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    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild looks far better on the Nintendo Switch

    I'll probably play it on neither, or play it at all. I'm poor. *Nod*
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    Canon so terrible you pretended it never happened

    Fun fact: The reason Paper Mario has been going down hill is because some of the head creators are "Having trouble finding more paper themed ideas and mechanics, and if you want a Paper Mario type game, just go play the Mario and Luigi series". I don't think they understand what makes Paper...
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    So Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans is getting a second season and a side story manga. Yet Sunrise still refuses to animate Hathaway's Flash and Crossbone. Fek.
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    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread

    6 movies in 6 years, along with a series, and more toylines than in the Lucas era. That's kinda ridiculous.
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    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Discussion Thread

    Yay, more Disney over saturation of the SW market.
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Main problem: Death Note's problem/ending was easily fixable, Guilty Crown however, was unsavable.
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    TPHD-Wii U Which version has the better box art in your opinion?

    Gamecube or Nintendo Selects box art. I like the simplicity of them.
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    Rank the bosses of Twilight Princess

    1. Twilit Fossil Stallord 2. Ganondorf 3. Zant 4. Argorok 5. Blizzeta 6. Fyrus 7. Armogohma 8. Diababa 9. Morpheel
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    Triforce Heroes General Discussion

    While I may not care much about the game(Haven't even played it, saw other people play it), I must say, the game looks very beautiful in areas like Woodland and Riverside.
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    Tri Force Heroes Tri Force Heroes is in Downfall Timeline

    The game needed a place on the timeline?
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    Favorite Powerpuff Girl

    Blossom, or course.
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    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    In no specific order: FMAB Cowboy Bebop Eureka 7 Rahxephon Kara no kyoukai(Haven't seen the final 2 movies) Monogatari series Gundam Monster Gurren Lagann Fate/Zero
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    Skyward Sword- Why Do People Hate It So?

    SS's motion controls were bad? Huh, I played the entire game sitting down and only had to calibrate the Wiimote once or twice every hour or so, and they was really precise too.
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    Skyward Sword- Why Do People Hate It So?

    Because people can't handle it's goodness(Minus the hand holding, but that's really the only problem I had with it...)
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    Favorite Nickelodeon Show?

    Avatar/Korra(S1, 3, and, 4)
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    Favorite YouTube Channels

    League of Super Critics(Nostalgia Critic), Jwittz, Game Theories, Cinemasins, Natewantstobattle, Dookieshed, Gigguk, Grarkada, Demolition D, Sawyer7mage, Mysterious Mr. Enter, Angry Joe, JonTron, and GMM
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    Luckiest Wondertrade Experiences

    Level 50 Ursaring. That's it.
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    Heights and spiders(Not tarantulas though).
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    Annoying Mario Kart Items

    Blue shells are really the only item that annoys me.
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    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    In no specific order: FMAB Cowboy Bebop Eureka 7 Rahxephon Kara no kyoukai(Haven't seen the final 2 movies) Monogatari series Gundam Monster Gurren Lagann Fate/Zero
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    Most disappointing boss fight?

    Giant Celi- I mean Tentalus.
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    Best 'mech' anime/manga

    Gundam(Original, 8th MS Team, 0080 War in the Pocket, 0083 Stardust Memory, Zeta, Char's Counterattack, Unicorn, G, X, Turn A, 00, and Build Fighters) Gurren Lagann Rahxephon Eureka 7 Code Geass Macross
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    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    Graphics-SS The cartoony/water color style is more interesting and pleasing to look at. TP barely has any color. Sound-SS Fully orchestral soundtrack, that's about all that needs to be said. Overworld-TP The Sky/Ground is more interesting and you can do a lot more than in TP, and while TP has...
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    Your first ever hatched shiny

    None. I have shiny's, just never been able to hatch them.
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    Ghost Girl in X and Y

    Pretty sure it's just a running theme, they've been putting ghost people in the main series games since gen. 4(The only game where a ghost person has done something was in B2 and W2).
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    Habits you picked up from fictional characters

    I blame English media for my use of the term "Bloody hell"(Stereotypical, but still fun to say), and Tokyo Ghoul for me cracking my pointer finger every now and again.
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    How Do You Play Pokemon?

    During the storyline I like to play through it and explore as much as possible (I don't really trade, grind, etc... and try to avoid trainers as much as possible), but during the post game I like to collect, trade, and fight a few friends over wi-fi.
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    How did you first experience zelda for the first time and what was it like

    Getting Phantom Hourglass when on my 8th birthday(It had only been out for a few months), after that I found this site and started trying to play/own all the others.
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Finished Fate/Zero for the second time.
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    Do bosses make or break a dungeon for you?

    Depends on how the dungeon went, if it was a challenging dungeon, I'd like to feel rewarded by taking out a difficult boss. If it was an easier dungeon, the boss doesn't really matter to me, personally.
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    What food do you find disgusting?

    Cheese. Unless it's on pizza, I refuse to eat it. Also eggs, they are disgusting.
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    I want an ear piercing and an eyebrow piercing, and that's about all I'd want.
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    Gossip Stone: What would a more "mature" Zelda game be like?

    I'd love a more mature Zelda game, but not with tons of nudity, gore, etc... Those don't make games/tv shows/movies mature, that just makes the audience need to be older to buy/play a game or tv show. Things like Family Guy aren't mature, even though it's full of sex jokes and violence. I'd...
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    Your ideal career

    CEO, author/director, maybe photographer.
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    Gossip Stone: Will the Zelda Wii U delay Hurt nintendos 2015

    No, Nintendo still has some great games planned out for 2015. Plus, considering SS's wait time, waiting for LoZ Wii U is nothing by comparison.
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Springtime fun: Shokugeki no Souma, Disappearance of Yuki Nagato, Owari no Seraph, Digimon Adv. Tri, Fate/Stay Night: UBW, Ore Monogatari!!, Re-Kan!, Punchline, Plastic Memories, Kekkai Sensen, Nisekoi:
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    How do you rate yourself as a kisser?

    Don't know, never kissed anyone. Probably... 3/10, I think.
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Finished Rahxephon, now to stop putting off Shakugan no Shana II.
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    Do you think that a Twilight Princess HD remake for the upcoming 10th anniversary would be good?

    Seems unnecessary, I'd rather have a new title be released then just a rehashing with better graphics.
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    Favourite Pokémon From Each Region

    Gen 1-Aracnine Gen 2-Scizor Gen 3-Blaziken Gen 4-Arceas Gen 5-Zekrom Gen 6-Yveltal
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    Favourite Drink (general)

    Pepsi, root beer, cranberry sierra mist, rockstar, and water.
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    What's Your Astrological and Chinese Zodiac Signs?

    Cusp of Virgo/Leo and born in the year of the Tiger.
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    What colour eyes do you have/ like in a partner?

    1) Green, with a hazel circular pattern around the pupil 2) A different shade of green, maybe brighter then they are right now. 3) Nope
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    What colour hair do you have/ like in a partner.

    1) Brown(Though, I have a blonde grouping somehow) 2) Nope 3) Nope
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    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    I'm in a tired mood.
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    Do you buy a lot of games?

    No, but I wish I had enough money too do so.
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    MM-3DS How do you feel about Majora's Mask 3D having less gloomy graphics then the original?

    I prefer the original graphics, they set up a nice creepy tone. The remake looks good, but it doesn't carry the same atmosphere as the original (Except for the moon, it does look creepier in high-res.).
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    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Gundam Unicorn-6/7 Oh the eyegasms~ Probably gonna move on to Rahxephon or Shakugan no Shana II when I'm done.
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    What Annoyed You Today?

    Learning that my right headphone blew out while I was at school.
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    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    ALBW or MM for favorite, I love the look and mechanics in ALBW, and I love MM's dark tone. I don't really have a least favorite LoZ game, tbh.
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