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    MM-3DS Least Favorite Dungeon?

    I know some people said it previously, and I would also say Beneath the Well, but I don't really classify that as a dungeon personally. Mini/side dungeons in the game to me are Pirate's Fortress and Ikana Castle. Beneath the Well is kind of the equivalent of Pinnacle Rock, with a step up in...
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    MM-3DS Something About That Moon...

    I agree. The revamped graphics have softer-edged polygons which makes it seem kind of rounder looking. That, and the nose is bigger, which is somewhat distracting, and the quality of it just flat out makes it look less creepy. I noticed too though that even Majora's Mask doesn't look as...
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    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U More LIKE SKYRIM WII U!

    Inspiration from Skyrim? Sure, the developers will probably learn from what was done to make that a successful game. This is how games get better. To say that this will be "like" Skyrim though I think is far-fetched. Skyrim to me feels totally vast and open, which is great, but for me it lacked...
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    Breath of the Wild Does Anyone else Want a 50+ Hour Game?

    50+ hour main quest would be ideal to me for sure. However, quality before quantity, for me I want to see another expansive game again like Twilight Princess more than anything; whether that means having a very long quest... I guess the two go hand in hand, but its the feeling more than the...
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    General Zelda Is Zelda Using Too Many Alternate Worlds?

    I'd definitely say they're overused. And there are many more than that, because I would even call OoT one that uses an alternate world since it is time travel. Wind Waker uses it too, with the Great Sea being above the former Hyrule, TP with the Twilight Realm, SS with the sky vs the surface...
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    A Link Between Worlds Bosses Too Easy

    They were unquestionably easy, but they were still amazing fun. These bosses were, like the puzzles in the game, some of the most clever in the series. Incredibly easy: Yuga the first time, and Moldorm!! Holy crap, she was honestly so much tougher in ALttP, I went back and replayed her in ALttP...
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    A Link Between Worlds How Does A Link Between Worlds Compare To A Link To The Past?

    It's better in all the ways you'd expect a sequel/remake to a game 20 years later. The puzzles are probably some of the best in the series, even in comparison to the 3D console games. Everything about it is seamless and makes for an engaging adventure. ALttP doesn't really stand up to ALBW just...
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    A Link Between Worlds What Order Have You Done/are You Doing the Dungeons.

    Eastern Palace Tower of Hera House of Gales Thieves Hideout Swamp Palace Dark Palace Desert Palace Skull Woods Turtle Rock Ice Ruins
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    Skyward Sword What Theme Should Have Been Included?

    I think the game, and any Zelda game, benefits from following closer to what is done in OoT and ALBW in regards to dungeon theme. There is such a large amount of variety that at the end, it feels like you've truly been on a wholesome and fulfilling journey. There is just so much more added to...
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    Majora's Mask What Do U Want Out of a 3D/HD Remake?

    All of the above, but not just improved graphics, VASTLY improved graphics. I'm expecting that the remake will come on the next Nintendo handheld, possibly even as a release title, since that would be a huge sales booster. With this, I'm expecting the capabilities of it will make it look similar...
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    General Classic Which Mirror Shield is Your Favourite One and Why?

    Either version of OoT. Holy crap, that looks STUNNING when you first pull it out of the chest and it's raised up in the air, with that gleaming sea of blueish light running through it. It looks amazing with the Silver Gauntlets too. I actually usually do the Spirit Temple first to be able to...
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    General Zelda Rank-Order The 3D Games

    1. Majora's Mask. Mostly for the depth of the game and the story. As every single person on this website says, its THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE SERIES and STRANGELY DARK yaddayaddayadda that's all great. It's just a well crafted experience that transcends the buttons you press. Love the dungeons...
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    Majora's Mask VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 75!

    Sharp's cave because when playing this game for the first time as a youth, venturing into this dark misty little area and then being drained of your hearts scared the crap out of me, and if you do not have the Song of Storms yet, you are screwed. It's intimidating.
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    Non-linearity Vs Involved Overworld

    I am totally down with an overworld that has many options of exploration early on that only gets greater as you acquire items. Order of dungeons doesn't matter to me. However, one of my biggest pet peeves is when the entire game is linear and then all of a sudden there's one moment of...
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    If You Could Pick Any Zelda Character Boy/Girl to Be Friends With, Who Would It Be?

    I feel like Midna would be so much fun to be friends with AFTER getting to know her... she seems like the type who writes many people off upon first impression. But regardless, shes funny, playfully cynical, yet has an underlying care for those she is close to. She's got a hard shell but once...
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    The Legend of Zelda Zelda 2013

    Twilight Princess since I began playing it just before the New Year. I'm at Snowpeak so yeah I'll probably be finished it by next week considering I play roughly 1-2 hours a day. I'm doing somewhat of a minimalist run in terms of hearts, no heart pieces or containers.
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    OoT Vs OoT3D

    OoT 3D was superior (rightfully so, it was a remake). The only thing I did not like about it compared to the original was the way Link ran and how it changed. It looked kind of awkward in a way. More natural on N64 to me.
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    Easiest, Funnest, Boringist, and Hardest Bosses Anyone?

    this is from the 3D games. Easiest: Gohma OoT, record time on 3DS boss gauntlet is 22.63.. any boss that can be beaten under 2 minutes is deemed easy to me. OoT and TP and the easiest bosses of the 3D games IMO Funnest: tie between Twinrova OoT, Argorok TP, Goht MM Most Boring: Twinmold...
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    Was Skyward Sword Actually Difficult?

    It felt like it was enemies would wait on you to attack, especially the Bokoblins... the only enemies I found truly challenging to take down were the Technoblins, I can't really recall any others. To me it was more linear than Twilight Princess because there was hardly room to explore. The...
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    Skyward Sword & Twilight Princess: First Impressions

    TP blew me away in the mood that it set.. it really felt like I was living some otherworldly sort of experience with the most realistic graphics the series has seen yet. SS blew me away with its controls and how it was really the first Zelda game to innovate since OoT. Overall, I'd say I was...
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    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Tetra, that cute/sexy/dangerous vibe she has, its so obvious that Link wants her so bad, I love it. I definitely think Nintendo missed an opportunity to truly create a legit full story arc with Tetra thinking Link is some wussy island kid to falling in love with him by the end. That would've...
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    Was Skyward Sword Actually Difficult?

    The easiest 3D Zelda hands down. Everything was way too linear, no room to get lost at all. I felt like it was all spoon fed, Fi would basically tell you everything. There was no room to mis-navigate. Straight line through the entire game, not to mention that the combat was the same as all other...
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    Which Water Dungeon is the Best?

    Water Temple, OoT... it feels so sinister, mostly because of the music, which I thought was perfect. It features one of the best mini bosses in the series in Dark Link. This fight is actually challenging for a beginner-intermediate player. Morpha was basically a walk in the park and didn't have...
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    The "Mask Man".

    I think it's quite simple: he leaves Hyrule looking for masks, knowing of other existing worlds besides Hyrule from his previous adventures. He follows Link, then gets assaulted by Skull Kid, and finds his way to Termina to get Majora's Mask back.
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    Majora's Mask Link is NOT Looking for Navi?

    I think that would make a little more sense for sure if he was, but it seems that it is actually meant to be Navi he's looking for. That would've been awesome though if Saria made an appearance in Majora's Mask as a major character aha, think about it.
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    General Classic Favourite Overworld Theme

    Alright, let the opinions and arguements burst forth in all fury. If I missed out on one, my bad, you can rip into me for being a bad person below! I included only console...
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    WW-Wii U How to Actually Play This Game These Days

    It's funny cause I actually just recently bought a Wii 2 months ago, #1 to play Skyward Sword and #2 to play old GC games that I kept after selling my GC (such as WW, TP, OoT MQ, SSBM), and so I bought a refurbrished one that is practically new for $80 with tax, which is almost how much I sold...
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    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    They definitely should have added more exploration, and I think almost anyone can agree to that. Nintendo went polar opposites it seems with the past 2 games, Twilight Princess being too big and barren of a world, and Skyward Sword just being minimized to its most extreme. It's one of the...
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    Majora's Return

    I wouldn't have a problem if it was weaved into another story somehow, that would maybe explain some of the origins of the mask or something, but I wouldn't want an actual sequel or return of Majora's Mask.
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    Majora's Mask Dream?

    You could always argue that it is a dream as MM is not a traditional Zelda game and does not actually feature the character of Zelda in the game. It's all quantum physics people!
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    OoT-N64 Bosses

    gotta start a poll :p yep so I guess this is the third vote, but yeah Twinrova for me. Though I think there were still a lot of missed oppurtunities with the fight, it's still the most memorable and unique. Definitely should have been more difficult for the second/third last boss of the game...
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    Twilight Princess Ganondorf: is This a Joke?

    I think that they really strayed from OoT with Skyward Sword, but what they missed out on was the exploration element in that game. But I respect the decision to have a small overworld because I think Nintendo really wants to give each and every Zelda game their own feel from now on...
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    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: Gamecube or Wii

    Gamecube all the way. Now that Skyward Sword is out, I always think how much better TP could have been with SS's controls and similar combat style in that the way you swing your sword really matters. If TP had these elements, it would be the closest thing to the perfect Zelda game that I...
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    Not Even Gonna Lie

    I thought it was the most epic sword fight in the the series for sure, but what it really lacked was a sense of fighting a character. Demise was pretty well thrown into the game at the end and you never really had a feel for what kind of villain he was and is. It was an awesome duel that was...
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    OoT-N64 Ocarina of Time

    I think the mystique behind Ocarina of Time has not been topped since, but I'd say Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are both more solid games, and rightfully so, as they were both made to try and top OoT. The thing I really miss from OoT are the dungeons. Every dungeon just seemed to have...
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    OoT-3DS Fishing Pond and Golden Scale Theories

    For some reason, I've found that in comparison to the N64 version, fishing on the 3DS is much harder. All the big fish seem to automatically wander towards the centre of the pond where it is very difficult to get their attention, and once you do catch them, they seem to be quite a bit stronger...
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    What Would Be a Cool Legend of Zelda Game to Be Remade on the 3ds?

    Remake wise I think A Link To The Past would be the perfect game to see on the 3DS. Majora's Mask is an amazing game already, and so I don't feel a remake is necessary just for the sake of making better graphics and the 3D effect. Ocarina of Time was the right choice for a remake for sure, but...
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    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    Never have liked the Four Swords games so the original one for GBA is my least favourite for sure.
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    Favorite Character in Ss?

    Ghirahim was amazing for sure, but mine was Sparrot the fortune teller. Its impossible not to feel sympathy for this guy when he breaks the crystal ball, He's even more likeable because all of his fortunes are spot on, yet the first time you go to him he hints that he is not always reliable; I...
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    Twilight Princess "Twilight Princess is a Good Game, but It's Not a Good Zelda Game"

    I have never understood this statement at all, please state some opinions as to what this means to you.
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    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    Moladrach was wayyy too easy, especially for the third boss of the game. Such a simple fight, you blow the freaking sand away and slash at its eyes. For me it was the second easiest boss in the series next to Gohma from OoT.
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    Ocarina of Time Hardest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    So anytime there's a thread that involves difficulty and OoT or the Zelda series the Water Temple is inevitably gonna come up. And I will start off by saying that the Water Temple is not a difficult dungeon if you explore every room as you lower and raise the water levels. If you do this, you...
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    Skyward Sword Which is Longer, TP or SS ?

    I'm realy confused about the whole thing that Skyward Sword is a game with a lot of depth. I could swear that was hardly any side quests in SS? TP had the most things to collect of any Zelda game by far, and it was more difficult than SS (THERE WAS NO DOWSING!!!!) It took me 80 hours to get...
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    General Modern Best Dungeon of All Time?

    It's gotta be the Spirit Temple from OoT. It's atmosphere is unparalled by anything I've seen yet. I think it's awesome how the Spirit Temple is the religious ground of the Gerudo. Everything in this dungeon is so epic; the fact that it's at the end of the desert, the goddess statue inside the...
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    Twilight Princess Top 10 Twilight Princess Songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtWERr8TOxQ I haven't seen this song in anyone's list on this thread! It's a gorgeous song, it makes me feel so many things I thought I could never feel through a song.
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    General Modern Zelda WiiU Tech Demo... What Do You Think?

    All I can say is that I would be 100% stoked if the kept those same graphics. If they could somehow recreate a OoT, MM or TP feel with the next game but brush up on some of the rougher edges, and throw in these super sexy graphics, oh man. I'd really like to see them go for a little bit more of...
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    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Good Game?

    It's a Zelda game, and it's the one that everyone was so psyched for after being "disappointed" with Wind Waker (though WW was still pretty good). I love almost all Zelda games, so for me to hear someone say that TP is a bad game is just strange. If you dont like travelling over huge landscapes...
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    WW-Wii U Ganondorf in the WW Weight Problems.

    That's what happens after being a motionless hermit in the Sacred Realm for godknowshowlong.
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    General Modern Twilight Princess Vs Skyward Sword

    The one thing I dont understand is the whole "Twilight Princess was so easy" thing. Hello people, have you played SS? By far the easiest Zelda game. The whole dowsing thing was like, what? Why? Youre gonna tell me where this is? I can see why people would like SS over TP, but if it's because of...
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    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    I would beg to differ about the better story statement. I mean, it's all personal preference, but from a writing perspective, I think if MM n OoT were made into movies, people would prefer MM because of the whole Skull Kid deal, how he's actually innocent but the mask gives him powers that he is...
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