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  1. Elvenknight

    Jacobro's Trading Thread

    Do you have a Mew, and what are you asking for it if you do?
  2. Elvenknight

    Hylian Sightseeing Tour, Hop on Hop Off

    Yeah, that sounds like fun! I want to head to Zora's Domain, though. I hear those waterfalls are gorgeous! And Castle Town will be a great place to stop for souvinears. I just hope I brought enough Rupees. *looks over at King Bulblin* So about when are we heading out?
  3. Elvenknight

    Hylian Sightseeing Tour, Hop on Hop Off

    Hi, Katelynn! I'm glad you're coming, maybe some more sane people will join the tour. :P I hope I grabbed enough money, I want to buy a lot of souvinears, however you spell the dumb word. Are you going to? Maybe you can help me pick some out.
  4. Elvenknight

    R U an Expert?

    Seems I'm good at RPing. :P I also seem pretty good at cheering my friends up, and just being there for emotional support.
  5. Elvenknight

    Hylian Sightseeing Tour, Hop on Hop Off

    Yay! A bus tour! *pays two Rupees* When does it start? I can't wait!
  6. Elvenknight

    The Sinking Lure

    Alright. Thanks a bundle, guys! *rubs hands* Now to go hunting.
  7. Elvenknight

    The Sinking Lure

    Where do I find it? I remember once my cousins showing me, but every time I go back there, it isn't there. And is there really even any point in getting it? Thanks in advance! :)
  8. Elvenknight

    What You Do when Watching a Movie?

    It depends on who I'm watching with. If I'm watching on my own (which is rare), I half-pay attention and write my stories or something. When watching with my brother, I'm usually screwing around on my netbook, thought paying enough attention to the movie that I don't get lost when I decide to...
  9. Elvenknight

    Age of War

    Quick update: I'm afraid that due to technical diffculty, the site had to get down-graded. Any members who signed up will have to re-sign up and any charactors they made have to be remade. Sorry.
  10. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    Okay, sorry it took so flippin' long to get these up. But here we are: The Ocarina of Time: I didn't have enough shades of yellow to make a yellow Rupee, but I made the others: Link and Zelda: And the regular Triforce: I'm afraid I can't figure out the Goron. I'll give...
  11. Elvenknight

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Tunic Color?

    I think I like the red one better, but I think that the blue one looks best on Link. Typical girl. :P
  12. Elvenknight

    General Art Revenge of the Stari

    thanks, Thareous. I came up with the Stari when I was bored and playing a Zelda game. Anyways, sorry it took so long to write this chapter. Chapter Twenty-Eight Samara, Star, Midnight, and I pretty much only wandered the field. Any Dracomos we saw were shot down and killed. Samara...
  13. Elvenknight

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Well, I haven't been in much of a gaming mood lately, so I don't play my games very much. When I do finally get around to playing, I either play Oracle of Ages or Seasons on my GBA SP (GBC version, though), Soul Silver, Sims 2 Castaways, or Blue Rescue Team on my DS, or Pandora's Box, Warcraft...
  14. Elvenknight

    General Art Avatar the Last Airbender: The Untold Stories Vol. 1

    Sweet story, Katelynn! Can't wait for the next chapter! to xmajorax: Yeah, my brother and I loved that tv series, and watched it whenever we had the chance. But I agree with you, the movie kinda sucked.
  15. Elvenknight

    Age of War

    Thanks for joining, Josie and Caeda. Let me (HyrulianBlackcat) know if you have any questions. And I'm sorry you can't join Katelynn. I hope your schedual clears up enough so that you can. (And yes, I very much like RPs)
  16. Elvenknight

    Age of War

    (If this is the wrong place, my bad) Hi! I want to try and convince people to come try out the new Age of War RPG site. Now some of you might have seen me around and seen the banner in the signature. So you know that I already advertise the Age of War. What's so different about this...
  17. Elvenknight

    General Art ~Mizuki~ (Josie's) Graphics

    Can you make me: Type: Avatar Image: a phoenix, maybe with blood coming off its wings, please Text: None, thank you Background: forest in the back, desert in the front Font: None, thank you. You can change it if you have to. All I want is the phoenix, blood, forest, and desert in some...
  18. Elvenknight

    Majora's Mask Oh Noes.

    I suggest getting someone to 'play' with you. I got stuck on the Great Bay so many times, and I only beat it as quickly as I did because I had my brother watching me and giving me ideas. He was the one who first suggested I use Ice Arrows to make myself platforms. And if you need any help, I...
  19. Elvenknight

    Priestess Zelda?

    (I assume you mean "prophecied", Thareous?) I'm uncertain on this matter. The 'her holiness' does make me think that she's a priestess, or a priestess-in-training. However, I think the way she dresses is a little different from how a priestess would normally dress. I dunno, we'll just have...
  20. Elvenknight

    Anyone Play Yugioh?

    My brother and I play Yu-gi-oh. We don't have very many good cards, as we don't really have the money to buy as much as we want. I like Collosal Fighter, he was my first Synchro Monster, and his effect kickes @$$. All warriors in the graveyard give him 100 attack points each. And my starter...
  21. Elvenknight

    Twilight Princess Stuck In: Lanayru Province: Twilight

    Yes, I believe there's a warp point in Lake Hylia you can use.
  22. Elvenknight

    General Art Nightwing's Art Thread

    You can use a camera. Do you have a camera? That's what I use to put up my perler bead designs, since my scanner went X_X the other day.
  23. Elvenknight

    If Link Had a Pet

    In a way, Link already has a pet and her name is Epona. :) I don't know what pet he'd have. Probably a dog, to help him rescue the princess. Maybe a cat to help him relax afterwards. Either way, I bet it's a girl named Zelda.
  24. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    And it already has the pixels. Awesomeness, Linknerd. That will make it a lot easier, thanks!
  25. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    Wow! That is an excellant picture! Thank you! I'll get to work on it when I can. It might be awhile, though, I have a busy week. :(
  26. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    It was a little hard, but the pictures you supplied really helped. Thank you. I had made one of those pink reviving fairies, but I think I can make one in blue. An Ocarina might be a little hard...Can you find me a picture to refer to, please? Here's the pink fairy:
  27. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    Okay, here's the things I've made: A Deku Mask The water bomb A heart piece and heart container. The heart piece is missing one because I hadn't noticed the cat had disturbed it until after I took the picture. And here's your Hylian shield, ENA-three: I couldn't get the...
  28. Elvenknight


    I forgot one talent I have. I have double-jointed fingers:
  29. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    Hmmm...I might be able to do that. Do you think you can find me a picture to use? That would make it a lot easier. lol I can try. Yellows can be a little hard to get, but I think I can make it. Okay, I think that's enough requests. I'll get to work on them, and reply back here when I...
  30. Elvenknight

    Has Anyone Been Playing Kirby Lately?

    I was playing Kirby SuperStar for the SuperNintendo yesterday, and the Kirby SuperStar Ultra on the DS earlier this morning.
  31. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    Okey-dokey, I'll get to work on those. Thanks for finding such great pictures!
  32. Elvenknight

    Real Cucco Attack!

    lol That's funny! They should have put some bones with those clothes at the end.
  33. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    lol I do have a Triforce in my albumn, but it has the colors I feel it should be. I'll take a picture of my regular one to post pretty soon. If you could find me a good picture of those other items you requested, I'd really appreciate it.
  34. Elvenknight

    General Art My Perler Bead Creations

    Diggly-boo! Some of you have seen my perler bead things in the picture thread. But I have been in such a crafting mood lately, that I want to start taking requests for these thing. Here are some that I have made already. The various Medallions from OoT: The Spiritual Stones: For...
  35. Elvenknight

    What Side Do You Sleep On?

    I vary how I sleep. I usually sleep on my chest right at the edge of my bed. Half of me hangs off the bed when I do that. Sometimes, I'm kinda between chest and left side. Sometimes I sleep on my back, but not often, same as with my right side.
  36. Elvenknight

    Defining Link's Personality

    I see Link similair to how Forlong said it. I don't see him as shy, though, I see him as quiet. Similair to me, I am not shy at all, I can strike up a conversation with almost anyone, I just choose not to. Also, something I feel you forgot to mention, is that Link is pretty smart and quick to...
  37. Elvenknight


    I definatly want some tats. I want a phoenix on my back, a Triforce on my left hand, a cheetah and wolf circling around the thickest part of my leg, and possibly a black cat on my right arm, though I'm kinda thinking having it on my hip.
  38. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Jeana lumbered into the courtyard, then laid down. Sephira and Kaida slipped off, Kaida jumping onto Sephira's shoulders. Sephira glanced around. It seemed everyone who had left was drifting back, and those still here were waking up. She reached up and scratched Kaida behind the ears, then...
  39. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Sephira woke before Kaida and Jeana, as usual. She gently shifted the calico cat to the side, trying to avoid waking her. She walked around a little, waking her legs up fully as she looked for the sun. She finally found it, just peaking over the horizan to the west. It was still fairly dark...
  40. Elvenknight

    Little Religious Joke

    My grandmother e-mailed it to my mom, who forwarded it to me. We are a very Christian family.
  41. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Sephira, Kaida, and Jeana were camped outside the mansion. They had come in earlier and deposited the prey they had caught, then watched the proceedings quietly. The three communicated in thier minds with each other, each giving an analysis on each person. They left the mansion not too long...
  42. Elvenknight

    Little Religious Joke

    No insult intended to any athiests who read this. I apoligize in advanse if this offends any one. I felt is was funny and wanted to share it. I meant no disrespect. Anyways, here's the joke: An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to her and said, "Do...
  43. Elvenknight

    The Perfect Partner

    My brother tends to be my perfect partner. We communicate great, so we rarely get in each other's way. We can coordinate(sp) our attacks on an enemy pretty well, and often don't need to tell the other what we're doing. There are a few times when we disagree on what to do, and that leads to a...
  44. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Sephira had been readying the deer for Leana and the silver dragon to carry when the boy had collapsed. She hurried to his side to see what was wrong, but he was already standing up. She kept asking him what had happened and if he was okay, but he ignored he. She sighed, tied down the deer on...
  45. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    This guy was shooting fairly well for a youth, Sephira realized. He had gotten several small animals, as had she. Kaida had gotten herself a bird, which she had dropped in Sephira bag. The cat followed behind them, taking care not to step on anything that would cut her pad. Sephira had just...
  46. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Leana flew after the silver dragon, trying very hard not to out pace it. Sephira knew how competetive her green dragon could be, but didn't try to stop her. It felt good going so fast. Kaida was taking a nap in her little hollow in the saddle. When the rider got of his dragon, Sephira had...
  47. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Sephira watched as two different dragons crashed. Kaida laughed slightly. They must have had bad trainers. Leana shrugged. Or thier riders are just bad. Sephira looked at Leana. You'd never do that. You learned to fly much better than that. Sephira glanced around the group. She had been...
  48. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Sephira walked closer, though stayed a respectfull distanst aways. "Greetings," she called again, and Kaida mentally rolled her eyes. Sephira smiled mentally back at her, then resumed speaking. "I'm Sephira Wolfsong, but you may call my Sephy. This is my dragon partner Leana and my cat...
  49. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Leana flew for a little while. Then she spotted a couple more dragons. She thought Sephira, there are dragons down there. Three by my count. Shall we drop in on them? Sephira thought for a minute. "I don't know...What do you think, Kaida?" The calico answered immediatly. I wanna meet...
  50. Elvenknight

    Dragon Rider's

    Sephira and Kaida were riding on Leana. The calico cat was such a beauty. Her brown and white face, her black back. And she was such a sweetie. Sephira smiled and petted her. Kaida had always loved to be up high. And when Leana hatched to Sephira, the two animals were immediate friends...
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