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  1. athenian200

    How is it going, Lilith2?

    How is it going, Lilith2?
  2. athenian200

    Do you Hold Zelda Grudges?

    I do dread having to get that heart piece with the Skull Kids in the Lost Woods. It's just one note over the maximum number humans can retain, so I always mess up on the last note.
  3. athenian200

    It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

    It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.
  4. athenian200

    Do you hold the door open for the people behind you?

    I usually do this in public places like schools or grocery stores that don't have automatic sliding doors, especially if I'm not in a hurry. It seems like a nice thing to do, rather than just let it slam in their face. I do this if I see the person coming up behind me and judge that they'll be...
  5. athenian200

    Describe your Sense of Humor

    People say I'm very punny, I can be very sarcastic at times, and I also like double-entendres.
  6. athenian200

    Book Number 1: Suggestions

    Okay then, I think we've all settled on 1984. Would that be a safe assumption? It looks like 3 people haven't read it, and the two of us that have are willing to re-read it. So overall, that's 5 people that have shown an interest.
  7. athenian200

    Book Number 1: Suggestions

    I've read 1984 already. It's one of my favorite books, and I quote it all the time... although I could easily read it again and write a review.
  8. athenian200

    Ancient Tree Stump in BotW (A possible hint at Kokiris?)

    I'm not sure the geography of Hyrule is consistent enough to attempt to use anything as a reference point. But I do believe the Ancient Tree Stump is likely where the Great Deku Tree once lived. I think it could very well be in the exact same place, but perhaps the woods themselves moved away...
  9. athenian200

    Game Categories

    Best Story: I would go with Wind Waker here. It builds on the story of Ocarina of Time, and has one of the more unusual/unique stories in the Zelda series. It seems like one of the more story-rich Zelda games. The runners-up in my book would be Majora's Mask (if you do all the sidequests), and...
  10. athenian200

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

  11. athenian200

    Would You Like To See A D&D Game?

    There's already an MMO called Dungeons & Dragons Online, and I've played it. It's really only fun if you play it with a group of friends, trying to play with random people tends not to work out that well. But I had fun with it, and I don't think it was bad at all. Another thing that might be...
  12. athenian200

    Book Number 1: Suggestions

    I would be willing to read that book. I think I got assigned to read that for summer reading one semester, purchased the book, but then never read it because the teacher told us it was for extra credit, and I didn't need the credit. My suggestion would be How to Win Friends and Influence People...
  13. athenian200

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Well, since you've now asked for my help, I have a quick point to make. I'm sorry about this going off-topic, and I understand if this gets split-off... but I have some experience with this kind of thing. I ran a personal Minecraft server at one point. The key to getting people involved in a...
  14. athenian200

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I was actually thinking that we would just have books in the media section, because media would include books, as well as music and movies. Plus things that are in-between, like web pages or various kinds of interactive media. Books are just one example of a large category...
  15. athenian200

    Dining Etiquette: How do you use your knife and fork?

    http://trenchant.org/daily/2002/8/12/ Which style do you use? I generally find myself using something more like the American style, but I don't switch hands several times like people say is often done... I generally just cut everything up when I start eating, and then put my knife down for...
  16. athenian200

    Businesses or products you refuse to use

    I refuse to use Apple at all, and I'm wary of Google (though I am not technically boycotting them, I am quick to support alternatives to their services). That's why I have a Windows Phone... despite the issues, it's still more popular and better supported than any other alternative to iOS and...
  17. athenian200

    Tea V coffee: The battle to end all battles

    Yeah, I actually like the smoky flavor. To me, it tastes like the way I think coffee should taste... strong and smoky, but without a bitter aftertaste. It just has a good flavor and smell. The origin story/myth is really interesting as well... Supposedly, the tea crop in a Chinese village was...
  18. athenian200

    Tea V coffee: The battle to end all battles

    I prefer tea. Lapsang Souchong and Prince of Wales, to be specific. Well, being American clearly doesn't influence my opinion, but it does make things more awkward. Here, drinking tea is associated with the upper class, and women's church socials. It's viewed as something for special occasions...
  19. athenian200

    What Makes You Weird?

    I use Bing instead of Google. That always seems to shock people more than the things I would expect people to find shocking.
  20. athenian200

    Have You Ever Missed Class?

    I never missed class in High School, at least not without missing the entire school day. I've missed a day of school (sometimes even pretended to be sick), but I've never missed just one class. As for college, most of the teachers there outright tell you that attendance is irrelevant, and that...
  21. athenian200

    Lyrics of the Day

    "Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)" We don't need no education We don't need no thought control No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey teacher leave them kids alone All in all it's just another brick in the wall All in all you're just another brick in the...
  22. athenian200

    Japan Display, Inc. struggling due to late adoption of OLED technology

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-japan-display-results-idUSKBN1AP0NA http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/08/nintendo_switch_screen_supplier_japan_display_inc_is_facing_tough_times To make a long story short, Japan Display, Inc. are in trouble because of losing orders from their main client...
  23. athenian200

    Were the 1990s a bad decade for American rock music?

    Okay, I think I screwed up making the thread... what I meant to ask was whether people liked 1990s rock as much as rock from other decades. But because I used the word "bad," people are interpreting it as me asking a much more objective question than I intended to ask. But the discussion is...
  24. athenian200

    Were the 1990s a bad decade for American rock music?

    I should point out here that I'm not saying there was no good rock in the 1990s, but that it seems like there was less of it than in other decades due to grunge taking over as a dominant trend in the US.The only American band I can think of that I like from the 1990s is Matchbox Twenty, and that...
  25. athenian200

    Zelda Music You Listen to?

    Going in order... Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Palace theme (the enhanced version from Super Smash Bros. Melee) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Hyrule Castle Dark World (without Moon Pearl, bunny form) Dark World (normal) Sanctuary The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Overworld...
  26. athenian200

    Were the 1990s a bad decade for American rock music?

    I'm getting the impression that even people who didn't like the era's music are going to vote "no," simply because bad is too strong a word for most people. If I'd known how reluctant people would be to judge a creative work that isn't to their taste harshly, I probably would have asked the...
  27. athenian200

    How long can you listen to a song on repeat?

    I generally don't listen to the same song on repeat more than 3 - 5 times, and then I have to really be in the mood to hear that song. I can find myself listening to the same song several times in a single day, but I generally want to break it up with other songs rather than just hearing it on...
  28. athenian200

    Were the 1990s a bad decade for American rock music?

    I mean, I've been thinking about it recently, and noticed that very little of the American rock music I listen to comes from the 1990s. There's a lot from the 1980s and 1970s, and a lot from the 2000s and later, but almost nothing from the 1990s, and I'm not sure why. The only thing I can think...
  29. athenian200

    Do you bite your nails?

    Sometimes I do, but only if they get chipped or cracked and I'm trying to remove the part that's broken. It's mostly because it can be gentler than just pulling at it with another finger, and I don't carry anything like a nail file or a pair of nail clippers. I don't really do it out of habit so...
  30. athenian200

    Ever missed your stop on public transport?

    Yes, but only on the bus. The reason is because sometimes I didn't see the bus stop sign in time to press the stop request ribbon. But I usually get out at the next stop and walk back to it in that case. I've never had it happen on the train because the train stops at every stop, so I know...
  31. athenian200

    Is there anyone you look up to or idolise?

    Well, when I was younger, I used to look up to Bill Gates. In a way, he's like a more ambitious and intelligent version of me. He's a nerd that enjoys building, maneuvering, and planning on a large scale. I used to dream about running a company like Microsoft some day, and always thought I would...
  32. athenian200

    Can You Bite Into Popsicles?

    Of course I can. I mean, it can be a little uncomfortable, but I'm surprised to hear that the discomfort can actually stop people from biting into it. It's only uncomfortable for a few seconds until you adjust to the cold, and then it's fine. If the cold made you that uncomfortable, I would...
  33. athenian200

    Do you enjoy time limits in games?

    I would have to say no, I don't. It's very stressful. In fact, one of the reason I like turn-based JRPGs is because of the fact that they require no timing of any kind. I mean, it's easier to deal with the use of abilities requiring a certain timing than it is to deal with a time limit. I...
  34. athenian200

    Doughnuts; yay or nay

    Blueberry Cake Donuts would probably be my preference. Doesn't matter if they're glazed or unglazed, really (though I slightly prefer glazed). My Mom used to work at a donut shop, and bring them home every other night. We ate a lot of them... in fact, we got sick of them. We almost never eat...
  35. athenian200

    Which Harry Potter character do you identify with?

    I would have to say Remus Lupin. When I was younger, I tended to believe I was so flawed that I shouldn't have friends because I would probably just end up hurting them. On some level, I still tend to believe that if most people knew who I really was, they would hate me. Though I have learned...
  36. athenian200

    2D Zelda with the Best Soundtrack

    A Link Between Worlds, in my opinion. Although A Link to the Past is a close second, because the SNES had very good sound hardware for the time. I'm pretty sure nothing in the Game Boy line compared with it, and I think it was really only with the DS line that audio quality started to surpass...
  37. athenian200

    Do you ever preorder for bonuses?

    No, I generally don't like to pre-order stuff that I'm purchasing for myself. Although I have gotten pre-order bonuses by default when they don't sell all their pre-orders.
  38. athenian200

    Breath of the Wild Ganon did it

    I think what he did was unleash monsters that scared everyone away and forced them to cloister themselves in defensible areas. He didn't so much destroy everything as simply force everyone to live under constant siege, which caused the kingdom to fall into decline as people fled from the chaos.
  39. athenian200

    How many times have you sacrificed Yoshi?

    I've used the trick before to get extra height and hit a block, but mostly with solid ground under me in order to get him back later. I rarely think to sacrifice Yoshi over pits because I'm too stressed and can rarely react that quickly anyway. Losing an extra hit and a way to eat enemies seems...
  40. athenian200

    Quote of the Day

    “Justice can sleep for years and awaken when it is least expected. A miracle is nothing more than dormant justice from another time arriving to compensate those it has cruelly abandoned. Whoever knows this is willing to suffer, for he knows that nothing is in vain.” -- Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale
  41. athenian200

    Moments you Wished You Could Skip

    The later stages of the Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass. Seriously, going through the same dungeon over and over isn't a very good way to add replay value to a game... the rest of the game was good, but I think the TotOK colors the experience for people as negative.
  42. athenian200

    Quote of the Day

    “Flee an enemy who knows your weakness.” -- Pierre Corneille
  43. athenian200

    Breath of the Wild Lynels and Ancient Arrows

    I think a better question is, how do the ancient arrows kill things instantly? I know it's supposed to be Sheikah technology, but what kind of technology? My theory is that the arrowheads are actually made of something weak that shatters on impact, but which contains some kind of antimatter...
  44. athenian200

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I'm more than satisfied with having the sidebar removed from the main page. I really wasn't expecting such quick action on this issue, and thought it might be something to consider when thinking of features to add or issues to fix. I was at most expecting them to remove the text preview of blog...
  45. athenian200

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I got my Mom's refurbished Thinkpad the other day. Installed all the updates, copied over all her user files, installed Office and Adobe Reader, and got everything more or less up and running. It has two features I didn't really notice it had before I got it. A TrackPoint and a fingerprint...
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