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  1. Kaynil

    Thanks, man. I might poke around in the chat. It is nice the community is doing well.

    Thanks, man. I might poke around in the chat. It is nice the community is doing well.
  2. Kaynil

    Tonight mostly the Insomnia, and the curiosity of seeing if I can recognize anyone online, haha.

    Tonight mostly the Insomnia, and the curiosity of seeing if I can recognize anyone online, haha.
  3. Kaynil

    Hi, Jimmu. Nice to meet you. :)

    Hi, Jimmu. Nice to meet you. :)
  4. Kaynil

    Glad to hear, man. As for me, not bad, haha.

    Glad to hear, man. As for me, not bad, haha.
  5. Kaynil

    Hey, how is it going? :D

    Hey, how is it going? :D
  6. Kaynil

    Thanks so much. That means a lot to me! And yes, I am sure we will be seeing each other around.

    Thanks so much. That means a lot to me! And yes, I am sure we will be seeing each other around.
  7. Kaynil

    Properly active I stayed until 2012, after that I popped a few times each year but I didn't...

    Properly active I stayed until 2012, after that I popped a few times each year but I didn't remain active.
  8. Kaynil

    To be honest I wasn't through the whole time at ZC, so I might be inaccurate. I will PM you the...

    To be honest I wasn't through the whole time at ZC, so I might be inaccurate. I will PM you the details of what I know.
  9. Kaynil

    Hey hey hey!

    Hey hey hey!
  10. Kaynil

    Boo! I am following you back from one of those sites. I think having a thread to keep active...

    Boo! I am following you back from one of those sites. I think having a thread to keep active zelda sites/communities is fantastic.
  11. Kaynil

    Do You Post As Yourself?

    The differences between the way I act online and face to face boils down to how much easier it is to open yourself when you're not constantly taking non-verbal cues about what other people think about what you're saying. Online I am seeking for certain threads and replying as I go, instead of...
  12. Kaynil

    Do You Eat Meat?

    I eat meat. I think overall whether meat or veggies you need to know what you're doing. The problem with many people is trying to "wing" their nutrition without never ever having had proper education. I am included in said list. I know the nutritional pyramid and I can understand the idea but I...
  13. Kaynil

    What Does PS4 Have Compared to the Xbox One?

    Well I guess I'll just be saying what has already been stated, many people go for the PS4 for the things your friends have said, what things have discouraged other people from getting the X1 instead of PS4. If the online, DRM and other things are not a problem for you, and you are actually...
  14. Kaynil

    Is It a Three Console Race Any More?

    Nintendo is not going by the same philosophy of other companies and in the recent years it has become very notorious. Many fail to see, however, that being different doesn't mean to be worse. The thing is, that tastes have changed and what many people look forward. Lately it all has been about...
  15. Kaynil

    A Strange Streetpass Occurance

    Got 3 one day and 3 different the next day. I foolishly passed the first 3 to the Mii editor before doing the puzzles or games. That's three pink pieces I lost. :(
  16. Kaynil

    General Zelda Do You Only Look to Nintendo for Zelda?

    No. That Nintendo is delivering Zelda and Mario mostly is a different story. They have Metroid, Starfox, earthbound etc that many of us look forward, hoping they will bring them in new games. There is also the hope for a new franchise being form, just like Pikmin surprised us a decade ago.
  17. Kaynil

    Are Nintendo Holding to Their Ideals Too Strongly?

    That's the thing it is all opinions really. For me Nintendo is doing all right. I think they are smart and they do take gamers more in account that what we give them credit for. Also, the fact that they keep certain consistency is very important in gaming, even if we at times wished to see...
  18. Kaynil

    A Link Between Worlds A Link to the Past 3d Remake or Majoras Mask Remake

    While either of them would get me very very excited, I lean more towards Majora's Mask. basically having the game being remade the same way OoT was by Grezzo would be pretty cool. Both adventures on the go. Sweet! A link to the past I am leaning on the fence about it...daydreaming. I worry that...
  19. Kaynil

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U Rumors

    I have the feeling most this new rumours in bullets were said about Twilight Princess before I came out. Other seem just a natural expectation from the franchise. It still interesting. The one that teased me the most was the character that would come back in a different role until someone...
  20. Kaynil

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    I beg to differ. You can really have one or two people changing the environment without 'breaking' rules and still be trolls. As a staff you don't want to jump too soon, but delaying can be costly it doesn't mean the community had bad staff or lack of staff or whinny members. I think you are...
  21. Kaynil

    What is the Saddest Movie Moment You Can Think Of?

    The ones taht get me is Adam sander's Click and another movie calledInnocent Voices, those are the first two that come to mind for me. Specially the later, about how war affects the lives of little kids How they are stolen their childhood and how they are treated as traitors and sentenced to be...
  22. Kaynil

    Facebook's Timeline

    I don't mind it as much. I heard the width was because it was thought in mobiles and other devices, but I don't really like the two columns thing as much as I like the organization of the timeline in itself. I also feel the opposite way than most people as I feel the information is more at hand...
  23. Kaynil

    Why Do Parents Let Kids Play M Games?

    I think it is disinformation, many people is not even aware about the ESBR or their regional equivalent. Videogames have evolved so much in such a little time that while growing generations feel easy to follow older ones missed it. Depending if the parent pays attention to what the kid does or...
  24. Kaynil

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    And trolling cannot get out of hand? Both can get out of hand and I think at least for staff point of view that cleaning the mess is way easier with spammers than trolls. I have see communities I cared for change forever and even close because of one or two rotten apple. Bulk deleting messages...
  25. Kaynil

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    Trolls are worse... but maybe we're not having the same mental image. I am boiling down to intentions, spammers just want to get their stuff across. Sure, I agree it is very annoying, but with all the media bombarding in buses, signs, walls, tv, radio, etc. I have become used to advertise spam...
  26. Kaynil

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    Oh boy, I am really looking forward for new 3Ds releases. Project Moon id cool, but I don't mind the wait over a new Zelda title. That would rock on, a new Zelda for the 3DS. Meanwhile I am happily hopping Smash 3DS will make the cut for this year, Luigi's mansion is looking sweet and...
  27. Kaynil

    A Random Act of Kindness.

    I like when things like taht happen, I feel bad I can't remember one at the moment but I've had situations like taht where other people I don't know trust I am saying the truth and go out of their way to help me out. It is awesome. It depends on how I feel, but sometimes I have felt the...
  28. Kaynil

    Get a Facebook?

    It is a useful tool. I have a Facebook account, mostly because of the ease to have "login using facebook" in different websites, including message boards. It makes my life easier. It really will depend on what you want to make out of it. You don't have to post status if you don't want or stop...
  29. Kaynil

    What Should I Get?

    That is very smart. Splitting the money and build in both sides, I hope you can eventually get them both. If you want the golden wiimote, go for the bundle, if not, I believe you can still get just the game with the orchestral cd.
  30. Kaynil

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "Ack! Now I've done it! I've gone and attracted some weirdo's attention! Umm...I'll just play dead." — Koume (Majora's Mask) I think that is if you are not Young link when delivering the potion to her while she is injured inside the woods. XD
  31. Kaynil

    Ocarina of Time The OWL from Ocarina Of Time

    That is interesting, I had no idea the MM Owl had its own name, I think this pretty much settles the doubt about it being a different character to kaepora Gaepora, at least for me. Out of curiosity, where did you learn it's name? I don't recall it in the game.
  32. Kaynil

    Why I Feel Link Can Have Dialogue

    I hope I don't sound like a copied and pasted my own reply from another thread, it is just fresh. I believe Link has already emotions and they have shown through the games and limiting to the 3D games, the old N64 Ocarina had him showing shock, that you are on third person seeing his back may...
  33. Kaynil

    Do You Ever Have Username Regrets?

    Kind of. Funny enough it happened in this very site. You see I joined here together with my boyfriend. We decided to make it our special place where we coincided without telling the others peeps we knew, so he was Kokiri Kid and I registered as Kokiri Kirl. We originally met years ago in a...
  34. Kaynil

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    I don't think Majora's Mask is underrated. it has a lot of support this days and I very often see people commenting that it is their favourite game. It was underrated a few years after its release as it was shocking that as its sequel it 'lost' some of the elements people liked from OoT and...
  35. Kaynil

    Majora's Mask Mikau Reappears?

    I always thought it was Link filling up the compromise, besides after the scene playing there is one where we see the Zora girl in a expression that could be interpreted as sad. Maybe Link played with them up the concert and then explained Lulu what really happened? I will try to watch the...
  36. Kaynil

    Will We Ever See Link's MOM!?!?!?!?!?

    I don't know, it is an interesting thing she has been absent from the games, maybe it is to give Link this kind of 'special' status, then again, he has had a sister which kind of take away the only kid and therefore special, hahahah. I dunno, it would be odd, just like having the sister was odd...
  37. Kaynil

    Link and Zelda's Relationship in Skyward Sword

    It is because the 'connection' is not your physical but more so that as you interact in the game your form your own concepts in what characters you like and why, you make bond with them and feel compelled to help them. It doesn't matter if your alter-ego to get there, Link is different than you...
  38. Kaynil

    Majora's Mask Why the Adventure?

    I like February Eve take in this thread. I guess we could have had different experiences and decisions to go ahead, for me it was different factors, as so I think Link had several things pushing him towards giving his best to help Termina. The guilt and desire to pay his debt with the HSM was...
  39. Kaynil

    Ocarina of Time The Kokiri: Nice Kids or Twisted Maniacs?

    ^ It is okay, it is mostly our interpretation more than facts what we're coming across here, so i don't think we are wrong or right with our opinions. For me, I actually thought as well that was part of their children-like traits, I mean, I've met kids that are fascinated and don't comprehend...
  40. Kaynil

    From Skyward Sword to OoT

    Myself I am trying not to daydream more about the story of Skyward Sword, but given the way in OoT they speak about the war and stuff taht seemed far ago, I tend to believe SS will take place at least a century before OoT, so I have little hope of seeing OoT characters, including the Great deku...
  41. Kaynil

    OCremix's Take on the Music.

    I am happy to hear this news and I'll spread them. I think it it is pretty neat. Link's Awakening was in its time a very enjoyable game, and it brings me so much nostalgia.
  42. Kaynil

    Things You May Not Be Good At But Enjoy Anyway

    Playing guitar comes in mind first. Drawing a short manga/comic. Realistic drawing and some cooking.
  43. Kaynil

    Ocarina of Time Finding the triforce in oot...myth or fact?

    I remember I used to browse a site called The master sword for their rumour section, at the time it was more and more clear they were all fakes, but it was fun to read what people could come up with. When I think in how to get the Triforce in ooT rumours I think instantly in Ariana Almondoz, as...
  44. Kaynil

    The Director of Skyward Sword: Hidemaro Fujibayashi

    It actually strikes em as something good. I like the side quests and weapons ideas in these games, so it just makes me feel harder to hold expectations about SS having some tricks for us to surprise us in a good way.
  45. Kaynil

    With a Game Boy Virtual Console,...

    I believe the ideas of the Courage Mystical Seed, or whatever name you know it by, were implemented into the other games. So it is like URA Zelda, nothing to release. Whatever good has been already implement in current OoX games and the next Zelda games that appeared, so I don't see it happening.
  46. Kaynil

    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    I am sure Nintendo will have a more than decent balance of this. They have considered it so far. I have yet to be tired because of so much swinging of the control, and Zelda is in itself a game that ranges with different activities aside the whole swordsmanship business. =b So, I think it is...
  47. Kaynil

    I'm Scared

    I am neutral on this. I don't expect it to be amazing, but I don't really expect it to suck. While I understand the fear of Ninty glancing over the online communities to get some idea of how they are doing, I see very little likely they will back step because of it. Sure TP has been bashed in...
  48. Kaynil

    Twilight Princess Where Does Link's Crossobow Training Fit in Twilight Princess?

    Yeah, I guess it has stressed pretty much. I like the crossbow training idea, but I think this game is just like placing Link in the Smash bros Brawl. Just for fun, you can make up your own theory.
  49. Kaynil

    Majora's Mask Kafei-Link

    I don't think there is a counterpart for everyone, if you remember Ingo, for example, had three characters resembling his physical features, so I don't think Termina is that much of another dimension, I even believe that using the same sprites was just to emphasize the idea that Link feels it is...
  50. Kaynil

    25'th Anniversary The Legend of Zelda

    I don't know, i am sure there will be something one way or another even if it is not what we, fans, have in mind. I mean they could give it a spot in their page and that's about it. I like this franchise a lot and I am really hopping I'll see something big for it, but i wouldn't bet on it...
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