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  1. crazeh navi

    General Classic Which is Harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple

    If it weren't enough that the GBT is more complex and dynamic (not to mention the whole ice arrows and Zora elements), I also had a very tough time finding all the Stray Fairies, which was a bummer :|
  2. crazeh navi

    The Master Sword's History

    I think this makes a lot of sense from the point of view of a master Sword timeline. I think a few games fall in between these, but they didn't involve the Mater Sword, so they're irrelevant here. Anyway, this seems pretty accurate to me, assuming that the TP Link put the Sword back after his...
  3. crazeh navi

    Will There Ever Be A Legend of Zelda Movie?

    I think that a MM movie in particular would be amazing!! It could show all these characters in more of a real-person light, and we could also get a real glimpse into what the producers decide Link was thinking all through the adventure. Was he sad that he couldn't help everyone in one three-day...
  4. crazeh navi

    Favorite Link

    I know it's not canon or anything, but after seeing the Legend of Neil, my fave has got to be the original Link.
  5. crazeh navi

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    Watch My Little Pony!!!!
  6. crazeh navi

    Zelda Art And Pony Art (It's a Crossover Story) Fluttering About the Fate of Hyrule

    Good stuff man, you did a really good representation of Fluttershy. Fluttershy: "Woooooo!"
  7. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    Saria for sure. It's just too bad she became a Sage :'(
  8. crazeh navi

    You as the opposite sex

    I'd be a pretty okay looking girl, but what would make me awesome would be that I'D STILL BE A ZELDA FAN :D If I met my girl self, we'd chill together all the time, because we'd have everything in common, but we wouldn't date because we'd be too nervous to ask each other out. EDIT: The girl me...
  9. crazeh navi

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Masterful stuff, man. There just aren't a lot of shows like that anymore.
  10. crazeh navi

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Man of Constant Sorrow from O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  11. crazeh navi

    N64 Games?

    1. Super Smash Bros. 2. Goldeneye 007 3. Bomberman 64 All epic games!!
  12. crazeh navi

    Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.

    My faves are Clock Town days 2 and 3. 2 is so upbeat and happy, and at first 3 seems that way too. But when you listen, there's that underlying creepy tune that just chills you.
  13. crazeh navi

    Spoiler Favorite Moment in the Zelda Series (preferably from the 3d Ones)

    When Ilia remembers Link. Absolutely the most emotional moment in any game in my opinion. Just fantastic.
  14. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Worst Enemy Ever.

    Don't know why, but the ICE KEESE are eeeeeeeviiiiiiiiil to me!! I always go into the Ice Cavern before the Forest Temple, so I have no bow to defend myself. They are positively sinister...
  15. crazeh navi

    Wtf nintendo logic

    Oh yeah, and for some reason, empty bottles are among the most valuable and expensive items in the world. Huh?
  16. crazeh navi

    Wtf nintendo logic

    Milk=alcoholic Save Cremia from the Gorman Brothers- Get Romani Mask- Mask's effect: membership at bar- Go into milk bar- Get Circus Leader's Mask... Mask's effect: stop the Gorman Brother's from attacking.....WHAT? Skull Kid: sells/releases Epona in 10 seconds flat, waaaay fast. Set bat on...
  17. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Boss!

    I'd say Twinrova, due to the magic reflecting segment being AWESOME :D
  18. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Most Humorous Part of the Game.

    I thought it was hilarious that the Cucco Lady was allergic to Cuccos. I mean, of all the jobs you could have, you pick the one you're allergic to? XD
  19. crazeh navi

    Twilight Princess Ball and Chain: Too Good?

    Okay, so anyone who's played the game is familiar with the ball and chain, but my question is: is it so powerful that it's cheap? I almost felt it detracted from the game some because it wielded so much strength. I found myself avoiding it in general because it just felt too easy for me. Am I...
  20. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Usually Have Equiped to the "C" Buttond on OOT. It Can Be Any Version.

    the ocarina never leaves c down, the longshot/boomerang rarely leaves c right, and the left slot is for whatever else i need, usually bow/slingshot
  21. crazeh navi

    Am I the Only One That Finds This Ironic?

    I always felt it symbolized that while the plot is important, what's even more important are the sidequests and just having fun, rather than rigid plot alignment. Just my two cents.
  22. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Your Least Favorite Part of the Game.

    YES! That too! When i played as a kid, the stalchilds were the scariedst thing going, i mean, i was like 4 or 5, but still...
  23. crazeh navi

    Four Swords Favorite FS Color Link

    Anyone who's seen Four Swords Misadventures know that Blue Link is by far the best. I know it's not canon, but, well, I don't care :D
  24. crazeh navi

    Spoiler The Mystery of The Happy Mask Salesman

    Well, you have a few good points, but you fail to remember that he didn't DROP Majora's Mask; the Skull Kid MUGGED him. I think what's more likely (but still trying to keep with your theory of him being a descendant of the Dark Tribe) is that he, being taught the details of the Mask, realized it...
  25. crazeh navi

    Majora's Mask Racism in Majora's Mask

    I don't think a lot of it was racism, exactly. The Deku didn't want outsiders near their king, understandable. The Zoras are used to being the only ones who can reach Zora Cape, so I can see why they'd be surprised to see a Hylian there. The Gorons didn't seem to care. As for the Curiosity Shop...
  26. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Your Least Favorite Part of the Game.

    I'd say it was all the cutscenes and instructions and stuff. After the first time, it annoyed the heck out of me :|
  27. crazeh navi

    Spoiler What Happened to the Six Sages? SPOILERS OF OOT

    But ruto cant be dead! Link was supposed to marry her!!!!!
  28. crazeh navi

    The Silliest Things in Zelda

    i think its pretty hilarious how much talon and ingo, ahem, THE HARD-WORKING INGO, look a lot like mario and luigi :D
  29. crazeh navi

    Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

    id have to say ganondorf. even though the fight was pretty easy, the same is true of all the boss battles in my opinion. the fight with ganondorf was just so epic, the music and the scenery and everything. truly memorable.
  30. crazeh navi

    Majora's Mask How Many of Us Have Got Our A** Kicked at the Clock Town Archery Game?

    GOD, the Clock Town was impossible. Swamp one, I did on the first try, but the other one took like 300+ of my rupees D:
  31. crazeh navi

    New Ideas for Zelda Games

    good ideas, i also think that (adding on to that last one) you should be able to somehow choose what kind of a life link gets, including who he marries and all that jazz :)
  32. crazeh navi

    Whats Your Mask???

    the shoop dah whoop mask; it lets you FIRE MAH LAZER :)
  33. crazeh navi

    Stupid Actions

    i once jumped all the way from the top of stone tower down to the lowest ledge. link never forgave me :)
  34. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time Shadow or Spirit Temple First?

    one thing that i noticed is that you can also do the water temple before the fire temple (i think) so the order doesn't matter, but i always do the shadow temple first
  35. crazeh navi

    Which Zelda Song Do You Listen to Regularly?

    the adamwestslapdog version of the nocturne of shadow :D
  36. crazeh navi

    General Classic Ganon VS Majora?

    ganon= took 7 years to take over a castle, majora= nearly destroyed the world in four days. hmm, lets think, who is eviler?
  37. crazeh navi

    Majora's Mask Which Mask Represents Your Personality?

    couple's mask. need i say more? ;D
  38. crazeh navi

    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    bigocto was the hardest! i mean, it was a miniboss, but it was far harder than any of the real bosses for me, aven though ive played through the game like 5 times.
  39. crazeh navi

    Majora's Mask Reasons Why I Dont Like Majoras Mask

    @ jack546 dude you just got burned :D and anyway, for those who dislike the story because they think it's dark, well how could it have been any other way? all the catastrophes that occured are what set the stage for the game. and even though even at the end there were some sad elements (like...
  40. crazeh navi

    General Classic Favorite Sword?

    the great fairy sword would have been the best if it was a b-item sword, but as it is, the gilded sword :)
  41. crazeh navi

    Majora's Mask Why the Adventure?

    In MM, Link has his horse and his Ocarina stolen. He gets them back relatively earlt in the game. Why, then, does he not go about his business from there? I know it sounds mean, but if you'll notice, most of the people who were still in Termina had basically peacefully accepted that they were...
  42. crazeh navi

    How is the Split Timeline Possible?

    there is one thing that continues to bother me: how did hyrule go so far down the crapper before LoZ happened? there used to be cities and towns and stuff. now in LoZ if you are lucky you find an old person in a cave. :/
  43. crazeh navi

    Spoiler Skulltula Confusion

    and by the way, the twilight realm was created by the light spirits to hold the interlopers and their people, and until ganondorf came to the twilight realm, the twilight world and the light world hardly ever came in contact. the sacred realm was the golden land that was the point where the...
  44. crazeh navi

    Spoiler Skulltula Confusion

    well while link may have gotten the items in the future, he cant use them as a child anyway, so he may as well not have them
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