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    Who is the Strange Store Keeper in Ocarina of Time After Traveling in the Future?

    The Strange Store Keeper After going to the future, when you goto castle town you may or may not notice this guy in a shop. I have a theory for who he is. I was having a hard time deciding between Dampe the kid keeper (No image available (Graveyard Boy)) and the old shop keeper (No...
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    Would You Rather

    Zubat WYR play all the zelda CD-I games, or listen to a 6 hour documentary on this history of yarn?
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    A Link Between Worlds My Current Thoughts on ALBW

    Well that's too bad, I think it looks fun!
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    A Link Between Worlds Affecting the Timeline?

    Reading an earlier comment it might not be a direct sequel but after a few generations. Well its still going to have to go somewhere in the timeline that could potentially change more 1 or 2 things about it. You know, adding more "eras" and just sticking in this new game somewhere between... I...
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    A Link Between Worlds My Current Thoughts on ALBW

    So as we know a link between worlds is the newest LoZ game and here are my thoughts currently. 1. Ahh an original DS zelda game that doesn't have those cursed phantoms. (IK its a 3DS game but a 3DS is a DS) 2. Well it has the same overworld so not too much to explore.... 3. At least new...
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    Cave Story Marathon THIS FRIDAY!

    Thats right! This friday night, I will be doing a cave story marathon! I will be playing the wiiware version. If you dont know what cave story is, its like metroid, castlevania, and a few others. Click the following link to get to the ustream channel. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dinsfire...
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    New Years Eve Marathon!

    That is right folks. Tonight I will be having a new years eve marathon! Starting at 8 PM EST and ending at 12 PM January 1st, we will games such as sonic colors, Donkey Kong country returns, and others. click http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dinsfire to get to the stream. It starts in 2 hours...
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    Rate the Avatar!

    6/10, I can read the text at all.
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    What is Your Favorite Platformer Game?

    Hmmm... hard call. Since I am a gigantic nintendo nerd, I have a giant list. Here are the games: kirby, mario, mega man and sonic. I like kirby because, unlike any other game, you have the power of a balloon AND can suck up enemys and steal there powers. I just love using blade and fire in...
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    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Heres one im using now. Im not sure if I want to continue using it or make a zelda 1 wallpaper. I made this one myself, by the way.
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    Do You Plan on Buying Kirby's Epic Yarn?

    I am getting it, but not until Christmas. I want it and need it (for something you will find out in 2011 if you follow my zelda site in my sig) and am pretty excited for it.
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    If You Worked at Nintendo...

    Omg Geno FTW! But, being serious, I think I would design a new, innovative game. It would be sort of like final fantasy and zelda combined. You would get a combo of future and medevial, and a pretty intense story. I think it would be fun, since I like coding things.
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    SS Merchandise

    I dont know what else, but I know that some people are already selling t-shirts for it. I dont think there official, but they are actualy very nice quality looking, but I cant say it good quality for confort and size, becaus I dont have one.
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    TheSpeedGamers Castlevania Marathon for Charity

    Omg, I love super castlevania! I will defiantly watch this.
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    Where Should I Get a Domain Name?

    Ok, so I want to get a actualy domain for my site, not just a webs.com domain. I was wondering which host to use. I was thinking about using dreamhost, but what do you think? =\
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    Weird Stones

    Something I would like to add to the bomb comment: in oot, if you use dins fire they will randomly strech out realy tall, then strech out realy wide.
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    How Long Have You Played LoZ for Before?

    well, Ive done a speed run and Ive played Ocarina of Time (best video game ever, in other terms) for 11 hours.
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    If You Could Play Zelda Music Whenever? And Which Zelda Music Would You Choose?

    well, I can, because I have WW OST, and I have all the music downloaded onto my Ipod Touch. I would deffiantly listen to Molgerea Battle Theme, no question about it.
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    Should Zelda stay Medieval or more Steampunk?

    I voted steam punk, not necesarily because its my favorite, just because I think it should stay some of both. I liked Spirit tracks and Twilight Princess alot, but Ocarina of Time is still my favorite. I think they should either go back-and-forth between different games on the style they choose...
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    25'th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda

    I would totaly get a green 3DS or Wii seeing as green is my favorite color EDIT: speaking of golden Game boy's, they actualy also made a golden D.S. with the triforce on it to...almost identical to the game boy just D.S. version. I hope if they do do something for Zelda's 25th anniversery that...
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    Rate the Siggy!

    I rate yours 9/10 for two reasons. For one, your main sig looks awsome! I like how the colors just blend purfectly and the way its blured (and this is coming from a guys who doesnt like pokemon). And then, if that werent enough, you have mega man dancing (Mega Man is one of my favorite video...
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    ZC Marathon!

    Thats weird, I thought this was general gaming...lol, guess I dont know my way around the forums yet :P
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    Rate the Avatar!

    uhhh..... 7/10 because I dont like how its see-through, and the text is hard to read and distracting.
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    ZC Marathon!

    my zelda site, Zelda Castle (click my sig to get there) is having a new years eve marathon! we will most likely start two days before, and go to the end of the 1st of January. Im hoping to become affiliated with ZD before then, for popularity and because this site is awsome, way awsomer than ZC...
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