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    Groose: Beginning or Later?

    i didn't expect that jerk to come with me down to the Surface. i guess it was for the better.
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    Spoiler Reviving the Ancient Robots

    never thought about reviving them, but if we did, that'd be a cool extra feature that nintendo could've done.
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    Sheikah Stone: Thankful or Exasperated?

    i used it to help me figure out hints on the gratitude crystal sidequests, and i accidentally watched how to defeat demise. that's so uncool and ruined everything for me.
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    Spoiler Did You Know who the Imprisoned Was?

    wait, i beat the game like 5 months ago and i just found out now that the imprisoned was demise. i didn't get the memo! the imprisoned is too cute to be demise. (he's also not as badass as demise either) x]
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    Skyward Sword Vs. Ocarina of Time

    despite the 10+ gap between skyward sword and ocarina of time, i find ocarina of time far superior. it gave zelda such a high standard to keep up with. it's the game that started it all, and i guess since it brought forth so much technical stuff into the video game industry (ie teleportation and...
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    Items Made into Dungeons

    definitely the lens of truth would be a cool item to explore. like using the lens of truth IN the lens of truth? wooaahh inception!
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    Link's New Companion

    i liked the idea of zelda and link tagteaming in spirit tracks. it involves zelda more and doesn't make her so much as a "damsel in distress", but rather a cute couple fighting against evil. :P
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    Humor in Zelda

    there's a good amount that wouldn't stray too far from the seriousness. though, i don't know if it's just me, but groose's character design was just too satirical for me. in serious scenes, his face just makes me laugh. i can't take him seriously.
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    Essential Elements Of A Zelda Game

    if zelda needs to meet those criteria of having central characters, then majora's mask isn't really a zelda game. :P there's no zelda or ganon or triforce or anything.
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    Silent Realm IRL

    LOL that's so funny. i love the effects.
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    3D Version of the Original Legend of Zelda

    or maybe even a link to the past! that'd sell to new AND old fans. :]
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    If I Love the Zelda Series, What Other Video Games Would You Recommend?

    i played okami and it was an excellent game. some say darksiders, but i'm not too sure. i never played it. any other recommendations that you guys think i might like?
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    Spoiler Freakiest Vids in TP

    i've never seen a zelda cutscene as freaky as that one. it was so metaphorical. i LOVED it.
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    If You Could Have 1 Helper.

    midna, but she nags alot. maybe fi. she would call me master and do my math homework. LOL.
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    Most Attractive Character in The Legend of Zelda

    link for twilight princess was very handsome. so was OOT link, can't go wrong with a leonardi di caprio impersonation. LOL. skyward sword link's lips were bothering me the whole game. he actually didn't look handsome at all. he sometimes looked like a manly girl. D:
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    Links Age in Ocarina of Time

    i thought he was 10, and his "adult age" was 17. "adult link" was a fan name, and it's not really his official name, so he doesn't HAVE to be 18.
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    Have You Ever Been Scared to Defeat Ganon?

    hahaha!! isn't everyone? when i first played ocarina of time, i was just waiting on his staircase waiting for courage to go face him. just the sound of his organ playing got louder definitely intimidated me. x]
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    Epona Vs Train!

    WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS? epona is like the BEST thing ever.
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    Who is the Cutest Character in TP?

    LINK. sorry, typical. but it was the most handsome version of link up-to-date. :P
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    Most Annoying Temples/dungeons Throughout the Series

    the water temple in ocarina of time wasn't TOO bad. though, the water temple in twilight princess and the staircases was definitely annoying.
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    Really Cool Zelda Cosplay

    it's already crazy when people make amazing cosplays, what more if they look like the actual character?? props to her!
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    Leaving Skyloft at Night

    i thought the game was going to have that too! i really wanted to end the game with link being able to have the capabilities to fly at night. that sounds more adventurous!
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    Using the Shield

    oh HELL yeah. i super needed it. even though i'm more of an offensive person, the shield was just so useful!
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    Dissapointed with the Amount of Room to Explore?

    absolutely. i didn't want to explore anywhere in the islands in the sky because those islands are boring and without life. not much of an adventure for me. post-game activities weren't as fun, and the sidequests all revolved around the gratitude crystals. i felt more exploration in twilight...
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    Zelda Symphony Good Quality Live Recordings

    am i allowed to post this? hahaa... The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Live.zip well, there it is, for those who've missed out on the zelda concerts and/or want to relive the moments. x]
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    Spoiler Was Anyone Else Disappointed With The Demise Battle?

    the ghirahim battle before was WAAAAY harder. i wish demise had 3 stages. and the whole "you cannot use skyward strike" thing threw me off. it wasn't hard, it was just... confusing.
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    Skyward Swords References to Other Zelda Games.

    there's that tingle plushie in zelda's room. does that count? haha x]
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    How Many People Are Going to Do This?

    i gotta make a blue swim suit similar to a tunic then. :P
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    Zelda Will Never Go Back to How It Was.

    nintendo will always surprise me. though, i have my favorite zelda games, they never fail to make things work. i rather not have zelda take a step backwards to those fans who are too attached to the old games. i like taking a breath of fresh air when playing a totally new zelda. i guess fans new...
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    Do You Replay Zelda Games?

    i play it once because the first run through is always the best one because i didn't know what to expect. though, even though i'm done with the game, i still dwell on it and sometimes find glitches post-game. x]
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    Disappointed There Was No Water Region?

    i was hoping that they would timeshift the WHOLE lanayru region into a water region. that'd be so cool, and it would make a lot of sense!
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    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    demise man! why is he not on the poll? did you see his smokin' bodyy??? (hahah totally kidding man. link is the only hot character in the game IMHO)
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    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    "i'm pregnant with groose's child."
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    Who Would Win in a Dance Off? Fi or Ghirahim?

    ghirahim all the way! he's like the new david bowie with his dance moves and lady gaga outfit.
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    Least Favorite Boss/temple?

    i'm sorry, but i hated the lanayru mining facility. i really wanted to get it over with. the boss sucked too. i didn't leave the dungeon feeling accomplished at all. :| the boss, the weapon they gave you, the MUSIC... ugh. dislike that place!
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    Like Ghirahim? ;D

    you can't not like him. haha! i don't think he's *hot*, but he definitely is fabulous. he's a very nice (and unexpected) character to see produced by nintendo.
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    SS Bokoblins. Did You Dislike Them Too?

    it didn't really bother me. i guess they looked kinda... cute. they had pretty undergarments. i took it more as a humorous air-headed kinda enemy. you're right though, they don't pose a threat to me.
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    What Shield Did You Use Most In Skyward Sword?

    i finished the game using the sacred shield. i know, i'm totally not cool because i didn't complete the game with the hylian shield. -_____-
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    Most Intimidating Character in SS?

    WHY PPL NO VOTE FOR IMPA. she hella intimidated me when she told me i was too late to save zelda. i was like ;_;
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    Spoiler Zoras Aren't Mentioned Anywhere!

    even if parellas WERE to evolve into zoras, there weren't much of them either. i hardly talked to any of them to get interested into their culture and whatnot because i hated the swimming aspect of the game. -___-
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    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    dude. it reminded me of metal gear. it was a nice touch. i hated it and i loved it at the same time. it was definitely challenging.
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    Adventure Pouch: Yea or Nay?

    zelda has become much more realistic to me. i hated the fact that i always had to return to that storage girl who thinks i'm hitting on her. it's inefficient and it disrupts the flow of the game.
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    Is Skyward Sword Worth Buying a Wii For?

    two zelda games are made for the wii. go for it! twilight princess is an amazing game anyway. :] (and of course, skyward sword is too)
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    Spoiler Do You Think Fi Has a "human" Form Like Ghirahim?

    hahah i wish! it'd be cool if she did. midna had 2 forms, and so did the red lion king boat too. fi's real form is probably a calculator. LOL.
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    How the Harp Could Have Been Improved

    it's not even a harp, it's a lyre. -_____- but still, major disappointment. and it was hard to play, honestly. the kina sidequest took forever to complete because the harp wasn't very well structured.
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    Shortest Zelda?

    i felt that skyward sword was short ONLY BECAUSE there was little exploration to do, so i didn't lag trying to complete the game.
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    Demise's Workout Schedule

    i think demise is secretly groose, so he probably uses that punching bag with link's face and punches it like 348907234897 times a day.
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    POLL: Hena (the Fishing Hole Girl) or Iza (the Canoe Girl)

    iza used me... to blow up boulders! >:|
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    Least Annoying Helper

    i loved midna because she had so much character. as the series progress, you just start liking her. fi didn't have too much background and navi was just... annoying.
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    What Has Zelda Taught You?

    i learned that an ordinary person can go on extreme life-changing adventures, and even though people ridicule you for your age/nationality/gender/whatever, you will still pursue what you want and not give up, thanks link. :]
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