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    So Who Wants to Get All Three Starters?

    :pokeball: I'm looking for someone to trade with in the beginning so we can get all 6 starters (Kanto and Kalos).:pokeball: Share your friend info on this page if you want to trade it up! :party:
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    Awesome Video Game Tribute with Zelda

    The Ohio State University Marching Band - TBDBITL Halftime 10-6-12 Video games Nebraska - YouTube! For the Zelda portion it is 5:48 but watch the whole video, it is pretty impressive.:party::yes:
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    Majora's Mask I Need Help/Advice with One of the Mini-bosses.

    Yes, use the bomb mask while holding your shield, also use the bunny hood, keep your hookshot at the ready. Go in with full hearts and a full magic bar.
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    Twilight Princess Any Advice for a Twilight Princess Three Heart Run?

    All I suggest is anytime your find hearts take them, don't be wasteful with potions, and don't attack enemy you don't need to. Ive 100% Twilight Princess four Times and done three Daredevil runs. Ive also done a minimalist run through twice.
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    A Question About the Special Limited Edition

    Technically no, you should however, because it is now the most pre-ordered Item on Gamestop's site, You will more than likely want to pre-order to reassure that you will have a limited edition copy upon release.
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    About Graphics and Disappointment

    To be honest the graphics are wonderful and they were designed after a famous painter.
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    Burnable Trees/bushes ?

    :)That would be cool! But I'd rather return some old ideas instead.
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    My "Leaving Skyloft" Theories

    I like this I idea.It would be different:)
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    Do You Think the Leaks Are True.

    I think we have all heard some leaks and some be true or false. But who believes they are true and who believes they are false?
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    Price of the New Zelda Wii

    THe price. Gamestop told me that it was going to be around $50.00.
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    New Info On Zelda Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your friend is probably lying to you much has been leaked but the whole plot can not be leaked unless it was by 2chan or 4chan. Oh and they leaked that Link lives in a inn and the inn keepers son looks up to Link.
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    Prequel to Majora's Mask!?!

    By 2chan witch leaked the whole plot of every kingdom hearts game and Zelda wind Waker and was 100% right and have a reputation for be correct more than wrong. They leaked that it is going to be a SEQUEL to Majoras mask MAYBEY.
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    Right/Left Hand Feature in Zelda Wii?

    Have any of you heard of a website called 2chan? 2chan is a site that often leaks things a long time before the game and most of the time they are TRUE. One of the leaked things is you will be able to switch between right or left handed. :)
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    Have any of you played metroid prime 3. Omega Ridley require some skill to defeat. Oh and in tp gannon dwarf i beast form could be killed by shooting bomb arrows at his head to knock him down. Thus you could defeat completly using human link.:)
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    The Dead Soldier Who Trains Link.

    Links father is the hero shade and links mother is malon. Because in oot a girl in the forest tells you that if you die in the forest you turn into a stalfos. Also if you look his sword resembles the gilded sword and his shield looks like a dirty version of the mirror shield.
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    Link's Mother: Where is She?

    Tp: Hero's Shade = Father Tp: Malon = Mother OoT: One of the best Hyrulian soldiers= Father OoT: Married father entrusts link to the duku tree dies a couple minutes after.
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    Does Link have parents?

    If you read one of my prevous posts you'll find ou zelda twilight princess link's father is the heros shade and his mother is malon.
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    Should Link Have More of a Struggle?

    What if the girl in artwork was a villian and link falls in love but he finds out shes evil Of course this would not make sense according to the Mr Tingle.
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    Vitality Sensor?

    WHy would that make sense? After Link holds the triforce of courage. Wouldn't that make Link somewhat of a coward and not be courageous.
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    Zelda Wii Theorys

    A guy on a website named Mr. Tingle leaked a bunch of some of the game. The website is called 2chan it is the japanese equivilant to the american 4chan. 2chan has been known to leak information and often be correct. For example they leaked the entire plot of wind waker a month before the game...
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    Online Multiplayer?

    It seems unzeldalike that they would add online multiplayer. Plus what would be in it if they did.
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    Rumors Going About This Game.

    I heard that there is going to be no master sword.:(
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    Girl on Concept Art Related to Midna?

    Her name is going to be adeli,adel,aderu that is what wasz leaked by a guy on 2chan.
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    Zelda Wii Essentials!

    1. Earning rupees by doing jobs. 2. Owning a costimizable house. 3. More hard dungeons/bosses. 4. MAXIMIZE THE WII GRAPHICS CARD. 5. The girl in the picture to be your companion. 6 Fully orchrastrated. 7. A guide. 8. A master sword perripheral that made officialy by nintendo that come...
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    I think they should have you get a job for rupees but you must have certain items for the job.
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    She is the Main Boss?

    Im all for change. I think that adding a slight bit of romance into zelda would not be bad Other thank link and sairia/zelda/illia
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    My ideas about flying. I loved using rocs cape in zelda mc but I wish it could make you glide and fall slower.:)
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    Different Temple Types?

    The zelda story takes place in the renaissance time not modern. At least that is what the creators thought. THey would not have power plants.
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    Theories or What U Want to See in Zelda Wii Storyline

    I sure hope they dont make the game fps like Eiji said they mabey would. That would ruin zelda for me. Not only that but I also would like if the supposed "New Sword" Does not completely ruin the rest of the plot.
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    Sword and Shield Accesories for Zelda Wii

    Link to the website! http://www.camyinternational.com/heropack/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Theories or What U Want to See in Zelda Wii Storyline

    Judging bye the Picture release by nintendo. See the link here - http://images.g4tv.com/ImageDb3/161450_S/Nintendo-Releases-New-Legend-of-Zelda-Wii-Teaser-Artwork.jpg. Also if you look at links back you will see that link has no sword yet he has a shield. Look at what appears to flames in the...
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