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  1. WechyPichu

    Why Do We Hate Navi So Much?

    Fi is much more annoying. "Master, there is a 88% chance that this is not zelda." Me: YOU DON'T SAY?
  2. WechyPichu

    Forever Alone in School

    I'm fover alone in school. I used to have 29 friends last year. Over the year, each on one them ditched me until I had 7 friends. Then the last two ditched me yesterday. 5 friends left.
  3. WechyPichu

    In Soviet Hyrule

    In Termina, you travel to moon. In Soviet Hyrule, moon travel to you.
  4. WechyPichu

    Do the Cursed Bobokoblins Evolve into Redeads?

    Note- I said evolve. I didn't say they WERE.
  5. WechyPichu

    Do the Cursed Bobokoblins Evolve into Redeads?

    My theory is, Do the Cursed bobokoblins in SS turn into the redeads? The bobokoblins do jump on you and eat your brains, and happen to be zombies... so, What's your idea on this?
  6. WechyPichu

    Rate the Username

  7. WechyPichu

    Weirdest Song You've Ever Heard?

    All of Miku Hatsune's songs.
  8. WechyPichu

    GenGAME: Skyward Sword is Simultaneously the Best and Worst Zelda Game

    I say, It was the best, not worst. Yes, It had lots of unessisary diffuculty, but it is good as far as I've been.
  9. WechyPichu

    Which Zelda Race Would You Be?

    I'd be a zora. I love water!
  10. WechyPichu

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    0/10 Uh.... who are you?
  11. WechyPichu

    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time, Temple Order

    Technicly, if you get the bow, you only need to defeat 3 dungeons to beat the game. Get the bow and hammer, then defeat the water temple and go on to the shadow temple without the eye of truth, then the spirit temple just as likewise.
  12. WechyPichu

    Your Most Painful Physical Experience

    Albino bee stings in my elbow. Couldnt move my elbow very much, but I could play pokemon and video games :P
  13. WechyPichu

    Baby Loftwing in My Yard...

    MAYBE YOU CAN RIDE IT! All kidding aside, that thing is cute. Teaching it how to fly will be hard though. Dont hurt yourself when you teach it!
  14. WechyPichu

    Spoiler Where Are the Rest of the Sheikah?

    They were all there. You just couldnt see them.
  15. WechyPichu

    The Best Or Very Good 3DS/DS Games

    Keeed eecaroos oopriissssiing (Kid icarus uprising)
  16. WechyPichu

    Rate the Avatar!

    6/10. I dunno who that is.
  17. WechyPichu

    Do You Ever Mistakenly Hear Sound Effects IRL?

    I hear the DANANANA!!!! Whenever I grab something in school. I say it too, because it annoys teachers.
  18. WechyPichu

    ZD Family and Relations

    I has no family D:
  19. WechyPichu

    Have You Ever Nearly Died?

    I almost died by drowning. My friend tried to drown me, then my other friend saved me. Not much about this one.
  20. WechyPichu

    Zelda Art I Make Swords

    How much do the master swords cost?
  21. WechyPichu

    Greatest and Least Replay Value?

    Every game has replay value to me. I replay almost every game I have.
  22. WechyPichu

    Poll: What Gun Should Link Have if Nintendo Made a Zelda Game with Guns in

    No. Just no. It wouldnt work AT ALL.
  23. WechyPichu

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    8/10 I bet im going to get a 5/10
  24. WechyPichu

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    Alright, i have 100 posts, how do I get to the shoutbox?
  25. WechyPichu

    Your First Pokemon

    From what I understand, a few days after I was born,i saw an add on tv for pokemon crystal, and just watched intensly everytime it came on.
  26. WechyPichu

    What Headphones Do You Use?

    None! I'm crazy and I know it.
  27. WechyPichu

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  28. WechyPichu

    General Modern Wich is Your Hardest TLoZ Final Boss and Why?

    I would have to say volvalgia
  29. WechyPichu

    What OS Do You Use?

    Windows 7! I love it.
  30. WechyPichu

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    I liked the first one. Cuz I've only beat that one.
  31. WechyPichu

    Next SSB Characters

    I want Virid,. Pauletena, and magnus. And make one of viridi's taunts: "Your gonna fall, your gonna fall."
  32. WechyPichu

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  33. WechyPichu

    Pets: Do You Have a Pet?

    2 Doggies and like a fish because the rest died.
  34. WechyPichu

    Pikmin Returns!!! Woot!

    I want to get Pikmin 2 to see how good the series is. It looks really fun.
  35. WechyPichu

    Spoiler Guide Characters- Reincarnations of Fi?

    I actually agree with this, on most. Navi, the sprits of courage, wisdom and power, and the great fairies are reincarantions of Fi. I think somehow, she got out and began reincarnating 2 ways.
  36. WechyPichu

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    A Was wrong / \ Likes Minecraft. \/ Does not like ponies?
  37. WechyPichu

    Zelda Art Deku Shield Replicas For Sale

    59.99 is waaaaaaay to expensive for a replica. I wouldnt even pay that for a REAL deku shield.
  38. WechyPichu

    The Hero of Time & the Hero's Shade

    Hyrule hystoria is law. You cant say SS link is the hero of time. Using your logic, Wind waker link is the hero of time, because he travels downwards under the ocean somewhere close to the temple of time. It just doesnt work this way.
  39. WechyPichu

    Hello. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find the Minish Cap? FOR CHEAP!!!!!!

    One good place is GameFreaks. It's a place where I live, I dont see why it wouldnt have it where you are.
  40. WechyPichu

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    This isnt a theory. This was confirmed by nintendo. It's the reason why MissingNo. exists.
  41. WechyPichu

    Spoiler Time Paradoxes

    Well, looking at the paradoxes, the whole zelda timeline doesnt exist. Haha.
  42. WechyPichu

    WW-Wii U Tetra's Pirate Ship in MineCraft

    Cool. I can experince WW without buying it because my wii sucks. :P
  43. WechyPichu

    WW-Wii U Tetra's Pirate Ship in MineCraft

    Nice. Now do the rest of wind waker.
  44. WechyPichu

    The Most Disturbing Thing You've Ever Seen.

    2012: Ice Age Its just terrible.... and its stupid. And freaky.
  45. WechyPichu

    How Do You Pronounce Uranus?

    Ur anus. Always have prononced in like that, almost got in trouble for it.
  46. WechyPichu

    Sorry I'm Late Boss...

    Sorry I'm late boss, but I got my house invaded with zombies and I had to use some plants to kill them. Not the best way to kill zombies.
  47. WechyPichu

    Goron Reproduction

    Maybw they are just ugly females?
  48. WechyPichu

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    How the heck do you guys get there? O-O
  49. WechyPichu

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    Some retards at school said they would buy a game that was just a white box but with the the greatest grapics in the world rather than a game with crappy graphics, but the greatest gameplay ever. Everyone who prefers graphics over gameplay is stupid in certain ways/
  50. WechyPichu

    Goron Reproduction

    Maybe there are sper-ehem..... rocks that they...eat..... nevermind....
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