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  1. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hryule

    Thank you! I am working on the next chapter this weekend while I'll be on vacation.
  2. Jetter

    Microsoft Damage Control

    Nintendo Prevails! I think this move makes Micro$oft look quite desperate. Certainly if I was there I wouldn't want to buy from them.
  3. Jetter

    General Zelda There Wasn't a Timeline to Start!

    Yeah. It would have been rather sweet to have seen this grand master plan be unveiled with a truth, but I guess not.
  4. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hryule

    This is my first story on ZD, so I am experimenting in these terms. The basic premise of this story can be found in the Sign-Ups thread, but I think the title can pretty much hint to what it's about. If you would like to sign please do in the Sign-Ups thread. As of right now I do not have an...
  5. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hyrule Sign Ups

    Thank you! Now for me to answer those questions. Last names are not needed and I'll probably just end up making them if I need them for character relations. The favorites category is for things the character likes. What foods, colors, places do they like? Stuff like that.
  6. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hyrule Sign Ups

    Thank you! Yes, good point, I guess I got too carried away with the character that I left that part out. So names are now in the character template. Philosophical beliefs just cover what the character believes about life, religion, politics, and all of that.
  7. Jetter

    Zelda Art Imperial Hyrule Sign Ups

    So it is summer and I am finally going to carry out with this adventure fan fiction I have had in my head for a couple months. I am hoping that people will be able to come up with a character if they would like to help. The story is quite different and has a whole history leading up to the...
  8. Jetter

    Spoiler What Is Your Least Favorite Part of Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I am a Majora's Mask fan. Already, there is a lot I absolutely love about the game. Characters have schedules and routes, are diverse with opinions, and basically have lots of detail. Maybe it would be asking too much, but after playing some of Bethesda's stuff, I want more diverse stories and...
  9. Jetter

    Played on a 1896 Bell Tower!

    I wonder what it would be like if a Zelda fan was walking down the street and heard this playing... Anyway, this is one of the best musical ideas I've heard. I really do apreciate your work
  10. Jetter

    Ocarina of Time Am I the Only One?

    The whole creepiness of the Forest Temple was very atmospheric and quite good. The music puts the tone in the right direction and the whole dungeon seems to be crafted like a haunted mansion fo sorts. I absolutely love the art and design in the temple. The Forest Temple also gives a good...
  11. Jetter

    Are the Sages in TP Related to the Sages in OoT?

    No one is exaclty sure how the Sage thing works, but as Maxxy said, the OoT Sages were awakend in the Adult Timeline. Personally, I believe the Sage is a spirit and is awakened inside someone, just as the Triforce is discovered in Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. Proof of this is when some of the...
  12. Jetter

    41 Questions - A Personality Test

    Dreamy Idealist...
  13. Jetter

    The Irony Behind HH's Timeline

    Yes, I do agree with Locke on that. Why else would they release an official timeline, even pulished in the book. Other accounts on the timeline were quick questions in interviews. But anyway, I have also thought that the reason they realeased an official to Timeline was to give the series a...
  14. Jetter

    The Imprisoned in Ocarina of Time?

    Yeah... I have always thought of the creature as King Dodongo, ever since I first played the game, when I was like 4 or 5.
  15. Jetter

    Zelda Art Let's Create Our Own Backstories

    Hello. It's me... Jetter... I haven't been here in ages, and this is just one of my random trips. I came up with an idea and thought I would share. So against my rambling I present you with the thread for creating backstories of that one character you never really new or may have met in a Zelda...
  16. Jetter

    Best Game of All Time (Nomination Round)

    1.) Mother 3 2.) Earthbound 3.) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  17. Jetter

    When You Hit the Nostalgic Value of a Game

    Well, it happened to me today. I was playing Twilight Princess and realized that I love this game, and then I actually heard the music and I really felt it. I had never really notice any other nostalgia point in a game and was really happy I saw this. So, what happens when you hit the Nostalgic...
  18. Jetter

    Do You Ever Mistakenly Hear Sound Effects IRL?

    Do you? A couple days ago I heard my father say "fire" and I heard the engineer from TF2 yell "FIRE". My father did say it in a weird way too.
  19. Jetter

    Zelda Art I Make Swords

    Pretty cool! Do you Larp and making Larp swords too?
  20. Jetter

    Have You Ever Nearly Died?

    This happened when I went to Oahu a couple years ago. It was on the beach of Waikiki. Earlier we (my mother, father, and brother) had gone to a flea market. There we planned to enhance our fun at the beach with a boogey board. They were good enough to float on, but not excalty a real boogey...
  21. Jetter

    What is the Last Book You Read

    The last book I read was Forrest Gump. It is quite different from the movie, but I still am not sure which is better, though I lean more to the book. I'd reccomend it. A quick read.
  22. Jetter

    Gerudo Men? Y U NO APPEAR?!

    First off, a Gerudo Male is only born every 100 years and is crowned king of the Gerudos. Besides that, we can see that there are reasons to why we never see the male. In MM, it is an alternate world and we have no idea what happens there. In TP, we only have where they lived and are kind of...
  23. Jetter

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    2/10 who dafuq u?
  24. Jetter

    What Device Do You Use to Post on the Forums?

    I use my trusty Laptop which I use for everything. Sometimes I post from my Wii if I am on it.
  25. Jetter

    Graphic Requests

    Hello people of the Graphics realm here in the Empire of ZD. I would fancy the likings of a Userbar that fits my request. I am looking for a userbar that says [答えは今あなたの中に常に] {JETREI} I'd prefer that the picture is this pineapple turned on it's side so that half is showing. The colors...
  26. Jetter

    What's in a Name?

    A question I have always thought of and about. I am a person who sort of believes in fate. For some reason, I always think that names have something to deal with the future of people. The only thing that throws those name theories away from my mind is the reality of it all. I find that the...
  27. Jetter

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You are banned for Dividing by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by 0, by...
  28. Jetter

    Steam Error Problem

    Okay, I am going to try this, but there is another thing too. I think it is apart of this, but whenever I try and start TF2 from the Pinbar, it always stops loading the TF2 file at 36%. Do you happen to know why or is it the same problem?
  29. Jetter

    Steam Error Problem

    I have TF2, but haven't been playing it for a while because of one reason. Whenever I try and play it, it says it is "This Game is currently Unavailable. Please try again at another Time." Has anyone had this problem and knows what to do?
  30. Jetter

    Thoughts on the Pyromania *Meet the Pyro Update*

    This is now my favorite "Meet the Team" video. I did know the song before the vid and was like "The vids that show this song are going to be swarmed with TF2 fans forever." I really enjoyed it and did anyone notice it said Optical Mask on Pyro's Gas Mask?
  31. Jetter

    The New Writing Community Competition: Week 1

    It can be any rating, right? Just like the other writing rules?
  32. Jetter

    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    My starter tends to be the one I drain my experience into. He is usually 20 levels above my second main ones. I use the starter as a sort of finisher or if I want to kill a gym leader faster.
  33. Jetter

    What Do You Want to See in the Sims 4?

    The title explains itself. What kind of innovations do you think should be in the next Sims game. There are still Expansions coming for the Sims 3, but what major ideas would you like to see in the Sims 4?
  34. Jetter

    Welcome to the 2012 Golden Key Awards!

    Most Charismatic - The most charming or likable member. Most Mysterious - A quiet member everyone sees, but knows nothing about. Most Literate - Member who has shown to have excellent grammar and always uses correct punctuation. Most Random - The most unpredictable user either in chat or in...
  35. Jetter

    Muffins Who Likes Muffins

    Well, What is food? That is the real question. Is it that we can eat it and we gain something positive for our bodies or is something we can eat and digest. Muffins do us good and I believe it is good food and real food. Let us continue our search for the muffin button!
  36. Jetter

    General Art Under the Rose {A Journal From the Animal Forrests}

    Hello ZD. It is me, Jetter. I don't believe most of you will know me, but I have been here for about three years with the past year being very inactive. I have decided to start my first fanfiction on ZD about one of my favorite game series: Animal Crossing. It is a journal series that I plan to...
  37. Jetter

    Any Theories on Why It is Called the Legend of Zelda?

    Cfrock did explain "original" story that (to my theories) everything is rooted from, but I do have an idea that would fit every game. Link is the one going on the quests, isn't he? I don't believe he would have the time to sit down and write these adventures out. Obviously, Zelda was part of the...
  38. Jetter

    Could OoT-Phantom Ganon Be Vaati?

    There is pretty much no way of Phantom Ganon being Vaati. In Ocarina of Time after you defeat PG, Ganondorf, himself, says that the Ghost is worthless and bannishes him, essentially destroying the existense of PG.
  39. Jetter

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought Ocarina of Time 3D a couple weeks ago. I am enjoying it and find that the Water Temple is far easier to navigate.
  40. Jetter

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    huh... I got back into Death Note and decided to change my avatar...
  41. Jetter

    Favorite Creepypastas

    Squidward's Suicide - Creepypasta Wiki Ed, Edd n Eddy Lost Episode - Creepypasta Wiki These, oh these. I will most likely never read them or listen to them again. Just read them
  42. Jetter

    Which Town/Village In Zelda Is Your Favourite?

    Castle town from Ocarina of Time... For nostalgic purposes, that is my favorite place to be... I love to just run around there and listen to the music... Ya know that old lady or man, hunched over? I used to think that was a sheep on a stool or box...
  43. Jetter

    What is Your "Would Be" Name?

    My name would've been Daniel, but my parents decided to name me Henry.
  44. Jetter

    What is Your Favourite Snes Game?

    Though I have never owned an SNES either, my favorite game on it is Earthbound... And If you have never heard of the game, check it out now... seriously, leave this thread and go to Google or youtube, and search for the Mother/Earthbound series That is my favorite series.
  45. Jetter

    Favorite Zelda Intro Theme

    So what is your favorite Zelda Intro Theme? Simple enough... Mine is the Ocarina of Time theme... It is very nostalgic to me... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Fj-MF5RQjg
  46. Jetter

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    anti-grammar nazi's... Dafuq?
  47. Jetter

    Zelda Art Zelda Six Word Stories

    hmm... cool Guys I really like them I made some in math the other day... In the Garden, A princess watches ~ OoT Two jokers juggling, a theif roams ~ OoT Around the fountain, a couple dances ~ OoT lol those were all OoT... And that second was supposed to be like the lyrics in "All Along...
  48. Jetter

    Corrupt a wish!

    It did fly, but flew away and was shot by a hunter... This flying kangaroo's body was given too science and you never saw the kangaroo again. I wish this wish came true
  49. Jetter

    Zelda Art Zelda Six Word Stories

    So... I was thinking of something to do and made this thread... Anyway, A six word story as you all hopefully know is a poem or phrase or sentace with six words that make up a story. A famous story using this style was by Ernest Hemmingway. For Sale: Baby's Shoes, Never Worn And from this...
  50. Jetter

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    The Doors... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de7hzCzGV2g&feature=related nuff said
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