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  1. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild The Lomei Labyrinths

    It's hard for me to think of climbing as cheating, because the mazes are designed in a way in which they expect you to try that. The entrances to the shrines are hidden very well, and if you don't explore the maze thoroughly, you miss out on loot. In some areas you HAVE to climb to get all the...
  2. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Spoilers!!! A Certain Mission Within the Realm of A Certain Clan

    I love the banana dance. XD And for some reason I run into a lot of these guys in areas where those bananas grow, but maybe it's just me?
  3. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Is the Master Sword good for anything?

    Guardians. 'nuff said. It'll have higher durability (or "energy") around specific types of enemies. Including guardians.
  4. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Getting ready to storm the castle! What one item should I have a lot of?!

    Let's just say Ganon has a new fashion statement...
  5. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Getting ready to storm the castle! What one item should I have a lot of?!

    Shields. Definitely Shields. Especially if you're like me and bad at deflecting guardian beams. I didn't have the cash for an ancient shield because I'd just paid off the 10k great fairy of greed, so I went in with a bunch of knight shields, only managed to deflect a couple beams, had ganon to a...
  6. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Malon, Marin... Paya?

    I'm gonna say probably not in this case. I'm not sure how far you've gotten, but.... I usually consider myself a "Zelink Skeptic" for the reasons you already gave... rarely do Link and Zelda actually get together. But on this particular case I think the game is pushing that way. Not...
  7. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Koroks featured = no Zoras (plus other races)?

    Personally, I'm suspecting "child" timeline, Koroks and all, as I really don't think they'd "unsink" the world from Wind Waker. (This was my biggest protest in the days where people were still arguing single vs. split. Single or split, I could NEVER see Nintendo unsinking Hyrule, as the whole...
  8. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Boss vs breakable weapons question

    I have a feeling they've already thought all this through. Like, for example, bombs and other items run by the Sheikah Slate are unlimited. Dungeons are littered with random weapons. Some weapons are better about durability than others, and I suspect there is some crafting/upgrading available...
  9. Polychrome

    Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Map Difficulty HWL (3DS)

    I will admit to not having all my characters up that high for the master quest map. (I'm almost done with the Termina map and some of my characters are still in the 50s and I have all the weapons/costumes up until now...) It really depends on how you use the characters' movesets. You can get...
  10. Polychrome

    Hyrule Warriors Reclaiming Bases in HWL

    Something I like to do is if I see my base or the "allied" commander getting inundated with monsters, is I'll let off a fairy nuke around them. (Make sure the fairy is leveled up and they will either heal over time, debuff enemies, or damage over time within a large area of effect.) This is a...
  11. Polychrome

    TPHD-Wii U Was TP HD in need for a remake for the wii u?

    Needed? No. Very much desired? Definitely.
  12. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Miyamoto does not want to tell us if Links usual green garb will return in BotW

    I suspect that like the master sword, it's a story item. I get the feeling this Link has already challenged Ganon and lost, which is the reason behind his "sleep". He was put into stasis to heal, but somehow forgotten after Ganon was sealed. So eventually you'll find the green outfit, but it'll...
  13. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Goodbye Empty Bottle?

    Hey, you never know, you might still be able to throw bees at things.
  14. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Goodbye Empty Bottle?

    But what will we stuff fairies into? :( Nah, I'm cool with this. Previous games have experimented with getting rid of this mechanic, so it was only a matter of time.
  15. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Which way will you jump?

    Yeah, I admit it. Saw this on GameFAQs and thought I'd ask here. Assuming the story doesn't point you in a specific direction, which way will you jump off the plateau? Personally I'm thinking south... if there's Koroks around I'm curious what's happened to all those forest areas down there.
  16. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Hunting, Cooking, and Gathering

    Same. Seems kinda silly to overthink this as you're not actually putting the food in your own mouth. I'll probably be keeping food purely for health and buffs. As long as they don't take it the Tomb Raider route of eating for XP... I always thought that could be taken a very wrong direction. LOL
  17. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Do the ``new zelda formula`` was needed in your opinion?

    Honestly, I was just sick of the whole map and compass thing. You're halfway through a dungeon, you open this chest with tons of fanfare, and you get...a piece of paper. :P
  18. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Timeline: Where is the game going to go?

    Stupid question. Is it possible that there's more than one Temple of Time?
  19. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild BotW aesthetics

    I think part of the problem is even when Nintendo goes "realistic", they are still incredibly cartoony. Take Twilight Princess for example... Let's face it, Link has a chibi-princess following him around! If that isn't cartoony I don't know what is. I don't really know if Zelda would look good...
  20. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Master Sword in Logo

    I'm having a few suspicions about this. First off...I don't think this is "downfall" timeline. I think it is "child" timeline. (At least if that "hundreds of years after Twilight Princess" quote that Aonuma supposedly said was true.) "Adult" timeline eventually had a chance for technology to...
  21. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Honestly, I've often wondered what the series would be like to have one of the other characters as the "main" on their own adventure. At least... a character other than Tingle. That was...odd. Zelda as Sheik would be perfect for something like that. I mean, you got 7 years to work with. :P
  22. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Let's try this again. Link is a character. He has a background, friends, sometimes family, and a motive for setting out to save the princess. The thing is, Nintendo has cast YOU, the player, to act as him. The character on-screen is not the player, but the "makeup" to allow the player to act...
  23. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    The problem is that Nintendo doesn't want it. They shouldn't even have to explain themselves. They have their ideas on what the series should be like. Link IS a character, and it is obvious from what Aonuma said that he and the other devs see him that way as well. Does he represent the player...
  24. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Ya know, I hate it when people start talking about "inclusion". Reminds me of stuff like that sheep and lion in Zootopia. They had no interest whatsoever of taking the story's hero seriously. They just wanted her as a poster girl to make themselves look good.
  25. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    I'm actually curious about that game.... It's an unusual choice for a JRPG to do something like that. Usually the guys in such a group are outnumbered by a harem. Just to be clear, the only FF game I've played was 7, and while I did finish it, I wasn't a fan. I understand why people may have...
  26. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    My feelings? Complete and utter relief. Having a favorite game character conquered by SJWs would have ruined the series for me. Also good to know Aonuma's feelings on if there ever are playable female characters: There are already strong females to draw from, which most of us have been saying...
  27. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild E3 Trailer/Discussion

    Heh. Just watched it fullscreen. You notice the cartoony sweatdrops while he's climbing? Looks like there's not a lot of other people around in this game. There's occasional houses and such though. That little jump Link did while cooking made me think Mabinogi. :P
  28. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Is the Hype Returning?

    I'm cautiously optimistic.
  29. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U, E3 Predictions

    I admit, there's times I've wondered if any of the delays were caused by Treehouse shenanigans. I'm just hoping the backlash from the last few games is enough to keep them in check for a bit. (Or better yet, get the suits to do some "restructuring".) I'd say the reason those other games have...
  30. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild New Artwork, Climbing Confirmed?

    I have to say this artwork has me pondering some insult-swordfighting. Does it count that TP-Link was a dairy farmer? (Sort of?) Is that our mythical connection? Think I'll go boot up a few Monkey Island games to find out... Joking aside... Not that it really means anything, but one thing that...
  31. Polychrome

    A 1st Person Zelda Title..?

    Frankly, I liked how Wind Waker HD allowed you to switch freely between first person and third person mode depending on the weapon you were trying to use. They should have added that to the Twilight Princess re-release.
  32. Polychrome

    Hyrule Warriors {3DS} highest Kill Count?

    I think the fairies make a big difference here, but I remember on the Wii U version I could get well over 3k kills in certain areas. I stopped bothering to keep track on the 3DS version because fairies. XD
  33. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U Rumors

    As they say in Mythbusters, "There's your problem!" It doesn't help when you have quotes coming from the devs like "Link's not the most manly guy in the first place," or other such things. And the problem is Japanese culture and their views on androgyny. Westerners have become almost trained to...
  34. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild New official Artwork

    Admittedly the handedness is making me ponder whether or not they actually re-added motion controls after all that quiet time. XD
  35. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild New official Artwork

    You mean with the hood? I could kind of see that, though I hear more poeple accuse Nintendo of trying to turn Link into Legolas. XD
  36. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild New official Artwork

    Honestly, that's what I feel. There's simply no reason for it to be the Ordon Sword. Not "against" it being the Ordon sword, just see no reason it would be.
  37. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild New official Artwork

    On one hand (no pun intended) someone mentioned there's a sword in Skyward Sword that looks like that as well. On the other hand, if it *is* the Ordon Sword, it was supposedly made just before Twilight Princess, and Colin had it at the end of the game. Beats me what any of that would mean. I'm...
  38. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U, E3 Predictions

    Honestly, I'd rather they not add "female Link" at all. It's an entirely different situation if they add additional playable characters. Now, when it comes to most forums, I lurk a lot more than I talk. (Did so here long before I first posted as well.) What I usually see on other forums is...
  39. Polychrome

    Nintendo E3 2016

    To be honest, I don't think Sony or Microsoft see themselves as "needing" E3 either. They have big productions, true, but they are mainly held outside of E3 so that fans can be part of it. That, IMO, is the biggest failing of E3: The exclusivity. While it was originally intended as a trade show...
  40. Polychrome

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Been keeping up with Sailor Moon Crystal lately. A good mix of nostalgia with a fresh (and accurate to the comic) take. I love it.
  41. Polychrome

    Nintendo E3 2016

    Nintendo has seemingly lost interest in E3 for the past few years, preferring other methods of getting their announcements out. It really doesn't surprise me that they're putting so much emphasis on a specific game. Honestly, E3 itself doesn't feel like the juggernaut of gaming announcements...
  42. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U, E3 Predictions

    My prediction is we'll get an idea of the premise behind whatever the story is, ideas on who Link is this time around.... the usual stuff we get with upcoming Zelda games. Lots of gameplay footage. The problem with Emily Rodgers is she's gotten 2-3 lucky guesses, which has led certain...
  43. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U Rumors

    To be honest, this all sounds plausible if Nintendo is going for a more WRPG style. But then again, it's Official or nuthin' to me at this point. But oh man....Link with more than a few spoken lines and an attitude problem... I can only imagine the flying fur. It doesn't bother me all that much...
  44. Polychrome

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    *insert obligatory groan here*
  45. Polychrome

    Beauty and the Beast (2017)

    Pretty much took the words out of my mouth. I think unfortunately, my head will always see her as "the kid who played Hermione", so this'll feel weird to watch. I suppose that's simply the danger of having a person playing a particular role for so long. I'll give it a chance, definitely. I want...
  46. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Should the Master Sword Return?

    To me it depends on what they intend to do with the story. The Master Sword seems to be reserved (for lack of better words) for stories involving Ganondorf. Games that do not involve Ganondorf (and even some that do) somehow seem to be perfectly okay with using other weapons. For those stories...
  47. Polychrome

    Do you think the hate for the Wii U is warranted?

    To be honest, I think most of it is fanboyism. If Nintendo isn't "winning", then it's OMG FAILURE WORLD IS ENDING LOLOLOLOLOL! It's really stupid IMO. Nintendo's business model is "Screw what everyone else is doing as long as we make money." Buying another system doesn't prevent purchase of...
  48. Polychrome

    Link tend to have magic?

    Honestly the series seems to imply humans in general are "magical", but some are better at it than others. (If I remember right, the two witches from OOT were Gerudo.) Just that alone suggests a variety. As far as Link goes, it always seems that the heroes that pick up magic do so as part of...
  49. Polychrome

    NX Discussion and Rumor Thread

    I agree this is good, especially since...as I repeatedly remind folks...we don't even know what the NX really is yet. Let Nintendo show it on their own terms. Part of me wonders if they'll keep it a secret right until they're nearly ready to launch, like they do with so many games lately.
  50. Polychrome

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Pushed Back to 2017, Playable on Wii U and NX

    I'd say the snide comment is unwarranted. Zeldainformer is the bigger culprit TBH, and Nintendo Everything wasn't much better. However, I agree that the subject needs to simply die...on both sides. That means Mango as well. That means no dropping in and accusing these websites when they are...
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