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  1. Darknut

    New Super Smash Bros. Zelda and Link.

    As most of you probably know Nintendo has announced that a new Super Smash Bros. will be released for the Wii U and the 3DS sometime in the future. My question to you is what kind of Link and Zelda art would you like to see in it? I would like to see an HD twilight princess kind of Zelda and...
  2. Darknut

    What Futuristic Zelda Objects Would You Like to See?

    Doesn't look like this thread has many replies.... Well, as it has been discussed in some other threads, maybe a futuristic Zelda isn't good at all. The majority of Zelda fans like a medieval Legend of Zelda, me being one of them, and although you may be talking about a split-off Zelda series...
  3. Darknut

    Zelda Art Ganondorf or Link?

    Me and my friends want are going to be writing a story based on the Legend of Zelda. Me and my friends create it, I type it, others edit it, and so on... It has come down to two plot-lines for the story we will create I want to know what you guys think will be more interesting: -Link's life...
  4. Darknut

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword- Possibly Hyrule?

    I do think that Twinrova will play a part, but I don't think it will be very lengthy. No games have really tried to create a mysterious image to the twins, but it would still be cool to add them in so I think they could partake in a side-quest or run some sort of wizardry or potion shop in a...
  5. Darknut

    Triforces with Power?

    I like Link to have some sort of power, but I do not mind that the source is not each triforce individually. Could you also tell me what curiosity shop video talked about this, please?
  6. Darknut

    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    I like that question :D! Well I remember that before I beat LoZ I would always panic when I entered a room with Darknuts, because either I was so bad at killing them, or they were hard to kill (the blue ones). Later on Darknuts evolved and, like in TP and WW, it took a lot more to beat them. Of...
  7. Darknut

    Do You Think This is the Plot of The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword?

    Sounds very believable, and it would explain a lot too, but I'm not willing to bet on anything yet
  8. Darknut

    Choose Your Own Fate?

    I mean more, like, throughout the whole game you can choose different paths
  9. Darknut

    Secret Santa- Come Check It Out! Sign-up OPEN

    Ok so here are some of the things I like/hobbies: Video games: Legend of Zelda series, Super Mario Bros. series, other Nintendo games. Books: Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson, fantasy books in general Interests: playing guitar, volleyball, soccer, video games, skateboarding, reading...
  10. Darknut

    Favourite Trading Sequence?

    To all those who hate trading sequences, I love them. I think if you are stuck in a part in Zelda it's a fun side quest that takes up some time. There may be a couple of non-optional trading sequences, but none of them are hard for me and it's exciting to see what you will get next, if you don't...
  11. Darknut

    Multiple Endings

    http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?14998-Choose-Your-Own-Fate Pretty much the same thread.
  12. Darknut

    Which Quote??

    The Zelda quote may be able to be used in more situations but does that really mean people are more familiar with it?
  13. Darknut

    Which Quote??

    Which video game quote do you think is more popular? "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this" -The Legend of Zelda or "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!"- Super Mario Bros.
  14. Darknut

    Zelda and Link

    There are many threads that have discussed this already. I think Miyamoto does not want to establish Link and Zelda's real relationship so that it makes things less complicated, leaves more opportunities, story-wise, open, and lets us use our imagination. It is like this with a lot of conflicts...
  15. Darknut

    A Link to the Past Why People Don't Like It That Much?

    Sorry, I've always loved ALttP, it was one of my first Zelda games. I haven't heard that people don't appreciate it :S
  16. Darknut

    Our Zelda Story

    but woke up the next day to find himself in a strange land....
  17. Darknut

    Ice Arrows Problem

    There are more keys in the training ground? or it it outside?
  18. Darknut

    Your Favorite Pokémon?

    I haven't played pokemon in years so I forget his name, but I think he is the pokemon in soul silver
  19. Darknut

    Our Zelda Story

    I really hope someone hasn't started this yet, if so sorry and you can close this thread. There are a couple similar ones I've seen so yeah.... How to Play: I will start out the story, and then the person after me would continue it, then the person after that will continue it further and so on...
  20. Darknut

    Secret Santa- Come Check It Out! Sign-up OPEN

    Sure, I'll do it :) I think I can pull it off
  21. Darknut

    Alltime Best Recurring Zelda Characters

    Ganondorf no doubt about it. I feel that Ganondorf is the main antagonist and makes the game he is in more memorable. He has the triforce of power which is pretty cool too. I also found Ganondorf very mysterious as if there is a big part of his life we don't know about.
  22. Darknut

    Ice Arrows Problem

    I has this problem a while ago and I wanted to see if you guys had a solution. So I know many of you have played OoT, and probably gotten the ice arrows. To get them you must go through the Gerudo training ground and collect keys. Now you can choose to use your keys on the left locked doors or...
  23. Darknut

    Choose Your Own Fate?

    I agree. I thought about the timeline after I posted this, but the timeline really is already messed up. Also yes, I was thinking of instead of a completely evil Link there could be limits like a Link that simply has done some bad things, made some mistakes, or is just angry in a way. I don't...
  24. Darknut

    How Link Got to Termina

    I think you could be right, but the morphed triforce idea seems a little off. I haven't made a theory myself though so good observations
  25. Darknut

    Will Link Be the Main Character?

    There could possibly be another playable character for a short time maybe in the game, but as far as I know Link will still be the main character. Replacing him would get too many angry fans.
  26. Darknut

    Pants, Tights, or Bare Legs

    In OoT when he was a kid and MM. So he hasn't has bare legs in any adult games.
  27. Darknut

    Why Not Ganondorf?

    I couldn't agree more. Since I see Ganondorf as the most epic villain ever I think TP should have based most of the game on him if they were to put him in there, but I think the reason they put him in was to create a surprising twist in the plot and make a point where things either become much...
  28. Darknut

    Why Not Ganondorf?

    I actually love it when they use Ganon. I feel that the game will make more of an impact of the Zelda storyline with Ganon in it, since he has the triforce of power. But maybe thats just me
  29. Darknut

    What Will Nintendo Do for 25 Years of Zelda.

    I was thinking this too :D I love Mario and all, but if he gets a special 25th anniversary item then so should LoZ! I don't really care if they release classic Zelda games on one disc like they did with Mario, since I have all of them. I guess I really don't care what they do, as long as it...
  30. Darknut

    Hardest Zelda Console Game

    I think the older games are harder just because of the controls and how things have approved over the years
  31. Darknut

    Is Gannondorf Really Evil?

    Aha, first of all it doesn't suck, Second of all I do not believe that Ganon was always evil. I do believe that Ganon was a bad person with bad intentions at first which is why he turned evil.
  32. Darknut

    Tiny Hyrule

    Thanks, you bring up a good point. But to answer your last questions, like I said before, I see Hyrule as a big strong kingdom and the bigger the kingdom is the more side quests and areas to explore there would be. You could teleport to get to main areas quicker, but if you are just going around...
  33. Darknut

    Twilight Princess Favorite Form of Ganondorf

    I've always loved the 1-on-1 duals with Ganon, since duals like this really only happen once at the end
  34. Darknut

    A Story-heavy Zelda?

    I would enjoy this too, since I always find myself at the end of a Zelda game too quickly
  35. Darknut


    Oh, thanks. You can close this thread now
  36. Darknut


    I want to make a cool signature for myself, and I was wondering what programs and methods of making signatures work best for you?
  37. Darknut

    Where Can I Buy Nintendo Power's Official Guide to The Legend of Zelda?

    That's what I was wondering, and I live in Canada so a lot of the eBay posts aren't very convenient for me :S
  38. Darknut

    General Classic Termina or Hyrule?

    This was really hard, but all in all I think I like Hyrule better
  39. Darknut

    Pants, Tights, or Bare Legs

    I saw this poll in a Nintendo Power magazine. I personally prefer Link in tights, just because it's how I've seen him all these years. What about you?
  40. Darknut

    Are Cdi Zelda Games Considered to Be Real Zelda Games?

    I've never played one, but I still don't consider them to be one
  41. Darknut

    Nintendo's Pretty Quiet... Why?

    I sort of agree with you, but then again everything will be that much more of a surprise when it finally comes out!
  42. Darknut

    How Many Dungeons?

    I'd like too see as many as possible so the game will last me longer :)
  43. Darknut

    Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Vs. Link (LoZ)

    I haven't played Kingdom Hearts very much, so I can not make that well of an educated guess, but I would rather have Link win considering he is my favourite video game character
  44. Darknut

    Tiny Hyrule

    Sorry I'll clarify what I'm asking. Would you rather have a bigger Hyrule with with more space and more people or not and why?
  45. Darknut

    Choose Your Own Fate?

    I don't know about you, but I love games that what you do affects how the game will play out. I'm sorry if there is a word for this type of game and I don't know about it. Do you think maybe a Zelda game will be created where it lets you choose at some points what to say or do and it will...
  46. Darknut

    Tiny Hyrule

    I believe this rumor hasn't been proven, correct me if I'm wrong, but Hyrule is said to be bigger and supposed to have more people, right? I really like this idea, because the stories and tales of Hyrule make it sound so big and powerful, but in the games Hyrule has a population of 100-200...
  47. Darknut


    I don't think there is much of a point to adding any new animals, but I do think the animals should appear a bit more often than in TP
  48. Darknut

    Combo System

    I would definitely like to see some kind of combo system, even if it is a pointless combo. It makes you feel like you have skill, even if you dont ;)
  49. Darknut

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    I liked Majora's Mask because of how unique and different it is compared to all the other Zelda games. I especially liked becoming a goronand being Oni Link (Feirce Deity).
  50. Darknut

    Triforce Confusion

    In that case, what I'm confused about is that there is no real pattern to whether Link has the Triforce to start out or not...
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