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  1. OcarinaSword

    General Art Fan Fiction: The Skull Kid and the Mask

    Wow very nice work , i did enjoy it. Keep on writing! ;)
  2. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Favrite Enemy?

    Iron knuckle, i think there really cool and fun, also they do bring a challenge.
  3. OcarinaSword

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Call of duty black ops, just baught it for multiplayer.
  4. OcarinaSword

    Portal 2

    Has anyone got portal2 yet? im getting it soon i heard it is a reallly great game! what is your opinion on portal 2.
  5. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art The Random Drawing Contest Week 19

    wow this weeks were really good! my favorite was Random Person it made me laugh. Another one that was my favorite was xin (for short) that was another funny one i love them!
  6. OcarinaSword

    3DS- Your Thoughts

    Well i have not got it yet, but i checked out my friends one and it was really cool i like lots of the features on it and some of the games it comes with. also i like the feature how when you walk with it when the lid is closed it counts points/steps. and every 100 steps you get 1 coin which is...
  7. OcarinaSword

    Top 10 Favorite Video Games

    _not in order_ 1.Call of duty black ops (multiplayer/zombies) 2.The legend of zelda twilight princess 3.the legend of zelda ocarinaoftime 4.Pokemon black and white 5.super smash brothers brawl 6.portal2 7.minecraft 8.killzone3 9.wii sports resort 10.sonic (lots of games)
  8. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition Week 6

    I vote for soldier of link, Good job, Good detail!
  9. OcarinaSword

    Where the Sky Shines Gold...

    Wow From the chapters you have done in the story it is really cool! Very nice Detail, and everything. Great job, keep on writing im working on my story right now :)
  10. OcarinaSword

    General Art Prophecy of the Dead

    I like it so far! It's really cool!
  11. OcarinaSword

    Rare Selda's Soundtracks

    Very nice, good job man its really cool.Dude you must of spent some time on this.
  12. OcarinaSword

    The G4 Videogame Match Up!

    I think zelda is i never have played halo i just saw trailers and stuf lol.
  13. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art Recko Alloy

    I agree it did start off slow but yea it got me really hooked! (this is for chapter 1)
  14. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Should Ocarina of Time Been Rated Teen?

    Well im not too sure what it should be but, I think it should be rated E10+ or Teen.
  15. OcarinaSword

    Why Doesn't Voldemort Have a Nose?! He's a Wizard

    Yea i think it is a Ghostly effect.
  16. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Any Glitches You Know

    Im not sure if this is a glich or not lol), Well when you Do a bow you quickly do your ocarina and you got an arrow threw your ocarina when you do a song.
  17. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Link Gasp when Twinrova Mold Together?

    I do agree with you by a long shot she does look like nabooru.
  18. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Whats Your Favorite Enemy?

    Well mine is Darklink, I like how he coppy's your moves and he looks just like you hehe :)
  19. OcarinaSword

    Does the 3DS Hurt Your Eyes/head?

    Well i have not got the 3ds But now im going to save up i almost got enough but if they hurt my eyes or give me headeches i dont want to buy it. i look into it.
  20. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art Writing Community Competition Week 5

    Meego7, Good work that was a cool writing Green Goron, I liked it that was awsome!
  21. OcarinaSword

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Well the games i just baught were Pokemon black for DSI, Pokemon White For DSI, Killzone3 for Ps3, and hoping to buy call of duty Black ops for ps3 (just for ZombIes and Multiplayer :) )
  22. OcarinaSword

    Your Username

    Well at the time i had no idea what i was going to name my self on the forums , so i just thought in my self from ocarina of time, Ocarina (that link playes) and then sword (hmm link uses the sword a lot) so OcarinaSword. :)
  23. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Reaction when You First Entered the Forest Temple?

    Well right when i walked in the music creeped me out, but then right when i saw the temple i was like :O But after a while i got used to the temple and every thing was ok :) yay!
  24. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art The Random Drawing Contest Week 17

    Congratulations LANNZ, even no you were the only one who submitted, but congratulations still Very nice work i always love to see art work :)
  25. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Which Was Scarier? The Forest Temple, the Well, or the Shadow Temple?

    Well i think the shadow temple and the well is the same, they pretty much both scared me.
  26. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art GCC Contest Ocarina of Time

    Congratulations , Supersilly very nice signature, you did very nice job on it with the lighting and detail. I would never Ever be able to do anything like that in my life unless i got into it.
  27. OcarinaSword

    Twilight Series.....Who Are Fans?

    well, i actually like the twilight series it is very good series in my opinion.
  28. OcarinaSword

    My Dog Can Do Backflips, See!

    Wow that is a talented dog! thats very cool!
  29. OcarinaSword

    General Art Ms. Hellsy's Work

    Nice picture, keeep it up!!!! *awsome*
  30. OcarinaSword

    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    ^Pok-e-mon-Cl-ub | | Hehe that was fun!
  31. OcarinaSword

    Which 10 Video Game Characters Would You Transform Into?

    Good question, 1. Link 2. Pokemon Trainer 3.Zelda 4.Sonic 5.Navi 6.Ganondorf 7.Mario 8.Saria 9. Midnia 10.Kirby (not in order)
  32. OcarinaSword

    Link or Mario, Who Would Win in a Fight?

    Well, Link has a lot more things then mario and i mean link is very strong :) and im not saying i dont like mario hes awsome just that link would always win.
  33. OcarinaSword

    General Art Ms. Hellsy's Work

    Very nice picture Ms.Hellsy, It looks awsome.
  34. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Hardest Temple

    well im at the shadow temple right now and its very hard so i say shadow temple is hard, but most people will say water temple but i liked that temple :)
  35. OcarinaSword

    General Art GCC Voting Free Theme

    Well, i like entery 2 a little bit better for a couple reasons i like kirby, then i do like how the picture! :) Well entery 1 i liked a lot too! Nice job you two!
  36. OcarinaSword

    Which Pokémon Did You Choose in Black/White?

    I have picked snivy becuase i always pick water types.
  37. OcarinaSword

    Your Favorite Pokemon?

    I think they alredy are a thread about this.
  38. OcarinaSword

    Zelda Art The Random Drawing Contest Week 15

    I think all of them are good but i think BamaLynx is the bests he must have put a lot of work into to that that is a sketch i think so that guy must be good!
  39. OcarinaSword

    SSBB Characters

    Mednia, Goku, Gohan , vegeta, Freiza, cell, and more but i no its not dragon bal z kai game but just ideas.
  40. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time When Did You Know It Was Epic?

    Well when i first saw zelda i thought it was girl games (hahah) but now i no and right when i played it i said "wow" and "WOW this game is epic" so yea this is a epic game
  41. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Why Do You Think Zora's Domain Does Not Melt?

    Sheik said it will SLOWLY melt after a very long time, i did wonder the same thing when i played it too i was like why does this not melt everytime time i did a temple it was beacuase to fix the town or cave but after i did that it did not melt so i had no idea.
  42. OcarinaSword

    Ocarina of Time Is Oot Out of Date or Wil It Ever Be

    Well this is a good question, but i do think it will never go out of date, because like you said it an awsome legend of zelda series. And anyway it wont for a while anyway because of the new 3ds. But what do you think about the new 3ds game the legend of zelda ocarina of time that is...
  43. OcarinaSword

    Japan 2011 Earthquake

    Well when i first saw what happend it was very sad, i found this out on the news and i heard lots of bad stuf! But if anyone does not no what a tsunami is it is a earthquake under water that makes a big wave. Anyway i heard that over 90+ people have died and 300+ are still lost (Very Sad)...
  44. OcarinaSword

    ZD Video Walkthroughs

    Well This is a good question moldorm, But the only ones i did watch were The legend of zelda ocarina of time, and The legend of zelda Twilight princess. But back to the question you gave us, I would have to say Majoras mask. I picked majoras mask because, i have never played the game. and...
  45. OcarinaSword

    Most Favorite Zelda Enemy

    I say ganadorf, hes the only one i no but hes still awsome!
  46. OcarinaSword

    Who Do You Think Would Win Toon Link Or Regular Link?

    Toonlink, beacuse i think he is smaller faster and maybe Stronger *hehe* but hes my favorite character too.
  47. OcarinaSword

    Most Favorite Zelda Character

    My favorite are navi and malon.
  48. OcarinaSword

    Favorite Mario Kart Game

    I got with mario kart Wii , Because i love that game! and i like how you get cups and most i love about it is Wi-Fi
  49. OcarinaSword

    What Type of Car Does Your Parents Have?

    Well im not to sure but it's color is black lol!
  50. OcarinaSword

    What Zelda Game Do You Think Tingle Was The Most Annoying?

    I dont really see him anyoing but if i had to pick i guess i would say WW (wind waker)
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