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  1. agoraphobia

    Aspects You Like in Each Game

    LOl I was literally thinking of making a thread like this and came on here to do so! great minds think alike! LOZ: I loved discovering secrets, no internet back then, just word of mouth, going to school and chating it up with your friends on finding a fiery in a certain location. Great times...
  2. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Midna's Return?

    Ive never interpreted that line meaning that she will be back... more that her descendents and ppl will return one day and meet Link's descendents. Maybe when either realm needs help
  3. agoraphobia

    Demise's Final Words- My Interpritation (spoilers)

    I noticed that It's become popular opinion that Demise cursed link and Zelda... that his curse was to forever haunt their bloodlines and courageous heroes.... I don't think that he did, I think he stated that he is in fact the one that is cursed (something that happened to him long ago)and as...
  4. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Official English Intro

    the music and style of the intro remind me of the intro battle to Bram Stockers Dracula, its almost uncanny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XADnnRFIZ8w
  5. agoraphobia

    The Zelda Cartoon Takes a Diry Turn Lol

    http://kotaku.com/5851611/bleep-a-few-words-and-suddenly-zelda-is-very-nsfw lol enjoy everyone
  6. agoraphobia

    Are You Disappointed That Ghirahim Won't Be the Main Villain?

    I agree, even if Girahim isnt the main villian in this game, he has a sort of staying power with him thats needs to be a final boss, I can see his leader die'ing and he being the only one left for a final battle
  7. agoraphobia

    So Instead of Finding Sages Were Finding Guardians of Hyrule??

    with the resemblance of Zelda's dad Gaepora to Kaepora Gaebora and the leader of the Kikwis looking like the great deku tree...is it possible Links main quest will onvolve finding guardians of Hyrule (or what will become Hyrule)? EDIT:: Leader of the Kikwis
  8. agoraphobia

    Ghirahim's Master

    actually I wouldnt mind if they did that ONLY if it made Ghirahim a centre point villian, say like Link prevents his master from being ressurectede at all (we only see glimpses of him or something) and it focus's on Ghirahim.
  9. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Official English Intro

    I think thy KNEW at one point but as time went by it became a legend, kind of forgotten, just like in TWW ...people didnt know what I tri force was or anything about Hyrule... as far as the intro, I love that they have a major history added before SS, I really hope that Ghirahim's leader is...
  10. agoraphobia

    Where are the Zoras?

    lol actually TWW takes place in the adult timeline but I think thats what you meant anyways. as far as the timeline, I dont see the point of trying to add any 2d games to the timeline yet, the 3d games have all been stated officially in certain parts of a timeline thats split, but the 2d...
  11. agoraphobia


    wonder if they will have any connection to Kokiri since the Kokiri evolve to Koroks in tww
  12. agoraphobia

    Why No Triforce

    becuase the triforce might nbot be "the triforce" at this point, maybe its only one peice, and by the end splits to 3
  13. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Japanese Site Got an Update, Faron Woods, Skyview Temple, Japanese Introduction

    so could skyloft eventually become what we know as the sacred realm?
  14. agoraphobia

    My Theories on the Skyward Sword Plot...

    been playing Wind waker alot have we? ... llol
  15. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Intro and File Selection Screen

    so they are reffering to a new demon lord, and a new war, (or i guess an older war since its a prequel)...or is it the same war as told in oot LTTP (yes I know that war supposedly ended a few years before oot)
  16. agoraphobia

    Cuckoos in SS???

    Im sure they'll be in somehow, but I dont get why people think that if something is not in this game that it wont make sense for future games, its like real life...chickens are in famrs everywhere I eat chicken lol, but Ive probably seen a chicken 4-5 times in my 26 years of life.
  17. agoraphobia

    A Reboot of Zelda and Timeline After Skyward Sword

    the timeline is just fine.... no ned for any repairs or reboots, each game doesnt have to directly reference eachother, subtle hints here and there are just fine, after Skyward sword... a gamein the Twilight princess timeline should be made, hundreds or thousands of years after TP
  18. agoraphobia

    Any Playstation 3 Owners? Whats Your Psn Id?

    Mine is Zanerick im in the mood for some multiplayer games, i dont play cod though (black ops was fun but meh)
  19. agoraphobia

    Should I Get Mass Effect 3?

    if you have a 360 buy the first one right away, its a great price right nnow and its a great game, the second one is awesome as well but dont play them out of order if you have a ps3 get mass effect 2, it has a backstory comic in the game itself for the first one, they are awesome! Mass...
  20. agoraphobia

    What Do You Miss from Certain Zelda Games when Playing Other Titles in the Series?

    I miss the distance of TWW when playing TP. In TWW you can climb for minutes and minutes and get to astounding heights, you can see things so far away in the distance (I love using the telescope to see what enemeies are doing while chilling on a raft or in a sub etc..
  21. agoraphobia

    Majora's Mask Is There a Point for an MM Remake?

    and your still wrong, they can have thousands apon thousands of signatures but if oot sells poorly, its dunzo, proof/ look at the big outrage of the wii rpg's games everyone wants that were released in japan in Europe, they're not coming here... EDIT:: rereading this post I come off to strong...
  22. agoraphobia

    Majora's Mask Is There a Point for an MM Remake?

    this is a silly argument, neither of these operations are going to sway Nintendo to either made MM3ds or not, it will be sales of oot, simple. Now as far as the amount of time put into making it, Nintendo is a biig company with many development teams both in house and 3rd party developers they...
  23. agoraphobia

    The Little Things, or Where the @#$% Are My Octoroks?!

    i want a lush forest for lost woods, I dont mind the way its done in oot and Tp but I want to be in a forest that looks like a forest, not a bunch of areas connected with tunnels, like in shadow of the colossus.
  24. agoraphobia

    Phantom Hourglass Was I the Only One That Loved PH but Hated ST?

    Im currently playing through both, and I like ST better as far as story but i like sailing in PH, so its 50/50 lol
  25. agoraphobia

    SwS or SS?

    SWS!!! Its more fun to say! no?
  26. agoraphobia

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess-The Sequel

    I would like a sequal in the likes on wind waker, where its 100's of years later with a new Link, do they reffer to this Link as the hero of twilight?..also exploring Tp's hyrule without any loading between different regions would be sweet
  27. agoraphobia

    Gamescom 2011

    a date and an artwork would make my day!
  28. agoraphobia

    Opinion on Bird Flying?

    I like the idea, but i wonder how much combat will be involved when traveling,
  29. agoraphobia

    Twilight Princess Do You Feel Ganondorf Was Tacked Onto TP?

    I agree with this, maybe if you got to kill Zant earlier on and there was more of a build up towards gannondorf.
  30. agoraphobia

    General Question

    Im no zelda expert as far as Zelda lore, but it seems to me no matter what they're all called whether it's Siren world, twilight realm, dark world, sacred realm etc... they are all really the same place just referred to differently being that each game has hundreds of years between each other...
  31. agoraphobia

    Possible Evidence of Oocca in SS

    I see it, This game takes pace hundreds of years before oot...which takes place (100?) years before TP......so Im sure there will be liberties in a slight redesign of the Oocca
  32. agoraphobia

    Ghirahim Bind or Kill?

    I would have to disagree, this being "the very first zelda game" and link starting at an academy of sorts.. gives me the vibe that he might show some ferocity throughout but over the course of the game he will mature and show restraint... maybe even sympathy, I say this mainly because Ghirahim...
  33. agoraphobia


    anyone else a fan?, I absolutely love this band... their new album is fantastic!
  34. agoraphobia

    Ghirahim Bind or Kill?

    I agree with this, if they dont feature the miror of twilight (I dont think it will be called that though) and the interlopers...it will be a major missed opportunity
  35. agoraphobia

    Spoiler What if Did See Ganon?

    not to mention that he doesnt receive the triforce of power until OOT so hes not immortal in a sense that he doesn't age, so if he was in this game, he would be hundreds of years old in OOT
  36. agoraphobia

    Spoiler What if Did See Ganon?

    No thank you, no Ganon please, save that for a new game, I want this game to focus on the history of Hyrule before ganon, before Hyrule came to be as we know it. Having Ganon around every major event seems to tedious and boring
  37. agoraphobia

    Who Are the "Dark Interlopers?"

    Twili are decedents to the interlopers....but are the interlopers decedents of vaati? or are they decedents of Ghirahim and crew, maybe they are the shelby-vill the the hylians Springfield.. who knows
  38. agoraphobia

    Ghirahim Bind or Kill?

    I dig his design....he looks weak and meaningless but his magic and maniacal persona can shine because of that.. I said earlier that Ive been playing twilight princess and that the master sword cannot be touched by those with evil hearts...so maybe Ghirahim does get a hold of the sword but...
  39. agoraphobia

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    I wouldnt worry about sales....even if it sells peanuts here it will kill in europe and Asia....Uncharted is ps3 only...gears 3 is 360 only,,, zelda is wii only...all of these games manage to always sell well, even thogh they are released around the same time....this doesnt even include Call of...
  40. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Skyward Sword and Minish Cap Similar?

    thats what get s me so exited about this game, It can connect MC and OOt and TP, stories..even if its just minor references.. this will either be incredibly awesome...or incredibly disappointing
  41. agoraphobia

    Spoiler Skyward Sword and Minish Cap Similar?

    Dont forget the intro of Minish cap, it tates that a sword was passed down from the heavens to defeat a great evil...during that scene it shows pics of llink ganon and thr Master sword
  42. agoraphobia

    Wind Waker 3D: Should They Make It?

    the WW will be downloadable on the Wii U most likely...and since you can play that portably..you kind of get your wish lol
  43. agoraphobia

    Ghirahim Bind or Kill?

    I think that though he isnt the head honcho...Ghirahim will still be the last boss, surviving something that kills his leaders......IF this game is associated swith Twilight princess then he and/or his tribe must be sealed away to the other realm (its not known as the twilight realm until much...
  44. agoraphobia

    Future And Past

    Zoras and Gorons make sense to live in the "world not known as Hyrule yet" ...my guess is that neither of each race has a home yet and as link you help them settle in zoras domain and death mountain respectively...
  45. agoraphobia

    A Villain You'd Like to See Someday in Zelda

    Its not a bad idea but all I can think of is super mario sunshine... lol As far as villian, i just want someone who is in power and abuses that power, sure ganon was in control for 7 years in OOT but you didnt really see much of the effects of it. I want to see villiges being...
  46. agoraphobia

    The Silliest Things in Zelda

    definetelY! THE NOISE GE MAKES WHEN HE RUNS! I would also say the look of some of the enemies, like the Octorocks or various shrub enemies
  47. agoraphobia

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    the cg alone was fantastic. but the performance was even better! I was a little worried when hey started communicating but they kept that minimal....
  48. agoraphobia

    Four Swords Connection...

    ok ok I know I know...Vaati is not the villian in this game, its been discussed a bunch of times..but thats not why im here, check out this image.. its a bit blurry...but look at the colours of their tunics!
  49. agoraphobia

    Overcoming Modesty/Shyness

    honestly the best way to overcome any of that (to get out of your shell or whatever the term is..) is to just just mingle. I'm not saying go out and party get drunk and act inappropriately, you just have to be you and forget what others think of that. I know a few people who are completely shut...
  50. agoraphobia

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    My dog Molly!
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