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  1. Farore's Chosen

    By accident or maybe a little help?

    Its a good thing you caught it.
  2. Farore's Chosen

    Making the next 2D Zelda a... Wonder

    Does this mean link should turn into an elephant?
  3. Farore's Chosen

    Tears of the Kingdom Aonuma Confirms: No TotK DLC

    That's kay-o with me. I dislike dlc. Believe it or not videogames can and do sell well without it.
  4. Farore's Chosen

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Spirited Away is always a beautiful treat. 8/10
  5. Farore's Chosen

    Do you typically keep your starter throughout?

    For the most part. I do switch them out when I'm training new mon. Whether they go all the way to the top with me depends on the elite 4's typings, teams, and how good of a starter it is. I absolutely did not take Pignite with me, and Meganium is so awful that I reset. I doubt I'll take...
  6. Farore's Chosen

    Which Robot Masters do you take on first in Mega Man?

    Classic: Cut Man Metal Man Hard or Magnet Man Toad Man Stone Man 6-I forget. I haven’t played it in forever. 7-See above Cold Man DWR-Cut Man Mercury Block Man Zero: Aztec Falcon Hyleg Ouroborakle Childre Inarabbita Noble Mandrago X: Chill Penguin Wire Sponge Blizzard Buffalo Web Spider...
  7. Farore's Chosen

    "Deserves a remake"

    I vote StarTropics. Or at least a sequel. It's never gonna happen. Its not because it's old or outdated, but it made some bad decisions. Not much would need fixing. Hearts and stars are not plentiful and you can't always go back n forth to make enemies respawn anyway. Fix: Make them appear...
  8. Farore's Chosen

    Do You Like Fighting Games?

    Yes I like them. I suck at them. No matter how I practice I can only remember some of the inputs for special moves, or I can't trigger finishers even if I did, or I only manage it with wild button mashing.
  9. Farore's Chosen

    If Nintendo let other developers do Zelda again, who would it be?

    My vote is Capcom, provided they keep those infernal mandatory mini games out of them. Maybe give the people who made Infernax and the people who made Shovel Knight a shot.
  10. Farore's Chosen

    Gonna stitch them all! Updated

    Adorable work
  11. Farore's Chosen

    I'd be cool with the next Zelda game being in First Person.

    No thanks. I'd hafta skip out on that if they did. FP makes me dizzy and sometimes nauseous for some dumb reason. (I live in 1st person so it shouldn't. )
  12. Farore's Chosen

    What Made You Happy Today?

    It's cooler and been sprinkling for the past two days. What a relief!
  13. Farore's Chosen

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Re reading Jurassic Park
  14. Farore's Chosen

    Universal Studios, Zelda Rumors; What Would YOU Do?

    I think an interactive playground would be fun.
  15. Farore's Chosen

    Favorite Real Life Cities You Have Traveled To So Far ?

    Los Angeles (Used to live there too, I miss it.) Hollywood Tampa Bay (Well before the state went koo-koo.) I've only ever been to 3 states outside my own, so my answers are limited. I have no interest in frying my butt off in Arizona, and I'll never set foot in Utah again.
  16. Farore's Chosen

    Favourite planet

    The one I'm on right now.
  17. Farore's Chosen

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Took benadryl for allergies, am sleepy. Hoping I'll get some job interviews and a job soon.
  18. Farore's Chosen

    What do you do with your Master Ball?

    Save it for that one pain in the butt legendary I really, really want!
  19. Farore's Chosen

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Screaming in the Night by Krokus
  20. Farore's Chosen

    Gaming gaps you want to fill

    Series I've never played: I've always wanted to try Silent Hill. Series I have played: Castlevania's Portrait of Ruin and Symphony of the Night.
  21. Farore's Chosen

    Do your parents use bad words?

    Yes. Though they were a lot less likely to let the "heavier" cuss words fly out of their mouth. My step dad cussed more. I don't remember my mom cussing very often.
  22. Farore's Chosen

    What're your views on traditional martial arts?

    Little kid me: They're cooool! Adult me: They're really cooool!
  23. Farore's Chosen

    Universal Studios, Zelda Rumors; What Would YOU Do?

    Dunno? I'd hafta see how it's implemented
  24. Farore's Chosen

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Kill em All album by Metallica
  25. Farore's Chosen

    Aonuma: OoT was restricting, the BotW format will continue

    Because the series started open world. You can go everywhere connected to land from the start. It'll just take longer and you might not make it, once tougher enemies start popping up. Linear item gating started as early as Zelda 2. You need a hammer to take down the big boulders, a jump spell...
  26. Farore's Chosen

    Rate The Last TV Series That You Watched

    I found The Munsters box set and snagged it. It's still funny. 7/10
  27. Farore's Chosen

    What are you currently eating?

    Carrot sticks and ranch
  28. Farore's Chosen

    book arranging...

    Alphabetical/series order
  29. Farore's Chosen

    Which Zelda games show the best roles for Princess Zelda?

    Spirit Tracks and Windwaker. And if we want to get controversial in here, the cd-i game she played in.
  30. Farore's Chosen

    When do you see physical games being completely phased out?

    I don't. People thought books and music were going digital only and nope. Plus records have made a comeback and cds and books can still be purchased new
  31. Farore's Chosen

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Metroid: Samus Returns-I like it, but sometimes it feels like a bit of a slog. Only 23 metroids left to exterminate. 6/10
  32. Farore's Chosen

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Across the Spider-verse 7/10 It was good.
  33. Farore's Chosen

    Releases You're Looking Forward To

    The FNAF movie
  34. Farore's Chosen

    What Are You Watching Currently?

    Finished season 4 of what we do in the shadows.
  35. Farore's Chosen

    Tears of the Kingdom Rank The Dungeons

    That's a nice number of dungeons.
  36. Farore's Chosen

    Do you have a cut off for owning too much games?

    No, but then I've never had a ton of them all to myself at any given time. And I do get rid of games I don't like.
  37. Farore's Chosen

    Spin-off series you enjoy more than the mainline series

    Donkey Kong Country is a lot more fun then arcade Donkey Kong. Mega Man Zero is amazing. Still love Classic though. This is just a one-off, but Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon isn't as tedious as Final Fantasy.
  38. Farore's Chosen

    Are 2D/Side Scrolling Games Worth Premium Pricing?

    2D games can be just as good or bad as 3D games. Platformers can still be every bit as good or bad as sprawling adventures. If it provides you with fun, satisfaction, and good memories then it is doing its intended job. However, the rising prices aren't a product of superior and inferior...
  39. Farore's Chosen

    What are you cooking?

    Today we made carne asada nachos
  40. Farore's Chosen

    People who say Zelda is for kids

    It is. But just because it is for kids, doesn't mean people of all ages can't enjoy it. :shrugs:
  41. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda Movie in the Works

    No thanks. :eyes:
  42. Farore's Chosen

    Zelda Music Rocks! What's Your Favorite?

    I've got lots of favorites. Overworld,Dungeon-TLoZ Village, Palace, Great Palace-AoL Temple of Droplets-MC Castle Town, Lost Woods, Snowpeak Howlstone-TP Ancient Cistern, Bamboo Island-SS Song of Storms-Various Nayru's Song-OoA Tarm Ruins-OoS Sword Hunt, Face Shrine-LADX All Clock Town, Deku...
  43. Farore's Chosen

    Do you have a gaming family?

    Sorta. Some or my family members play; aunt, various cousins, mom, daughter. Some don't.
  44. Farore's Chosen

    Favorite coffee?

    I don't know if I have one.
  45. Farore's Chosen

    I'm not sure if someone already posted this but who is your favorite animatronic from FNAF?

    My top 3 favorite designs: Mangle Bonnie Chica Security Breach had too much silly and not enough of that slightly off, creep factor that FNAF and Sister Location nailed. Except for Sundrop/Moondrop and the giant spider dj. The nightmare and melteds looked like they were trying a little too...
  46. Farore's Chosen

    How do you cope with spoilers?

    Occasionally I'll be slightly annoyed, but I've gotten so used to it, that I'm just like, whatever.
  47. Farore's Chosen

    I'd be ok with 3D Zelda games being like BOTW if we got good 2D Zelda games

    I want open world 2D again as well, that'd really take the series back to its roots properly.
  48. Farore's Chosen

    Aonuma: OoT was restricting, the BotW format will continue

    I'm down for open world, just add some good dungeons and ditch the glass weapons. I swear they hired the guy who makes Sir Arthur's armor. (You notice his fabulous heart undies are indestructible, maybe they should make his knight armor out of that.) Incidentally, how are the dungeons in...
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