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    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    i'm 37 and love the windwaker/twilight princess (2 of my all time favourite games of any genre).i've been playing computer games since the 80's and i cannot see myself ever stopping (and that includes zelda games ;-)
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    Skyward Sword What's Your Opinion on Motion Controls?

    my apologies but i cannot stand the motion controls in skyward sword. i may be getting old (37)/rubbish at the game e.t.c,and only recently tried/bought a 2nd hand wii console,but i just cannot get the hang of them at all. i really want to love skyward sword,but i just cannot get into the game...
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    i'm going to have to change my answer (i had said oot). my choice is now skyward sword.i really want to like the game (and in almost every way it is a stunning game),BUT!... i just cannot get to grips with the motion plus control system (i know i'm old,set in my ways,rubbish e.t.c being my...
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    How Old Are You?

    i am 37.
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    Favorite Band?

    would have to third rush being my favourite band.have seen them 3 times also,and every time they just blow me away. have tried to learn some of their songs on guitar (but do not find them easy to play as i'm no great guitarist :S they will always be a part of my life :D
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    The Most Adventurest Zelda Out There Game

    it would have to be the windwaker for me.
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    Does Writing Your Name Instead of Link Reduces the Epicness?

    well since getting windwaker again there was only one name i could give the hero. MULLET! :) :yes: i always give silly names to my characters (not just zelda games) in twilight princess the hero is called whelk :S (yes i know i'm very childish/sad :(
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    Twilight Princess Favorite Twilight Princess Dungeon?

    i actually have 3 favourite dungeons in tp. it's between the goron mine/snowpeak ruins and city in the sky.i voted though the city in the sky.i just love the music of that level. it was a close run coin toss between them though.
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    Zelda Fun Facts!

    did you know that shigeru miyamoto played the mandolin part in the windwaker theme tune. i'll get my coat :)
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    Twilight Princess Vs. Wind Waker

    you have picked my 2 favourite zelda games.if i had to choose between them (if chuck norris was demanding an answer to this question :S then by an atom's width i would have to go with the windwaker. it is one of those rare games that i couldn't see how they could improve it.it's just perfect as...
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    What Zelda Game Are You Playing at the Moment,and What Are You Doing in It Right Now?

    just interested to be honest :) myself, i just completed the windwaker earlier (first play through with this copy). am now just exploring one of the bonus caves in twilight princess wii (will be starting on the mirrors of twilight quest lines soon). with skyward sword i haven't really got into...
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    WW-Wii U I Am Very Happy Today.

    just had a special delivery from the postman :D i cannot put into words how happy i am to finally be able to play this masterpiece again. it is one of my favourite games of any genre :yes: now where did i put my baton/sailcloth. :)
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    WW-Wii U The 3-heart Challenge?

    i'm up for this challenge also. i am extremely happy,as i finally found a copy of zelda windwaker (the gold case version).am just waiting for it to be delivered. (am currently listening to windwaker soundtrack/practising my baton skills in readiness :)
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    The First Zelda Game You Played

    it was either link's awakening on gameboy/ocarina of time. my first zelda game (that i completed) was either twilight princess on gamecube/windwaker. sorry to be so vague.
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    It's About To Happen

    respect :-) i haven't played mm yet.well that's not strictly true,i have played the beginning of it,but was a bit overwhelmed as what to do once i got out of the first dungeon area :S i do plan on playing it though (with the help of a walkthrough :embarrassed: for when i get stuck).
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    Twilight Princess Wii Twilight Princess.cannot Find the Last Hidden Skill Wolf?

    i have come to the conclusion that it is a glitch.have checked every howling stone again last night.also every place that the wolf appears also. i have found all the wolves in the game (i can remember seeing them at the spots). i will restart (am not complaining as i love tp). hopefully this...
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    Is the Lord of the Rings a Classic?

    yes. (i haven't yet managed to read it all the way through). i recently bought the single volume again with the mindset to read the whole thing this time (including the songs/appendices e.t.c).
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    Any Advice for Combat in Skyward Sword? (wii Numpty)

    right i have had ss for the last couple of weeks (currently have to collect 15 spirit orbs !? at lanayru desert for the flame quest part 2).my problem is though,i am completely hopeless with the motion control fighting (especially bosses).i just end up flailing my arms like a bad swimmer :S i...
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    The Legend of Zelda What is You're Favourite Zelda Song?

    for me i love all the music of the zelda games i have played.for some reason though i absolutely love the music of the sky temple in twilight princess (where the occoco live).it just resonates with me for some reason (also it perfectly fits the characters of the occoco people in my mind anyway).
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    i'm afraid that i cannot choose just 1 favourite zelda game. it's a coin toss between the windwaker and twilight princess. there is just something about both games that connect with me (yin/yang also if that makes any kind of sense).even though i am ancient (i'm 37 ;-) i absolutely love the...
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    Any Chance of the Wind Waker Being Released for the Wii?

    thanks for all your replies.some great news (for me anyway).i have reserved a special edition copy of windwaker from an online shop (the gold case version with oot/master quest bonus disc).it's going to cost £40 odd pounds,but am happy to pay the price to be honest (it really is one of my...
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    Twilight Princess Wii Twilight Princess.cannot Find the Last Hidden Skill Wolf?

    thanks for the replies,but i think the game has glitched tbh.i have checked everywhere (where the wolves appear) in the game (according to walkthrough guide). including the castle gardens (the forcefield is destroyed).i will restart the game i think.
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    i'm afraid that i have never been able to connect with/get into ocarina of time. :(
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    Twilight Princess Wii Twilight Princess.cannot Find the Last Hidden Skill Wolf?

    this is most puzzling.i have found all the howling stones (all 6),and repeatedly looked on my map for the last wolf (i have also downloaded a walkthrough and followed the advice in finding all the howling stones/wolves).i cannot for the life of me though find any wolf.i have checked every place...
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    Any Chance of the Wind Waker Being Released for the Wii?

    well am i slightly behind the times or what (i didn't know that there was a wii u until windwaker101 reply :embarrassed: i have just seen the zelda demo for the wii u on youtube.WOW! is all i can say :D i think that i will be saving up my pennies for a wii u now ;) hopefully as said,the...
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    Any Chance of the Wind Waker Being Released for the Wii?

    hello all,have just signed up here. i haven't been a long time zelda gamer (i only really got into the series with the wind waker/twilight princess.i have played link's awakening, and also ocarina of time when it was released for n64). although i have been gaming since the mid 80's (am 37.my...
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