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  1. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Do You Use Legendary Pokemon?

    I tend to use legendaries after I have beaten the Elite Four and don`t use them in competitive battling unless they fill a gap in my team of if I really need, say, Mewtwo for a strong psychic type if my Alakazam has been traded or is in another game etc...It is really situation based for me.
  2. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask:Darkest, Funnest, Most Original Game in the Series..Or is It?!tuntuntun

    If you are refering to the story of BEN, that is a fake. Majora's Mask had wonderfully rich characters and a fantastic story as well. What it lacked, and what Ocarina of Time possessed, was a feeling of epicness and grand adventure. That, for me anyway, is the catalyst separating these two...
  3. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Majora's Mask Is There a Way???

    Yes...avoid the Takkuri bird at all costs. It is easy to load up on equipment by using the slash and grab technique. Just go into the bushes in Termina field, and voila! Problem solved. Putting your rupees in the bank is also necessary if you want to avoid losing your loot.
  4. OcarinalinkLOZ

    My Zelda Timeline

    Any timeline theories presented now are..well...semi-irrelevant because Nintendo has released an official timeline. However, there is a chance that this "Official Timeline" may change in future. I doubt this will happen...but it is nice to see some creative thinking in the forums. Theorizing on...
  5. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Official Suggestions Thread

    In regards to this, I'm sure the staff would also love to have video walkthroughs for every game. However, time constraints and commitment to other areas of the site make the production of video walkthroughs a challenge. Give the guys some time and I'm sure we will see some more video...
  6. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Spoiler Demise & Termina

    Ah..interesting theory. However, I do not think that Majora is the Terminian counterpart to Demise, but rather an incarnation of Demise. If you do recall, the HappyMask Salesman said that the evil of an ancient tribe was sealed into Majora's Mask and it was used in their hexing rituals. I...
  7. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Most Annoying Sound in a Zelda Game

    To point out the obvious and say that Navi's constant "Hey! Listen!" is the most annoying sound in a Zelda game would be the typical response....so' I'm going to go with Baby Goron and his annoying crying from Majora's Mask, the low heart/health beeping noise from Zelda 1, the sound when Link...
  8. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    Well, either during the ending in which Zelda and Link and seen in the courtyard, navi leaving Link in the Temple of Time, or finally defeating Ganon....the length of the game made the ending all the more enjoyable and epic for myself as a gamer and as a person as well. Fantastic game all round!
  9. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Zelda Pumpkins

    I've seen someone do a Hylian Shield for a pumpkin design as well as Kapora Gaebora...I'll dig around to see if I have any photos. If not, I will see if I can grab some off of Google.
  10. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Ocarina of Time Dark Link Secret?

    I noticed it on the N64 OoT and it was in the MasterQuest on Gamecube as well. Very useful when doing three heart challenges...trust me! Oh, and the Megaton Hammer seems to work quite well against him.
  11. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Ocarina of Time Zelda Music

    Very nice...try listening to this mate! Tell me what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSwY_dQuxbE&feature=related
  12. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Do You Like the Idea of Naming You Bird.

    To be honest...if they did not let you name the bird, then we will see a change to the typical creature formula used by Nintendo. I am pretty sure that in every other game you get to name 'Epona' whatever you wish, with the exception of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask...unless of course my...
  13. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Water Temple

    When in doubt, ZD it out! Use the video walkthrough! It is your friend!!! If not, take on the challenge of figuring it out with your own wit. You have to constantly change the water levels and re-enter some rooms you have previously been in...and it is really easy to beat the boss if you...
  14. OcarinalinkLOZ

    General Art Beeky's Doodles

    Hey Beeky...I'm going to ask a favour of you again XD Could you make me a Shadow the Hedgehog Avatar and/or Siggy? I will love you forever! Oh, did you read my article the other day? Just wondering :)
  15. OcarinalinkLOZ

    The Three Most Important Things in a Zelda Game.

    Majora's Cat beat me to it! Each Zelda game follows a similar formula yet they also stay unique by changes to music, style, items etc...No two Zelda games are the same! Sure, we can see multiple common themes between some games but this doesn't mean Twilight Princess is a clone of Spirit Tracks...
  16. OcarinalinkLOZ


    Be bold! Just comfort her and make her feel protected...be there for her and make sure she trusts you. When the time is right, just go for a nice hug (not too strong mind you!), maybe a pat on the back and just be relaxed. It's just one of those "in the moment" type situations. I'm sure you'll...
  17. OcarinalinkLOZ

    General Classic Best NES Zelda

    I definatly have to go for Zelda I. It was very challengeing and provided endless hours of adventure and fun. It is just one of those games you could spend an entire month on without even noticing the time fly by. It can even be played in a multiplayer fashion of sorts where each time one person...
  18. OcarinalinkLOZ


    Lol :P Almost found it first! You were close man!
  19. OcarinalinkLOZ

    General Classic Favourite Classic Zelda Game

    Nice box art ZeldaHunter! And yes KnowItAll bird, I realize that. Just read my post directly above yours for the reason why it is not included in the poll :)
  20. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Childhood Ocarina of Time --> Majora's Mask --> Twilight Princess

    Ok, here is another thing to enhance the validity of your theory. If you have played Twilight Princess, you know that Link works on a ranch. Now, we can assume that one of the parents was a rancher or had farm experience, and as this is a sequel to MM, we can specualte that OoT Link married...
  21. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Legend of Zelda Crushes

    Cremia more than her OoT counterpart. Malon as a grown up just seemed to "damsel in distress" for my liking. Cremia was more realistic and actually seemed like a responisble, kind young woman. Saria was another one I had a crush on at one point, but she turns into a sage and things sort of went...
  22. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Ocarina of Time Dark Link Secret?

    I never really notice when I go up against him. I've playedf through the game so many times that it is sort of automatic mode that comes on when I play. To be honest, I didn't notice it, but it hasn't really made me cheat with heart count or anything just to beat him. Ok, since we are on the...
  23. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    Tehmuffinmon, you nailed it! Majora's Mask definatly doesn't have a "nostalgic" feeling to it. It is the only Zelda game with a large amount of realism and heavy connections with our society. Power, blindness to our actions, not taking responsability for what we have done. Majora himself is a...
  24. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Majora's Mask Im Against a Majora's Mask Port for the 3DS...

    Ok, I am only opposing a port of MM right now because OoT recently came out and Star Fox is out on the 9th...I would wait till after to start porting the game. That way you give the other games a fair chance to have good sales before swamping gamers with another 3DS game. Sure, it would be a...
  25. OcarinalinkLOZ

    The Situation Game: What'll Happen to You?

    I give him my gum and then try to run by. He tries to stop me, but I hit him over the head with a flashlight. Now I am standing just outside of the alley. To my left is a bus stop, to my right is a candy store. Where do I go next?
  26. OcarinalinkLOZ

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    7/10 See you often, but not so much. Your definatly one of the more known ppl in the forums :P thats for sure!
  27. OcarinalinkLOZ

    A Quest to Make the Top 50 Zelda Songs List!

    I have to say the Dark World Theme from Alttp XD
  28. OcarinalinkLOZ

    General Classic Favourite Classic Zelda Game

    Ocarina of Time was a definate classic in my mind, same with AlttP and MM when the 90s-2000 era came around. Unfortunatly I wasn't born back before Zelda 1 and 2 came out and could never really appreciate them in any other way than classic. The reason I left out the handheld games such a Link's...
  29. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Majora's Mask What Was the Hardest Part?

    I found that collecting all the stray fairies in each temple was a pain, as well as doing the 4 dungeon boss kid runs before fighting Majora. These were either very difficult challenges or very annoying ones. I certainly won't forget all the time I spent on those things!
  30. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Spoiler My Opinion on Skyward Sword's Final Boss and a Look at Lord Ghirahim

    As the release date of The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword comes ever closer and with all the new information coming to the fans, it is hard to digest everything and make sense of it. As you are probably well aware, the Demon Lord Ghirahim is what we preceive as SSes main villain. We also know...
  31. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    *Goes to the store and buys enough gummi bears to feed the world* There you go! Giant Gummi Bears for the world! Now don't eat them all in one sitting....
  32. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    Ok, well, I definatly believe that Majora's Mask is overshadowed by the success of its predessesor. Majora's Mask offered a more game to world connection that I hadn't felt with Ocarina of Time. The plot is darker for sure, but it is the life like stories of the characters that really appeal to...
  33. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Spoiler The Gossip Stone Behind the Deku Tree

    Very interesting theory my friend! Many people believe it is Link that left and lived as he was originally thought of as a Kokiri. Only the Deku Tree knew otherwise, and Saria as well. However, another popular belief is that Skull Kid, the forest imp who you give the mask to in the HappyMask...
  34. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    Ok, lets look at Ruto from OoT. Did she not strike you as a bratty, possesive and creepy Zora girl who wanted to marry Link? ( I am talking about the younger Ruto in this sense) Is Nintendo trying to promote diversity between Hyrule's races or create some bizzare Hylian-Zora hybrid children? And...
  35. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    Yeah, I also felt that the characters took on a more life like connection in Majora's Mask...where as Ocarina of Time definatly had a mysterious aspect to them. Did you feel the more game to world connection with MM characters as opposed to OoT's? Maybe the stranger characters in MM forced us to...
  36. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    I am definatly in agreement with you on Nintendo providing shady backgrounds on the majority of the NPC characters in both Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. Although highly improbable, do you think the stories of these characters might be explained better in a future game or some sort of add...
  37. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    Ah yes, Error....I think I posted a thread about him. In regards to the name, it could be an actual programming mess up, however the popular theory is his real name was mistranslated by american translators. Some people believe his name is Errol, Arole or Eoder. Again, this is just theory and it...
  38. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    Speaking of Guru Guru...he makes awesome music...but why does he just sit inside a windmill all day or is out talking about the circus in mm? In the regards that he only played the Song of Storms and never anything else, he either has very strict music taste or just can't stop :) I would have to...
  39. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    I also found the Weaponsmith in the Mountain Village to be odd. While Kaepora takes your request for a reforged sword and chats about price, we have a bizzare looking humanoid making grunting noises and wielding a hammer. Gabora certainly scared me when I first went to the mountain...
  40. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    Have you ever questioned a character in a Zelda game for being strange? Have you ever noticed any weird antics or crazy personalities? Have any characters scared or outright confused you? Well, I am here to give you who I think is the strangest character in a Zelda game. Let me give you a hint...
  41. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Why Did You Start Zelda, and Why Do You Still Play?

    I got into Zelda at age 3. Ocarina of Time was brand new and my cousins got the game for their birthday. I went over for the party and the first thing we did was turn on the N64 and pop in OoT. The game blew my mind and left a lasting impression. From then on, I went to by an N64 at age 4, got...
  42. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Okay, I was wondering if the ZD site staff were going to redo the market section of the forums. I remeber when you could buy masks and other things for points last year and then the market went into a development type stage. Now you can only get magic keys.... Is the site staff planning to...
  43. OcarinalinkLOZ

    What if Link Had a Gun As a Weapon

    I'm saying the should use the old muskets, blunderbusses and flint locks if they want to incorporate guns into the game. Canons would be a nice addition to...but I doubt we will be seeing an AK anytime soon :P I could definatly picture Link on Epona shooting enemies....but would recoil come into...
  44. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Sign That You're in Termina?

    Use the search engine if you need more info. I am almost 100 percent sure there is a thread in Zelda Theory about the triangles...I know what you are talking about because I recently did a playthrough of MM. So just use the search engine or google away :P
  45. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Your Favourite Looking Place in Any Zelda Game

    I loved the Clock Town in MM, Zora Cape, and the Swamp...In OoT I loved Zora's domain (be it in the past or future), I liked Lake Hylia and The Kokirir Forest. Each place had either neat graphcs/colours, interesting characters and/or plot ties and you could generally find something fun to do in...
  46. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    The muscial instrument featured in the game is a harp/lyre. It is confirmed to be Shiek's harp from OoT. To play you hold the Wii remote and strum with the nunchuck to play specific paterns of notes. This is not different tones, like the howling in TP, but similar to the Ocarina controls and...
  47. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Ocarina of Time Most Humorous Part of the Game.

    King Zora was funny yet annoying...He took so long to move! I would say either Ruto ranting to you about not being a real man and leaving her behind, or the one time when you actually pay attention to Navi and she says "Hey! Listen!". After ignoring her for 9/10 of the game, just hearing her say...
  48. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Corrupt a wish!

    Wish granted, but now your friends are 85 year old ex russian mafia members obbsessed with plucking your eyebrows and making you like their feet clean for fun. I wish for a crazy waffle munching monkey. *lick their feet for fun lol. Cool friends you got there eh?
  49. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Who's Beaten What Games?

    Well, I've played OoT, MM, MC, TP, LOZ, AOL, ALTTP, ST, PH and OOA..... And i've beaten OoT, MM, TP, LOZ, ALTTP AND OOA. 3 Heart OoT and OOA
  50. OcarinalinkLOZ

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Nothin wrong with bacon either....or bananas or that matter... Hey....whats ur fave pizza topping?
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