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  1. LalaCoyoteGamer

    So Those Farmers...

    What the Hell did I just read? And why are you putting so much emphasis on sailormars' gender and appearance? I don't know either of you, so I know I'm probably missing out on some context here, but out of context, this sounds really disgusting to me.
  2. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Do You Really Not Care What Other People Think?

    I haven't read every post yet, I'm just contributing my opinion right now while I have internet time. ^^; I don't think anyone in the world is 100% free of caring. Um, let me explain that: I think we all care to varying degrees, and there are some things we are more concerned about than...
  3. LalaCoyoteGamer

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    I used to have extremely rigid moral convictions when it came to certain lifestyles when it comes to animals and how to raise them, and now I've found that my morality has become a lot more gray in those areas. I'm still vegetarian, and my basic principles haven't changed, but the ways I believe...
  4. LalaCoyoteGamer

    General Art LCG's Videogame Comics N' Crap

    He most definitely is! But I can't help but love him. I have a thing in FE10 where, even if I'm doing themed runs, I always bring him to endgame. Always. He's just that one character I always have to use. And thank you! I have 3 more recolors that I've done since then. I'm going for 15 recolors...
  5. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Things You Learnt Today

    GIMP's a pretty neat program once you figure it out! I've had it for months and only now figured out how to recolor something without losing its shading.
  6. LalaCoyoteGamer

    General Art Linknerd's Art

    The navi picture made me laugh! And that Boo picture has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!
  7. LalaCoyoteGamer

    General Art LCG's Videogame Comics N' Crap

    I have some new images to show off! I started working on art for a cat game, and I thought I'd go ahead and post some of the pictures I have so far.
  8. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Longer Cutscenes in Zelda?

    As long as they're skippable, I wouldn't mind. Probably my main annoyance with SS was that the first hour of the game felt like almost all cutscene with a bit of gameplay in between to me, and I couldn't skip any of it.
  9. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Fire Emblem Awakening

    Yup, I've beaten FE9/FE10 and played FE8 & FE12. FE10 was my favorite out of all of them. I feel like the only person in the world who doesn't have a 3DS or WiiU, though, so I'm pretty much gonna miss out on every new game that comes out. Being poor kinda sucks. Awakening looks good, though. I...
  10. LalaCoyoteGamer

    If You Could Change One Thing?

    TP: Get rid of the stupid "you got a blue rupee!!!!!!1!1!1" thing that happens every time the file is restarted/make "you got x item" text skippable. TWW: Speed up sailing just a bit and maybe reduce some of the distance between places where there's not much to do/see/find. SS: Agreeing with...
  11. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Comfort Food

    I had a problem when I was living with my dad's family for five months as the only vegetarian. I was bullied pretty badly, and the constant negative energy between everyone had me eating irregularly - I'd starve myself, but then I'd be crazy hungry and eat a bunch the next day. At least now I've...
  12. LalaCoyoteGamer

    What is Normal?

    It's everything I'm not. :P Um... anyway, other posters said it better than I would have.
  13. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Favourite Characters from a Novel/Story

    Valas Hune from the Forgotten Realms series (mainly the "War of the Spider Queen"). I feel like he's a very under-appreciated character and probably the most balanced and sympathetic one in the books he's been in. WotSQ isn't that popular, though, so I don't expect too many people, if any, to...
  14. LalaCoyoteGamer

    General Art LCG's Videogame Comics N' Crap

    Thanks! And yep, I do, I'm just spacing it out since I don't have a lot to upload all at once and it's going to be a while before I can make new comics. Next one (also a FE10 comic): "Oh, Geoffrey, you really shouldn’t have told Kieran to use the axe. All right, for those of you who don’t...
  15. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    More people need to play Marth on SSBB (and win with him >.>) so that, when I spectate, I can bet on Marth... and win more often. Because I adore Marth.
  16. LalaCoyoteGamer

    What Do You Do when There's No Electricity?

    Well, this is ironic. I might be losing my electricity today. :P Hmm... I dunno. As long as the sun's still up/I have light, there are all kinds of things I could do that I don't usually because I'm either busy or I forget. I have tons of creative projects that I always meant to go back to...
  17. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Your Favorite Dungeon/Temple Layout?

    I liked the Lakebed Temple in TP. I liked the atmosphere, overall layout, and really there was only one room that drove me nuts, which was the second gear room that was just a bottomless pit. Too many bottomless pits in TP. :|
  18. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    The stupid mailman from TP. "STOP INTERRUPTING MY JOURNEY! I'm trying to save the world here! >:0"
  19. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Favorite Generation

    I'd say Generation 1, although there were quite a few Gen1 Pokemon that were very stupidly designed. xD Gen 1 is what I grew up with, and I got kind of cut off from Pokemon after that, so everything else feels weird to me. But there are a few Generation 2 Pokemon I like, too.
  20. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Favourite Video Game Narrative?

    I'd have to say Okami, without a doubt. It's a touch choice, but I really feel like the story was very well done in all parts of the story. Without giving too much away... The game starts out not really feeling totally serious, and there are a lot of very light and occasionally (im)mature jokes...
  21. LalaCoyoteGamer

    General Art Zelda-Obsessee's Art Thread

    Those are really nice! I'd have to say Midna's Desperate Hour is my favorite one. I really like the expressions on Link and Midna, and the rain.
  22. LalaCoyoteGamer

    How Often Does Your Past Play on Your Mind?

    I have a pretty traumatic past, so certain memories and aspects of it do affect me regularly. But, like you, sometimes random memories will just come up, and they're not really bad or anything, just unexpected.
  23. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Ganon At His Best

    I loved his appearance in TP and his battles a lot, but the story issue is really the main thing that sets it back for me. As far as looks and the overall battle went, I enjoyed TP Ganondorf the most. Story-wise, though, I think TWW Ganondorf was better done and what I liked about his...
  24. LalaCoyoteGamer

    A Link Between Worlds Why Majora's Mask 3D Makes Sense

    I sure would like to see it happen. I think it would look amazing!
  25. LalaCoyoteGamer

    What Was the Game That Sparked Your Love for Gaming?

    Hmmm, I'd say Twilight Princess, since it was the first game I really got to play. I started it and was instantly hooked, and just had to get SSBB because of it. And then SSBB led to me getting my two Fire Emblem games and TWW. Yeah, when I think about it, TP started it all!
  26. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Least Favorite Pokemon

    Oh man, I have a lot. But if I seriously had to narrow it down, no matter how much I really hate some of the first gens, the garbage bag Pokemon takes the cake for me. I swear, if they make an excrement Pokemon, I am so done with them!
  27. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Yarn Yoshi Trailer

    I loved Kirby's Epic Yarn! Too bad I don't have money to shell out on another console. :/ But, now that there are some more games coming out that look worthwhile, maybe I'll go ahead and get it when I do. I love Yoshi, and this game looks good!
  28. LalaCoyoteGamer

    What's The Worst Game(s) You Have Ever Played?

    I haven't really gotten to play a wide variety of games, but there was one handheld Assassin's Creed game I tried out a long time ago that was just terrible. I don't remember what the name of it was, though. But I remember much rage over Altaïr dying automatically, numerous times, because he...
  29. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    I think my list is gonna be different than it usually would be. :o #1. Zelgius (FE10) - I love him for his complexity and being a character with a surprising amount of depth. He's the kind of character that you really need to think about to understand and isn't just a generic villain. #2. Ike...
  30. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Your Banes in Super Smash Bros.

    I hate Luigi just because I hate Luigi, but I'd have to say, the Ice Climbers are probably my biggest annoyance in the entire game. I hated using them so much, and don't particularly like fighting them, either. I just hate them in general. Ha, I'm in the same boat as you. I remember I just got...
  31. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I seriously think I've just failed life. I've been trying for 3 years to get a job and no one at all is ever going to hire me. I've gone back and forth between abuse family members, and I only have one friend who is even capable of taking me in, but he's struggling as it is, and I'd just end up...
  32. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Inside Jokes

    I have a few with close friends, and with my mom. My mom and I both have a huge thing against Donkey Kong and Luigi on Mario Party. XD
  33. LalaCoyoteGamer

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 38!

    It looks nice, even though I like TWW's normal graphics just fine, but I just don't have the money to buy a whole new console for one game. :| Add in $60 for HD graphics for a game that I already have... XD
  34. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Hunger and Thirst Meters

    While it might be more realistic, I think it would be an unnecessary complication. Games can be too heavily packed with features, and it sounds like something that would just kind of get in the way. IMO, the Zelda games really weren't meant to be uber-realistic, so adding something for the sake...
  35. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Family Reunions: Like or Dislike?

    Call me heartless, but I rather like to distance myself from my relatives as much as possible. With a few exceptions, they're an intolerable bunch of miscreants.
  36. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Do You Ever Read Books All the Way Through?

    It depends. Most of the books I own are fantasy or just instructional books, and the problem with a lot of fantasy writers is that, IMO, they tend to... well, drag things out a lot. Anywhere from characters and plots to simple descriptions. So I usually end up skimming huge chunks of...
  37. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Teleportation in Zelda Yay or Nay?

    Being able to warp/teleport was what saved TWW for me. Uggggggh, the sailing... I liked it, but it was made a lot more bearable with the ability to warp. I liked warping in TP, too, but wouldn't mind too much if it wasn't in that game, since I liked riding Epona a lot.
  38. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Watched "Lincoln" last night with my mom. I'd say 9/10 - it's not really a movie I'd watch again, but that's mainly because I don't watch a lot of shows/movies regularly anyway, but it was pretty well done. It had a lot of great and unexpectedly hilarious moments.
  39. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Greatest Rivalries in Gaming

    I like a lot of the ones posted here. Only one I can think of off the top of my head that I don't think anyone's posted yet (apologies if you did and I missed it) would be Ike vs. The Burger King Black Knight. I felt legitimately torn between them and really didn't want either of them to die. :|
  40. LalaCoyoteGamer

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm playing bot FE10/FE11. I'm almost done with FE10, and I'm on chapter 7 of Shadow Dragon. Marth makes me happy.
  41. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Do You Believe in Fate?

    I think, maybe, to a certain extent. I don't think that everything in the universe is pre-planned, but rather, I think that there's a balance between fate and choice. As in, stuff that's going to happen is going to happen, but choices you make can affect the outcomes, and maybe certain...
  42. LalaCoyoteGamer

    What Do You Look for in a Male/Female?

    Not much, really, since I don't really look for guys/girls in general. But traits I like in, really, any kind of person would be a good sense of humor, some common interests, and a respect for others. Animals are a big part of my life, so having respect for animals would gain somebody a few...
  43. LalaCoyoteGamer

    General Art LCG's Videogame Comics N' Crap

    I tend to make my comics sporadically, since I almost always have a lot of projects I'm working on, and comics generally take the longest for me. I have dozens of plans for future comics, though, and the WIP's. ;) Anyway, here's my first Fire Emblem comic, which is also a redo of an earlier...
  44. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Big file is big. Behold my wonderful folder-naming skills. http://i49.tinypic.com/10rqn90.jpg
  45. LalaCoyoteGamer

    I Hate...

    LUIGI! >:[ I hate...
  46. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Super Word Association Thread

  47. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Best Zelda Game Poll 6: Wind Waker Vs Twilight Princess

    It's a tough choice, because I love both. I love the overall "feel" of TWW, the music, the graphics... But I love those things in TP, too. I think the dealbreaker for me is how tedious so many aspects of TWW ended up being. Then again, TP has its tedious parts, too, but they're mostly skippable...
  48. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Am I the Only One Let Down?

    I love The Wind Waker, and I don't mind an HD one coming out, but I'll be honest - I think MM could use it more. MM is a fantastic game, but IMHO, I think TWW's graphics were cleaner than TP's, and aged a lot better. MM, on the other hand, would look incredible with HD graphics, although I...
  49. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Things you dislike seeing others doing

    When my mom slurps on her fingers after eating. Ughhh. It's less about seeing, and more about hearing.
  50. LalaCoyoteGamer

    Your Concerns?

    I guess I don't really have very many fears, but the few I do have are kinda big for me. #1: Stairs. Not stairs themselves, falling down stairs. I remember somebody falling down a staircase and dying at some point when I was really young, so yeah. Gods, the escalators at Universal Studios are...
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