    I have had a lot of trouble getting into majora's mask. Unfortunately my n64 is broken right now :/ but I have beaten the first two dungeons and I am finding the game tedious and frustrating (specifically running through the snowhead dungeon, after which I didnt have enough time to do the...
  8. KnowItAllBird

    It's Official, I Suck at Zelda Games So Far.

    Try a ds game! They are in my opinion very easy and all about fun gameplay. Of course I've found that they aren't for everyone but just know that they aren't too tough. Keep perservering! don't worry if you need to use a walkthrough, just make sure you're at least spending some time on each puzzle.
  9. KnowItAllBird

    Being Grateful for the Games. What Do You Like About The Legend of Zelda?

    The way that nintendo constantly pushes the gameplay envelope. We have a great example in Skyward Sword. 1:1 sword controls make for the best combat I have ever experienced in a video game, and I absolutely loved flying. It never felt tedious, and this may sound odd but I felt like I was flying...
  10. KnowItAllBird

    What Changes to the Series Would Ruin Zelda for You?

    I agree that poorly done voice acting would make me very sad. I honestly don't know if I ever even want voice acting in a Zelda game. I don't want them to take a chance and do it wrong.
  11. KnowItAllBird

    What Zelda Games Have You Completed/Beaten?

    Its all down in the signature !!!
  12. KnowItAllBird

    Favorite Zelda Puzzle Ever!

    Sorry if there's been threads like this, I haven't seen any. What is your favorite single puzzle in the entire series? Anyone else have a puzzle they just love?
  13. KnowItAllBird

    Skyward Sword Question About Dungeon Save Statues...

    First room, unless I missed something.
  14. KnowItAllBird

    Spoiler Ghirahim and the Final Boss Cutscene, What is Up with That?

    Ghirahim is to Demise as Fi is to Link. Both are sword spirits.
  15. KnowItAllBird

    Potions (Minor Spoilers!)

    I LOVE that the red potions were only 20 ruppees.
  16. KnowItAllBird

    42 Hours

    43.22. No guides, some sidequests and a lot of stupid time wasted.
  17. KnowItAllBird

    How Helpful Was Fi

    I hate it when she just tells you where to go or what to do. It makes the task irrelevant. However, I love her weird voice!
  18. KnowItAllBird

    Skyward Sword Shield Trouble

    And it doesnt say "equipped" on the shield icon you selected in the Gear pouch menu?
  19. KnowItAllBird

    Zelda 25th Anniversary CD Reviews

    I think its awesome! Spine tingling at points.
  20. KnowItAllBird

    Skyward Sword Shield Trouble

    Perhaps it broke? Did you use the banded shield yet, or did it upgrade than disappear? Make sure that you hold the Wii mote over the shield icon. I'm not sure what to tell you if the shield just disappeared without your having used it.
  21. KnowItAllBird

    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    The way that it shakes up the conventional zelda cycle of (small task, temple next area. Small tasks, temple, next area). Here there is a ton to do between every dungeon, and the formula is disturbed so that there can be more to benefit the story. For example...
  22. KnowItAllBird

    Have You Beat Skyward Sword Yet?

    No I have to share a TV with my whole family so I only have 22 hours of gameplay >:(
  23. KnowItAllBird

    This Game's a Joke, Right?

    Regarding graphics.... I don't know if anybody else feels the same way as I do, but personally I believe that zelda should continue using cartoon style graphics. Maybe a realistic looking zelda game would be better, I couldn't say until I experienced one, but I feel like graphics that are too...
  24. KnowItAllBird

    Is It Wrong for a Newbie to Use a Guide?

    About your problem solving skills being poor: the more Zelda games you play, the better you get at understanding how the creators think and what patterns to expect. Keep persisting, if you need walkthroughs dont feel stupid at all. I've been there before. Eventually, you'll start needing them less.
  25. KnowItAllBird

    Skyward Sword Does Anyone else Have Trouble Getting Off Pumpkin Landing?

    Its not night time is it? It has to be day to summon the loftwing. There are beds in the Lumpy Pumpkin for you to sleep in until morning if this is the case.
  26. KnowItAllBird

    Best Music in the Series?

    I dont know if the actual music is my favorite, but I definately agree that it sounds the best. However, I love Ghirahim's theme!
  27. KnowItAllBird

    Skyward Sword I Can't Fly Loftwing!

    Hmm, I haven't had that issue yet. On the left of the HUD there is a meter that shows your altitude from the clouds to the sun. Maybe you've just reached the highest allowed altitude? I find the best method is to flick the controller up two or three times, then ride the wind down for a bit. And...
  28. KnowItAllBird

    Recalibration Help

    make sure you're holding the controller straight up and down when you want to throw bombs, I had the same issue.
  29. KnowItAllBird

    So is Anybody else Completely in Love with Ghirahim?

    The title says it all. Ever since the first scene where we meet Ghirahim in the Skyview Temple, I have been head over heels in love with the guy! Definately my new favorite villain. Not only do I love the music that plays in his presence, but I find his dramatic flair amazing. Honestly, I found...
  30. KnowItAllBird

    Something That Bothers Me About Legend of Zelda Games.....

    Couldn't agree more. The first time this happened I freaked out, wondering if it hadn't saved.
  31. KnowItAllBird

    [IGN REVIEW] IGN Gives Skyward Sword A...

    Yes!!! Ign is just about the only review I even listen to when it comes to gaming. I can't believe it!!!!!!
  32. KnowItAllBird

    Shiny Pokemon

    Never found a true shiny :/ Only shining gyrados in rage lake!
  33. KnowItAllBird

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played/completed, and What Order of Preference?

    In order of completion: Oracle of Seasons, Ocarina of Time, Links Awakening, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, Oracle of Ages, Minish Cap, Four Swords. Now in order of preference: First is probably going to have to be Ocarina of Time. It was the first 3d game I've played, and I've played at...
  34. KnowItAllBird

    Top Rated Games for the Holidays

    Well to be fair Skyrim is going to be an amazing addition to a much beloved series. Its not like zelda.... its an action rpg with total freeroam. Fairly unique in my opinion, and I think the game will be amazing. Minecraft is a nerd staple (it seems like everyone who goes to a tech school...
  35. KnowItAllBird

    Zelda Awards

    Thats a really cool idea. I'll definately be voting!
  36. KnowItAllBird

    General Modern Favorite Part of Minish Cap

    I think it had the one of the best overworlds of any of the top down games. I also loved the music. I know those aren't actual parts of the game but they were components which I thought were great.
  37. KnowItAllBird

    What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Bands?

    Coheed and Cambria The Dear Hunter Dance Gavin Dance The Mars Volta Emarosa Sleeping with Sirens Queen Pierce the Veil Van Halen .......and my own band :p
  38. KnowItAllBird

    Your Zelda Ratings

    Alttp- 9.7 LA- 9.9 Oot- 10 MM- 9.5 WW- 10 Oox- 10 MC- 9.8 PH- 9.6 ST- 9.8
  39. KnowItAllBird

    Favorite Starter Pokémon of All Time

    Chikorita. My first starter, and super cute!
  40. KnowItAllBird

    Dungeons and Dragons Rules

    You'll need various dice, and some sort of figures to represent your characters would be ideal but honestly you could use anything to represent them. You'll each need to print out character sheets, you can find them easily on line. It would be smart of you to buy the manuals (monster manual, dm...
  41. KnowItAllBird

    What instrument do you play?

    I spend most of my time playing guitar. I also play saxaphone and dabble with the ocarina ;)
  42. KnowItAllBird

    Most Fun Item from Zelda

    the sand rod from spirit tracks was tons of fun
  43. KnowItAllBird

    Four Swords Are You Getting Four Sword for Dsi/Dsi XL/ 3DS?

    I've just started playing, it is my first experience with the four swords games. I must say I love it!
  44. KnowItAllBird

    General Classic Oracle of Seasons: Why So Underrated?

    The Oracles were what got me started! I think they are some of the best overheads in the series.
  45. KnowItAllBird

    Ocarina of Time Worst Enemy Ever.

    like likes are terrible. such an annoyance if they happen to get you.
  46. KnowItAllBird

    General Modern If the DS Zelda Games Were Done Like Super Mario 64 DS

    No!!! The DS games, moreso than any of the other handhelds, truly addicted me. I always look forward to playing PH or ST when I'm doing a playthrough. I don't go much for the transportation overworld, but the dungeons in those games just might be my favorites in the series.
  47. KnowItAllBird

    More Rumored 3DS Games for September 13

    Castlevania and Fire emblem would get me pumped up!!!
  48. KnowItAllBird

    Anyone Play Yugioh?

    I used to play, but now I just play Magic. You should definately look into it, they are both fun games but Magic has so many different rules and cards with unique ablities that it never gets old!
  49. KnowItAllBird

    Which is the Best LoZ Handheld?

    This is a tough choice. I absolutely love the ds zelda games as well as the OoX games. But when it comes down to it, I think that the DS games were a lot more fun. And sailing is nowhere near as bad as conducting a train. So I'd have to say Phantom Hourglass.
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