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  1. donpedrox

    Does the Wii U Need to Price Its Games at $60?

    There is a simple counter point to this and it is all the PC games that are sold at $49.99 brand new. These games include many AAA games and "mature, serious" games. I don't agree with this article and the Wii U should be fin with whatever software price point they choose. As a consumer I hope...
  2. donpedrox

    Trailer for the New DragonBall Z Movie

    It is times like these that I wish I knew Japanese, I'm pretty excited about this after that mess that was known as GT (even though I own all the episodes of it lol)
  3. donpedrox

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    0/10 ..........I'm confused was this formerly known as the popularity thread?
  4. donpedrox

    What Operating System Do You Use?

    I myself use Windows 7 on my desktop and laptop and then Ubuntu on my second laptop. So I can't really vote for one so I guess I'll put other? Or shall I put windows 7 since I use more of that
  5. donpedrox

    The Tales Series

    The game that got me into the series was Vesperia since then I have purchased Graces f, Abyss, Symphonia, and I plan on picking up Xillia when it is released. I absolutely fell in love with the series
  6. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  7. donpedrox

    3ds Remakes!

    Psychonauts would be an interesting 3DS remake I'd like to see
  8. donpedrox

    Remake of All the Mother/Earthbound Games on the 3DS

    I think the actual possibility of this happening is significantly less than 1%, however I would love to see it happen it would make possibly everyone very happy but those darn licensing issues that hold them from ever becoming a reality.
  9. donpedrox

    Steam Summer Sale Thread

    So, I so far have spent about 30 dollars during the steam summer sale. I've bought Torchlight I and II, Psychonauts, and Bastion I myself am having a hard time keeping my wallet closed. how about you guys? By the way today's sales are as follows: Men of War: Vietnam - $8.74 Indie Bundle V -...
  10. donpedrox

    The New Comedy "Ted"...

    I found it to be quite funny, nothing too special though. This movie may offend some so its not really recommend to those who are not open minded and or tolerant with jokes about religion, race, etc.
  11. donpedrox

    What Languages Do You Know?

    I am fluent in English and Spanish. I find both languages to not be as exciting or exotic possibly due to the fact that I grew up with both. I would love to learn Japanese though, I would import so many games my wallet would hate me.
  12. donpedrox

    American Independence Day: The Fourth of July

    Happy birthday 'Merica ironic right?
  13. donpedrox

    Who is This "friend" in Skyrim?

    Nope, these letters never mention a meet. They only tell you where words of power could be found, but I think it is Delphine as well
  14. donpedrox

    Wouldn't an IOS/Android ZD Forums App Be Nice?

    I like dolphin hd but I've adopted chrome on my phone I use both however the point still stands a dedicated ZD app would be awesome.
  15. donpedrox


    I haven't seen the new toonami yet does it live up too the hype? is tom back? is he a new version of tom or the tom before toonami went off the air?
  16. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    So................... we're on three?
  17. donpedrox

    Wouldn't an IOS/Android ZD Forums App Be Nice?

    I myself finding myself pondering how a ZD forums app would be I however have no clue on how to do app development. If I did I would offer to make one. Do you think anyone on the ZD staff would be willing and able to make one or maybe a community member?
  18. donpedrox

    Any Dragon Quest Fans Here?

    I've never completed DQ VIII however I would like to since it is the very first DQ I have ever played. Sadly I only have a PS3 without backwards compatibility.
  19. donpedrox

    UEFA Euro 2012

    WOW today's game was a complete surprise for me I sure as hell did not peg the Italians to be 2 up bu halftime! The Germans were however playing very poorly and seem to lost their form from their past games. Now I am left rooting for Spain to take it all home and make history, however the...
  20. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  21. donpedrox

    UEFA Euro 2012

    No one is fighting here drum and to the matches I've been to I have not seen one fight. The media must have skewed your vision of the beautiful game also what business do you have posting here if you don't contribute anything and just say you hate the sport which is the topic discussion.
  22. donpedrox

    UEFA Euro 2012

    I myself was hoping for an England win as well, as a matter of fact I thought they had it when Italy missed their second penalty, well we know the rest haha. Spain are certainly favorites to take it all and it will be the first time they have gotten an international treble so that will be...
  23. donpedrox

    Dreams you had recently

    The latest dream I can remember involved my self a friend a local mall and a big cruise ship.............it was strange. it was one of those inception things where I don't know how I got there. A friend and I were on our way to the mall and as we arrived and parked we turned the corner and all...
  24. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    because mods are oppressive in nature and love to keep us common users suppressed but we have numbers on our side we outnumber them 9 to 1 It is time to rise up and say "No Mas!"
  25. donpedrox

    UEFA Euro 2012

    England will certainly be a pleasant surprise seeing as how they made it to the quarterfinals with the fanbase not expecting them to leave the group stage. However I believe we will be seeing a Spain-Germany final The current game is quite exciting even sitting at nil-nil
  26. donpedrox

    UEFA Euro 2012

    So far its been a wonderful tournament as of right now we are in quaterfinal stage of the tournament with Italy and England fighting for a spot in the semi finals against Germany. I myself peg Germany as taking it all. Spain is a close second and honestly I wouldn't be upset if they won but...
  27. donpedrox

    How Do You Manage Your Gaming Time?

    I usually commit an hour of gameplay to one game a day and more often than not it is the same game everyday until completion. Sure I dabble some times but the fact remains one hour a day keeps the boredom away. Any longer then it begins to feel like a chore to keep playing. I'm lying to...
  28. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    29 there's no way mods know were so close this time
  29. donpedrox

    Any Dragon Quest Fans Here?

    You guys should play V it is one of the best in the series
  30. donpedrox

    Pokemon Conquest

    So after a few days with it I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I however get this sense of being overwhelmed because of how much you must do in the game in terms of protecting yor kingdoms and delegating stuff to your warlords
  31. donpedrox

    Any Dragon Quest Fans Here?

    Yep, I personally like dragon quest V the most IX is a close second due to the sheer openness of it
  32. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  33. donpedrox

    Pokemon Conquest

    I pre-ordered the game and have yet to receive it because gamestop has yet to receive their initial shipment so I wont be playing until later this evening or tomorrow the latest. Do any of you have the game be it the localized version or the japanese version and how is it?
  34. donpedrox

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I purchased Pokemon Conquest but for whatever reason Gamestop hasn't received their initial shipment so I won't be able to play later this evening or tomorrow the latest
  35. donpedrox

    Metal Gear Online is Officially Gone

    I played MGO all of 1 time. I couldn't get into the control scheme was weird for me. I had a hard enough time with MGS4 so I wasn't any good at it and was getting one shotted constantly and after that I never got on again I never had the desire to. However it is always a sad occasion when any...
  36. donpedrox

    Favorite Hedgehog

    Sonic, THE hedgehog
  37. donpedrox

    Have You Been to Any Midnight Releases?

    I went to Battlefield 3 and Skyrim I usually do not go but in those instances I was with two of my friends so we decided why not. I don't think I'd do it again its not that awesome.
  38. donpedrox

    Anyone Here Play Dragon Age?

    DA: O I believe like its name implies is the first in the series, I however never got too far into the game to tell you how much I enjoyed it or not. I did also play a bit of DA2 but again same story I never got too into it but I can tell you it is a bit different from DA: O.....they went and...
  39. donpedrox

    Wii U

    I'd said before I would preorder as soon as possible but I am having second thoughts I will probably wait for a killer app like Mario or Zelda to launch before I decide to purchase one.
  40. donpedrox

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    10/10 I really think I've seen you in every single thread I have looked and or posted in
  41. donpedrox

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    Yea, but isn't there a thing where the announced winners have to respond by midnight the day they are announced? I might be getting my contest rules mixed but If that were the case how long would it take Mases to announce the winners in this thread from the moment he announces them on the...
  42. donpedrox

    Attempt to Be the CRAZIEST Thread in DGN History.

    Shop smart, shop esmart.........YOU GOT THAT?!
  43. donpedrox

    When Will We Be Able to Pre Order the Wii U?

    If we can pre order in July I will for sure be doing that. I dont want to experience another Wii launch drought
  44. donpedrox

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    But if Mases announces the winners on the stream what about users who are busy doing something else and are unable to watch the stream?
  45. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  46. donpedrox

    Tetraforce Theory

    An exiforce? are you you gonna come up with some other convuluted reason to make up the octoforce or whatever you wanna call it? I believe the Triforce to be just that tri and there is no hard evidence to prove a 4th, 5th , or 6th piece exists. you contradict yourself again. You said earlier...
  47. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  48. donpedrox

    Nintendo Re-release

    Ah, I get you now
  49. donpedrox

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  50. donpedrox

    Tetraforce Theory

    Precisely True, that Zephos would be an odd choice for this supposed 4th god/goddess but I was only playing at your idea that the goddesses represent elements
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