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  1. lonely_moon

    Your YouTube Favorites

    Wow. That was a nice bit of nostalgia. Really great video! I'm more of a "2nd-genner" than a "1st-genner", my first real Pokemon games were Gold/Silver (even if I never actually finished it...:(), and I'm contemplating getting the remake. But yeah, Pokemon doesn't have the same feel that it...
  2. lonely_moon

    Your YouTube Favorites

    I've just started watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. My favourite is Episode 35: BAKURA: Mind if I bring my fangirls? *Girls scream* JOEY: God, it's like hanging out with the Jonas Brothers. I also lol'ed at the Phresh Pharoah of Bel Air. Sailor Moon Abridged is hilarious as well. Here's...
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