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  1. Blackbaldrik

    SS standing or sitting?

    Standing. Sitting restricted my range of motion too much for my liking.
  2. Blackbaldrik

    Breath of the Wild How Do You Plan On Getting Zelda Wii U?

    I plan to pre-order as soon as it is available, then pick it up on release day. Zelda is always a good investment. :)
  3. Blackbaldrik

    I Love My WiiU So Far..

    I still haven't updated my Wii U because my internet only runs at 64kb/s on good days (<i>and no, I can't upgrade</i>). But I still have had more fun with the Wii-U than I have had with any game system ever. The second controller screen is most definitely one of the best innovations in gaming...
  4. Blackbaldrik

    Did You Notice the Clockwork Theme of SS?

    A lot of the things made by the Goddess are somewhat clockwork in design, like the statues in the Isle of Songs, and the Gate of Time. Also, some things not made by the Goddess, like Beedle's flying shop ship, a few of the enemies and objects in Lanayru, and even Impa's hair is like the...
  5. Blackbaldrik

    Did You Notice the Clockwork Theme of SS?

    I recently started playing through Skyward Sword again (on Hero mode), and I started to notice a theme that I hadn't really paid attention to on my first play through. A lot of the things in Skyward Sword seem very clockwork in design. Most notably for me, almost everything built by the...
  6. Blackbaldrik

    Ways They Can Add Voice Acting but Not Totally Change the Series

    I say this every time the subject comes up: If there must be voice acting, it should be entirely in Hylian, it wouldn't make fans too angry, it would be extremely cool to actually hear the language of Hyrule(maybe with different dialects from game to game), give super-fans a fictional language...
  7. Blackbaldrik

    A Story of GameStop Sacrifice

    People seem to be missing the point :dry: I don't want to hear stories of how GameStop has ripped people off and stuff, I've heard every possible variation about 50 times over. If you want to complain about GameStop, find a different thread. I want the Good stories about GameStop, when...
  8. Blackbaldrik

    A Story of GameStop Sacrifice

    This is the first problem I've ever had with GameStop, so I'm giving the company the benefit of the doubt. And as I stated, I don't want to hear what GameStop has done wrong, I want to hear stories of what GameStop and it's employees have done for you when they didn't have to. :)
  9. Blackbaldrik

    A Story of GameStop Sacrifice

    I pre-ordered Skyward Sword Limited Bundle over a month ago, and when the release date came around I went to GameStop to pick it up, and I was told they were shorted a few copies and that they would call around to see if they could find one, so I went home and awaited the inevitable phone-call...
  10. Blackbaldrik

    What Do You Think of Twilight Princess Now?

    Twilight Princess is one the the best Zelda games I ever played and I have never seen the flaws that alot of other people say it has; I found it to be quite non-linear, it wasn't too easy, I loved the story(In my opinion the only thing they did wrong was make Zant suddenly act weird all of...
  11. Blackbaldrik

    Do You Care What Color Link's Hair Is?

    I'm pretty sure Link has been blonde in every game, and I hope they never change it.:) (blonde can vary from really golden to a very dark brown)
  12. Blackbaldrik

    Zelda Art Happy Halloween from Stone Tower Temple!

    That was indeed awesome sir, I applaud you. (= *Claps*
  13. Blackbaldrik

    Halo Theme Song-Corporeal (The Legend of Zelda)

    *Sits in silent awe for a few minutes* That is without a doubt one of the best things I've watched in ages, I don't know how it could be any more awesome than it is! It mixes two of the greatest game series to ever exist! It's... just... so... I am at a complete loss for words! *Sits in...
  14. Blackbaldrik

    Zelda Fun Facts!

    I'm pretty sure that isn't possible, I did some checking and "The Legend of Zelda" came out only 2 months after the "Legend" movie came out. no one is that fast, not even Nintendo.:)
  15. Blackbaldrik

    Zelda Fun Facts!

    I just had this idea: to see how many interesting Legend of Zelda things might not be known by the majority of players. I'm curious what you might have found out about something in Legend of Zelda, that most players had no idea about. For example, I just found this out about a month or two...
  16. Blackbaldrik

    What You Think "Game of The Year" Will Be.

    Skyward Sword beats the Dragon Age games in size! 50-100 Hours is not short and easy to replay, this is no ordinary Zelda game! Skyward Sword will also require tons of tactical play with every single enemy being a precision challenge. I wouldn't be extremely surprised if Skyrim won, but Skyward...
  17. Blackbaldrik

    Next SSB Characters

    FourSword Link needs to be in the next Smash Bros! They would function kind of like ice climbers, but with four of them! If all but the green one died he wouldn't be able to pick up barrels and crates, their smash move would be the massive four person spin attack, and their moves would be...
  18. Blackbaldrik

    What You Think "Game of The Year" Will Be.

    I agree, I also predict SkywardSword will indeed win Game of the Year, but Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will come very close. Skyward Sword is just bringing so much to the table that it can't not win. Elder Scrolls is an awesome series, but Oblivion kinda sucked(They blew it by making the...
  19. Blackbaldrik

    deleted thread

    I have played all of the games the Zelda-Haters play, like CoD and Halo. I find CoD less than spectacular, I have played much better war FPSs... I on the other hand, love Halo alot, I look forward to new Halo games nearly as much as I look forward to new Zelda games. I found most haters hate...
  20. Blackbaldrik

    Which Ganondorf is Your Favorite?

    Yeah, I found him not nearly evil enough too, given a choice in the game I would have let him unflood Hyrule, I felt so sorry for him after he told his story.:(
  21. Blackbaldrik

    deleted thread

    1:1 Swordplay means the motion sensor makes your character in the game move his sword in exactly the way you do in real life with your controller.
  22. Blackbaldrik

    Which Ganondorf is Your Favorite?

    I like OoT Ganondorf best. But Twilight Princess Ganondorf comes in VERY close second.
  23. Blackbaldrik

    deleted thread

    I can understand if someone doesn't like Zelda due to the genre, some people just don't like RPG/Puzzle games and that's fine. But it angers me when people just hate Zelda for no real reason, a series that has had nothing but high rated games for 25+ years cannot be bad no matter what anyone...
  24. Blackbaldrik

    3DS Zelda Style

    I think they should do more 3DS Zelda with the OoT style of gameplay. But they shouldn't leave overhead Zelda behind, with the power the 3DS has they could make VERY good looking overhead games with extremely detailed enviroments and terrain. (= I do think they should leave the touch...
  25. Blackbaldrik

    Bridge to Termina

    I would love to see a new Zelda game with Termina in it! Perhaps a game where Link has to travel back and forth between Hyrule and Termina using some kind of interdimensional artifact. :)
  26. Blackbaldrik

    What Game Were You Playing?!

    This thread is sparked by the recent Kotaku post about Twilight Princess, it put me over the edge and I had to argue against it: I completely disagree with almost everything he said, here is my opinion, in order. (1) TP in my opinion was a lot of the best of LoZ thrown into one. (2) I...
  27. Blackbaldrik

    Link with Dreds

    I don't think dredlocks really fit Link's style, he looks more like a northern warrior, with the blonde hair, the tunic and the earrings (He looks kinda like a Huskarl), dredlocks aren't very northern, they had braids, but not dredlocks (at least from what I've seen). I think long haired...
  28. Blackbaldrik

    Does Making Fun of Zelda Annoy You?

    I guess I'm lucky because I've only really met open minded videogamers (irl), if they make fun of a game without having played it, I tell them to give it a try, and they do. That usually converts them, or they can continue to make fun of it but in a more enlightened way, which doesn't bother me...
  29. Blackbaldrik

    What Makes The Legend of Zelda Great?

    I think Legend of Zelda is great because it is pretty much the only series with a perfect balance of Puzzles, Combat, and Storyline. Other games focus almost completely on just one aspect.
  30. Blackbaldrik

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    The reasons for it may be few, but the reasons against it are none. There are literally no good reasons to be against MM3D besides "I don't want it to be remade". As I stated already, making it will earn Nintendo money, let people have a mobile version of Majora's Mask, show the game to modern...
  31. Blackbaldrik

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    I am all for Operation Moonfall, there is no good reason to be against it besides personal opinion, no one has actually stated any factual reasons for Nintendo not to make it. I can think of a few really good reasons to be for Operation MoonFall; it will bring one of the best Zelda games ever...
  32. Blackbaldrik

    The "elf"

    I agree with you guys - it doesn't really annoy me because I can just correct them, but I do start to get irritated in the event they continue calling Hylians, elves. It is extremely annoying when they call Link, Zelda... That to me, is like looking at Mario and saying "Is that Princess Peach?".
  33. Blackbaldrik

    Zelda, Is It Truly Hard?

    I never have any big problems with any Legend of Zelda, I even did OoT3D 3-Heart without a problem... The only LoZ games I ever found slightly more challenging were the 2D handhelds (Not PH or SP). Even when I was 12 playing OoT for the first time (It was also my first LoZ ever), I didn't...
  34. Blackbaldrik

    How Much Time Do You Think Nintendo Should Take Until Its Next Zelda Game?

    Nintendo should stick to their current average time between console Zeldas: about 2-3 years.
  35. Blackbaldrik

    In the Games Where He Doesn't Wear Pants, What Does Link Wear Under His Tunic?

    Link wears short shorts under his tunic, You can see that when young Link sits at the start of OoT.
  36. Blackbaldrik

    What New Features Do You Want In Majora's Mask 3DS?

    If/When they make MM3D, it should remain almost untouched, like OoT3D was. There should be no story changes or added mini-quests, it should just have good graphics, 3D, and maybe a hint system like OoT3D has (It could go in the Clock Tower). All they added was Shiekah Stones incase you need a...
  37. Blackbaldrik

    What Item from Another Game Would You Put in Zelda

    I would bring in the Minigun from TF2! It would be so much fun to just walk into a dungeon and gun down everything in your path! I made a picture of Link and Saria in TF2. (= Click to enlarge Wouldn't really work in Legend of Zelda, but it'd be fun as heck.:)
  38. Blackbaldrik

    People Want "Mature" Zelda, We Already Have One!

    I think Legend of Zelda is fine the way it is, and it is fun for someone of any age. If Nintendo ever created a more "Mature" Zelda game, they would lose alot of sales due to younger people not buying it. Or, younger people would buy it anyway and it would be a terrible experience for them or...
  39. Blackbaldrik

    Which Transformation Would You Want?

    It would be cool being a Deity. But the Fierce Deity was giving off an aura of great evil as stated in the game, so I doubt he was very nice. Also, I'm pretty sure it isn't a Race exactly, but there may be more of them, and it isn't so much God as it is a DemiGod.
  40. Blackbaldrik

    What if the Villain Won?

    I agree with everything Djinn said. It would be very much like we have seen when the villains temporarily won, but forever, and maybe more than just Hyrule. But due to story line reasons, there is no possible way evil can control the world forever.
  41. Blackbaldrik

    Zelda Enemies

    I would be an Iron Knuckle, they are the coolest Legend of Zelda enemies ever!
  42. Blackbaldrik

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    So Nintendo would completely drop the idea of making a new handheld Zelda game for the entire life span of 3DS? Again, do they suddenly hate money? Nintendo handhelds have been gaining in lifespan over the years, and the Nintendo 3DS is looking like it will have by far the longest life of them...
  43. Blackbaldrik

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    Ummm.... Your arguement makes little to no sence what so ever... Your arguement is based around the idea that Nintendo is a company that hates it's fans and doesn't like money. Also, look at Nintendo's record, they have made many remakes without second party help and they always cranked out a...
  44. Blackbaldrik

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    Nintendo would use Grezzo for the Majora's Mask, Nintendo would still be able to focus 100% of it's work on a new game. It is confusing how so many people miss this little fact, maybe because it renders the arguement against a remake completely moot.
  45. Blackbaldrik

    Best Zelda Game, Factually.

    To get a accurate "Best" Zelda game, you need to have about 1,000,000 people who have never seen LoZ, play each game, and have each of them choose which game they liked the most, and the one with the most people liking it would be qualified as Best. It is impossible to determine with only one...
  46. Blackbaldrik

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    I am seriously all for a Majora's Mask 3D remake, it wouldn't feel right at all just having Ocarina of Time 3D. If it effected the release of a new game in any way then I might be less for it, but since it will in no way effect anything then there is no reason to be against it! Also, no one is...
  47. Blackbaldrik

    Which Transformation Would You Want?

    I would pick Keaton as a creature you could turn into. I also think Subrosian would make a awesome race to turn into. In real life, I think I'd be a Hylian, due to their ability to use magic and supposedly hear the voices of the gods.
  48. Blackbaldrik

    Link/Zelda Love Interest

    I am personally against the idea of a love interest between Link and Zelda, I always see them as good friends or comrades in arms as they fight together against the forces of evil. There has never been any real evidence to back up the love interest thing, and it would somewhat ruin the series...
  49. Blackbaldrik

    Another Handheld Zelda Game?

    I think should/will make another 3DS Zelda game that plays like a console game. OoT3D showed that it doesn't have to be a overhead view any more:). I'm pretty sure the DS Zeldas and their style of play have come to an end, at least for now.
  50. Blackbaldrik

    How Long Until We Get a Female Link?

    I don't think female Link would work, it'd be like changing main characters completely, and as was mentioned before, people get mad when you change small things about Link.
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