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  1. TheRockinStallion

    Was Stone Tower Temple Hard for You?

    The dungeon itself wasn't super hard but it was challenging enough to be fun. As for the boss fight, it was a lot of fun too. I played the 3DS version and I've heard the boss fight was changed up a bit.
  2. TheRockinStallion

    Do you Use Your Shield in Combat much?

    Not unless the fight calls for it like going against octoroks, deku scrubs, and Twinrova.
  3. TheRockinStallion

    Favorite Foreign Song?

    I can understand every word but they're still technically foreign since I live in the US. :P As for non-Englist songs, gotta go with these two.
  4. TheRockinStallion

    Do you mind when song lyrics dont make sense?

    Having listened to System of a Down for many years, I've actually grown to like the concept of nonsensical lyrics. Makes me appreciate some of the old Beatles tunes like "I Am the Walrus" and "Come Together" as well.
  5. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild How you infiltrated the Yiga

    The only thing I did differently from the OP was using arrows to lure them away from their posts.
  6. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Which bomb do you use most?

    I use round ones more since they roll. Good for chopping down trees for the Tarry Town side quest too.
  7. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild I still hate the weapons breaking mechanic

    I've learned to deal but I still think it was unnecessary. Let the player decide which weapon type they are comfortable using. Don't force them to change it up because the weapons are made of unstable material. Way to friggin' go, Nintendo!! You've jost GOT to throw in at least one mechanic to...
  8. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Post your album photos and/or screenshots here [potential spoilers]

    *readies Hylian hate shield* I didn't save it though. :P
  9. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Pronunciation Island

    I just mean that I emphasize the "t" as the beginning of the 3rd syllable.
  10. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Pronunciation Island

    Really, this is a thing? That was the last thing I ever expected for Eventide Island. I don't see how you could read it as anything but Even-tide. It's an island with an ocean reference in its name. That seems like a bit of a stretch but maybe that's just me. At least you're not pronouncing...
  11. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Which race did you enjoy spending time with the most?

    Not gonna lie, I have a few shots of those sexy Gerudo babes in my album!! ^///^
  12. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Which tower made you throw your controller the most?

    Ridgeland Tower for sure!! You basically have to fight a war to get there!!
  13. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Are you going to....

    Now that I've beaten it, I'll go ahead and do the last of the shrines. I want dat prize!!
  14. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild BOTW Monster Appreciation Thread

    I respect them enough to leave them the hell alone!!! Thank Hylia for ancient arrows because I did NOT wanna get killed by the one in Hyrule Castle before I even got to Ganon!!
  15. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild What order do you recommend completing Divine Beasts?

    I went with Zora > Gerudo > Rito > Goron. Of course, I didn't look up an order and did the hardest one second because I didn't know any better. Based on difficulty and the fact that Mipha's Grace is SUPER useful, I'd say Zora > Rito > Goron > Gerudo. Though, I will say that getting Urbosa's Fury...
  16. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Favourite/Least Favourite Characters

    Favorites are Paya, Sidon, Kass, Zelda, and Master Kohga (I SO hated to kill that funny scoundrel). Also, as an entire race, the Rito RULE!!! Least fave is that crazy flower lady Magda! It was an ACCIDENT!!!
  17. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Create your own Divine Beast

    SO MUCH THIS!!! Call him Divine Beast Vah Sanders!!
  18. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Your Main Outfit

    Those Under Armor compression shorts and NOTHING else!!! :P SRSLY though, I switch back and forth between the Champion's Tunic/Hylian Trousers and the TP set.
  19. TheRockinStallion

    Sexiest Zelda Character

    Of course, if the animated series counts... :P
  20. TheRockinStallion

    How Many of the Zelda Titles do you OWN?

    Z1, AoL, ALttP, LA, OoT (N64 & 3DS), MM (3DS), WW, TP, PH, ALBW, HWL, and TFH (screw that game)
  21. TheRockinStallion

    Favorite Handheld Zelda

    ALBW by far!!!
  22. TheRockinStallion

    Plot hole that's been bugging me...

    I was playing ALBW again and I couldn't help but wonder how Ravio got back to Lorule. I mean, he gave Link the bracelet and without it you can't merge into walls and therefor can't go through those cracks!! Come to think of it, if he didn't know what the bracelet did, how did he get to Hyrule in...
  23. TheRockinStallion

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    Yeah, I've heard a lot of people saying that. I can't get him to either. Just a design flaw.
  24. TheRockinStallion

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    Got my new ALBW Figma Link in the mail today!!! He looks so freakin' awesome!!! :)
  25. TheRockinStallion

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I know one thing I WON'T be buying!!! The new World of Nintendo Skull Kid figure has holes in his face for Majora's Mask!! They seriously couldn't find a better way to make it clip on!? Also, note that is says Wind Waker on the box!!! Way to go, guys...
  26. TheRockinStallion

    General Art Motorhead's Art (if You Can Call It That)

    Where in tarnation am I? For me?
  27. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Will it really be worth the wait? Worries for the new game

    I think the biggest mistake a lot of fans make is building their expectations up to an astronomical standard and are let down when the finished product is far below their mark. Then there are those (like me) who try their best to suspend any expectation. I'm excited but it's mostly because of...
  28. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Stamina Gauge

  29. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Stamina Gauge

    It doesn't look like it depletes as quickly as in SS. And as far as the glider goes, it's like the Deku leaf in WW using magic. I think it'll be fine. BTW, have they mentioned anything about motion control? I haven't heard but I've only seen the trailer and demos.
  30. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Breath of the Wild (Some Fans don't like it?)

    Maybe, if it IS a throwback to Z1, there is just a simple story and objective.
  31. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    Also, the more gameplay I watch, the more excited I get!! Never played a real open world game so I'm anxious to finally give it a try with BotW!!
  32. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    If it's not Zelda, then it's just the voice that comes with the Sheikah slate. OK, I'll say it... IT'S FRIGGIN' SIRI!!! :P
  33. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    OH!! Just found the vid!! I actually kinda like it. ^U^
  34. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    To be fair, the voice over COULD just be for the trailer. It reminded me a lot of the one for Wind Waker.
  35. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild How Pleased are you with what you have seen

    Now I REALLY can't wait for this game to release!!!!
  36. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild Is the Hype Returning?

    The hype is real!!!
  37. TheRockinStallion

    Breath of the Wild New Artwork, Climbing Confirmed?

    Throwin' it back to Minish Cap, I see.:crisis:
  38. TheRockinStallion

    Good stuff!!

    Good stuff!!
  39. TheRockinStallion

    New Legend of Zelda YouTube Series

    Dodged a bullet there then.:crisis:
  40. TheRockinStallion

    Link makes his way to Equestria!!!

    It would appear our green-clad adventurer has passed through the portal to the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!!! That's right! In today's episode, even if only for a second, there was a pony version of good ol' Link!!!!!!! https://youtu.be/n_dIF7tROwM?t=13m13s And yes, I'm a...
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