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    Creepy Thread

    Hmm...Let's see. I don't have anything real big, I mean, we don't usually count personal experiences as evidence usually. There's a building we were investigating, and the hallway is usually frequented by what we believe are two child ghosts. We set up a K2 meter outside of a hotspot, as the...
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    Where Have You Traveled To?

    I've been as far west as Wisconsin in the US and as far south as Florida (and as far east as Jersey and as far North as Connecticut). Outside of the US I've been to a couple places in Northern Italy and Sienna was by far my favorite. I'm hoping to do more traveling next year when I'm abroad in...
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    Creepy Thread

    I love the supernatural and I'm actually a ghost hunter as a part of my colleges Paranormal Society. We've picked up a lot of evidence, and I don't see why you SHOULDN'T believe in ghosts. After all, some people don't see color quite as well and some people experience roller coasters...
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    Master Quest

    Hmm....From the portions I played on both I don't remember anything too different.
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    Ocarina of Time Fire Temple Chant Reason Finally Unveiled.

    Wow that was really interesting. I never knew about this before so it was pretty neat to see. I also didn't know there were so many differences between the cartridges.
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    Favorite Thing to Do in Pokemon Snap!

    I run Meowth over or make sure he gets abused by Pidgey. That was always one of my favorite shots. Oh, and annoying Snorlax too. After I remember how to get Golem to fall that was pretty fun too.
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    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    I can see the first ones, sure, but I can't really see the Magikarp to Dragonite or Dragonair to Gyarados, I guess because I'm just too used to it. Magikarp I can understand based on the head fringes.
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    Pokemon Conquest - What Do You Think?

    It should as it's based on Nobunaga's Ambition. In Japan it's actually called Nobunaga Cross I believe, so I've been watching this game for a while. I really look forward to the tactics based play, and especially being able to start with an Eevee.
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    Last Watched

    Umm....Toddlers and Tiaras. I HAVE NO SHAME AT ALL. Because I watched Big Fat Quiz Show of the Year early as well.
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    Sailor Moon, Any of You Guys Ever Heard of It/watched It?

    I think there were other reasons Dic dropped it as well, I think maybe because of content, but who knows. There's always something strange with the industry these days. And really is it? What channel do they show Samurai Jack on?
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    Does Nolstalgia Matter to You?

    Ah! I love the feeling of nostalgia, even if it's one of those weird 'fake' feelings (which is why you can feel nostalgic for things you've never done). So I love playing old games for nostalgia value, even if they may not be great. It's just comforting to see those SNES or NES graphics sometimes.
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    I have so many Yu-Gi-Oh cards. When I brought them back with me to duel some of my friends they were amazed. Tyrant Dragon and the Red Eyes set is still my favorite. I'm not great at dueling, but I did make a stall deck that basically put a duel at a standstill...I like making burns and stall...
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    Sailor Moon, Any of You Guys Ever Heard of It/watched It?

    What, were they? I watched Sailor Moon when it was on a 6AM in the morning and Samurai Jack came on at 9 or 930 I think. Maybe I'm just older than I think.
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    General Classic Which Zelda Title Would You Play for the First Time Over Again?

    OOT for sure, even though it was fairly recent for me. But WW for sure, that's something I have nearly memorized.
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    Ocarina of Time Which Enemy is More Intimidating?

    The first Zelda game I played with redeads was WW, so they don't frighten me all that much. OT redeads are far more frightening I think. But no matter what, the Wall Masters get me every time, because I never know when they'll pop out and grab me.
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    Korean Drama Anyone?

    I don't know why, I'm just hooked on Korean Drama. They're so engaging and funny sometimes. Some of the ones I've watched are Boys Over Flowers, My Girlfriends a Gumiho and Pasta. Anyone else enjoy watching them?
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    Yes, but the worst part is I woke up with that song stuck in my head.
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    Anyone Excited for The Dark Knight Rises?

    I enjoyed The Avengers quite a bit, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I am super excited for Dark Knight Rises, but not quite as much as The Dark Knight. Every time the trailer comes on I immediately think of Inception because Nolan cast a lot of the same actors. Is that a bad thing...
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    Sailor Moon, Any of You Guys Ever Heard of It/watched It?

    O.o They came out at entirely different times, why would that make you angry?
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    Should Link Have More Than One Mode of Transport?

    I like the idea someone had for Epona and a ship. That would be cool, because you could keep Epona with you throughout (it would have to be a bigger ship definitely). But I wouldn't really want a Loftwing again, simply because it would kind of make the land mount moot.
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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Besides Ganon... Probably Tingle and boss wise Vaati from WW.
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    What is the Last Book You Read

    Def. one of the better dystopian novels out there. Last book I read/am still reading is Clash of Kings. The last book I finished was Mockingjay.
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    Sailor Moon, Any of You Guys Ever Heard of It/watched It?

    Dude, I grew up on that show. It's hard for me not to have heard of it. It's actually the same age I am.
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    Thoughts on the YES! I Got First Comment!

    Eh...it can get annoying if you visit a couple sites and all you see are "FIRST" comments everywhere you go. I don't blame people for being competitive, it's the only way you win one internet. Hmm....I don't mind "good video" comments. It's a relief to see sometimes, but it bothers me when...
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    What Super Power Would You Choose?

    Ability to understand anything. AKA Sylar's power.
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    Last Watched

    Aww, Fig. I'd take you if I were in Texas. The last thing I watched/am watching is Cake Boss.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    What's Your Earliest Memory?

    IRL Playing Super Mario Land with my dad when I was five. Earlier than that was when I was three and I dreamt I flew out of my crib and down the stairs with some ghosts.
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    Excited for the ZD Marathon?

    I would be, but I'm not all that into Let's Play's anymore. It's fun to see people gettinc excited though.
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    If Virtual Were Real What Game Would You Want to Play?

    I would love for VR to exist and agree the .hack series would be fantastic. Xenosaga would be pretty neat too. I'd really like to play Kingdom Hearts that way, or Dragon Age. I'm a sucker for immersion gaming.
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    Who Likes Harry Potter?

    I grew up on Harry Potter, so it would be hard for me to say I don't like it. I love it. It's interesting seeing new fans take on it though. I even bought the Spanish edition at Barnes and Noble because, well, it's spanish Harry Potter, and I wanted to read it.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    A Roleplay Worth Playing-(Premise and Sign Up Instructions)

    I'll be playing Paladin Cecil from FF4.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    Last Watched

    Next Food Network Star. I watch wayyyyyy too much Food Network.
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    Do You Like Legendaries?

    With the exception of Lugia and Ho-oh, I've been a bigger fan of the pseudo-legendaries for each generation.
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    Your First Pokemon

    It was a Beckett Pokemon collector magazine.
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    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    I can definitely see it, and it's one of my favorite theories on Bulbapedia too. Hmm... Technically the coloring of a Kangaskhan would have to change from it being a baby, so it would probably change once it was seperated from its mother to a brownish color.
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    What is Your Favorite Pokemon from the Hoenn Region

    Duskull. I just always want to hug it and squeeze it... I find it adorable... I'd be one of those weird pokemaniacs.
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    What Do You Watch On Youtube!

    I watch Underbelly for the lulz but other than that music videos and anime.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    If Starters Wern't Water, Fire, and Grass..

    Dark, Ghost and Psychic would be a cool match up, but I guess one isn't really all that weak against another. But it would make for a pretty awesome game IMO.
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    Which Variation of Fi's Theme is Your Favorite?

    I really liked her lament the most, it brought out the most emotion from the isntruments I think.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

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    Do You Play Any Insturments?

    I can play piano and flute/piccolo. There's a couple Zelda songs I can play on both since they use the same clef. As for guitar...I don't have the patience.
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    The Legend of Korra

    I'm enjoying it helluva lot more than I thought I would, so I was a little sad there was no episode this week. Plus it's tons of fun to pause it while I'm rewatching and translating the Chinese that shows up, since the nations have become a lot more literate apparently (plus, you know, the main...
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    Dubs Vs Subs

    I'm still not seeing "because I speak English" as a good reason to prefer one over the other. It's a little ignorant I think. It's the same as complaining about Spanish speakers in America because "we speak English." But the subtitles are in English so... And I agree, sometimes I'll throw on...
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