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  1. Majora's Shadow

    Subs or Dubs?

    I usually prefer dubs as I don't like staring at the screen and reading words. If the dub is truly bad then I'll try the subbed version.
  2. Majora's Shadow

    Ranking the Star Wars Films

    My ranking goes in almost chronological order. The Last Jedi might change after watching it a second time. 1. Return of the Jedi 2. Empire Strikes Back 3. A New Hope 4. Rogue One 5. The Last Jedi 6. The Force Awakens 7. Revenge of the Sith 8. The Phantom Menace 9. Attack of the Clones
  3. Majora's Shadow

    Are you a day or night person?

    I'm a night owl. I usually don't go to bed until 2 am and absolutely need at least 8 hours of sleep to function well. I think I just prefer the peace and quiet of nighttime.
  4. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    I like you Zelda (Skyward Sword) Kotake & Koume (Majora's Mask) Skull Kid (Majora's Mask) Dampe Beedle Anju Kafei Tingle Cremia Romani ??? Malon (Ocarina of Time) Curiousity Shop Salesman Happy Mask Salesman Tetra Midna I hate you Navi Mido Revali Kaepora Gaebora in owl form Princess Ruto
  5. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Games

    I've only played about half the Zelda games so I'm only ranking those, and even though I love Breath of the Wild I don't think my number 1 will ever change. 1. Majora's Mask 3D 2. Breath of the Wild 3. Ocarina of Time 4. Wind Waker 5. Twilight Princess 6. A Link to the Past 7. A Link Between...
  6. Majora's Shadow

    What's your "go to" game?

    I would have chosen Ocarina of Time, but I just finished Majora's Mask 3D and that stole the crown for me.
  7. Majora's Shadow

    MM-3DS Changes You Want To See In Majora's Mask 3D

    Am I the only one who thinks that Majora's Mask doesn't need to be remade. When I saw the trailer I was like eh whatever. I'll still buy it when it comes out because it's my favorite game of all time. I think the original N64 version is perfect and still looks good today. I don't think it should...
  8. Majora's Shadow

    What are your 2015 Video Game goals?

    - Play and beat the rest of the zelda games I haven't already: Loz, Aol, LA, Oos, Ooa, FSA, Tmc, PH, and ST - 100% complete Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask - Get a Wii U - Be able to play at least 10 LOZ songs by heart on bass or electric guitar
  9. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Non-Nintendo Game Console

    Definitely PS2 for these reasons: Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2 Shadow of the Colossus Final Fantasy X Dark Cloud 2 Sly Cooper games Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas Gauntlet Dark Legacy God of War Dragon Quest 8 Ratchet & Clank Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero III
  10. Majora's Shadow

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Tower of Hera in A Link to the Past. Worst dungeon and boss battle ever.
  11. Majora's Shadow

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Bought Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past and Super Mario Kart for my Super Nintendo. Also got Final Fantasy V, VI, VIII for Playstation.
  12. Majora's Shadow

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    I've had four songs stuck in my head for the past few days, and the lines that get stuck in my head.- Tool- Schism (I know the pieces fit because I watched them fall away.) Tool- Prison Sex (Do unto others. What has been done to me?) Tool- Sober (Why can't we not be sober. Why can't we drink...
  13. Majora's Shadow

    How Many Times in Your Live Did You Move? And What Do You Like/dislike About Moving?

    Moved once when I was 6 from Florida to North Carolina, a state I had never even heard of. At the time I didn't like anything about it, and disliked moving away from the only place I had ever known. We lived in a small town where pretty much everyone knew everybody else. The funny thing is that...
  14. Majora's Shadow

    For Those Who Drive....how Good Are You at Parking Your Car?

    I'm not all that great at parking, I never park next to another car unless I absolutely have to because I usually pull up to close to the car and have back up and back in. I always park a few spaces away.The car feels like it's bigger than it actually is. I haven't parallel parked since Driver's...
  15. Majora's Shadow

    At What Age Would You Like to Die? :)

    120-205 so I can do all the things I want to. Who wants to live forever? "Only I can live forever." - Voldemort
  16. Majora's Shadow

    Song Lyrics You Just Can't Stand?

    Do you even know what that song is about?
  17. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Metal Band?

    Iron Maiden Metallica Megadeth Black Sabbath Dream Theater Judas Priest Avenged Sevenfold Distrubed System of A Down Slipknot Tool
  18. Majora's Shadow

    If You HAD to Date Any Video Game Character Who Would It Be & Why

    Aeris Gainsborough because she's so beautiful and awesome. I mean come on who wouldn't want to.
  19. Majora's Shadow

    Your Favourite Lady in Gaming

    Why hasn't anyone said Zelda yet? Samus because she's sexy and could kick any one's butt even Master Chief Aeris Gainsborough because she's cute and awesome Since Majora's gender is not specified I will also include her/it
  20. Majora's Shadow

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    I have a few 1. Scarlett Johansson 2. Blake Lively 3. Bilinda Butcher 4. Elisha Cuthbert 5. Jennifer Lawrence
  21. Majora's Shadow

    Albums You Should Listen To Before You Die

    Oh boy this is going to be a long list AC/DC- Back In Black The Beatles- Revolver The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles- The White Album The Beatles- Abbey Road Beck- Sea Change Black Sabbath- Paranoid Daft Punk- Discovery David Bowie- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy...
  22. Majora's Shadow

    What is the Most Recent Game That You Completed?

    Just beat Shadow of the Colossus for the first time about 20 minutes ago. Such a beautiful game.
  23. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Music Bands/Artists

    My top 5 would be 1. Rush 2. Pink Floyd 3. The Beatles 4. Radiohead 5. Iron Maiden Also I've been listening to The Smashing Pumpkins a lot lately so they might make it into my favorites at some point.
  24. Majora's Shadow

    Favourite Music/bands from the 90s

    I love music from the 90's here are some of my favorites along with my favorite album Smashing Pumpkins (Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness) Nirvana (Nevermind) Pearl Jam (Ten) Soundgarden (Superunknown) Radiohead (OK Computer) Nine Inch Nails (The Downward Spiral) Green Day (Dookie) Red...
  25. Majora's Shadow

    Rush Fans?

    Rush is my favorite band I have all of their albums and I saw them in October. Best concert ever. I don't have a favorite song so I'll name a few. Tom Sawyer, 2112, Xanadu, Subdivisions, Marathon, and The Spirit of Radio.
  26. Majora's Shadow

    Are You The Only, Oldest, Middle, Or Youngest Child?

    I'm the youngest, I have a brother who is two years older than me. Sometimes I wish I was an only child, but not very often.
  27. Majora's Shadow

    What is Your Favorite Shape?

    Mine would be either a triangle or a star Triangles just look mysterious to me and stars look cool.
  28. Majora's Shadow

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Rereading The Count of Monte Cristo (probably my favorite book ever) Aesop's Fables Grimm's Fairy Tales
  29. Majora's Shadow

    What Are Your Favorite Disney Animated Movies?

    Why hasn't anyone put any Pixar movies, they're technically Disney Mine would be- Toy Story, Toy Story 3, Wall-E, Up, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Hercules, Tarzan, The Brave Little Toaster, The Aristocats, and Aladdin.
  30. Majora's Shadow

    Are You Ticklish?

    I am extremely ticklish pretty much if you tickle me anywhere i'll start laughing or smile.
  31. Majora's Shadow

    Is Your Handwriting Good or Bad?

    My handwriting has always been bad, but as long as I can read it I don't really care.
  32. Majora's Shadow

    What's on Your Christmas List?

    Audio-Technica LP60 USB Turntable Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon (vinyl) Rush- 2112 Super deluxe edition Led Zeppelin- Celebration Day Pink Floyd- The Final Cut Foo Fighters- The Colour & The Shape Radiohead- Pablo Honey Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Pink Floyd...
  33. Majora's Shadow

    New Years Eve!

    On New Year's eve i'm getting together with some friends and we're going to play strip poker. Only down to our underwear, and yes there will be girls there. Then we're going to stay up and watch the countdown. Then i'm going to go home and go to sleep.
  34. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Vocalists

    Just some of my favorites and what I think their best vocal performance is- Bruce ****inson- Aces High John Lennon- Strawberry Fields Forever Bon Scott- Highway to Hell Thom Yorke- Everything In Its Right Place Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes James LaBrie- Under A Glass Moon Roger Daltrey-...
  35. Majora's Shadow

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  36. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Song Lyrics

    Just 2 of my favorites Rush- Something For Nothing Waiting for the winds of change To sweep the clouds away Waiting for the rainbow's end To cast its gold your way Countless ways You pass the days Waiting for someone to call And turn your world around Looking for an answer To the question...
  37. Majora's Shadow

    Top 10 Musical Artist of All Time

    These are the 10 artists that I think are the best not my favorites. 1. The Beatles Essential listen: The White Album 2. The Who Essential listen: Who's Next 3. Pink Floyd Essential listen: Dark Side of the Moon 4. Led Zeppelin Essential listen: Led Zeppelin IV 5. Rush Essential listen: A...
  38. Majora's Shadow

    Avengers or Dark Knight Rises?

    I choose The Avengers. Firstly because I saw both movies in theaters twice, both within a month of the first, and The Avengers still surprised me. Secondly there were a lot of little things in The Dark Knight Rises that annoyed me. Lastly the action sequence at the end of The Avengers is by far...
  39. Majora's Shadow

    Pop "Music"

    I personally don't like pop music because its so average and there isn't enough variety, but on the other hand The Beatles were a pop band when they started out and they were actually pretty good even though they became more popular when they changed into a psychedelic band.
  40. Majora's Shadow

    Whats Your Favorite Type of Music?

    I'll listen to anything but country and modern rap. Nothing beats good old Classic Rock though.
  41. Majora's Shadow

    Top 5 Fav. YouTubers!

    5. TheZeldaDungeon 4. TheGameStation 3. Tobuscus 2. PressHeartToContinue 1. DexterityBonus (she is so freakin awesome in every way)
  42. Majora's Shadow

    Which Song Do You Currently Have Stuck in Your Head?

    I currently have Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem stuck in my head. I have been listening to it constantly all day.
  43. Majora's Shadow

    Gameplay, Story, Graphics, or Controls

    I say gameplay and story. I like me some good stories, it makes the game more memorable.
  44. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Game of All Time?

    Oh god so many to choose from I would say my top 10 are- 1. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 2. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door 3. Super Smash Bros. Melee 4. Tales of Symphonia 5. Fire Emblem Path of Radiance 6. Pokemon Blue 7. Metroid Prime 8. Kingdom Hearts 9...
  45. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Console?

    Not counting handhelds Top 5- 1. Nintendo 64 (first console ever had) 2. Gamecube (just plain awesome and favorite controller) 3. PS2 (So many good games) 4. Xbox 360 (Great online and Halo) 5. Wii (Hit and miss games, but very special to me)
  46. Majora's Shadow

    Majoras Mask

    Perhaps a mask was the only thing that was readily available to the people who were imprisoning Majora. Or the creators of the game could have chosen it to be a mask for a much deeper meaning. For example it could symbolize the insanity that one might feel when grown up due to the fear and chaos...
  47. Majora's Shadow

    Does Anyone Want to Play EVERY Legend of Zelda Game?

    I too wish to play all of the zelda games. Except I want to play them on their original consoles meaning no ports. I'll still buy the ports (possibly), but I want to play them all on their original consoles first. In order to do that I need an NES, Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, a SNES, A...
  48. Majora's Shadow

    Favorite Band?

    My all-time favorite band is Rush Other greats- Pink Floyd Dream Theater Iron Maiden Radiohead
  49. Majora's Shadow

    Greatest Albums

    My favorite albums change every once in awhile as I am constantly listening to new music. I'll choose my favorites right now. 1. Rush- Signals (don't hate) 2. Dream Theater- Awake 3. Iron Maiden- Iron Maiden 4. Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here 5. Dream Theater- Black Clouds & Silver Linings 6...
  50. Majora's Shadow

    List Your Three Favorite Songs.

    My favorite songs change rather frequently, but I'll choose my three favorites right now. 1. Rush- Subdivisions 2. Rush- Xanadu 3. Rush- Tom Sawyer As you can probably tell I love Rush which is true. They're my favorite band
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