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  1. LizXGhirahimX

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Well, knowing I've played just about all the Zelda games, I still have a pretty fair deal and say in this... I'm basically only going by the games I've played Recently, not in the past, like the old games. Favorite Dungeon(s): Wind Waker (This one's tough, I loved the whole game): Earth...
  2. LizXGhirahimX

    Skyward Sword Movie.

    Well, G-DRAGON from Big Bang could be Ghirahim. :3 <3
  3. LizXGhirahimX

    Song That Suits Demon Lord Ghirahim?

    Just doing this for fun, but what song do you think suits Demon Lord Ghirahim, the fantabulous and flamboyant villain <3 ?
  4. LizXGhirahimX

    Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Fi or Ghirahim?

    Ghirahim, hands down. ^^ I love you Ghirahim! <3 <3 <3
  5. LizXGhirahimX

    [CLOSED]Ghirahim: What Song Suits Ghirahim and His Cutscenes.

    U mean you and I? or No? because i don't recall there being a song called Some thing.
  6. LizXGhirahimX

    [CLOSED]Ghirahim: What Song Suits Ghirahim and His Cutscenes.

    LOOL! I just listened to it. I can't stop laughing now ^^
  7. LizXGhirahimX

    [CLOSED]Ghirahim: What Song Suits Ghirahim and His Cutscenes.

    What about the cutscenes he's in during skyward sword? :P
  8. LizXGhirahimX

    [CLOSED]Ghirahim: What Song Suits Ghirahim and His Cutscenes.

    SONG FOUND! POST CLOSED! Okay guys! I'm making a new GMV with my friend ShadowsDevour. It's about Ghirahim, the fabulous character I am totally in love with ;) Yes, this is a collab... ~~~ Well.. comment a song name that you think suits Ghirahim and the cutscenes he's in during...
  9. LizXGhirahimX

    Ghirahim or Pipit? [Replys May Contain Slight Spoilers]

    Aha XD I loved that dance. I have a clip of it downloaded on my computer xD. Ghirahim all the way <3 Once i saw that dance i couldn't stop laughing. Now I wanna learn it :)
  10. LizXGhirahimX

    Who's Your Favorite?!? Who's Your Favorite?!?

    Favorite Race: Demon Favorite Character: Demon Lord Ghirahim (NOBODY CAN BEAT THE FABULOUS) <3 Favorite Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim <3 Enemy: Cursed Bokoblin Favorite temple: i've got 2... Fire Sanctuary, and Skyview temple Favorite Area: Sealed Grounds Side Character: Pipit Shopkeeper: The...
  11. LizXGhirahimX

    Favorite Character in Ss?

    Yeah <3 Ghirahim <3 ALL THE WAY! ~~~ His laugh in Skyview is giggly xD I love it! <3 ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ Ghiry<3
  12. LizXGhirahimX

    Ghirahim or Pipit? [Replys May Contain Slight Spoilers]

    I strongly agree with you ^^ I <3 Ghirahim's laugh xD It's so giggly. And yes it does actually, his third form doesn't show as much fabulous diamonds to go with his fabulousness but it does look badass. XD.
  13. LizXGhirahimX

    Something I Just Now Noticed

    No actually i didn't o: Thanks for pointing it out ^^
  14. LizXGhirahimX

    If You Could Be an SS Race...

    I chose Demon ^^ Demon Lord Ghirahim, OHYES, Im Ghiraliz ^^ Nah just kidding, but if i had the option to change into one of these races for realz.. i'd choose Demon (: I just love Demon(s) (lords)
  15. LizXGhirahimX

    Ghirahim or Pipit? [Replys May Contain Slight Spoilers]

    Who do you prefer? That flossy and fabulous demon lord Ghirahim or the skyloft knight Pipit? ^^ [Stay cautious, replys may have some slight spoilers in them at times] ~~~ I've gotta say I prefer Ghirahim <3 He's my favorite character in the whole game! I just love his dance xD. His giggle...
  16. LizXGhirahimX

    Least Favorite Boss/temple?

    Ur right on that ^^ ! My lease favorite dungeon from how far i've gotten has got to be the Earth Temple. The boss was a pain too >.< Highly dangerous with all that lava too. I'm not good with a wiimote most of the time when it comes to stuff like aim! D: Oh well XD. but yeah. Earth Temple. My...
  17. LizXGhirahimX

    Why You Like Your Avatar

    I like my avatar because it's Ghirahim, who WOULDN'T like it? Ghirahim's so flossy, sexy, clever, flamboyant, and devious. He even knew that his master would be alive in the past. He didnt even have to think for a second! Clever i tell ya ;) :kawaii: if they took Ghirahim away forever, i'd die...
  18. LizXGhirahimX

    Favorite Boss in Skyward Sword?

    Agreed. he fills my heart with rainbows <3 Sexy, flossy, flamboyant, awesome, fabulous. What other boss would be like that?? hes 1 of a kind :) <3 <3
  19. LizXGhirahimX

    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    Ghirahim is my favorite Zelda boss of all time <3 He's sexy, clever, devious, and i just love his giggle xD He's so fabulous. I'd go anywhere with him. Did I mention he's flossy? :D Flameboyant aswell!
  20. LizXGhirahimX

    So is Anybody else Completely in Love with Ghirahim?

    Imo Ghirahim is the best Zelda villain i have ever seen! ^-^ Ur right he IS Sexy, simply fabulous! This fan says he's really in my favorites. He over ranked Vaati on my list. Demise... meh. GHIRAHIM FOREVER! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :)
  21. LizXGhirahimX

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Ghirahim all the way! <3 <3 <3 :D Love you Ghiry o: ;)
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