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  1. chrisplushado

    Naming Pets After Characters

    My pony's name is Epona
  2. chrisplushado

    Music Competition: Week 9

    hmm, so I can compose a piece and submit it before Sept 30th and it will be in a competition, excuse me, I'm kind of a noob.
  3. chrisplushado

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but you die. I wish we didn't have to cross out every instance of "God", "Jesus Christ" or any of the sexual innuendo in our Little Shop of Horrors scripts.
  4. chrisplushado

    Your Favourite Candies?

    liquorish! and I mean liquorish! not strawberry flavored crap, liquorish! why did they even start calling strawberry flavored crap liquorish? liquorish is named after the herb liquorish!, which has that distinctive liquorish taste!
  5. chrisplushado

    Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films.

    I've only seen Spirited Away and Ponyo so 1. Spirited Away 2. Ponyo
  6. chrisplushado

    King Zora is Fat Because.....

    Not sure if this has been posted yet so, King Zora is so fat because the Zora river was originally a chocolate river like in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, King Zora discovered it and ate all of the chocolate, he eventually ran out of chocolate and noticed he was fat, which urged him to cry...
  7. chrisplushado

    What is Your Favorite Kind of Pie?

    Pecan and Lemon Meringue are tied for me. BUT only if it's GOOD pecan pie, none of that "3 inches of vanilla flavored syrup with a few pecans floating at the top" I'm talking "A SOLID LAYER OF PECANS SPREAD OUT EVENLY THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PIE SHELL"
  8. chrisplushado

    What is Your Favorite Thing to Put on Toast?

    I'm talking fruit butters, regular butters, margarines, jellies, jams, "fruit spreads", marmalades, vegemites, peanut butters, almond butters, other nut butters, cheeses, cheese spreads, mayonnaise (freaks), hazelnut spreads, "fruit flavored" spreads, homemade spreads, and anything else you can...
  9. chrisplushado

    What is Your Middle Name?

    My middle name is Adrian, which is my dad's first name, Luckily I didn't end up with a crappy middle name like my dad, his middle name is "Brandera" which is a combination of Marlon Brando and something else.
  10. chrisplushado

    Your Favourite Noise

    that tiny little squeaking sound you get when you rub two pickles together.
  11. chrisplushado

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but the factory you got the milk from was very shady and the cow's teets were bleeding while she was being milked, they decided it would be best to make the milkshake strawberry flavored, so that they could say that they didn't use any artificial color. I wish my watermelon didn't have...
  12. chrisplushado

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but you're black. I wish to get the part of Seymour in my school's production of "Little Shop of Horrors" and NAIL it!
  13. chrisplushado

    What Size is Your Computer's Hard Drive?

    500 gb, when I first got this computer qhwn I was maybe 11 (it had no internet) it had a 50gb hard drive, but after my dad finally granted me internet access when I was 12, I got SO many viruses, so for my birthday my dad got them all removed, but the hard drive was ruined so they had to install...
  14. chrisplushado

    Favorite Snowboarding Level in a Video Game

    Snowpeak from Twilight Princess
  15. chrisplushado

    The Worst Thing About Your Favorite Season

    My favorite season is winter, and my least favorite thing about it is getting a cold, which happens EVERY YEAR.
  16. chrisplushado

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but he dies. I wish for a computer that could play THE SIMS 2 smoothly.
  17. chrisplushado

    Have You Ever Farted in Class?

    I mean, when the class was really quiet and everyone acknowledged the fart in one way or another. I can only think of one instance, in 7th grade P.E. when i was doing push-ups, everyone laughed and the student coach said "it's alright, it's nature" sorry for the strange thread it's just that...
  18. chrisplushado

    Does Your School Ever Assign Summer Homework?

    I still have to highlight 3/4 of the book that's due tomorrow! Summer Assignments are cruel.
  19. chrisplushado

    What's Your Ringtone?

    What is Your Ringtone? If you give your opinion on mine, I'll give my opinion on yours I'm not sure how to use embed here, so here's a link. Link
  20. chrisplushado

    Does Anyone Like Studio Ghibli?

    HWAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Doctor: Nurse, ready an I.V. with 1 liter of ponyocillin, stat! Nurse: Is that all doctor? Doctor: this looks pretty serious, ready 10 mL of Nicochlorsprited Awayophine for injection! Nurse: I'm on it!
  21. chrisplushado

    Gamecube Games on the Wii U Virtual Console

    wow, GameCube games for VC? they are all 2GB so the Wii U probably has some serious storage room, I mean, they don't expect us to store them all on an SD card, do they? speaking of cards, the Wii U doesn't have GC memory card slots, I assume the VC version of games will be modified versions that...
  22. chrisplushado

    The First Game You Ever Completed

    Majora's Mask when I was like 12, we lost our N64 when I was maybe 6, and I only watched my older sibling play games on it. and I discovered the wonders of PJ64 around 12, before we got a wii. I thought the game was over after the first 3-day cycle.
  23. chrisplushado

    Commercials You HATE!

    the commercial that is really shining my shears right now is the Burger King soft serve ice cream commercial, it's like they wanted to create a jingle, but failed terribly, the lyrics are terrible and repetitive. I think I could write a better jingle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9xU6obNXYE
  24. chrisplushado

    Does Anyone Like Studio Ghibli?

    who doesn't love Studio Ghibli?
  25. chrisplushado

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    a Link pez dispenser, and I think I have an old "how to draw Nintendo characters" book with tracing paper, but I haven't seen it since i got it from the book fair in 2nd grade, so i'm pretty sure it's lost forever. (funny story, when I first got it and turned to the Zelda page, I was surprised...
  26. chrisplushado

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    Telma is my second favorite character, she is one of the maybe 4 black people in the game and she has that Gerudo eye thing. Any who, my least favorite character is Tingle, he's just weird and he makes me uncomfortable.
  27. chrisplushado

    If You Could Customize Your Loftwing...

    mine would be KOKIRI GREEN with a white belly everything else can be the same as the crimson loftwing except her name would be Heidi.
  28. chrisplushado

    Name Your Loftwing

    Billina, if anyone gets the reference, I love you.
  29. chrisplushado

    What is Your Favorite SS Pairing (other than Link X Zelda)?

    ??? x Cawlin heeheehee I voted for Fi x Scrapper, but Fi x Ghirahim would me kind of cool, considering they are the same species.
  30. chrisplushado

    Tech Help Crappy DS Charger Help?

    My parents have never been the kind to buy their kids anything not required for school (unless it was under $20 and it was a special occasion) so I was ecstatic when I found my sister's ex-boyfriend's Nintendo DS Phat in my room (it was her room before she moved out) but when I turned it on it...
  31. chrisplushado

    Screenshot Game

    well, it's been a long time, so I will guess the screenshot, the answer is Fullmetal Alchemist!, hurray now I get to choose!
  32. chrisplushado

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted but it turns into a SIDRAT that bites your subclavian artery and you bleed a slow painful death, watching the SIDRAT turn back into a TARDIS as you lose more and more blood, until you go unconscious, and breathe your last breaths on the cold hard floor of your mothers kitchen, where she...
  33. chrisplushado

    Allergies: Do You Have Any?

    eh, whenever I clean my room my nose gets all full of dust and it goes down into my lungs and it hurts to breathe, I'm not sure if that is an allergy though, also when I use my cat as a pillow too long, my face gets really itchy and irritated, perhaps an allergy? or perhaps fleas?
  34. chrisplushado

    Why You Like Your Avatar

    because I made it myself from this picture and it says my username on the black thing.
  35. chrisplushado

    Weird Dreams

    Last night I had a dream that one of my sister's friends wanted to have a baby with her husband, but they were both infertile or whatever, so my sister and her husband decided to become "surrogate parents" and let the friend adopt their baby.
  36. chrisplushado

    Commercials You HATE!

    I hate these Subway commercials with the high pitched voices. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOm9qfaD7L8&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBHtenvPlUM&feature=endscreen&NR=1
  37. chrisplushado

    Favourite TV Show Intros

    Avatar: The Last Airbender! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CggapZLtWdo
  38. chrisplushado

    Ways to Make Money

    just mow grass, that's how I used to get whatever I wanted ( I mowed for a month, and then at the end, I would get something $20 or less) it's the easiest thing to do, and it makes the world prettier.
  39. chrisplushado

    New Zelda Game Ideas

    I recently had an idea about Death Sword becoming the main villain for a game, the idea is that he was one of the main demons in Skyward Sword (you don't need to play the video, just look at the still)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9xXOtDFRjM and the game will either focus on how he...
  40. chrisplushado

    Corrupt a wish!

    granted, but you experience drowsiness, and other symptoms such as diarrhea, depression, death and dementia I wish someone would with Wii Music would be my Wii friend, so that we could share music videos with each other.
  41. chrisplushado

    Rate the Title

    ROFL 10/10 if you count this as a smiley "d[-_-]b" it says a funny word, but it's discreet!
  42. chrisplushado

    Zelda Art Twilight Princess Digits

    Thanks!, the number of mistakes I make is at a peak between 1:00 AM and going to sleep. and the eight IS a little weird, pasting two "q"'s over each other was the best I could think of at the moment.
  43. chrisplushado

    Zelda Art Twilight Princess Digits

    it always annoyed me that the TP font I downloaded had absolutely no numbers (I reckon TP didn't have many numbers on signs and stuff) so I attempted to make my own, because I made them by pasting pieces of different letters together, the quality sucks, but I think it is a pretty good idea...
  44. chrisplushado

    Funny CleverBot Convos

    new conversation ( I think I screwed it up at the end true story
  45. chrisplushado

    Who is Your Favorite Golden Goddess from the Legend of Zelda Series?

    Well according to the Zelda Wiki, Hyrule Historia explains that Impa originally was given the Triforce of Power it's the 3rd one down Impa - Zelda Wiki I guess it shouldn't be expected to be known, since Hyrule Historia is new and not in english.
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