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  1. Jusenalky

    Pokemon Items and their Real Life Equivalents

    Is it possible to make a compendium of all the items that have existed throughout the series? And if so, what could be their counterparts in the real world?
  2. Jusenalky

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    Hm... Perhaps there are elements we can draw inspiration from... Do you know of the TV program 'Wipeout'? There are obstacles that could serve some purpose in the dungeon?
  3. Jusenalky

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    Oh dear! I... This is supposed to be a real-life Zelda dungeon, and since this is still in the early designing phase, I think this seems a bit too overtly complicated for this early in the development cycle! Perhaps we should stick to more basic concepts?
  4. Jusenalky

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    Well, then, disregarding the funding for now, what are the key topics to be addressed for a dungeon like this?
  5. Jusenalky

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    That drawing is absolutely fantastic! I love it! However, I do believe if I phrased my request more specifically, it would alienate people. I want to build a truly explorable and interactive Zelda dungeon in the real world, akin to an obstacle course, but more... "meat" to it, I suppose.
  6. Jusenalky

    Developing a True Zelda Dungeon

    I've become rather inspired (read obsessed) with the concept of levels and dungeons, akin to those commonly found in the Zelda games, and so I've decided to make a project: Build Your Own Zelda Dungeon. However, I need help in regards to properly designing an adequate structure for a dungeon and...
  7. Jusenalky

    Breath of the Wild Combat and Puzzles

    ... Hello, everybody. I have an idea for a project that could perhaps be actually developed and I'd like to hear your ideas, if that's okay with you all.
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